The Lymphatic System Functions – Importance of the Lymphatic System


lymphatic system functions

Lymphatic System Functions: What the Lymphatic System Does

I have been learning a lot more about how the lymphatic system functions of late, and I have decided to share this knowledge with you – not only because it’s very interesting, but because it is SO important and is so often ignored in the health media.

And while I did post to say that I would not have too much time to post while I am back in England – hey, I have got some time to kill before tomorrow!

Lymphatic System Functions

Put most simply, the lymphatic system functions as an intricate system of thin tubes that runs throughout the human body. It is closely related to the cardiovascular system and its primary purpose is to help the body to filter out organisms that cause disease and other toxins.

The lymphatic system has a constant flow of lymph and acts as a second circulatory system. The difference between the lymph and the cardiovascular system is that it works with white blood cells which protect you from becoming infected by bacteria and viruses. The lymphatic system functions by moving lymph through the system with pressure exerted by the squeezing of skeletal muscles. Once it reaches the thoracic duct (and the right lymphatic duct for the right upper body’s lymph system) the duct drains into the circulatory system, acting as a constant sewerage system for the body.

How the Lymphatic System Functions – A Deeper Explanation

While the main function of other tissue fluid is to deliver nutrients and goodness to the cells – the role of lymph is to clean up the waste that is left behind by this process and to dispose of it. This waste can include dead blood cells, pathogens, and cancer cells.

These lymphatic system functions also include the absorption of excess fluid and its return to the blood stream, absorption of fat (in the villi of the small intestine) and undertaking the immune system function.

The Lymphatic System and the Immune System

Lymph contains a high number of lymphocytes which are essential to a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system is extremely efficient in helping fight infection and it accomplishes this in many ways such as by helping to product white blood cells which then produce antibodies. Also, as lymph nodes contain macrophages they are excellent at enveloping and killing foreign particles including germs.

A Healthy Lymphatic System Function

Maintaining a healthy lymphatic system can be quite straightforward – yet its benefits to our bodies and energy levels can be incredible. Alongside the breathing techniques I have mentioned before, the following can also help to encourage a healthy lymphatic system.

How to Ensure the Lymphatic System Functions Effectively:

  • Drink plenty of clean, pure water – preferably alkaline, ionized water
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in fresh alkaline foods, vegetables, providing a full range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  • Supplement your diet with healthy fats
  • Take regular aerobic AND anaerobic exercise
  • Avoid exposure to the causes of disease and infection
  • Avoid pollutants, toxic substances and an unhealthy environment (especially at work)
  • Undertake stress management techniques such as yoga, meditation and exercise to promote wellness

The lymphatic system is clearly important and it is surprising how little press it gets. These are just the notes that I have been making whilst researching more into the lymphatic system, but I really do recommend that you read more!

To help you on your way, these are the sites that I have found to be the most useful about how the lymphatic system functions:

Wiki Lymph Article
BBC Lymph Article

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  1. Francine Millar Reply

    I’ve been diagnosed with CLL(chronic lymphocytic cancer) and my white blood count cells are very high at 67,000. I had a cat scan and my neck lymph nodes are a bit swollen, my organs are ok.I’m still waiting for more blood test results.

    I would love to start juicing and need your advice on the food to eat, to juice, etc. To strengthen my lymphatic system.

    I have your book and recipes.

    Awaiting your guidance in this matter.
    Thanks so very much.
    Many blessings,
    Francine Millar ♥️????????

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      Thanks Mary! For leaving me such a nice comment you are a blessing 🙂

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    My herbalist gave me a simple arm test and found that I was having problems with my lymphatic system. She recommended that I do 5 jumping jacks every morning to keep my lymph nodes from closing or clogging up. If it clogs, the wastes cannot pass from your body. Older women gain weight if their system is not functioning properly. She also recommended that I take natural lymphatonic capsules to cleanse the lymphatic system. I followed her advice and I am much better. I can really tell a difference in my body. Your information is very helpful as well.

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