Alkaline Q&A #10 : Acidic Levels and Putting Muscle Weight On

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Acidic levels and putting muscle weight onmorehydrating

Hey Ross

I have been on the Alkaline diet for 3 weeks now with some great results.

The arthritis in my hands has improved, I have lost 10 lbs and have energy to spare.

Question 1) I haven’t seen any real change in my acid level when I test myself. Still says acidic. Is it too soon to see a change?

Question 2) I have reached my target weight and don’t want to loose anymore. I want to start lifting weights again. Any advise to add some muscle weight on?

Thank You!



Ross’ Answer

Hey Steve

Awesome results – well done mate.
OK, so for the pH testing, it is very easy to do wrong and get disheartening results. Have you been doing it as per my guide here:

And for muscle building, this is a area I have been wanting to do more resources on for AGES as it’s a passion of mine too. For now, this is my most recent guide:

There are a LOT of strength coaches and athletes now using the alkaline approach, so I intend to interview some of these in the near future and make a big guide on this…

Hope this helps and keep in touch


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