Interview with Ultramarathon ‘No Meat Athlete’ – Matt Frazier

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Hi guys

This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Matt Frazier a.k.a. nomeatathlete – the ultramarathon vegetarian/vegan superstar guru!

This was my favourite interview of all time and I learned LOADS! In this interview Matt tells us all about nutrition for athletes who happen to be vegetarian/vegan, how NOT to lose too much weight, where he gets his protein and LOADS more.

Matt Frazier - NoMeatAthleteWant to know more about running? Want to know more about being a vegan/vegetarian athlete? Check out because Matt is just about to start giving away LOADS of brilliant free guides!

Matt is an extraordinary athlete, but this interview is just fantastic for complete novices. If you have been wanting to get started with your fitness or running programme – this is perfect for you.

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I’ve got more from Matt coming very soon!

p.s. I strongly urge you to check out Matt’s site over the next few days, he’s about to put out a lot of really cool stuff, starting, I think, today!

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  1. Andrew Gray Reply

    Yes very interesting- great interview. Matt looks likes he is fairly young and is a great advocate of healthy food and exerise. I am 47 and started following the alkaline diet 4 years ago and am now about 80% raw too. I have improved my speed/strength in running, swimming, cycling and everything else over this time, at an age where most people would be expecting to slow down. I think that the real benefits are long term.

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Andrew – that’s awesome mate – keep it up!

      I agree – the biggest benefits are long term, BUT you do get an awesome amount of short-term benefits too – more energy, better mental clarity, weight loss, easier muscle gain, skin conditions going etc…


  2. Lindsay Reply

    Ross, you are doing an excellent job keep it up mate

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Lindsay! Appreciated…

  3. Beth Reply

    Thanks! This is very inspiring!

    • Ross Reply

      THanks Beth!

  4. Francoise Johnston Reply

    Great video but I am sorry to say that the quality of the recording is not very good. ie Ross is very clear and understable but matt’s voice is too often muffled!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Francoise

      We did the best we could – living several thousand miles apart meant skype is the only way to do the interview…and what we have is certainly better than nothing 🙂


  5. Diane Reply


    • Diane Reply

      What I should have said is I feel inspired! thanks for this great! video. i have only recently decided I would like to run a half marathon . Hopeing i ca get the diet and training right now.

      • Ross Reply

        Diane – Matt is going to be giving some AWESOME specific advice on running and training for a half marathon – check this out: Matt’s Half Marathon Freebie!