Alkaline Diet Q&A #8 : Omega & Weight Loss

The Alkaline Diet Q&A’s: Your Alkaline Questions Answered!


Hi all – every day I (Ross) answer somewhere between 10-50 alkaline diet questions that land in my inbox. It’s something I love doing and I recently realised I should be sharing some of the best!

Just like with my massive World’s Biggest Alkaline Diet Webinar™ where I answered over a hundred questions from my subscribers on video – EVERYONE benefitted from the answers.

It was a super-powerful training session, really getting into the nitty gritty of the ‘hands on’ part of getting healthy.

[Q&A Webinar Replay: You can catch the full replay of that Q&A Webinar and leave me your questions there too]

So each week I’ll be posting the best and most relevant alkaline diet Q&A so that all of you can benefit from my answers!

Omega & Weight Loss

Hi Ross

I’ve been taking Omega 3,6,9 and have actually started to see some weight fall off as you mentioned. (stubborn, resistant weight!!!)
Any idea how these oils work and can I take too much of it?

Thanks for the inspiration,



Ross’ Answer

Hey Marcia

They help you lose weight because, well, there is a very complex explanation…but the short version is:

1) they take your body immediately out of ‘starvation mode’ – as the body is now getting fats it can use, it isn’t having to be stubborn and hold onto your body fat any more
2) they speed your metabolism instantly, so you’re going to burn that stubborn fat faster

It’s very very hard to have too much. The vast majority of people have way too little. If you’re taking a supplement this is great, but if you’re following the supplement guidelines, you’re not going to have too much.

If taking too much leading to weight gain is your concern, don’t be concerned 🙂



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