Alkaline Diet Tip #9 – When Raw is Not Raw (it’s warm!)


Alkaline Diet Tip #9: Raw Can Still Be WARM!

Ross Energise - the Alkaline Diet GuyThis is a super-fast but super-important tip, especially with winter WELL under way in a lot of countries!

I know that when you’re going alkaline it can seem like you’re eating a lot of naturally cold foods – salads, smoothies, juices etc. all packing a huge alkaline, nutrient hit – but tough to take over and over when it’s freezing cold outside!

‘Raw’ Alkaline Soups Can Still be Warm AND Raw!

Below you’ll find links to some of my favourite alkaline raw soup recipes. All of these are delicious – AND you can have them raw and they’ll still be raw!

Here are the rules:

  1. Warm the soup gently – if you can put your finger in it without it burning, it’s still considered raw
  2. Oh, actually there is only one rule. See above.

It’s that simple!

Some Delicious, Yummy Alkaline Soup Recipes to Try WARM!

Alkaline Springtime Soup RecipeAlkaline Raw Avocado & Tomato Soup
Raw Italian Summer Soup
Alkaline Springtime Soup
Alkaline Cucumber & Watercress Soup

All of these can be warmed to keep you warm, full and happy in those colder months!


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  1. Rob Reply

    So I’ll nuke it in the microwave and if the colour is still good it’s still alive? Maybe not.

  2. Martin Kohn Reply

    My rule of thumb is that while the colour is bright, the goodness is there.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Love it – thats a great rule!