Five Days to Alkaline: Day Two – Hydration for Instant, All-Day Energy

5 Days to Alkaline Day 2

Five Days to Alkaline: Day Two — Hydration Made Easy!

Welcome to my new free course, Five Days to Alkaline, a five-day video training course on the core of getting alkaline. It teaches you, not the basics, but the most important actions that will give you the biggest benefits, easily.

Live Energized and my way of teaching is all about making it as easy, enjoyable and achievable to get to your best ever health & body – and the energy you deserve!

In this lesson, Day Two, I show you the very best ways to get properly hydrated…and when you do this you will unlock HUGE energy!

In this lesson we cover:

  • How much water you should be drinking
  • The right TYPE of water
  • The problems with tap and bottled water
  • The seven ways of making alkaline water
  • And…how you can remember to drink enough

PLUS I show you the actual, implementable steps you can start to do TODAY for big results.

Day Two Downloads:

The Definitive Guide to Alkaline Water:: 42 Page Guide on How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

The Hydration Cheat Sheet: Easy Ways to Guarantee You Always Drink Enough

The Alkaline Mineral Stick: Cost-Effective Way of Making Alkaline Water RIGHT NOW

Chanson Water Ionizer: The Very Best Way of Making Alkaline, Ionized, Antioxidant-Rich, Filtered Water!

The Most Alkaline Herbal Teas: The seven most delicious and alkaline herbal teas to help keep your hydration up, and varied!

How to Make Alkaline Water Delicious: How to flavour your water to keep it interesting AND alkaline at the same time!

Research, References & Scientific Literature


Ionized water prevents the breakdown of DNA from oxidative stress and fights free-radicals:

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Ionized, alkaline water has anti-diabetic effects:

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Ionized water helps prevent oxidation in the body and damage to DNA:

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Alkaline, Ionized water is effective in treating digestive complaints:

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High alkaline, ionized water is effective at cleaning pesticides etc. from fruit & vegetables:

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The Scientifically Proven Benefits of ACID WATER from Your Ionizer:

Acidic, ionized water is an effective sanitizer for kitchens and bathrooms:

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Electrolyzed, Acidic Water Speeds Wound Healing::

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More proof that acid, ionized water is effective on treating burns

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  1. Sharon Reply

    Hi. I am just embarking on the Alkaline Diet and am a little worried about water. I am in the UK and use tap water. I have looked at the video above and really cant afford an ionizer or the drops for my water. What should I do.? Stick to tap water? Can you get cheap ioniser around £40 or so?