Alkaline Diet Q&A #6: Is Bottled Water Alkaline?


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Is Bottled Water Alkaline?

Hi Ross

Thanks for the information.  I’ve been using bottled water for a while now and notice the pH is more acidic than regular tap water.  The bottle water company told me

” the reverse osmosis process removes all contaminants in water and brings it to a pure molecule. Because of this it also takes out all minerals which increases its acidity. Tap water still has some minerals along with fluoride and chlorine which puts it on the alkaline side”.

I’m a bit confused now.  Can you please explain?



Ross’ Answer

You are absolutely right, Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a horrible way to filter in my opinion.  It’s not only that it’s incredibly environmentally poor, but it also creates an acidic water that is oxidising to the body’s cells (oxidation kills cells, which leads to aging of the body and the formation of free radicals).

The drinks manufacturers don’t understand the importance of pH, so it’s why they use this as a marketing message – they thing you want to increase acidity! At least they’re not lying, as such!

Ideally you want a water that is:

– Alkaline with a pH of at least pH 8 and up to pH 9.5
– Filtered (especially for fluoride, bacteria and ideally chlorine as a minimum)
– An antioxidant (-ORP)

This is why I love Ionized Water and the Chanson Ionizers so much, because they do all three and put this water on tap for you.

I am open to follow up questions to this – so please feel free to get in touch!

Thanks and have a great week


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