Are Professional Athletes Turning Alkaline?


Tottenham Hotspur are probably the most well-known ‘sleeping giant’ in world football. Always the underachievers, this team has ‘turned the corner’ more times than any other. No other team in sporting history has felt so comfortable in being mid-table. Whenever there has been a glimpse of promise, things have never quite worked out. (non-sports fans, stay with me!)

Just recently, the team belied all expectation and finished 5th in the league for two consecutive years. Experts everywhere tipped them to be the team to break the ‘Big Four’ clubs who dominate English football. But then what happened? Ten games into the new season and the team were in the bottom three.

Time for change.

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerThe manager left, a new manager, Juande Ramos, came in and the team suddenly looked rejuvenated. Only losing four in their last 24 games, things are on the up. Now sitting back in the top half of the league, into the last 16 the UEFA cup and a League Cup final to look forward to on the weekend the team are unrecognisable. But what actually changed?

The team that runs out every weekend is almost identical to the one that sat in the relegation zone. The formation is the same. Everything looks the same, but something is different.

How has this team of underachievers suddenly become a team of winners?

The answer is…diet.

You might think – but they’re professional athletes! Surely they should be eating properly anyway? Apparently not. On his first day in charge, new fitness coach Marcos Alvarez noticed things were awry:

The truth is, the first buffet I saw I took photographs of because it was very interesting. Lots of sauces, a lot of cakes, chocolate muffins, a box full of sweets. So we tried to put things right.

The squad were 100kg overweight.

When these changes were first introduced Michael Dawson, an England Under 21 international, missed two games from detox headaches! Tom Huddlestone, another England U21 player had been out of form and out of the team all season and admitted it was because he couldn’t last for the full 90 minutes of a game – he has played nearly every game since.

Overall the squad has lost half of that extra weight, and there is still some room to go. Since those changes started come into effect:

They have now lost between 40 and 50 kilos. Now getting the rest off is the most difficult part – but we have also turned a lot of fat into muscle. At the start, the players complained as we were taking away the things they liked. But gradually they have understood that we have done it so they can improve. And as the results have improved they have realised that it is necessary. They have all lost weight — some drastically. But they have seen how performances have improved and the team has moved up the league and they have accepted it.

The man behind the diet, Antonio Escribano has similarly transformed Spanish sides Sevilla, Xerez, Murcia and Deportivo La Coruna, as well as bullfighters, models, dancers, marathon, triathletes and many other sporting stars.

Is it the foreign influence? Possibly, but closer to home we know that clubs such as Bolton Wanderers have recruited the likes of Phil Richards, who is a fan of the alkaline approach to health – green, fresh, raw, healthy, energising foods and drinks. Phil also works with the likes of Amir Khan, professional rugby and cricket players and olympic athletes – so we know the trend is spreading.

Even the Independent ran an article highlighting the difference between now and then, highlighting one of the modern game’s true revolutionaries, Arsene Wenger, as one of the first to bring his team into line (and look at the difference he made there).

Now, it’s not always called alkalising, but the principles are there. A quick scan of the new Tottenham diet reveals that excessive meats, cooked oils, condiments, sweets, sugar, fizzy drinks etc have all been cut out and have been replaced by green foods and wholesome meals. The players are even given fresh juice at half-time.

The alkaline/acid balance approach to health has always struggled to get mainstream attention. But it is starting to be taken seriously. Gone are the days when footballers finish the match with a can of beer and a fish and chip supper. They are now super-athletes. The amount of money that is poured into, and generated by, football means that there are HUGE expectations on these players to deliver consistently high results. The professional game has moved on – and every team is seeking that little difference that sets them apart from their rivals.

In this intensely competitive environment, could it be that the alkaline diet is giving them that edge?

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  1. Seth Reply

    acid is pain and pain is acid. i’ve been doing the alkaline diet for 10 years now and i try to spread the good news as much as i can but many times it falls on deaf ears. i’m 43 and i love to run full court basketball with the young bloods but it wasn’t always that way cuz 10 years ago i was in ER with back spasms. thought my life was over due to severe back problems but long story short, i have all my mobility back. mobility is everything! to boot i lost 25 pounds cuz the body stores toxin and acid in fat like a parking lot. the American diet is so bad that our bodies are literally in crisis management, unable to detox it all and well depleted on base minerals to neutralize acid. just so happens this is definately the diet for all cronic diseases as well as cancer. the actual key i found to turn the tables on acid (since it takes 20 parts base to neutralize 1 part acid) is actually using copious amounts of “real salt” (unprocessed) in my vegetable blends. i do have a $750.00 water ionizer but it turns out my little $3.50 bottle of salt does more. Warning! you need some cardio to go with it and LOTS of water. BE NEAR A RESTROOM and allow your body to detox. your blood pressure eventually stabilizes when you exercise and drink lots of water. so much more to say about it but i’ve said too much. DO THE RESEARCH!

  2. C Reply

    I’ve talked to ppl who are experiencing positive results drinking the Kangen water. I feel more energy drinking the water and am trying to give the water to others to see what they experience.

  3. [email protected] Reply

    I truly believe in an alkaline diet. However living in the fast past United States it is very custom to eat on the run which causes bad decisions when it come to eating. I was introduced to Kangen Alkaline Water several months ago and haven’t looked back! I have lost over 20lbs, the pain in my in my knee from 2 microscopic sugeries is gone, and my allergies have subsided. I am back to playing basketball and working out. I feel great!

  4. Ross Reply

    Hey Bueller

    Thank you so much! I just spent the last hour answering so many rude, negative comments on this blog so it was really nice to see your nice comment!

    Have a fantastic day!

    Ross 🙂

  5. Bueller Reply

    Great post. I love your site. I just posted about Vegan Pro Athletes recently.

    I will add you as a link on my blog.