Lemon Detox – Don’t Fall For It!


I know this has been about for a while (I think it tipped after Beyonce’s Dreamgirls publicity) but it is really starting to pop up everywhere in mainstream Australia now, and I’m sure it is in the UK too – but I really cannot understand the logic behind the lemon detox diet (Master Cleanse).

I can see how people are attracted to this lemon detox diet – lots of celebs and celeb magazines banging on about losing weight but in reality, have any actual, unbiased, uninvolved nutritionists come out and said that this is a good idea? I would doubt it.

My principle concern is this: where is the nutrition from the lemon detox?

I’ve spoken about this in my post on lemon water and I need to make this distinction clear: lemon water (thats just water with lemon) in the morning, or as a refreshing drink in the afternoon is great, cleansing and alkalising. Sustaining your entire body 24/7 for lemon detox, meaning just lemon, water, sugar and pepper, is madness!

I also advocate cleansing for 3-7 day periods, but this cleanse involves flooding your body with raw, live, fresh vegetables, eating 6 times a day and having as much food as you need. Not relying solely upon one drink, just like what happens during the lemon detox. The alkaline clease actually gives your body MORE nutrients to work with (because cleansing is stressful for the body) not LESS.

I would absolutely question any diet – such as this lemon detox diet – that involves consuming only one thing – where are you going to get the range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to sustain, detox and flush out the toxins – let alone just do the normal bodily processes.

A typical meal on an alkalising cleanse would involve a raw soup made from:

  • avocado
  • broccoli
  • celery
  • spinach
  • capsicum/pepper
  • cucumber
  • garlic
  • sping onions
  • and any other greens you like

Compare that to a meal of water, lemon juice, syrup and cayenne pepper.

Even as a one off there is a clear winner – now compare that for every meal, of every day for 10 days!

Now I know this is a rant. And rightly so. The Lemon Detox is ludicrous.

And I haven’t even touched on the metabolism argument. By consuming nothing but lemon water and sugar, during the lemon detox diet, for 10 days your metabolism is going to grind to a screeching halt, meaning that when you go back to eating normally again you WILL gain back the weight you have lost.

One thing the lemon detox does do is cut out the crap, but sadly it doesn’t replace it with anything. To have a healthy body and feel great you have to give it the resources it needs. And besides, even Beyonce doesn’t endorse the lemon detox diet .

Interesting Reads on the Master Cleanse/Lemon Detox/Lemonaide Diet

Jim’s Diet Blog – the comments are particularly interesting

A real life account of the lemon detox at Sarah Lane’s blog

Another reflection of the master cleanse or the lemon detox diet at day 10 by Bill

HumbleBeeHealth have a three point critique/discussion on the Master Cleanse, giving a bit of a balanced viewpoint to mine, but in some parts agreeing with mine too!

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  1. John Shumer Reply

    I was searching how to come off the lemon fast, because I’m on Day 26, have 5 more days to go to complete my New Years resolution. I have lost 25 pounds thus far and hope to lose 2-3 more. I have plenty of energy and feel great. Yesterday I had to stop at the gas station and went in side to use the restroom, walked past couple isles of nothing but manufactured foods that about made me gag. I have no desire when I get off this fast to eat any junk food. If this is a bad diet I got lucky, because this is the best luck I have ever had losing weight!

  2. Molly Reply

    Please get educated on the fact that the premium quality maple syrup involved is loaded with vitamins and minerals, not to mention the incredible nutritious effects of cayenne pepper – everything must be organic as well – we’re not talking sugar water at all – it is a nutritious an alkalizing tonic. Many people swear by this CLEANSE – not diet – as in “not meant forever or as a replacement” – and they continue to CLEANSE their bodies this way yearly because it works wonders for them. Those who report issues simply didn’t follow the specific instructions especially involving how to prepare your body before starting. There are other things involved in the cleanse that address normal bodily functions, such as the salt water flush, laxative tea and optional organic peppermint tea that you conveniently left out to make your argument sound stronger. Please do more research before criticizing – this cleanse has changed so many lives for the better. Blessings.

  3. SullivanTrail Reply

    One of the mail reasons for stomach pains, while you are doing a detox is:

    A)Not drinking enough water
    B)Probably have been living a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, hence all the bad symptoms.

    Remember, the more toxins you have in your body, the worse you’re going to feel as your body expels them.I eat non-GMO produce, grass fed and hormone free meats, drink primarily water, no synthetic sweeteners (aspartame is a poison, just FYI), etc. I lost 25 lbs after doing the Lady Soma Detox twice. Yes, I had alot of toxins in my body, and they came flying off.

    My stomach is slightly uneasy when using the Lady Soma Detox, but overall, nothing to complain about, because it does cleanse you. A friend recommended this to me and I’m glad she did.

  4. Sean Reply

    Hi, I’ve read and re-read most of your articles and have done my research as well. And i share your sentiments that the master cleanse diet is ludicrous.

    However, you have stated that lemon makes our body more alkaline.. hmmm.. from my basic chemistry however gastric acid in our stomach is a strong acid where as a lemon a weak one. how does it make our body more alkaline?

    even in theory this doesn’t quite sound right, chemical formula combining both acids even with stomach processing doesn’t really agree with this idea.

    Please do enlighten me on this subject.



    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hi Sean

      Thanks for reading the blog

      See the article below for further information on lemons.


    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hey Sean

      It’s not the alkalinity or acidity of the food in it’s natural state that’s important, it’s the EFFECT that the food has on the body once digested, and the alkaline mineral content of the lemons/limes means it has a mildly alkaline effect on the body.


  5. Sean Reply

    why would you need nutrition when you are detoxing? your body can only do one of two things at a given time; build or fix
    just like a house that is adding on a second story, you wouldn’t even begin building if you had rotted drywall on the main floor. Neither would you build that second story at the same time

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Sean

      I respectfully disagree – I believe that to repair the body it needs tools (nutrients).


    • Anonymous Reply

      You think your body can only do one thing at a time. Just wow

      • ross Reply

        Not at all.

  6. Ria Reply

    I am 42 years old 160cm and 64kg living in Sydney

    Day 1. 64kg
    75% cold water 25%hot water salt water drink
    Leave a long time to drink as it takes a while
    Bowel movement hour later only after drinking tea watery
    Tea was fine tasting like Easter show lemonade
    I feel full
    I feel queezy but I don’t know if that’s from the massive night
    I put too much pepper on the 1 lite drink I think
    Tongue gone white
    Feel like salt water taste still in mouth
    Very Slight headaches
    Every time I walked out of the office I felt like eating I realised I am always eating too much I need to change this bad habbit
    Not hungry all day but at times I forgot I was on it
    i need to break the bad cycle i realised
    Don’t eat processed food cut it out from my diet as well as chocolate is what i realised today

    Day 2 63kg
    Didn’t feel super thin in morning but didnt feel sick at all almost as though I had forgotten the sick feeling
    Nearly gagged from saltwater
    Next time 500ml
    1/4 hot. 1/4 ice. 1/2 tap water for the salt water mix
    Complete Watery at the toilet
    Stomach making lot of growling sounds
    I’m hungry but I’m ok
    Stomach grumbling again at night

    Day 3 61.7kg
    Had senna tea instead of saltwater
    Went to bathroom still eatery but light but it works over the salt water
    Went for a walk
    Feeling very tired probably cold I didn’t sleep last night
    Tounge really tastes different today very metal tasting
    Tounge is whiter
    Afternoon stomach grumbling
    So had a herbal peppermint tea
    Very tired today
    Something going on in my nose feel like I’m underwater nostril cleansing maybe

    Day 4 60.9kg
    Slight headaches
    Coming out black but doesn’t give warning just come out when going to the toilet
    I did 3drinks for breaky lunch and diner as I had to go out
    Eyes are bagged underneath a bit odd?…sign of no iron
    Felt slightly weird in kidney area or could be imagining it
    Not hungry as I was out all day

    Day 5 60.7kg only
    But feel and look thinner
    Good day today

    Day 6 60.6kg
    Taste in tongue not so bad or I’m getting used to it
    I think all the extra weight has come off so no large extra weight losses
    Hungry today probably cos lot of food shopping for next week
    Very cold today

    Now recovery Diary
    Day 1 59.9kg
    Which is Day 1 of coming off the detox
    Went to gym did pump class
    Really sleepy not related to diet
    Didn’t push myself
    Was but hungry in the evening

    Day 2 59.8kg
    Not hungry
    Feeling good and thin

    if anyone wants to ask me anything just email me i will be happy to help

    i recommend it. You never feel hungry as the procudts make you full
    I had 2 glasses for breakfast
    1 for morning tea
    2 glasses for lunch
    1 for afternoon tea
    2 glasses for dinner
    1 for after dinner

    each time i had it i followed it with glass of water !!
    i did this blog on a daily basis so ican help others
    I have kept the weight off!!!

  7. Lorna Befus Reply

    I have been searching the net trying to get information on weight loss and landed on your blog. Very interesting. Thanks

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  9. Chris Reply

    There is an obvious point being missed by this article:

    When you stop consuming digestible foods, your body has a LOT more energy (stored) to heal diseased tissue. While having the right eating schedule can also create these conditions to heal the body (i.e. eating a few hours before going to sleep), sometimes that is not possible with work schedules.

    The lemon also removes mucous from the body as well which is great if you have a cold or something.

  10. tiffani Reply

    The lemon detox contains lemon juice, Madal Bal natural tree syrup and cayenne pepper. The lemon juice is acidic, and this helps to clean the tissues and organs of the body. The Madal Bal tree syrup is made from the sap of maple trees and palm trees. Together these two saps contain all the minerals a body needs to run efficiently. The syrup also provides the sugar or glucose needed for the body to function. The cayenne pepper can be added just for taste.
    Secondly, the ingredients, if organic, are pretty well accepted as being rich in many anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins (which I would venture to say that the typical persons diet does not contain).
    Why Do I Need to Detox?
    Through years and years of eating unhealthy foods and absorbing environmental toxins, our colon becomes overloaded with toxic mucous. This mucous clings to the colon wall and effectively “grabs” our waste as it passes through. Over time, this waste collects on our colon wall, making the opening smaller and smaller. This waste not only harms our body by harboring toxins, but also makes it difficult for waste to pass through, contributing to digestive problems.

    These toxins can cause bad breath, fatigue, excess weight, sore throat, allergies, frequent colds, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, congestion, irritability, anxiety, rashes, hives and insomnia. The Lemonade Detox Diet works toward ridding us of these ailments by emptying our body of these toxins and allowing us to start fresh.
    How much weight you lose would depend on the number of calories you decide to consume through your lemonade diet. For instance, if you are someone who consumes about 2,150 calories every day and then decide to go for the 650-calorie version of the lemonade diet, then you are bound to have a 1,500 calorie deficit that would amount to about three pounds of fat loss per week. Weight loss would be even more if you lose some water weight as well.

  11. Dayna Colle Reply

    Really useful, thanks for posting it.

  12. KinkyKiwi Reply

    Day 1 lemon detox, feel like shit already. Hmm…after reading this dunno if i’ll stick it out. Tastes awful too, dunno how this detox can be good for your body when it makes you feel so yuck.
    BTW happy 50kg female. Not doing this to lose weight more to get off the piss and give my body a break from the processed foods. Mmm…missing the processed foods.

    • Bryan Reply

      KinkyKiwi…. if your feeling like shit already on day one, Id imagine its because your getting head aches, its pretty common while on the Detox. I very helpfully thing I learned was to do an Ease In before starting the Cleanse. I am sure you can find what I am taking about if you google it. However to put it simply spend 3-4 days before beginning the cleanse only eating fruit and broth based soups and drinking water and Orange Juice, on the last day before you start the Cleanse only drink Orange Juice, though if you feel lack of energy on that day, put a little maple syrup in the Juice. Doing this Ease In really does get your body adjusted for the Shock of the 10 Day Cleanse.

      BTW the cleanse really shouldn’t be used as a break from the processed foods but rather as a new beginning for better health. You will gain all the weight you loss as well as the health benefits you recieved during the cleanse if you go back to your old ways. The 10 days of suffering really should be something you can look at and think I went though all that I am not going back.

      One last thing, probably the most helpful, don’t use Cayenne Pepper in the powder form, it taste horrible, I use a liquid extract 1 teaspoon for 64oz. Or if its still intolerable you can easily find Cayenne Pepper Capsules that you can swallow, just don’t burp cause it will be spicy.

  13. Esmee Milne Reply

    Well, for all you negative people out there – I carried out the detox for 2 months! I started off as a size 18-20, weighing 16stone. After the 2 months had past, I finished up as a size 8-10, weighing 7.5stone! It was a long and difficult process, I drank three of the solutions per day and did no exercise whatsoever apart from walk the dog, and ride my horses. It was absolutely awful, but it was well worth it! After the process, I put on an extra 3 pounds, which I couldn’t care less about, considering I’d lost 8.5 stone. I only used basic syrup and normal pepper. I do suggest that you ONLY start the detoxation, if you genuinely have the willpower to see the entire process through. The only thing I would advise, is that you don’t give up halfway through! Stick a picture of yourself looking at your worst on things like the fridge, the cupboards, the biscuit tin ect.. It will most probably put you off eating. Also, weigh yourself every single morning, and keep a diary of your weightloss.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.

    Ez x

    • sof Reply

      Hia! wow that’s a great experience u’ve got there! congrats!
      May I know, how is your food intake along the lemon detox diet? do you eat as usual, or maybe some tips? I’m gonna start my lemon detox by next week!! XD

    • Anita Reply

      hay I want to know if you eat any food when you were on it

  14. gopi Reply

    u are correct!
    plus, i’d rather not eat at all than eat something sweet for every meal. gaaagg!

    the veg soup diet is the way to go for sure.


  15. LISH Reply

    Hey Guys,
    In replace of the expensive syryp, try using Dark Agave Nectar, its made of fructose, and a low G.I – its also $5.00 ha,
    give that a whirl with the cayenne pepper, and lemon, and see how you go for a day or 2, it’ll save you wasting money – I lasted for 1 day… mm 2 sort of, I felt good, but my body wanted to eat, so I gave it sushi, I think its just about being smart, i never eat fried food, and I try to steer away from white bread, which I believe offers no nutrition to my body whats so ever!… Look after your temple, and you’ll have a beautiful one to show for it… Good LuckX

    • Marla Lee Reply

      Why would you want use GMO products in your body when you could use pure organic maple syrup. Don’t put junk in your body, just to save a few pennies. You only have one body use it wisely.

      • Energise Ross Reply

        Maple syrup is 100% acid-forming, just so you know 🙂

  16. Jake Reply

    Ok so i was an unhealthy, lazy bastard and thought i’d do the detox for weight loss and/or to feel better (i know its not meant for that, but who cares). I did it for 17 days and lost 11kg and felt mentally secure after being overweight for a long period of time and i also managed to STOP my bad chronic fatigue which was brought on from the consumption of so much processed food which we unfortunately encounter after long nights on the town.

    Two years have passed and i have managed to gain back 5kg, 2 YEARS!!!!!. Since then i have also grown at least 10cm in height!!!

    My Guide

    1. Read the book
    2. Complete the detox to its ENTIRETY
    3. Once its complete its not an excuse to go straight back into the same previous habits. (I gave it 2 months before i could eat fast food again and drink)
    4. Ok so it didnt give me the most nutrients i should have had, but there were no side effects except for the 11kg i lost and the feeling of self accomplishment, satisfaction and a stronger esteem that i continue to carry now!!.

    So who is the real winner?

    • Kellie Reply

      Did you buy a pack form a store? and did you have Chronic Fatiuge Syndrome?

  17. wendy Reply

    I was looking for some hay fever treatments rather than taking medicine, and this lemon detox diet was introduced by an experienced friend. The outcome was so amazing , not only all the hay fever symptoms were gone, I also lost 10 pounds in 10 days, which was a BIG BONUS. It’s been 6 months already and I haven’t put any weight back on ,and I WILL do it again!

    • brandon Reply

      can you email your recipe

  18. Jenski Reply

    I would just like to say that I’m not doing it for weight loss only for a clense and if you read the facts the detox actually provide all the nutrients you r body needs to funtion, such as iron, magnense, vitamin C and many more and it also doesn’t recommend to do it for an extended period of time as that is danerous. So all you people that bag it out should read the facts. I’m pretty sure if it were that bad for your body your body would feel like crap but as a result you have more energy and your skin clearer, you feel more energised. So if it bad like you laiming why the hell do you feel so good by the time you have finished. Oh and the weight loss is an added bonus! You criticts need to read the facts not the internet bullshit and Doctors ect have recommened it! So go figure!

  19. sheana Reply

    I think that whoever wrote this website failed to do their research or read the master cleanse book. Master cleanse is actually very healthy, supplies you with nutrients, you drink more than “one thing” or “one drink.” Ya, its tough, but so worth it. I am 30 years old, educated, soccer player and work in the medical field. I suffer from BAD allergies and migraines.2 days into the diet and I was relieved of both! I get water on the knee(s) occasionally from so much running. Again, all knee pain gone 2 days into it. The author of this website needs to do some serious in depth research add read about this cleanse before making assumptions and falsely representing it. How would the author like it if someone fabricated stories about here. Looks to me, and just a guess, the author probably tried and failed Master Cleanse.

  20. ed Reply

    I got ripped off by this lemon detox lie, they sell you this shit for 100 bucks and then you open it and find out its just mapal syrup! this “doctor” wrote it over 60 years ago, it provides no nutrition and you just starve yourself.

    • Jenski Reply

      Clearly you didn’t read the book! It is maple syrup but not the commercialized crap with no nutrition what so ever. Oh and it does provide you body with everything it needs so not sure where your getting your facts from because I bought the smae kits and it explains everything

      • tiffani Reply

        i bought all my stuff from the organic store. mine didnt come in a kit. it seems to be working so far. ive been on it for 2 weeks and have already lost 5 lbs

  21. Tania Carrilho Reply

    Hi everyone! I really don’t understand why people say that we lose fat but also muscle and that we end up even fatter than before. People shouldn’t talk if they didn’t even tried. I just went two months ago on the lemon detox and did it for 30 days. Never felt weak and the addiction to caffeine is just gone, I feel like a new person!
    It’s been a month since I finished the diet and I’m still losing weight after that, more 12 pounds to be precise! Indeed when I finished, I gained about 2 pounds which I lost in the week after. And what does it mean 2 pounds to those 28 pounds that I lost while i the diet? Nothing really!
    Losing muscle and end up fatter?! Sorry, but but I doubt it! I’m still shedding pounds!


    • Neiko Reply

      Tania, From whahave understand, when u starve your body it naturally preserves your most efficient calories, unfortunately the most efficient is fat. So when starving you probably use a fair bit of muscle (protein) as energy

    • Neiko Reply

      Tania, From what i understand, when u starve your body it naturally preserves your most efficient calories, unfortunately the most efficient is fat. So when starving you probably use a fair bit of muscle (protein) as energy

  22. Shannon Reply

    Sorry but I just have to say that the reason you feel “enlightened” and that you don’t feel the need to eat is because your body and mind go into a state of euphoria after a certain period of time without food…making you think quite differently. Coming from someone who has had an eating disorder for a number of years I know exactly how exciting it becomes when you reach that euphoric state. A healthy balanced diet is the way to go…it’s good for the mind and body. We were born to eat in order to sustain life. I’m not saying eat a whole bunch of crap…just that there are more realistic ways of losing weight that come into line with “normality”

  23. ED Reply

    Went on the detox a year ago and was so sick the fist day I thought I was going to turn inside out. I quit after two days.

    I then learned that those who are extremely toxic can become extremely sick.

    Talked to a 70 plus friend and his wife a few days ago and they have done it several times and felt wonderful after and lost significant weight. The big benefit for them was the way they felt and continued to feel for many many months afterwards.

    Yes they had headaches as they were coffee drinkers and got withdrawl headaches the first time but not since.

    I have eaten only fruit and veg today and will do the same tomorrow and cut down on them and start the plan on Sunday. Hope I don’t go through that sickness again.

  24. madalina Reply

    i ll wait for your coments very intrested Ross

  25. madalina Reply

    i have 3 children and all between 2 and 5..and i go we go vegetarian and vegan as a family we cant have meat and dairy more than once or twice a week..so for us balance is the recipe…but wat do you do when you loose that?i m normaly size 10,very active and a year can pass and no illnes would come my way…i breast feed my babyes for one year each and each time a reachedsize 18..and to balance back i had to take severe diets of fasting preceded by days of vegan and fat free..lately i discovered the shameful and amazing enemma..and i was able to go back to my normal sizefor the third time with no skin sufering or any healt risk.i also agree totaly with your filosophy simply becouse i lived on it for 6 months while preparing for university i joined a diet for a friend of mine to help her loose weight. in the morning fruits plenty, after 5 hours,salad plenty,folowed by a hand ful of nuts supper protein.no starch and protein,no sugar in 6 months..except from the fruits…she lost alot myself..almost hothing except that my period became like a clock amd since then i dont know about period pains or cramps..for this reason i think i had 3 healthy pregnancies and babyes and yeasy labour…yo see ..you are right…but life till now for me, is like that..there is black and white ,good and bad,in life and food,but i belive that there is grey as well if i learn to cope whit grey, then i never have to be obsesed whit what i eat,as long as i-m responsibe, and i fast from time to time and go to a lemon diet,which at the moment i m but diferent..one juice of a lemon today next two, till seven, then bakwards back to oane..eating normaly.. only that i stoped to fast for two days in mean time,excluding the food and keeping the lemon juice i m in my second day of fast and it works for me and every one , read read search search, and iff you had fast food today what ever that is.. give your stomach a break for a day or two never deny the pleasure of eating,and i do keep a balance but iff i lose that i go for a detox like vegan, like vegetarian like lemon diet..sincerely…m..and happy to find you

    • DaMan Reply

      wout ? I rather chew glass than read your comment!!

  26. MONIKAH Reply


  27. J Reply

    I’m 15 years old and on the detox right now. I didn’t buy the books or special syrup or whatever – all the research seems to be on the internet, so that’s what I’m using as my guide. But Ross, I think your post is really too biased to appeal to or convince anyone except those who are already ranting against the topic. I personally didn’t get the idea of the detox from any magazines or the media, and I didn’t even read any articles about Beyonce until today. However I think it’s unfair to completely rule out the detox unless you have tried it yourself. Besides, a cleanse/detox is definitely not the same as a vegetarian/alkaline lifestyle, they are such different things I don’t even see why you are arguing about it. I love what Daniel said, you wouldn’t try and clean your toilet while you were using it. And as for the disgruntled commenters and writers who claim they have tried it but they still hated it – did you consult a doctor or nutritionist beforehand? I’m not a health expert, but even I know that the older you are the more carefully you need to look before you leap. To anyone else with an open mind, best of luck in finding the right thing for yourself – whether it is a veggie diet or a quick detox. Hopefully, if you try the cleanse, you will like it as much as I do. 🙂

  28. Libi Reply

    Im now on my 6th day of the lemon detox and I feel great. I feel more energized and the best part is i’ve lost 5kgs!! Today is going to be my last day on the detox I dont think I can go any longer without eating anything. Its going to be interesting to see if the weight stays off…..

  29. kath Reply

    I did the detox for a day and felt like it was a waste of money that went down the drain literally as i had a migrane the size of everest and ended up frightening my child and mother when i was up half the night vomitting violently! They were almost gonna take me to the hospital! Just wasnt worth it. I lost 20kg a few years ago from good old hard work (exercise and calorie counting with nutritious food) its the only way. Naturally if you starve yourself on a drink for days on end and dont eat and are too weak to do anything then yeah u will lose weight but you are doing nothing for your body nutritionally in the long term. Besides i cant give up my one luxury in life (my cup of real coffee in the morning)!

  30. Tony Reply

    I tried Lemon Detox once and said never again. Without a doubt I found it to be the most VILE detox I have ever done. Despite following their instructions to the letter, I had chronic headaches and felt like I could faint at any moment for the first three days. The syrup they give you looks like diluted shit, which put me off drinking it straight away. I felt crap for the whole 7 days and felt no better because of it. The only relief I felt was when I finished and said thank god I can start eating again. Admittedly the only other thing I noticed was I did loose about 5Kg in weight, although I suspect it was more due to dehydration. Despite taking the granules of natural honey or whatever it is they give you and recommend taking at the end to sustain weight loss, I regained 3Kg within 5 days and regained the whole 5Kg within 2 weeks. Personally I thought the whole experience was over priced, full of marketing hype, lacking in results, painful and I would even go so far as to say DANGEROUS. I will never forget how bad I felt during that experience. NEVER AGAIN! Disgusting and foul product!

  31. James Reply

    Exercise and eat healthy, you will lose weight!

  32. Ace Reply

    If people want to cleanse their insides.. Eat fresh fruit n veg!! Full of fibre that will cleanse you out n provide nutrients!! I love the occassional lemon drink with honey as a sugar kick when I crave something sweet. Or I eat a small bowl of yoghurt. Nutrients people!!!!! Alkaline diets are scientifically sound n will clear up bad skin too!! Amazing food is the avocado, cut out sugar and drink a few liters of water a day n you’ll feel amazing. A short 15 min walk n you will unlock energy. No shortcuts sorry everyone you’ve got to think long term

  33. Natalie Reply

    Being a type 1 diabetic, the lemon detox would be the worst. Sugar and not eating, never! I have lemon juice in warm water before bed, I eat well. And one thing most of you are missing out on is EXCERCISE!! Stop being lazy!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Natalie – I totally agree!

  34. jenny Reply

    I thought about doing this but ultimately I think its just to unhealthy at least for me, I think something more sensible is probably to let your body go one day without eating anything and then for one or two days after thatmainly drink onlyfruit and vegetable juices, then supplement that with fruits vegetables and by the end of the week stick to lean meats and vegetables. thats what I’m going to. Starving myself just isn’t an option there are better ways to cleanse your system, feel and look healthy without starving yourselr

  35. lazyPPL Reply

    instead of looking for QUICK FIX, educate yourselves on what really needs to be done.. Im so over the lazy mentality of people.. Drinking a lemon syrup for 10 days without eating IS NOT HEALTHY.. its common sense.. Eat right, minimise carbs to the morning, stop being lazy asses and get yourself to the gym if you want real results.. I was overweight for years and finally went out there, bought books, read in my spare time and learned how it should be done.. If the lemon detox is so good, I guess the biggest loser show is a load of crap, why dont they just put them on the lemon detox diet for 4 months. GET A LIFE, GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES!!

    • Ross Reply

      I like it! Well said.

    • cynth Reply

      to lazyPPL; sometimes dieting and gym doesnt work either, so people wanna try anything and have different life style. you live yours and others live theirs. simple

  36. Filipe Reply

    If you believe that something is true, then your brain will make it true. What im trying to say is that you have to do what you think is right for you, like BEING said make your own research and then follow what you think is right for you, because we re all different and if something works for me it might not work for you.

    Best of luck to you all.

  37. Saul Reply

    I just finished the lemon detox diet and I feel like a million bucks. The incredible focus, and attention to other parts of your life besides food is amazing. Eceryone has to try the lemon detox diet once, you wont regret it. I see the two arguments here as apples and oranges almost. The master cleanse is a “cleanse”, while the other might be a healthier way of eating.

  38. David Jamieson Reply

    I recently tried the Lemon Detox Diet. Holy crap I thought I would never recover. After two and a half days my eyesight started to go. It took over three weeks to recover. My health and bowl functions also took a few days to recover. I would not recommend this my worst enemy.

  39. master cleanse recipe Reply

    I suffered from stomach pain and burning mostly, couldn’t sleep well and just hated those extra pounds I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did. Now I stumbled upon this system that is easy and it doesn’t require expensive medication or difficult exercises.

  40. charlene Reply

    i went fourteen days fasting, just drinking water with lemon juice, i wasnt told to put lemon in my water i just craved it, at that time i had no idea it was a powerful detox. i have to say detoxing while not eating is the best way to go, you feel born again like a new person and you do eat less. The reason i fasted was for spiritual reasons not to lose weight. But i do have a massive craving for fruit as well. If your looking to lose weight and get all that crap out of your system you cannot do it while eating you have to stop eating for atleast 2-3 days minimum, this will not hurt you, your body can handle it trust me, i have been there.

  41. Daniel Reply

    Attention Connie!

    I can almost guarantee that your ulcer was NOT from the lemons since stomach ulcers are the result of an over active type of bacteria. Acids only upset them. Your stomach does a great job of neutralizing acids but you may have had a pre-existing condition. Secondly, being a person of fitness myself I can see how your muscle loss was disappointing. Being healthy is one thing but eating more of course will allow your muscles to remain. The most important thing is, no matter what you do, exercise. Too many people think that good strong muscle comes from just eating right. Yeah if you want to look like the boring joe or sally. But if you want a nice healthy physique you MUST exercise. Your physique comes from a bit of Muscle and a bit of natural fat. Stay healthy you seem like you’re on the right track as it is.

  42. Daniel Reply

    There are many reasons the “Master Cleanse Diet” to be sensibly used. Reading the book it tells you that it is meant to flush the body of toxins so naturally one of the best ways is to stop the in-flow of foods while it thoroughly cleanses. Your diet or system sounds like a great alternative for those who may fear fasting with only fluids or other good reasons but I think your original message seemed a bit biased. It made it look like you are bashing a diet that has helped people since about 1976 when it was written and still to this day helps people for your “new improved ” variation. It has a strong positive history. Just a quick look at YouTube show several people charting their success and great feeling during and after it along with great weight loss accomplishments. The method you describe is obviously a positive one as well, but If I’m trying to cleanse my system I would see the sensibility in limiting or eliminating my intake. It make sense, I wouldn’t try to clean my toilet while still using it.

  43. Allie! Reply

    Im sorry!
    But i think You RREEAAALLLYYY wronge!
    I did it for 16 days…
    And I fell GREAT!
    I lost 17 pounds..
    And i havent gained any back.
    I do not crave food as much anymore and i actually after the diet I lose 3 more pounds…
    Because my regular diet go cut down becuase I dont eat alot anymore and i dont crave food.

  44. Jo Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Like your blog! I agree with your review on the Lemon Detox Diet, with maybe a slight difference! I really belive it is a dangerous diet for people to follow and that they will end up with more weight problems than they had before they started. Please check out my web site, OptimalBodyWeight.com. Your readers may find it interesting as they can use the free online food diary to monitor their food intake. It also BMI, MER and ideal body weight calculators, weight tracking tools, and so forth.


  45. Connie Reply

    I tried the lemon detox diet late 2008 – I’ll admit it – I looked smaller but I lost mainly fluid and precious muscle that I worked so hard to gain! So, it left me looking smaller but squishy, not lean… To top it all off, I ended up with a stomach ulcer due to the high acidity in my gut from all the lemons… and I didn’t even do the full version! I have since been following a very sensible meal plan of 5 -6 small balanced [protein, carbs and good fats] meals per day, 2.5 litres/day of water and regular exercise – what do you know? I am leaner than I have ever been… go figure! Everyone knows that there are no shortcuts to a great physique – you will get out of it what you put in so if you eat crap… you know the rest! It’s common sense to know better, yet I fell for it…! I wanted to share my experience so that someone else doesn’t have to experiece it themselves…

  46. steve Reply

    Thanks Being!!

  47. Lu Reply

    Can anyone tell me which water is the best to mix the syrup with, spring, mineral or tap? Thanks

  48. Ross Reply

    Hi The Being

    Great post – thanks for sharing, I really like your philosophy. We have more of a forum here


    I’d love to see you posting there

  49. The Being Reply

    A lot of egos clashing on here! Amazing!

    I have done the Master Cleanse Programme… and most importantly… I READ THE BOOK by Dr. Stanley Burroughs. If you did not read the book, how the hell will you have an understanding of the detox? People are just squeezing lemons without any clue as to the mechanics of the cleanse. Then, they get on forums such as this, and criticize the programme saying it doesn’t work, or they became ill from it?

    I am not going to get into why the Master Cleanse works, or any other debate. If you ask a million people for their opinion… you are going to get a million different opinions. For all of you in support of the Master Cleanse (like myself), don’t be upset when people bash it, just observe them… and continue your path to longevity and enlightenment.

    Lastly, for those that are interested in Lemon Detox.. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. This is the best single advice I can give you. I have learned a wealth of knowledge from all of you in this moment… so thank you!

    P.S. I recommend the book “The Power of Now”, and “The Four Agreements” to this forum. These reads will greatly assist in the deconstruction of the egoic mind.


  50. Ross Reply

    Hi Paula

    I respectfully disagree. I am saying this because this detox offers literally zero nutrition, in fact it encourages malnutrition.

    When you want your body to repair itself you have to give it the tools and quite frankly lemon, sugar and water for days on end will only do harm. You may feel better in the short term, but I am convinced that a detox of fresh raw vegetable juices, soups etc (all free ingredients from your local supermarket/grocer I might add – I don’t have shares in Tesco or Walmart) will give your body everything it needs to rebuild and repair itself whilst boosting your energy no end.


  51. Paula Reply

    You are just saying that cos you want to sell a different detox/diet program. I’ve been using the lemon detox for ages and it makes me feel great, I lose weight and don’t put it back on, my skin looks amazing, I have much more energy, even during the detox and it doesn’t cost much. I recommend the lemon detox to anyone looking for a healthy cleansing.

  52. Earl Reply

    I am completely surprised! I shed 4.4kg’s in just 5 days. I was only expecting to shed around 2.

    Day 3 was the hardest but I never got hungry, although I did have a dream that woke me up thinking I was going to die because I had not eaten for a few days.

    Anyway, I started Mon 19th Jan and the last day was Friday 23rd. Sat-Mon I followed the book suggestions exactly with fruit and soup and gradually went back to solid food.

    My friends all said I will put it all back. Well they were TOTALY wrong. Its two weeks off the diet, and I am still losing weight. Not only that but amazingly I simply cannot eat the amount I used to. At a restaurant I have to order entree sizes because I cannot eat a normal sized meal like I used to. I also crave fresh fruit which I found bizzare.

    From my last post you saw my metabolism was mega slow, but somehow the lemon detox sped it up once I was off it. I eat 6-8 times a day now, small amounts, I get full really fast.

    I have given up NO snacks, I still eat pop corn with butter and corn chips. Again, as a vegetarian my food intake is pretty good.

    I did not have any side effects on the diet, tongue goes all white during it though but the book says it can take weeks for that to come back and when it does it means you have stabilised….well mine only took 3 days after the diet…mega fast.

    All I can say is I am so happy with it, I will do it again in April, this time for the full 10 days. I never craved food and even when out with people who got take away I seemed content with just sniffing the food…I know it sounds strange but I just did not crave the food the drink kept me full and energetic!

    Its totally brilliant, I feel better, the scales show I lost weight AND as my stomach obviously shrank, I eat less because I get full quickly. So all in all I love it.

    With regards to “A Person”‘s post I think that might work, the only problem is the “for lunch I will eat what I like” because if that means 2 vanilla slices and a large pizza that can be a problem.

    I always get fresh vegetables and only eat brown rice and eat fruit daily and no carbs after 4pm now instead of after 6pm. All my carbs are in the morning mainly.

    I don’t like the drink that much but I its worth it. The salt water in the morning is really hard though. The only way it worked is for me to put the teaspoons in a small amount of water, quickly drink that then follow up with the rest of the litre of NORMAL water else I would almost vomit. The senna tea at night is also foul!!! BUT its all worth it because I don’t have to do ANY loathsome exercise!

    4.4kg in 5 days…lets see ANYTHING else match that without one second of ANY exercise! I know peoplesay its all fluid but the scales say 4.4kg less and thats all I care. I drink 2litres of water minimum per day now and that prevents water retention for me.

    Lemon detox!!!! its the best!!!!!!!!!!

    • happy Reply

      Not everybody does this to lose weight. It is for a cleanse. Instead of bagging it, try it you narrow minded idiots

  53. Me Reply

    Why the hell would anyone listen to you?

  54. A Person Reply

    I was going to only replace A meal with the “detox” I was going to eat good organic/natural foods for breakfast and lunch and basically whenever I want till about 6pm then only drink the “detox” if I’m hungry after that. Does this sound horrible?

  55. no one Reply

    no not unless most of the bulk is fat the muscle won’t go as long as you keep exercising with the weights

  56. John Reply

    Hi Mate,

    Like the blog, it’s very interesting.
    I’m just wondering if someone can help me out.
    I’m a pretty fit and active guy (weights 3 days a week, games of touch etc during off days) and am thinking of doing the detox to cleanse my body.. If I try the detox am I going to lose much bulk? It’s taken me awhile to get to where I’m at. (177cm, 84kg)


  57. Earl Black Reply

    My niece suggested this diet to me as she tried it with positive results. Being a vegetarian (no fish or chicken of course!) there are no diets I have found to help you loose weight. Every one I have checked involves eating meat from CSIRO diets to Cohen’s. I tried exercising (walking and running & cycling) and was getting steadily frustrated because my weight loss was practically 0kg…and yes I know muscle weighhs more than far but you’d think the scales would show SOME progress!!! Whether I exercised or sat on the couch (I tried) the effect was the same, of course, when I exercised I was fitter but I wanted the scales to show me at least SOMETHING. I don’t eat much food at all, no chocolate, or cakes etc no junk food really. Don’t smoke and mainly eat salads. I have a large breakfast, usually skip lunch and have a small dinner (just soup at times) I avoid carbs after 6pm and I simply cannot shed any weight and I have had enough. I must say I totally despise exercising.

    I just got the lemon detox and will try a 5 day cleanse, I might stretch it to 7 depending how I am feeling. I have read some scary posts here. I am hoping to lose at least 2kg’s.

    I weigh 84kg (too much) and I am 176cm tall. My target weight is ultimately 70kg. I just hope the lemon detox can give me some results to encourage me to do more. Something tells me though I won’t loose much at all. Certainly not 4-6….if I did that would be magical to me!

  58. wolf Reply


  59. wolf Reply

    “You won’t go anywhere in life if you don’t do things beyond on what you usually (and typically) do.”

    I’ll try the lemon detox today and I’ll post my comments here. I’m 20 years old, about 118 lbs. I’m not going to do the lemon detox to lose wight but to remove the toxins.

  60. JC Reply

    Well I’ve read the comments about not knocking it until you try it, so I guess I would be the ultimate person TO knock it ….

    I began by researching every inside, outside, positive and negative comment about the Mastercleanse before embarking on my DETOX. Given that I was very eager to “cleanse and detox” my system and begin the New Year with a fresh start, I began with a very positive attitude and realistic expectations.

    Now you would think, that with such a positive attitude I would have had spectacular health benefits and be bouncing off the walls …. but after 10 days of what I can only call self-inflicted hell and torture, I am left puzzled as to what on earth I got out of it.

    Yes, I dropped weight dramatically (4 kilos in 4 days), but after a week off the program, my entire digestive system has gone haywire. I slowly re-introduced solid food as was suggested, have not eaten dairy or red meat, and am mainly eating vegetables, fruit and legumes, and yet my stomach doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate anything. It is like my stomach has forgotten how to digest food, as even a SALAD sits in my stomach like a brick! (This is what is known as DYSMOTILITY a form of dyspepsia). I chew my food thoroughly and am only eating healthy food. Bowel movements are all over the place, and I can’t imagine that 10 days of using laxative tea and sea salt flushes every morning and night did my anus or colon any good! After even 3 days of running to the toilet at least 8 times a day to do a bowel movement, you begin to wonder as you sit there on the crapper, scrunching balls of toilet paper, why on earth are you putting your body through this.

    Apart from the nuts and bolts of the program, let’s talk about the psychological damage this program has done. As I have already explained, I began this with a positive frame of mind, a realistic expectation, and yet, during the entire process I CONSTANTLY thought about food and how I was missing out on eating, the textures and flavours. I did not get into any ZEN mode that people say happens when you are fasting (far from it, I was so anxious just waiting for it to end). I played mind games with myself, willing myself to keep going for the “good of my digestive system”.

    But when you begin to eat again after not eating solid food for 10 days, something strange happens – an impending feeling of tremendous GUILT overwhelms you at every turn, every lift of a fork, every opening of the fridge … I spent 10 days ON THE PROGRAM feeling tremendously guilty just because I day-dreamed about food, and now that I am eating “normally”, I am STILL feeling bad. I feel bad because I spent all of that time torturing myself and yet my body does not feel “light and healthy”, my bowel functions are odd, my teeth are sensitive from the acid in the lemon, and my stomach is not emptying properly (“dysmotility”). I feel bad that I didn’t lose MORE weight, and I feel bad that I am having such negative thoughts about something that was supposed to be positive. I feel bad that I must have done something wrong, and that I didn’t try hard enough …

    If you have spent most of your life feeling guilty about what you put in your mouth because other people constantly told you that you needed to lose weight or were “chubby”, then don’t do a cleansing program where extensive deprevation is required. I believe that there are more effective and safer things out there, and if I had known about them earlier, I would have not gone ahead with The Lemon Detox Diet. I know of a good detox program called “Blessed Herbs – Colon Cleanse” and “Internal Cleanse” that is supposedly much more effective in terms of getting the body cleaned and in balance.

    Considering I wanted to feel healthier in both body and mind, I cannot say that The Lemon Detox/Mastercleanse gave it to me. I simply feel 4kgs lighter and very bewildered as to what the hell was that all about, and why on earth do normal, healthy, whole foods still make me feel so sick!

    I think that the majority of people will not consider this to be a wonderful experience … that is, unless you are a masochist …

  61. Sacha Reply

    Henry and Sue

    What the HELL are you on about?

    I think someone was dropped on their head as a baby.

  62. steve Reply

    I’m on the lemon detox, on day 4 and going for two weeks.
    I feel great:) I will continue on a good diet when i’m finished as well. Like all others have said, don’t knock it till you try it!

  63. Kaff Reply

    I did the lemon detox for 7 days best thing ive ever done, lost over 5kilo have kept it off..eat what i want when i want and get this, dont gain weight HAHAHA YAY!! i feel the best i have in 20yrs..look the best i have in 20yrs.Must be good for some and not for others..but you have to try it to be able to comment.

  64. Aidan Reply

    Oh and hey Z06, I happen to be a personal trainer, and it sounds to me like you were losing muscle mass other than fat. Especially if you were working out while on a detox. You’re not supposed to do that, because you begin to get rid of muscle mass.

  65. Aidan Reply

    The lemon detox diet does work. I tried it. And it worked to cleanse my body. The acid in lemon helps cleanse your liver. And the pepper helps boost your metabolism. After doing this diet I had more energy and simply felt better over all. Plus I lost weight! I used to have bad acne, and after doing this, my skin immediately began to clear up.
    Maybe this detox isn’t right for everyone. But it was good for me.

  66. Alliey Reply

    PERSONALLY! I dont see why everyone is sooo quick to knock it. i’ve been on it before and am currently on it again. i can understand where people are coming from to an extent, but those people must also realise that its not a life style…. its a detox! Its not something you do every day, every month! I currently go through the detox every 8 weeks! And it does me the world of good.
    Fair enough, the first encounter i had with the detox wasnt all that great, by day 3 i was dizzy and overly tired but then that was due to thinking i could get away with 5 cups a day!!! after that i had the greatest rush of energy! id defo dropped a few pounds, my skin was clearer and just felt good in myself. the only downfall is, yes i put back some of the weight but then again its not a weight loss solution!
    everyone needs 2 stop focussing on it as a diet and see it for what it really is! A DETOX!


  67. Ross Reply

    I would suggest that it may have been water retention that went away rather than body fat. When you starve your body of calories it actually clings on to fat (it goes into starvation mode). This would especially be the case if you were exercising for an hour too as this would have burned even more calories. You would have been in severe calorie deficit.


  68. Z06 Reply

    I tried the master cleanser diet; I did loose 20lbs in 10 days, but I did not loose 1 inch from my body. Can anyone explain what has happen; I exercise daily for 1 hour.

  69. Ross Reply

    Hey Shelly

    Thanks for offering such an informative and unbiased opinion!

    I’ll be in touch via email – just checked out your site and I love it!

    Have a great day

  70. Ross Reply

    Hi Jess

    I’m not going against this just because it doesn’t float my boat. This whole website and blog is about alkalising and maintaining proper acid/alkaline balance – and this detox goes against the core principles of that approach to health.

    I hope you understand where I am coming from!

    Thanks for your comment too!


  71. Ross Reply

    Hi again Pedro

    There are 2 problems with your comments:

    1) there is simply no way I would try this, as I believe that starving the body of nutrients is the long, inefficient way to detox

    2) I don’t mistake it for a diet, but a lot of people do – hence the reason to post about it

    I simply cannot get past the logic that if I want to cleanse and detox my body I have to give it the tools and environment to do that. Why wouldn’t you give your body fresh, alkalising, nutrient dense, high water content foods full of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, alkaline salts, chlorophyll etc? Why would you restrict it to the nutrition provided only by lemons, water and sugar?

    As ever with every post, comment and article on this blog – take what works for you and learn from as many sources as possible. This is my opinion, yes, it is – it doesn’t mean you have to take it.

    But as always, I fully appreciate your contribution. An even argument from both sides is always best which is why I often post provocatively – to stimulate debate.

    Cheers again and good luck

  72. Pedro Reply

    There are 2 problem with your article on the Master Cleanse:

    1) You have not tried it.
    2) You mistake it for a diet.

    This is a fasting method, nowhere does the author of that program called it a diet, because it’s not supposed to be. There are different methods of fasting for detox purpose; I’d advise one to look for what is best for you.

  73. Dee Reply

    Thank you so much, Shelley for writing about the Master Cleanse and setting things straight here. I was getting very frustrated reading all these comments about this ‘diet’ when I know that it isn’t a diet but a wonderful tool for the body.

    I’ve used this cleanse since the 70s and do it twice a year, spring and fall. I always feel so much better, like setting my body back to where it should be. And as I get older I feel the benefits so much more, especially the movement gains I make in my joints. I look forward to doing it soon this fall.

    Please, don’t do it for losing weight. Do it to benefit your body, and do it with the guidance of a good book about health, like perhaps my favorite, Staying Healthy with the Seasons by E.M. Haas.

  74. Shelley Reply

    First off, wonderful and informative blog you’ve got here! I would love if you would add your link to mine at site mentioned… I have a blog directory there of health bloggers!

    So… The Master Cleanse… please can we stop calling it a “diet”. People automatically think “weight loss diet”. This is NOT intended to be a long term option, and in no way does it replace food, HOWEVER, cleanses and fasts have been around for a long time. There is nothing wrong with a 10 day fast with only lemon water, sugar and pepper. From a health perspective it isn’t going to kill you.

    The PURPOSE is to rid the body of toxins. To the gent who said “god gave us organs yadda yadda… yeah he did and then man gave us nitrates and phosphates and lead, cadmium and arsenic, pollution in our air, water and food, herbicides and pesticides,,,… and on. Your organs are SCREAMING for detox. They can not handle the load. Don’t believe me?? Go get a test at your local naturopath. YOU WILL BE FULL OF THE FOULEST HEAVY METALS AND TOXINS!

    So… The Master Cleanse is one way purported to detox and help remove some of that. It also alkalises the body which speeds the detox. Can you do it otherwise? Sure… people have fasted with JUST water for up to a month quite successfully. The problem with a fast and only drinking water is that you don’t want to be exerting….

    Here’s an alternative to those who find the Master Cleanse too difficult. Go to local hardware store and pick up a juicer. You can get one for around $50 (Hamilton Beach) that will do the trick and help you decide if you like juicing,

    Now fill your fridge and countertops with fresh organic produce to make vegetable, green and fruit juice. For newbies to juicing get LOTS of carrots, broccoli, celery, granny smith apples, cucumbers to start. and LOTS of lemons and limes.

    Drink 2 gallons of juice every day. Do not eat!! drink a detox tea, take some liquid zeolite daily, drink alkaline water (RealWaterHealth.com has an EASY alkaline water dropper type ionising solution)

    At my website there are a few juicer recipes to get you started, Anyway Steph NO with a 2 month old baby to care for and a body to repair you should not be trying a master cleanse (Unless you are in TIP TOP shape to start!) Try the juice solution. It’s wonderful and I got HOOKED on fresh made vegetable and fruit juice now.

    Many Blessings,
    Shelley R.N.

  75. steph Reply

    hi really enjoyed reading everyones comments.i hav not tried this diet bfore heard possitives and negatives.
    ive just had a baby 2mnths ago i feel really down in my self still got alot of weight to lose.(baby fat) ive tried weight watchers, excersing,spinning classes and eating healthing.but im not losing the weight.
    i just want to be back in my clothes.
    and to feel confident again.

    do you think the lemon detox diet would be a good for me to try??????

  76. mark Reply

    I am on day 8 today and have lost 20 pounds, the key is to eat healthy once off this detox. IF you eat pizza and burgers and all that crap of course you will gain the weight back, its about a lifestyle change.

  77. Jess Tweed Reply

    You are absolutely correct. BUT, the lemon detox diet (aka the master cleanse) does not involve drinking ONLY lemon juice, pepper, water and sugar. If one buys the correct syrup to do the diet with you will see on the nutritional information that it contains various nutrients that the body requires inclusive of protein.
    In today’s day and age who are we to say what is good for us and bad for us at the drop of a hat. People’s bodies differ so much from gender to race that one diet cannot possibly be described as “bad” for everyone. Michael Phelps eats over 4000 calories for breakfast alone (double the amount a regular man would consume in one day) – and if we didn’t know anything else about him we would assume he was obsese. Everyone is different and some things work for certain people. Don’t go against something just because it may not float your boat.

  78. Bob Flynn Reply

    Hi: I completed the Master Cleanser detox program one week ago. I didn’t want to end the program after the ten days. But I followed the program. Althrough I wanted to snack, I was not really hurngery. Six of my friends completed the program. All are happy with the resoults. I’ll try it again in about three more mounth. I recomenst the program.

  79. Matt Reply

    Do it first and then tell everyone what they can and can’t do. Until then your opinion counts for nothing!

  80. Louisa Reply

    Hi Ross (& others) – really like your forum, happy to read it.. I have done the diet twice both times for 5 days, I am not fat (174cm & weigh 60kg), but eat a lot of junk food (Im 20 years old so understandably so I guess) the first time I did the lemon detox I followed the recipe exactly, I lost 1kg & by day 3 my hair was gorgeous I was getting compliments about it & my skin mmmm…

    The second time I skipped out the lemon juice (it makes it taste yucky) & I didnt notice any difference to my hair etc. I guess the lemon juice has vitamin C; however the second time I also drank the laxative tea as suggested & I lost 5kg.. I was hapPy with the results & would do it again – I wish I could sustain the willpower to do it for longer l0l..

    I think for many people controlling the quality & quantity of food can be very difficult. I am a “quit cold turkey” kind of person (with relationships, ciggarettes, drugs, alcahol etc.) & I know that I am generally what would be classified as a food addict: frequently bingeing / followed by puking etc. I dont seem to be able to controll this so far; however I can stop eating completely (quit cold turkey) which gives me some kind of controll for a limited time, BUT THEN after this it gives me confidence in myself, not just in my eating habits, but beleif that I can then acomplish anything I really set my mind to e.g relationships, work, study…

    I don’t think you can speak with any real authority over something you have not tried or experienced yourself.. but if you are going to speak about something you have not experienced to avoid people reading it and considering what you have to say illinformed info – clearly note that you have not tried it and there for cannot really know..
    Like ur soup recipe tho – might try it

  81. Dino Reply

    My wife has just started this program, I have a very strong concern for her health. I have never tried this but i have done a lot of research. University of Chicago, Mayo Clinic, Loyola Unversity, University of Notre Dame, I could go on and on have stated in many reports that there is no proof that this will help your body. Infact it has been proven that there are NO positive factors in a lemon water mixed with maple syrup and pepper to be good for ones helath. God gave us the organs to filter out the bad and keep in the good. Over the years I have seen many diets come and go, it’s funny that all we ever need to do is to eat good balanced meals and EXERCISE. To many people are afraid of the EXERCISE word. I am asking everyone that is thinking about this diet please visit your doctor and ask him/her if is a good idea.

  82. Aisling Reply

    Well…I’m on the programme just now actually, the start of day four, I’ve lost 8 lbs, my skin is amazing and I feel great. I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good since I was a young teenager. …I’m bursting with energy!

    Don’t get me wrong the first 2 days were really hard and I did want to give up, but I wasn’t hungry it was all in my head I think. I would find myself going into daydreams thinking about eating food that I honestly don’t like, but my will power took over and when I woke up yesterday I felt so amazing.

    My head has never felt so clear as I used to be tired and bogged down all the time, this really is a new turning point in my life. I have started thinking about the really healthy foods I’m going to cook when I finnish this in 4 days and I’ve started exercising every day (which I NEVER done before, simply again because I did not have the energy. )

    I have tried every diet there is and have never been able to stick to it but this detox really does work. Although, I’m not doing it for just the weight loss, I had done my research for this on the internet and realised that it could help my skin, hair, nails and totally cleanse my body. I also got the book which was only £4!

    I would reccomend this to anyone who has been through anything similar to me and even if it’s not for the weight loss, do it for the rest. Let’s face it, some people can eat all the junk food in the world,do no excercise and never gain weight but I bet those people have really low energy all the time and just eat carbohydrates and sugary foodsto give them a boost. I have found myself looking around feeling sorry for all the people in the office this morning who are yawning away (that was me up untill yesterday) and they just don’t know what they are missing.

    Could I also point out to all of you that I am a severe chocoholic, and magically I haven’t even thought about it since day two. I started on a sunday and completely gutted my house from about 9am to 7pm only stopping for my drink 6 times (and an extra 2 litres of water too). The aim was too keep myself busy and not be around people who are eating…I had to keep away from the kitchen though as I did not trust myself not to open the fridge.

    I am goin to cook tonight for my boyfriend as I can tell he misses my cooking and he has been so supportive to me as he know’s how important this detox is to me.

    Just to finish up, you do tend to have a horrible taste in your mouth during the cleanse, and in my book I read that you can drink Pepermint tea to help this. I have never been interested in herbal teas but it feels like luxury to me when I have a cup as the actual drink itself (which I now call my magic potion lol) doesn’t really taste very nice. I just set times of the day to drink it and get it over with, it is getting easier though…I think it’s because I know how good it is. Two litres is full of all the vitamins, minerals, and energy that you need each day, hence the reason why I don’t feel hungry.

    So, as said previously, don’t diss it untill you’ve tried it and it is certainly not doing anything bad to my body as I have never felt this good.

    …And I’m actually thinking of extending it to ten days!

  83. Ross Reply

    Hey Tab

    Have you tried probiotics or digestive enzymes? It might be that your body is struggling to digest foods properly.

    Also – what do you mean by ‘minimal’?

    Let me know an example of what you would eat in a day on average and I will see if I can troubleshoot for you.


  84. Tab Reply

    Help! I eat right, excerise eat good foods (minimal) but my tummy area seems to be bloated or like its fat or not digesting foods????

  85. Rachel Reply

    Great Atricle…I did try this once and once only. I am a healthy person, I work out everyday…and I will never do this “cleanse” again. After 3 days of having the” will power” (I think I was stupid to even try it!)…I ended up fainting, I was starving myself! A friend of mine was very “successful” with it, she did this for 14 days, lost 20 lbs, and looked TERRIBLE. I really don’t think loosing that amount of weight in such a short period of time is healthy…not only that she gained it all back…she had to eat again!
    I do think it’s case by case. What works for one may not work for another. I just personally believe that your body needs the nutrients that are in it, and should not be deprived of them for a long period of time. There are all of natures fruits and veggies out there that can supply you with your nutrients, and cleanse the body at the same time.

  86. Skip Reply

    Same as sated before, dont bash it unless you’ve tried it, this means you know absolutly nothing about it. Sure, you can assume, but assumptions get you no where. I’ve done it and so have friends, and it works great. It takes a lazy person who is not strong willed to not stick with it for only a mere 7 days. You are also missing a LOT of information, or just not stating them, so yeah, your post may make it sound bad. Thing is, try it, then bash it on your experiences.

  87. Mrs Wilson Reply

    well, I thought I’d have a go just to see … I’ve managed 12 hours so far and all I can think about is food! That syrup mixture tastes most unpleasant. How does anyone keep this up?

  88. Randy e Powell Reply

    There are many different and healthier ways to detox than lemon water. Some people will resort to anything that seems to promise a miracle.

  89. emu oil store Reply

    Im looking forward to that soup…:) really good article…

  90. Kronos Reply


    For how long were leeches the accepted cure for everything ?!

    The Atkins diet has been around for 50 years. Do you believe that’s a healthy diet? Do you dismiss it without having tried it?


  91. Ross Reply


    There is no way on earth I would try this, because I know that it is an awful thing to do to your body. I also know of a program that has been around for a few more than 50 years which is the ‘eat lots of fresh, natural foods and exercise whilst not eating sugar, trans and saturated fats, salt, alcohol etc’.

    This is an irrelevant disagreement because you are not giving me any justification for supporting this program other than it has been in existence for x amount of years.

    My point still stands – how can you justify sustaining your body on just water, pepper, pure sugar and lemon?


  92. Roula Reply

    You are a critic beyond repair. Stop being a critic if you have not tried it yourself. It aint new and it aint a fad. You tell me which program has been around for more than 50 years, and if you think people are being brain washed , why has it taken more than 50 years to realise that something is no good… why.. because it is good, so get off yourself and stop drawing attention.. you jealous person
    And Beyonce does not endorse it because she aint been paid to endorse it.. read btw the lines you fool

  93. Jenny Reply

    Interesting facts. Cheers”

  94. Health Reply

    Lol if Beyonce says is bad than its bad! 😀

  95. Ross Reply

    Hi Henry and Sue

    I have to say – I’ve got no idea what you are on about.


  96. Henry and Sue Raison Reply

    We were very dissapointed to find this recipie has the worst blasphemy possible. Jesus is the light of the world and we do not take His name in vain

  97. Dr. Knox Grandison Reply

    This information is very helpful.. I have tried it in my practice and have got good results with my patients.

    Dr. Knox Grandison BSc,D.C.
    Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath

  98. Ross Reply

    Hi guys

    Thanks for your comments!

    Lady Rose – thank you so much for your amazing review, extremly appreciated and I’m glad you like the blog. A LOT of hours have gone into it so I’m glad there is someone out there who appreciates it! Sorry it took a couple of days for me to approve your comment – I had a few days off from the computer (always a good thing!)

    Roze – you completely hit the nail on the head when you said:

    ‘When you think about it its unnatural and completely misses the point. Its simply a denial diet. Fasting for days, but blindsighting your stomach with sugar water!’

    There really is nothing good that can come out of this diet.

    There was actually a review of it by a nutritionist on ‘Today’ an Aussie breakfast show this morning and she totally slammed it too, claiming it to be nothing but living off pure sugar for days. Which is NEVER a good thing!

  99. Roze Reply

    I took on the Lemon Detox, not to loose weight specifically but to shake things up on the inside and ‘cleanse’. But i’m not a particularly alert person so i didn’t research the idea first. I’d heard so much hype that i figured it would be good. I did thoroughly read through a lot of info on the website before ordering the products though. But it wasn’t good. I didn’t suffer from hunger while i was detoxing, and i did loose several kilos. I also largely reduced my appetite it seems as i’ve not returned to my normal eating habbits, even now, six weeks later. I did however shake things up drastically. I caused myself some intense stomach pains, which lasted two weeks. I could hardly eat anything, and i couldn’t sleep due to the pain. I’d support anyone who questions this regime. When you think about it its unnatural and completely misses the point. Its simply a denial diet. Fasting for days, but blindsighting your stomach with sugar water!

  100. Lady Rose Reply

    Just letting you know, I really enjoy your blog and after reading several posts I have written up a blog review on my blog – it will post tomorrow.

  101. Lady Rose Reply

    I couldn’t agree more. This lemon detox thing has popped up ever few years. I think it’s dangerous.