Cola: Bad to the Bone!

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Here is another reason to swap your coke for water/herbal tea/fresh juice etc – reasearch from Boston’s Framingham Osteoperosis Study has found that women who drink cola on a daily basis had an average 5% reduction in bone mass density. This 5% reduction is enough of a difference to mean that a break or fracture is much more likely than not.

Let’s face it, the body works to very tight boundaries. If our blood pH drops below 6.8 or rises above 7.8, we die! If our body temperature rises by just 5 degrees we are almost certain to die and at 7 degrees hotter death is a certainty.

So a 5% reduction in bone mineral density is serious stuff. In fact, Dr Inderjeeth, a specialist from the Osteoperosis Foundation has highlighted that this reduction is actually much much worse than the reduction in bone mineral desity that women experience during the menopause:

“A 5 per cent reduction in bone density is significant in the context where it can reduce a person from having a bone density that can be strong enough to withstand a fall or minor trauma to a situation where you have a patient who can fracture with minimal trauma,”

So why is this? Well apparently, it is related to the levels of phosphoric acid contained within cola drinks (which is often not in other fizzy drinks – but that doesnt make them a viable alternative) – as this leaches calcium away from the bones (in order to balance the acid/alkaline levels in the body).

The study was conducted on 2,500 men and women and found that the risk was proportional to the amount of cola that people drink, with the critical point being at roughly one cola drink per day.

You know I am all for everything in moderation – but to be truly healthy this is surely one of those things that should be thought of as a treat rather than a staple!

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  1. marcel ikelaar Reply

    Hi guys, I wonder, as I am not yet perfect at all in keeping ph-diet, but I will become more perfect if I know more
    and when I have the fulfilling possibility to share this new knowlegde with others:

    * Is it in anyway favorable to watch the ph-effects of the nutrients we take while eating unhealthy foods?

    * For example: will it be better, if I want something by occasion which is not healthy and which is processed , to take stuff that is alkalizing when eaten raw? Example: is (processed: reed: “baked”) lemonpie (lemons = alkalizing) with almondcrust (almonds = alkalzing) better than any other snack which has not ingredients high on the alkalzing list?
    Are there still alkalizing benefits left?
    I never did see this question answered and think many people will like to see this answered

    Many thanks, Marcel

  2. Ross Reply

    Hi Russ

    As far as I am aware cola and other fizzy drinks sit in the pH range of about 2.5-4.5 ie. not very good at all!

    Fizzy drinks really are one of the first things to cut back if you are looking to transition to an alkaline diet.

    Addiction Treatment – you’re right, they do damage the body in more ways than this, in fact I remember seeing a ‘100 reasons not to drink cola’ list before and every one of the reasons scared the bejeezus out of me!

    Thanks for your contribution guys


  3. Addiction Treatment Reply

    In all ways, Colas and fizzy drinks have damaging effectson health, esp. tissues and bones. It’s a matter of awareness. people should be warned on large scale.

  4. Russ Reply

    What does the average Cola drink clock in as on the pH scale?

  5. nutriexpert Reply

    No, distilled water is actually slightly acidic although it may help dilute and flush the damaging elements in cola from your system.

  6. kronos Reply

    Tastes good though.

    Can it be washed down with some alkaline distilled water to neutralise the acid ?