Your Best Ever Body: Day 2


Day 2

Day 2 is all about breakfast. A good call. Whenever I am talking people through how to transition over to a new lifestyle such as the alkalarian approach to health I always start with breakfast. Why? Well the reasons are many:

  • Having a good breakfast can kickstart a whole healthy day – if you have a lame breakfast then you are likely to put off making more healthy choices until tomorrow;
  • It is never a good idea to try and do everything all at once – so taking things one meal at a time is just good common sense. Over a week get breakfast nailed, and once you are confident that a healthy breakfast has become a habit move on to lunch! Softly, softly, catchee monkey…
  • It is vitally important to give you body the easiest yet most nutritious start after the 10-12 hour fast since you last ate, overloading your body with bread, yeast, eggs, dairy, fats etc will just want to send you back to bed – give your body a chance, it has to work extremely hard to digest all that muck!
  • Too many people skip breakfast – sending your blood sugar and energy levels on a rollercoaster that will end up in snacking, poor diet choices and binging – sending you blood sugar and energy levels spiralling even further out of control. Breakfast eases your metabolism into action, keeping you steady and stable and reducing the likelihood of poor food choices.

But anyway, enough of my thoughts on the importance of brekkie – here is what Ian Marber has to say on Day 2 of the Your Best Ever Body Series!

The advice offered is fairly solid. A bit too much emphasis on heavy foods for my liking, especially first thing – and no emphasis on the switch from dairy to non-dairy with regards to the clogging effects of dairy especially as he recommends a lot of breakfast ideas which are milk and yoghurt based. However, he gives some good background information on metabolism, glucose and the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates:

If you want to begin the day feeling alive and vital, a nutritious breakfast is crucial. Eating when you first get up kick-starts your metabolism and helps keep energy levels consistent. If you miss breakfast, you are more likely to develop a pattern of extreme highs and lows in the body’s glucose levels – just the thing for causing mood swings, fatigue and food cravings.

Simple carbohydrates, such as sugar and refined flour, do not contain any useful amounts of fibre, so are broken down rapidly. Eating simple carbohydrates creates a surge of energy, which is rapidly expended, so the body soon requires more. Thus you end up eating sooner and more often.

Yet, something I find completely perplexing is that fruit is then recommended as the breakfast of choice, even though it is extremely high in sugar and is a simple carbohydrate.

There are also some good recipes mentioned, particularly the buckwheat pancakes – however I am very disappointed that vegetable juices are not mentioned, only fruit juices (which is about the most intense sugar hit you can give your body!). I am also concerned that he includes dairy in the form of fromage frais in almost every recipe.

Green vegetable juices are probably the perfect breakfast in that they provide the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body can easily absorb without expending any energy. Perfect after 12 hours fasting.

Maybe I am expecting too much from a mainstream publication!!!

Either way, go read Day 2 and let me know your thoughts if any!

p.s. the woman-centric stuff comes after the recipe – vitamins for healthy hair.

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