Tony Robbins Video: The Best Video on Goal Setting I’ve Ever Seen

Hey guys

Last week I posted my best free Tony Robbins resources for you…and then Tony went and put this one out there! This is the best video on goal setting I have ever seen.

This video is phenomenal and I urge you to prioritise yourself and focus on your goals by watching this video.

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  1. George Reply

    Tony Robbins is just a convincing awesome dude.

  2. Alexander Reply

    Love this video and everything Tony Robbins! He has been a huge inspiration and I encourage everyone to learn from him (even if its just watching some videos or reading his book). If you can see him live, DO IT!! Take care

  3. Rene Kittelsen Reply

    I love Tony Robbins, but very stiff price…

    The other day Ross I asked about pH water 10+, what the benefits are but I did not get any answer?? Sang Wang tells us that drinking 10+ water is hugly beneficial, your comment on this Ross?