7 Ways to Boost Your Alkalinity in 24 Hours!

7 Ways to Boost Your Alkalinity in 24 Hours!

Want to get alkaline fast?

This quick, hands-on guide will get you an overnight overhaul of your alkalinity, boost your energy and have you feeling noticeably stronger, more vital and more energetic in 24 hours or less!

When you buffer the acids already in your system your body will thank you for it. And by hitting multiple sources of alkalinity at once you’re going to get some pretty big alkalinity in a short space of time. You’re going to feel great.

Here’s how it’s done – aim for as many as you can!

Boost Your Body in 24 Hours


Alkaline Booster 1: The Right Breakfast

Breakfast is the most acidic meal for the vast majority of the western world. Bread, jam, cereal, milk, coffee, pastry, bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, orange juice, tea…all acidic and all covering probably 85% of the breakfast plates and bowls across the Western world.

If you want to feel the benefits of an alkaline body (and an alkaline day) you HAVE to start the day right. So before we get into some simple options, I want to make sure you start every day with a big glass of water, preferably alkaline water or lemon water! This will replenish and rehydrate your cells and get you moving again after the fast your body has been through while you were sleeping.

For this 24 hour alkaline boost here are three options:

Option One (easiest): ‘Alkaline’ Oats!

This is organic oats, cooked in water with a little nut milk (almond, soy, coconut) added at the end.

To make it more alkaline you can mix in some chia seeds, and sprinkle a little psyllium husks on at the end.

This will give you a fibre-rich, protein-rich start to the day that is low on the acid-forming side and full of nutrients that will keep you going for hours.

Personally, if I go this route I’ll try to add some greens afterwards, whether that’s a juice or some avocado on sprouted bread as per….

Note: if you use the chia and husks, finish off with a glass of water to help the digestive process be as effective as possible. Makes all the difference.

Option Two: Avocado, Tomato, Spinach on Sprouted Bread (or crackers)

This is a super easy, filling and more alkaline option. Simply toast some sprouted bread (or find some healthy, gluten free crackers) and spread on some avocado, add sliced tomato, spinach, olive or flax oil and some Himalayan salt.

Delicious, easy and alkaline.

Plus, toasting the sprouted bread (which is a bread made from sprouted grains so it is alkaline and gluten free – you can find it in health food stores, most major grocery stores and online – in the USA at Alvarado St Bakery (who deliver) and in the UK at Goodness Direct) makes it warm and satisfying. Mmmmmmmm.

Option Three (harder): A Big Alkaline Green Juice or Smoothie!

alkaline-green-ginger-celery-juiceThis is incredibly alkaline, incredibly nutrient-dense and delicious!

Here is a recipe for the core alkaline green smoothie & the core alkaline green drink.

Remember, don’t overthink or make things too hard – simply avoiding sugar, yeast, dairy, animal protein and caffeine at breakfast will be great for your body!

Oh, and the hydration of course!

Alkaline Booster 2: Proper Breathing

If you are able to give yourself five to ten minutes each day to practice deep, cleansing ‘power breathing’ then you will definitely reap the rewards. This is one of the best, most effective exercises you can do for free, every day and is hugely alkalising.

The Tony Robbins breathing exercise is mentioned in the excellent book Unlimited Power and basically consists of breathing in the following ratio:

Breath in for 1 count;
Hold for 4 counts;
Breath out for 2 counts.

For example – if you were to breath in for four seconds, then you would hold your breath for sixteen seconds and then breath out for eight.

If you are able to do this ten times, three times a day (morning, evening and before bed) you will notice a huge difference to your alkalinity, energy, your clarity and your ability to ward off illnesses.

Alkaline Booster 3: Super Hydration

Water makes up 75% of your total body weight. But I don’t really care about that. I’d been trying to research and start this article for about 3 hours and rewording around and rewriting all of these water facts that really didn’t seem to mean anything. They had no impact.

This did:

a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people

In fact, even mild dehydration can slow our metabolism down by 3% – when you consider this, you can see why rehydration can support weight loss!

Proper hydration is so important to every function of the human body (if fluids drop by just 15% we die) and dehydration is at the root cause of such a ridiculous number of symptoms. From thirst to depression to cancer to obesity to fatigue to bulimia to digestive problems to skin problems and so on. This is not to say that dehydration is the only cause, but the above is just a small selection of the symptoms of repeated, daily dehydration.

But on the more positive side:

lady drinking alkaline waterBeing hydrated can change everything. Just the simple act of drinking enough water, on a daily basis, can have a profound effect on your life.

It certainly will help you to lose weight, as the water clears acid toxins from your system and boosts your metabolism. Our body’s cry for thirst is also often mistaken for hunger, leading to overeating.

Here are some more facts to show you how important hydration is:

  • A six-year study published in the May 1, 2002 American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day were 41% less likely to die from a heart attack during the study period than those who drank less than two glasses.
  • Drinking the equivalent of 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%.
  • Drinking the 2 litres of water a day decreases the risk of breast cancer by 79%

In fact, one of the biggest impacts that our alkaline diet training is having on people is that it is making them properly hydrate themselves.

It is so simple, but the reason why I think we often don’t give enough importance to hydration is that it is so simple. It is hard for our brain to connect such a profound effect with something as simple as drinking a proper amount of water each day.

So I am not going to argue the point too much – I think 99% of you will agree that drinking enough water on a daily basis is absolutely a good thing.

Click here for my Definitive Guide to Alkaline Waterto learn more about hydration and getting the best water for you and your family.

Alkaline Booster 4: Oiling Up!

Fact: most people are chronically deficient in omega 3. And when you’re lacking omega 3 you’re likely to experience a whole host of symptoms. Udo Erasmus (the world’s leading fats & oils authority) lists a 14 basic and common symptoms of omega oil deficiency (click here to see Udo’s list) and they include: poor immune system, skin conditions, low metabolism, weight gain, increased liklihood of many degenerative conditions, poor digestion, slow recovery and healing, premature brain aging and so on.

Put it this way, omega oils are called an Essential Fatty Acid – which means they’re one of our body’s ‘essential’ nutrients. Something classified as ‘essential’ means we NEED it to be healthy but the body cannot make it itself, you have to consume it.

Here’s a guide I wrote on how to get enough oils and just in case you didn’t believe me here’s my article on when Harvard called Omega 3 deficiency the world’s 6th biggest killer!

Alkaline Booster 5: Book a Massage

Massage is so fantastic for two great reasons:

  1. It helps the body to move and remove stored acids from the muscles.
  2. Stress is as acid-forming as any food on Earth and massage helps to relax you wonderfully

It is a treat that is great for you and giving your body a gift as often as possible is fantastic for the soul, and for your body!

Plus, the Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynaecology found that having a massage combats water retention, so it will make you look better, which will make you feel more positive, relaxed and happy, which is an alkaline-forming emotion!

Winner all ’round!

Alkaline Booster 6: Shed Some Skin!

Skin brushing is simply the act of brushing your skin (dry) with a firm bristled skin brush (like the one pictured above). The benefits are many, but these are my favourites:

  • Skin brushing removes dead skin cells, making the skin fresh, tight, soft supple and glowing
  • By removing the dead cells it also facilitates the detoxification and waste elimination process
  • It also aids in circulation by bringing the blood up to the surface
  • Skin brushing stimulates the flow of lymph throughout the body – which is so important (click here for more info on the lymphatic system) but also quite hard to achieve
  • It gives you an INSTANT energy boost – I honestly feel great after I’ve finished skin brushing.

To skin brush you simply brush over your body in an upward motion (imagine with each stroke you’re aiming for your heart).

Do this once or twice per day and you’ll really notice the benefits!

Alkaline Booster 7: 24 Hour Sugar Ban

Oh this is probably the best thing you can do for yourself on a regular basis. Sugar is THE worst thing we can put into our body legally.

Sugar to the acids in your body is like petrol to a fire. And all sugar is sugar – whether it’s glucose, fructose, maltrose, dextrose – from fruit, honey or cakes.

We should all try to minimise the sugar we consume generally, but starting with a 24-hour ‘ban’ will not only give your body a break – but it will also give you a great insight into where you are at with the sugar in your life. You will know the nature of the beast!

Be aware though, this isn’t easy. Sugar is a drug. When you stop consuming sugars, the microforms in your body will demand more, you will get cravings.

You have to ignore them.

Again, this is not easy.

But when you get these sugar cravings give your body something different. Give it healthy, cleansing water, greens, salads, almonds, vegetables. Teach your body to switch back to healthy fats for energy, consume omega oils from flax, hemp or oily fish.

So here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Drink something instead! It really works! Have a glass of lukewarm water, and perhaps squeeze a bit of lemon in for variety.
  2. Try a chromium supplement – this is a great solution, but a temporary one! Chromium is a mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels – so you don’t experience the big peaks and troughs and the cravings that go with it.
  3. Eat some raw carrots and other slightly sweeter vegetables. This will definitely help as it gives your body more physical fuel from the sugar in the vegetable, but also the fibre in the veg helps to balance out blood sugar peaks.
  4. Eat more fibre! High fibre snacks are excellent at regulating blood sugar levels
  5. Finally, take it one meal at a time – start with breakfast and eliminate sugar from there. This could be tricky if you are used to breakfast choices such as toast with jam, fruit juice, sugary cereals, tea or coffee with sugar etc. But if you can nail this meal then you will be 9/10 of the way there because starting the day with a big sugar hit sends you on a spiral that is really difficult to control. If you can get breakfast sorted then all of the other meals will be really easy to de-sugar from then onwards!

Best of luck! If you have any questions just let me know below!

PS And if that wasn’t enough – here are 146 other reasons why sugar is ruining your health!

Bonus Alkaline Booster 8: GO GREEN!

Chlorophyll-Rich Green Smoothie

Try, within 24 hours to eat 5-7 serves of GREEN FOODS and see how you feel, see how you look. The results will astound you.

This ONE simple change will change your life forever.

How Many Serves of Greens Did You Get This Week?

Have a think for a few minutes, how many greens are you currently getting? How many serves did you have yesterday? Or the day before?

For most people it will be only one or two serves.

But this is GOOD news – it means you’re going to be feeling AWESOME when you implement my tips!

How to Get Alkaline and Go Green

Going green is so important because it gets a huge amount of chlorophyll into your body.

I recommend reading my Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll article in full, but to give you a short version:

Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems.

Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body.

Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones for elimination, which are created by the body for the purpose of neutralizing and disposing of excess acid.

So getting a big injection of chlorophyll into your diet is hugely important!

You have to get greens in and while this may seem daunting – here are a few suggestions to make it a LOT easier and less intimidating:

    • Have a salad with every meal: carry on eating what you’d normally have eaten, but just add a side salad (no unhealthy dressings though!). This TOTALLY takes the pressure off but the cumulative effect of having several salads a day will have a big impact.


  • Disguise green foods: you can shave broccoli heads with a knife over foods or into pasta sauce giving you heaps of broccoli, but you can’t see, taste or smell it. OR wilt spinach down with a little butter, salt and pepper – this gives you a HUGE amount of spinach in just a couple of mouthfuls. OR make pasta sauce by blending tomatoes with steamed pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, watercress etc. When it’s all blended down it still tastes very rich and tomato-ey, but you’ve got a heap of green foods in there too!



  • Get into Sprouts: sounds weird but it’s SO worth it – sprouts are sprouted seeds of plants such as broccoli which, when harvested at the sprout stage, contain all (or more) of the nutritional content of the fully grown plant – this means you can easily eat one handful and get a HUGE hit of nutrients. I’ve blogged heaps about sprouts (and have a guide coming) so click here to read all about sprouts.


Making sure you up your green food consumption from 0-1 times per day to 5-7 times per day is easy and it will blow your mind the difference it makes.

Your body will thank you, I can absolutely assure you.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions please ask below!

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  1. Bronwyn Reddel Reply

    Hi im looking for a fast to alkalaine body. Cant find my copy of it. These are the ingredients apple juice psyllium hulls spiralina bentonite amino acids. Do you know of this fast? Cant remember amounts to take. I know every 2 hours you drink some of the above.

  2. Shelly Reply

    I just ordered the book from Amazon but how do I get the extra gits included

    • ross Reply

      Hi Shelly

      Go back to this page, and click on the ‘buy now’, and it will scroll to the bottom of the page where you can enter your info for the goodies.


      Don’t forget to leave a review on amazon! It means a lot!


  3. Susan Reply

    I gag on sodium bicarbonate water I gag on trace mineral water but can tolerate lemon juice ! Will this make me alkaline and if so what ratio of lemon juice to water?

    • ross Reply

      None of those three alone will make you alkaline. It takes more than a drink a day.

  4. Melody Yatsko Reply

    Oh, also, check out Dr Bruce Lipton’s Youtube channel! He was cloning srem cells in the 60’s! He will verify EVERYTHING Ive told you and far more! Namaste

  5. Jeffrey Johnston Reply

    how about high alkaline ionized water from an actual ionizer machine. with alkaline minerals.

    • ross Reply

      Sure, it’s one way, but it doesn’t beat real food. Plus for those who don’t have the $2-$4k to spend on an ionizer, this is a pretty good set of suggestions.

  6. Beth Reply

    Awesome information! I have been taking great alkaline products from Revii for many years and have stayed alkaline. Now in the last year as a caregiver, I’ve had to wear a mask and be tested for the chinese virus 3-4 times a week. Now I am a pale yellow every morning as I test. It’s scary and discouraging. I even went 4 months with absolutely no sugar and in the last year I have eaten the healthiest I’ve ever eaten. I make blender drinks full of green peas, sprouted chia seeds, red cabbage, spinach, flax seed, tart cherries, blueberries, hemp, organic coconut oil, ginger, cinnamon, olive oil, matcha, moringa, vegan protein powder, Revii all natural greens, carrot, chunk of lemon and water. Then for lunch and dinner an assortment of green peas, red cabbage, egg, avocado, mushrooms, sprouted toast with butter, sweet potato etc. Then evening snack I’d thaw blueberries, cherries and add some mountain top vanilla yogurt has sugar so this was my cheat and organic blueberry granola with flaxseed, cinnamon. For a dessert, I’d melt coconut oil add unsweetened cocoa, honey, pecans, walnuts and tons of ground flax seeds and let chill. I’d also get the amount of water I need. Yes, I carry a big jug with me! 🙂 So, I have to get alkaline soon. Going out this morning to get some broccoli and spinach etc. Any suggestions that you think I’m missing would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I have been under a lot of stress like the rest of us…caring for a 94 year old that has short term memory loss and asks me same questions over and over. So I am booking a massage. Actually just found a good person yesterday. Thanks again!!!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Beth

      Sounds like you’re doing really well – so the first thing I want to check is your pH testing protocol? Can you give me more info on how your checking your pH?


  7. Christinne Gibbons Reply

    Ross this information is absolutely amazing and life changing! I love your article and teaching style. You have blessed me incredibly thank you for educating and sharing. I would to continue following you and learning from your teachings. Please share more on how I can do this most effectively.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Christine – thanks so much! If you sign up at the top of the page you’ll get my weekly guides and recipes 🙂

  8. Debbie Reply

    Just a question. Instead of mixing baking soda in water and drinking it, can I just mix the soda into the dish I’m cooking or sprinkle a small amount over my food after it’s cooked?

    • ross Reply

      You can, but it tastes a bit weird.

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    Hi, could you pkease send me a recipe for a green alkalizing drink. I”ve gotten sick to many times this last year. Thank you.

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    Understanding this technically can save lives ! Please help.

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    What about people who have to eat AIP..no dairy …no grains..no nuts..no nightshades very low sugar

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    God bless you

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    Does baking soda has any side effect on the body?what are the limited in take?
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    • Connie Wiggins Reply

      God bless you Ross! Breast cancer runs in my family, and this is the health & practical information I was looking for. I am ready to make changes in the alkaline direction. Wish me luck!!

  14. Tobi Bernard Thomas Reply

    In my country some of the above mention is scarce so what best practice can i do to maintain my alkaline Ph?Thank you

    • Gagan Reply

      This is just what I needed. Thank you so much and for the incredibly detailed food chart!

      Are you on Instagram? I find it easy connecting there if any questions “sprout” up. #notashamedofthepun.


      • ross Reply

        @rossbridgeford 🙂

        • Mila Vrab Reply

          Wonderful article , informative and friendly :). Can you advised what to fo to lower high bp ? I am on med for more than month and still is high most the time. I would like to lower bp naturally. I am 73 F I dont smoke drink alcohol or coffee- I am very cautious with sugar er salt and white flour for last 50 years 🙂 ! My cholesterol is good Just !!! The HBP – please advise – All the best ! Mila

  15. Kevin Pilotte Reply

    Does having a double shot of wheat grass beneficial to increasing the alkalinity of my body? If so, how often should I have on?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Kevin

      While a double shot of wheatgrass is great – one thing alone will never be enough to transform your health. You need to do more than one thing. I also have no idea what the rest of your diet looks like so it’s hard to say.


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  17. Phyllis King Reply

    Hi Ross, your video was very informative and easy to watch. I so appreciate you sending the info to get me started. I began this journey because in the last 3 months I have gotten cold sores (lovely) 3 times. Everything I read said to become more alkaline. At nearly 71 I will look forward to helping the rest of my life with more energy among other things. I am unable to take advantage of you $1 offer. My SS is $877/mo and my specialist is $50 per visit. I hope this alkaline process alleviates my current status. I’m truly excited. Thx Phyllis

  18. Macaulay Reply

    I’ve started to drink a lot of fresh cold-pressed green juice – kale, spinach, celery etc. – which I sweeten with apples. What’s your thought on that? Is 3 apples too much fruit sugar?

    Also, is. 21-day juice fast healthy? Thanks

    • ross Reply

      Hi – that is way too much fructose in a juice, this will be doing a lot of damage to your liver. I recommend no more than 1/2 an apple per serve.


  19. Janette Reply

    I have interstitial cystitis and other issues like weak, tired, baggy eyes, fatigue. All blood work at Dr comes back perfect. Yet I feel so run down. Any advice?

  20. Brenda Chlapek Reply

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  21. Nancy Reply

    Great informative article! However, I am confused about the fruit and sugar issue. Everyone tells us to eat fruits every day. I want to be more alkaline so I can get off my heart drug and blood thinner and have to be careful how much greens, etc. I consume, but I need to find a way to integrate everything into my diet safely in order to do that. Fruits have natural sugar, are they bad for alkaline? How much fruit or what kinds are safe?

  22. Carolyn Reply

    I would love to do this healthier eating and have both intended and tried to do better but to be honest, I like very few vegetables and don’t like any seafood. None of these recipes sound appealing to my taste buds. I can’t be the only one who you have come across with this similarity. How do I do this and be successful? I want to enjoy my food rather than dread eating or torture myself with things I want to gag in. In all sincerity, how do I make the switch? I only like lettuce, green beans, corn, carrots, celery, peas, spinach (can handle), broccoli (can eat but gives way too much gas), cauliflower, potatoes, avacado as guacamole, a hint of red/yellow peppers.

  23. Ray C. Reply

    Arm an hammer baking soda half of teaspoon in AM,WITH warer, will this help?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Ray – just make sure your bicarb is 100% bicarb and doesn’t contain any fillers or anti-caking agents such as aluminimum.

      Half a teaspoon per day will help, yes, but I prefer the product called Tri-Salts on iherb.com – this will be much more powerful


    • Mara Reply

      best to take the 1/2 teaspoon of bi-carb in a small glass of water before bed (takes the pressure off the kidneys overnight) then you must re-activate digestive juices with something like apple cider vinegar before breakfast.

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    Hi! My whole family is so inspired by this lifestyle, we’ve always eaten a diet very close
    to what you describe as the healthiest one, though plus gluten, dairy and meat.
    But now we’ve really digged deep into this and its only positive!

    Im curious about that breathing-routine. Im going to try it, but how exactly is it alkalising for my body?

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Sara

      It stimulates your lymphatic system, which is one of the most efficient ways your body eliminates toxins.


  26. Janey Cross Reply

    Thanks Ross, for your generosity in allowing all of us to share all of this.I have a question…..you
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      I think you deserved a reply LONG before now.

      Pure, raw honey indeed has health benefits that no other food can claim. When it is RAW, it is alkaline and very healthy for the body.

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