Alkaline Q&A #13: All the different approaches are so confusing!

Every now and then I get a question by email (or through my Facebook page) that I think everyone would love to hear the answer to.

Just before the weekend, a lady named Pamela emailed with a question I am sure a lot of people can relate to, and here is the question and the answer.

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Alkaline Diet & Conflicting Approaches – Who is Right?

Hi Ross,

this food thing is all very confusing. Some of my greatest mentors are Daniel and Tana Amen, Joel Furhman and others who say it’s so important to eat mushrooms, onions, garlic, berries, all kinds of fruit and nuts, whole eggs, etc.. and I realize there are many philosophies…and then all the focus on fermented foods for the gut – which high profile, nutritionists speak a lot about – as being so very healing to the gut.

How am I supposed to make sense out of all these philosophies…

Thanks so much – I value your input… Warmly, Pamela


Ross’ Answer

Hi Pamela

The best thing to do is to trial and see how you feel. Why don’t you start with the alkaline approach and add in certain elements you like from Daniel and Joel’s work and see how you feel.

I respect all of those folks you mentioned a lot. And to be honest, eating 70-80% alkaline and adding in the foods you mentioned would be totally fine. Let’s face it, mushrooms from the ‘acid side’ are way better than sugar and junk foods!

Nothing has to be 100% – you can find what suits you and your body the best.

As I always say – one size fits one!



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