Alkaline Diet Questions Answered: What is the ONE biggest thing I can do RIGHT NOW?!


I loved this question! I love the immediacy of it and the impact of it – and most of all I really respect the call for effectiveness, efficiency and the power that this type of question can bring! I would guess the guy asking it had been reading Tim Ferriss, Leo Babauta or maybe even good old Tony Robbins!

Either way, I love the question and I honoured my claim to answer all of your questions within 24 hours and here is my answer!

Question: What is the one single action I could take to help restore my alkaline balance?

Answer:If I had to say one action it would be to drink 3-4 litres of alkaline, ionized water each day. Honestly, this will totally change your health and energy. I have had ionizers in the past but have been travelling a lot and moving around a lot so have not had one consistently until recently – but having had my Chanson Ionizer for nearly five weeks now and drinking 3-4 litres of this awesome water every day for that long……I look and feel great.

However, if I am allowed to say four thinks I would say…:

  1. Eat Your Greens: for the first few weeks try to up your intake of fresh green vegetables and leaves by simply having a side salad with every single lunch and dinner!
  2. Drink Up: you absolutely HAVE to aim for between 3-4 litres of clean, alkaline water each and every day. This alone will have a huge impact on your energy and wellness.
  3. Exercise: exercising will increase the benefits you feel from your diet by at least 500%. Aim for 3-5 40min sessions of a mixture of aerobic and resistance training each week. Start by walking or rebounding if you must – just get moving!
  4. Smart Supplementation: unless you have a specific health challenge I really recommend you focus on the four most important alkaline supplementsgreen drinks, pH drops, alkaline minerals & omega oils such as Udo’s Choice. Everything will fall into place with these supplements.

I hope this helps!



Part of this answer was taken from my alkaline diet guidelines / quick start guide

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  2. Eileen Reply

    Hi there, just wondered… whats the difference between ozonated water and ionized? Eileen – Scotland

    • John Carraway Reply

      Ozonated water has had ozone (O3) added to it, which transforms it into a mild form of peroxide (germ killer, etc.). Ionized water, on the other hand, has been changed into two different waters: one with an alkaline pH (above 7), and one with an acidic pH (below 7). The alkaline water neutralizes acids in the body and is full of negative ions, which act as antioxidants in the body. The acidic water is toxic to drink, but is a good germ killer when used for washing the skin, vegetables, or general cleaning.