Alkaline Snacks: The Ultimate List (plus Recipes!)

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alkaline snacks main image: celeryThis guide could be the difference between success & failure for you on the alkaline diet.

As I’ve said before many times, one of the key pressure points for people in sticking with the alkaline diet or any other health plan or lifestyle is what happens when you get hungry.

Your Success Is Often Defined By Your Weakest Moments

When you’re hungry, you HAVE to eat, and if you leave it long enough – nothing will stop you.

I am sure this is resonating with you – when you get hungry your standards of healthy eating drop, the more hungry you get.

And if you’re not well prepared and well stocked up with healthy, alkaline snacks……you could end up eating anything!

For most people snacking leads them to convenience foods, quick foods, pre-prepared foods:

  • Confectionary
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate bars
  • Chips / crisps
  • Baked goods
  • Sandwiches
  • …you get the picture

You tend to grab whatever is easiest, and in almost every case…this is NOT alkaline!

I call this the “Snowball of Doom”…

The Snowball of Doom

It is like a vicious cycle. You get really hungry, there is nothing easy, instant, healthy and tasty to grab, so you eat something naughty. Maybe a biscuit from the office kitchen, or maybe it’s a little chocolate to tide you over, or maybe it’s one of the kids treats. Your hunger is satiated but then the ‘oh well’ thoughts kick in.

…oh well, I’ve been bad today, so I might as well have takeaway for dinner and start again tomorrow. And a glass or two of wine. And desert. Oh, but then I’ve got dinner out tomorrow night and then it’s the weekend, so I might as well start on Monday. But on Monday I’ll be REALLY good.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerYou know what I’m talking about.

The hardest thing for most people when they are trying to live a healthy lifestyle is snacking. Those huger-attacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon when you just need something.

Those times when it is just so tempting to be a little bit naughty – because there simply aren’t any tasty healthy snacks!

This might seem a little dramatic, but it is true!

The easiest foods and most convinient foods are usually not too healthy: acidic, gluten/wheat-laden, sugary, processed and nutrient-poor.

Get your snacks sorted and you are SO much more likely to be able to keep yourself in the happy healthy place and stay healthy and alkaline for the long-term, while ADDING to the nourishment rather than taking it away.

The Ultimate List of Alkaline Snacks (plus recipes!)

This is the ulitmate guide to alkaline snacks.

This is my so-far-definitive-list of all of the alkaline snacks that I personally use and have available to me 24/7 (or at least 2-3 of these options), so that when I’m:

  • Hungry…
  • On-the-go…
  • Boredom eating!
  • Between meals
  • Fresh from the gym or a run…
  • Stuck at the office…
  • Or at any other time!

…I will always have something healthy, alkaline and vitality-giving to snack on and get me happily through to my next meal.

I’m about to make healthy living a whole lot easier.

Here’s the List: The 15 Most Alkaline Snacks!

1. Bliss Balls


A.K.A protein balls, energy balls, raw power balls etc – they’re all similar and are delicious!

These cacao bliss balls are a lifesaver at Bridgeford Alkaline HQ!

It’s a truly delicious, raw alkaline snack to keep you going, energised and your taste buds satisfied!

Let’s face it, when you’re super-hungry and busy it’s THE stress-test to see if you are going to slip up, crack and grab something unhealthy.

Click here to get my Alkaline Raw Bliss Ball Recipe

2. Nuts & Seeds

Mixed alkaline nuts and seeds

What could be easier and better than a big bag of nuts and seeds?!

I am always snacking on a nut and seed mix. I have a bag with me wherever I am. In the office, in my bag, in the car, on the run, after the gym, before I go out. Whenever I am hungry I always know I can rely on nuts and seeds. They are a staple of a healthy diet.

You would truly be surprised at how quickly and easily nuts and seeds get rid of hunger and how long they keep you going! A big handful can truly stave off the growling stomach and keep you going for another hour at least.

Rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and more – you should aim to have a good supply of: almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, walnuts etc. on hand at all times!

get the alkaline recipe book here

3. Alkaline Wraps

Vegetable salad wrap

This is probably my favourite alkaline snack, due to it’s relative ease, speed and amount it fills you up!

It’s so super simple to make. You literally just throw spinach/lettuce (one or both), avocado, tomato, cucumber, capsicum/pepper and some hummous or tahini into a wrap, wrap it up and eat!

It’s as simple as that and it fills you up so much, is alkaline and delicious!

A cool tip is to sprinkle seeds onto the hummous so they stick in the wrap and don’t fall out and give you an extra nutrient hit.

In terms of the wrap/bread to use, I recommend sprouted wheat wraps when you can get them (USA residents can order from Alvarado here) – but if you can’t find them, just go for the healthiest you can find i.e. wheat free, gluten free, yeast free or any combo of these.

Note: sprouted wheat is gluten free, and healthy, and alkaline – it’s just the fully grown wheat we’re avoiding.

And if you need it, here’s a recipe to try that involves no wrap at all:

The Energise Alkaline Wrapless Wrap

4. Alkaline Smoothies

green drink

Alkaline, chunky smoothies are one of my favourites. Less than five minutes to prepare and I’ve got a good pint (or more) of thick, healthy smoothie that easily keeps me going for a couple of hours.

I’d also wager that these smoothies contain your 5-a-day veg in each glass too – so you know you’re getting past that minimum amount in one delicious serve.

You can really get creative with the ingredients but my personal favourite is simply avocado, tomato, cucumber, spinach, lettuce and lemon. I have been known to throw in a little bird-eye chilli too 🙂

Try these:

Sweet & Chunky Alkaline Shake
Alkaline Avocado Power Shake
pH Boosting Protein Shake

5. Alkaline Soups

Broccoli soup made of fresh vegetables, garlic and parsley

Similarly, alkaline raw (or warmed) soups take less than five minutes to prepare and are like a full meal in minutes. Packed with goodness, they’ll keep you going and give you a big nutrient hit.

To make them, it’s really just a case of putting the avocado and stock into a blender (I love the Vita-Mix) and creating a base from that, and then throwing the rest of the ingredients in! My go-to recipe is simply that base plus cucumber, spinach, capsicum, a 1/4 clove of garlic and then perhaps some steamed broccoli (adds a bit of warmth). You can get funky with herbs and spices too – I love to grate some fresh ginger in and throw in a little hot red chilli!

Try these on for size. The tomato & pepper one, in particular can be made in under 60 seconds.

Tomato & Sweet Red Pepper Soup
Cucumber & Watercress Soup
Tuscan Bean Soup
Spicy Alkaline Summer Soup

6. Alkaline Juices

green drink

I love to have at least one fresh, raw, green veggie juice per day. Not only does it make a great snack (or meal – keeps me going from breakfast til lunch some days) but it is literally bursting with goodness.

Can you imagine eating a salad of: a cucumber, a carrot, two handfuls of spinach, a tomato, a heap of lettuce, 2 sticks of celery and a heap of kale in 30 seconds?

Juices give you such a nutritional hit that your body keeps you going for hours and hours on them.

In terms of a juice – I highly, highly recommend the Hurom or Kuvings slow-press juicers.

Try these delicious juice recipes as a snack:

Energise Green Drink
Blood Building Vegetable Juice
Immune Boosting Juice

7. Toasted Sprouted Bread


This is an easy one and a winner! Sprouted breads are alkaline, healthy and contain none of the badness of normal breads. PLUS it’s delicious toasted with avocado, tomato and other such stuff on top!

My favourite is:

– avocado
– tomato
– some chopped up spinach or rocket (arugula)
– himalayan salt
– olive oil

YUM! It’s hot, cold, soft, chewy, smooth – all the textures I love PLUS the great flavours. If you add a little fresh basil too you’re in heaven.

Where to get sprouted breads?

UK: Holland & Barrett, most supermarkets these days (Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons) plus online here at Goodness Direct

USA: most health food shops and, again, at Alvarado St Bakery

Australia: health food stores again and online here

8. Quinoa

Quinoa Salad

This is a great one because it’s much easier than you’d think. Quinoa is so easy to cook and it’s gluten-free, protein packed, fibre packed and delicious!

It has a nice warm texture and is the perfect base for so many alkaline meals! Chopped spinach, avocado and tomato again is a huge hit with me and I also like to steam some other greens like asparagus, sugar snap peas or broccoli to put with it (depending on how much time you have).

Drizzle the lot with olive or flax oil and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and you’re away!

Here is a delicious quinoa breakfast too:

Alkaline Recipe: Chai Infused Vanilla Quinoa Porridge

9. Fast-Salad


This is a great one because it’s so fast and dramatically increases your green foods intake. I’ve spoken before a lot about how important it is to get enough greens and what a HUGE impact it can make on your life, energy and vitality if you can get seven serves of green foods per day – and this snack definitely helps.

The salad can be as simple or complex as you like, but I like to keep it simple.

Often I’ll just have a green leaf mixture (spinach, watercress, rocket (arugula), lettuce and some herbs – any combo of these) and go for it.

Now that may sound boring, so here is the solution – delicious dressings.  I think that a dressing makes the salad.  You can have a salad of JUST leaves and if the dressing rocks, the salad will go down a treat.

What I want you to do is always have at least 3 dressings you love, preprepared.  There are lots of dressings on the blog & I want you to make three of them, and bottle them up and put them in the fridge.

Alongside the recipes you have, you can also simply make flavoured olive oil by bottling up some good quality olive oil with any of the following: basil, rosemary, garlic, chilli or thyme.

Get creative – it will be well worth it!

Here are a few dressings to get you started:

Minty Dressing
Omega Dressing

10. Vega Vitality Snack Bars


These are officially the easiest, because you don’t have to do anything!

My personal favourite are the new Brendan Brazier created, Vega Vibrancy Snack Bars. I love them because they’re filling, contain no gluten, are alkalising, contain 10g of protein (great for after the gym) and 40% of your daily fiber needs.

But most of all they’re right there, ready to roll when you need them the most.

And they’re delicious.

You can read more about these incredible, delicious snack bars here.

And I also recommend looking into Brendan, he’s an incredible individual and I hope to interview him soon!

11. Celery w/ Nut Butter


OK, so this one is as simple as:

1) take a stick of washed celery
2) spread almond butter on it
3) eat

It’s a brilliant little under-30-second snack that staves off hunger for long enough for you to get sorted. A stick of celery is also officially one serve of green foods – so counts towards your minimum 5 serves right away (preferably you’re having seven serves).

This one has saved me many a time, and I have to give full credit to Matt Frazier (Mr NoMeatAthlete) for this one.

You can go an extra step (as per the picture) and sprinkle with seeds or a fibre mix too.

Click here to check out my interview with NoMeatAthlete Matt about alkaline nutrition and training

12. Lentils with Spinach


This is another one, like the hummous that’s so much faster and easier than you’d think. And it requires only five ingredients:

1) warm the lentils in a pan, gently
2) once softened, add two big handfuls of washed baby spinach leaves
3) warm until the spinach has wilted
4) add Himalayan salt, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon
5) EAT!

This one is unreal for filling you up, hitting you up with a big hit of protein and warming your belly. I love it!

13. Hummous/Dip and Veggies


Ahhh, the classic. A little bit 80’s but very much still a favourite of mine. I personally love to have:

– carrot
– celery
– cucumber
– capsicum/pepper

This is a great way to get a hit of all of the most alkaline foods in a raw format, and I’ll usually enjoy this with a little toasted wrap and of course the dip. When it comes to the dip it’s totally up to you, guacamole, hummous, tahini…it’s all up to you.

Here are a couple of recipes to get you started with the dips:

Alkaline Dip Recipe 1: Courgette (Zucchini) Hummous
ALkaline Dip Recipe 2: Black Bean Hummous
Alkaline Dip Recipe 3: Smooth Avocado & Tofu Dip
Alkaline Dip Recipe 4: Baby Pea & Bean Spread

14. Dehydrated Foods

Dried tomatoes

One of the best investments you could ever make would be a dehydrator. They are simply incredible and have transformed my life.

I know this requires an investment and that’s why I’ve kept it back to number 13, but it’s REALLY worth looking into.

What is a dehydrator?

A dehydrator is a small electrical appliance for drying foods. A food dehydrator has an electric element for heat and a fan and vents for air circulation. Dehydrators are efficiently designed to dry foods fast at 140ºF.

The process of dehydrating slowly removes all of the moisture from fresh vegetables to make healthy, cheap, raw and long-lasting snacks and treats.

The dehydration process retains almost 100% of the nutritional content of the food, retains the alkalinity of fresh produce and actually inhibits the growth of microforms such as bacteria.

Fresh foods can sometimes contain simple yeasts, mold and bacteria; however, by inhibiting the water content their growth is considerably reduced.

Let me make this real for you: with a dehydrator you can dehydrate almost any vegetable to create healthy crisps/chips/snacks from sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin, courgette (zucchini), beetroot, tomato, okra, nuts, seeds etc.

You get bite sized, highly nutritious snacks that can be carried around with you, are delicious and are always readily available.

I love to have a bag of dehydrated vegetable chips, sprinkled with a little Himalayan salt.

Just to reiterate, this thing has made staying alkaline and healthy SO much easier!

I personally recommend the Excalibur range.

These are widely recognised as being the best on the market.

15. And Finally…Fruit

Delicious fruit berries in metal small pail

OK, so let’s address the elephant in the room. Fruit.

Look I’m not THAT anti-fruit, I just believe it has to be eaten very much in moderation.

Fruit contains a lot of fructose which is highly acid-forming.

Yes it contains nutrients too, and that’s why I say it’s still ok in moderation – but so many people become reliant on fruit and eat 5-6 pieces per day.

So my rules are:

– try to only eat in-season fruit – it will be less fermented/sugary
– stay away from bananas, pineapples and oranges – these are the highest in sugar
– try to stick to berries, grapefruit and watermelon and other fruits when they’re in season

And stick to a MAX of one piece per day

…and never put fruits in your juices. Fructose without the accompanying fibre is catastrophic in the body.

Make These Alkaline Snacks Part of Your Everyday…

If you can ensure that you ALWAYS have access to at least 3-4 of these 14 alkaline snacks then you will never, ever crash – or it will be 10 times less likely anyway.

Pick the ones you like the best and that you KNOW you’re going to stick to (in terms of shopping for and cooking) and then get a box of alkaline snack bars to have in your car/work bag/gym bag/office draw for REAL emergencies!

If you always have snacks you will be good to go!

Any questions? As ever – leave me a note in the comments box below.

And if you like this? Share, Tweet, Pin, Like, forward – and help me spread the word! It means the world to me.


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  1. Marie-Ange Reply

    Nice post Ross! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Thanks Marie-Ange! Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  2. Thomas Reply

    When you say only eat one piece of fruit per day, I have a real problem with that as I enjoy blueberries, strawberries, actually any kind of berry. Secondly I enjoy all of the citrus family and of course all of the melons, and practically any fruit I can find in season that is inexpensive. Usually 3-4 servings per day. As for your other suggestions, I consider it good advice.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Thanks Thomas. It’s down to personal beliefs and preference. I’m certainly not saying I’m right and everyone else is wrong OR that I will never be convinced otherwise, I’m just saying this is my research and experience with myself and my subscribers over the years. I would test it for yourself on your body and see what works best – no fruit, 1 piece and 4 pieces. See how YOU feel and run with the best feeling.


      • Jamie Herbert Reply

        Hey Ross,
        That was much better advice about fruit mate, much better. Some of your other blogs about fruit have been a little off the mark for my thinking as well but that was a really good reply.
        Love 99.99% of your work Ross, keep it up man
        Namaste’ bro
        Jamie H – aka The Chimp Guy

  3. Kaye Reply

    Hi Ross,
    you mention that watermelon is ok, however I’ve been told by a diabetic that they cant eat watermelon as it turns straight to sugar so I would have thought this would be a no no, would you mind clarifying for me.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Kaye

      Dr Young has found watermelon to be on the less acid-forming side. If you want to be safe, don’t include it – there are lots of alkaline foods out there!


      • Kaye Reply

        no worries, thanks for the advice Ross. Love your work…

  4. Noelle Reply

    Thanks for the snack list!
    Costco has lots of Organic veggies (not so many fruits, but some) and they also carry a large tub of organic almond butter. (Saying it’s large is probably redundant. Coming from Costco, everything is large!) They also carry 100% Acai juice (organic).

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Nice – yeah, I’m just getting into Costco. The pain for me is their best bargains are for things I’d never buy (i.e. chemical based cleaning stuff). But their fruits and veggies are getting really good too.

      The danger is walking out of there with something RANDOM! I have this at Aldi too – go in for celery and come out with celery plus an Elliptical Trainer. True story.

  5. Dr. Lilia Otero Reply


    I have Radio Program for advertising. The Diet Recipe Book is in Spanish for Puerto Rico?


    Dr. Lilia Otero

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Lillia

      Translation of my work is always a possibility…


  6. Sally Bostic Reply

    I just read your alkaline snack recipes and will be sure to try a number of them. They sound delicious and helpful!! Thanks.


  7. warren carruthers Reply

    Hi Ross, I first converted to a mostly alkaline diet through your site 18 months ago and in that time have had a seventy percent decrease in the hepatitis c virus from my body. Somewhere I think I read that if I cook even alkaline food at a temperature hotter than I can comfortably put in my mouth then it becomes acid forming. Is this correct or have I been misleading myself.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Warren

      This is not true, I wouldn’t be too concerned with this. Any manipulation of food does decrease it’s nutrient content, but it doesn’t make an alkaline food acid (except for fats and oils).

      Cheers – and WELL DONE on the results with the Hep C!


  8. Carolyn Reply

    Thanks Ross for the list . . . as summer is kicking in and my two young boys and I will be out and about I really appreciate having great, healthy options from which to choose. Your advice and emails provide good reminders to make better food choices for a better life.

  9. damo Reply

    Hi, I enjoy reading ur site and people’s responses, I have Ross river and believe that the alkaline diet has assisted in suppressing the symptoms, as I require less medicine (celabrix) to allow me to do my normal activities. And I feel much more motivated.

    Keep up the great work.


  10. Jess Reply

    Hi Ross. Really enjoyed this post and can’t wait to try some of these snappy recipes!
    I had no idea sprouted grains were gluten free. I got pretty excited when reading this, so I googled that and couldn’t find anywhere say they are gluten free? You have a link I could check out? I’m always interested in different opinions 🙂 … Also, all the sprouted breads have wheat gluten added to them I noticed?

  11. Val Reply

    You have ABSOLUTELY hit the nail on the head with this article! Hunger between meals is where I fail. I do a pretty fair amount of mountain biking, and hunger is always an issue for me it seems, and causes me great frustration. I will keep this list very close. Thank you so much for posting!!!

  12. Jane Montero Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Am I a dork? I’m trying to reconcile juicing -which removes the juice and eliminates pulp – and dehydrating foods which removes the juice and keeps the pulp. What the???

    • Tonia Reply

      I’m wondering about this, too!!

    • Sandy Reply

      Dehydrating removes moisture, the goodness remains. I blast my vegies in a nutriblast, I get both the juice and the fibre, broken down to a point where it is easy to consume.

      • ross Reply

        Hi Sandy

        Using a nutriblast, vitamix or any other blender will result in a smoothie, which is also good. Juices and smoothies have their advantages/disadvantages over each other but both are awesome – I like to mix it up.


  13. Nancy Reply

    Thank you so much for the alkaline snack list. Great recipes! Can’t wait to try the soups and the avocado power shake. Your website is wonderfully informative.

  14. annette Reply


    Thanx for all the advice and info you are sharing. Do you think it is neccessary to soak almonds, nuts and seeds beforehand? I understand that it makes it easier to digest.


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  16. Michael Reply

    Guys, thanks for educating us on this information.

  17. Lou Reply

    Thanks for this list, Ross! The snacks is where I was going wrng, I have slipped in the last few days by allowing myself too many acidic snack foods, and guess what? I now have a cold! Of course I do, I let it in!

    I love this one a bunch of kale, a handfull of slmonds, toss them in a frying pan with a teaspoon of butter (i know, not alkaline, but tastes amazing)

    Make sure the butter is browned and piping hot before popping the kale and almonds in, and stand back, the Kale will jump around. About ten seconds is enough, the kale will be crunchy and delicios, and the almonds nicely toasted.

    I hope that by cooking it for only a few seconds it retains the kales nutrients?

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  19. Sara Reply

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your recipe book! My favorite so far are the lettuce tacos and the asparagus and fennel soup! 😀

  20. Mona Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I could easily find sprouted wrap with no gluten or yeast at trader joe’s in the US but all sprouted breads and even the one at Alvarado st bakery contain wheat gluten and fresh yeast. I thought it was bad. No?
    I love your website and thank you for what you are doing 🙂 !

  21. julie cook Reply

    Just wondering why juiced fruit is catastrophic to the body. I can’t find any information on that anywhere.

    Thank you so much,


    • Derek Green Reply

      I think it’s because you’re drinking all the sugars without taking in any of the fiber. It will cause a severe spike in your insulin levels. Even juicing vegetables (esp carrots & beets) will do that if you’re not careful.

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  27. Ruby Jenkins Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Being on any diet is so difficult for me due to the two health conditions that I have, but I really need to stay Alkaline due to my bladder disease. I have Interstitial Cystitis and IBS and with that being said, how do I eat some of this stuff without killing my IC or my IBS? Any suggestions at all? For instance, I can’t have tomatoes due to acid, and can’t have stuff like lettuce due to my IBS and being told not to eat roughage because it’s bad for the colon. I’m so desperate to get my health back and get to feeling better again. 🙁 Hope you have some advice. Thanks for reading this and for all the information you have on your website.


    Desperately seeking my health

  28. Sandra Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have a disorder called g6PD that prevents me form consuming any legumes or soy. I also have chronic migraine and cannot consume nut. what would you recommend as alternatives to those things.

  29. Derek Green Reply

    Diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer in March 2016. I’ve dealt with it through conventional oncology (neoadjuvant chemoradiation followed by surgery) but also through nutrition. Following surgery, pathology on the resected section showed that I had a pathological complete response to the chemoration treatment (i.e. there was no living cancer left), a response I attribute in large part to the dietary changes I made, which were (1) alkaline diet, and (2) ketogenic diet. Believe me, it was a trick to eat alkaline and keto at the same time, since most keto diets rely heavily on meats. Because I had colorectal cancer, ALL meats had to come out. I’m about to start adjuvant (after-surgery) chemo to minimize risk of recurrence by cleaning up circulating tumor cells in my bloodstream. I am fully committed to maintaining my alkaline/ keto diet long-term, for at least five years. My keto diet requires me to stay under 50 grams total carbs/ day (about 20 g net carbs). The snacks you list here are alkaline, but not necessarily low-carb. Any suggestions for low-carb alkaline snacks (besides a stick of celery)? Thank you!

  30. Maria Pedersen Reply

    Great list. Thank you!

    I am a bit confused about 10. Vega Vitality Snack Bars.
    A few lines down you also call them Vega Vibrancy Snack Bars.
    When I look for them in online shops and on the website you link to, there are 4 different kinds of bars, but none of them are called Vitality or Vibrancy. They’re called Vega® Protein+ Snack Bar, Vega One™ Bar, Vega Sport® Protein Bar and Vega® Snack Bar. There is no mention of alkalinity or pH value or anything like that anywhere, so I only know they might be because they are on your list.
    So my question is: Exactly what bar/s are alkaline?

  31. Mary Reply

    Awesome post! I’m a huge snacked and I’ve decided that the best way to transition into veganism is by being honest about my food habits. I’m confident that once I lock down my snaking habits I’ll be able to transition smoothly into veganism.

  32. Addie Caetano Reply

    I have found this data to be very enlightening, especially the info on water. I am a senior citizen, but. I take no medicines , just started into a Spanish dance class, and am looking forward to a very long life. I really appreciate your sincerity in wanting to help people have more energy and look and feel better.

    It must have taken a lot of work to put all this together and I would like to thank you for that.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Addie 🙂

      • Eve Reply

        Thankyou got all the ideas and education here
        My health issues are Oesteo arthritis
        Last 10 or so years in knees lower back neck shoulders hands wrists and now fingers
        I’ve had test recently which shows nuclear antibodies. Would love to hear from you Howe to treat detox foods to heal also foods to avoid
        Thanks I’d advance

  33. Kristin Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I love your blog and recipes, it has been helpful in my alkaline journey thus far. I just read an article on what happens to your body if you are TOO alkaline. The internet can be subjective, and this article that i read might be wrong but maybe it will help:

    I worry that you might be making your body too alkaline in which case it may lower your immune system, ext.

  34. christine Reply

    Hi There ,
    Just wondering why you should not put fruit – lets say a lime and an apple – into a green veg juice. I do so to make it taste sweet but why is it bad for you ?