Top Rated Scientific Journal Backs the Alkaline Diet


It is not that often that you seen top medical and scientific journals backing the theories behind the alkaline diet so this was a nice bonus to find this morning!

An article led by Lynda Frassetto, an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, has given wholehearted backing to the alkaline balance approach to health.

European Journal of Clinical NutritionThe article, titled ‘Diet, evolution and aging‘ proposes that changes to our diets in the past 200 years have created a mismatch between what our bodies require (nutritionally) and what we actually put in our mouths.

You might be thinking that this offers nothing new, since common sense tells you that since the invention of microwaves, McDonalds, hydrogenation, cola, Mars bars, crisps and deep fat fryers we have become less healthy that we were before – BUT, this article goes into another level of detail to pinpoint that it is the fact that this shift has upset our alkaline/acid balance that has been the major cause of the rising incidence of disease and poor health.

Among the many health problems resulting from this mismatch between our genetically determinednutritional requirements and our current diet, some might be a consequence in part of the deficiency of potassium alkali salts (K-base), which are amply present in the plant foods that our ancestors ate in abundance, and the exchange of those salts for sodium chloride (NaCl),which has been incorporated copiously into the contemporary diet,which at the same time is meager in K-base-rich plant foods.

This is great. The article goes on to say:

…We know that clinically-recognized chronic metabolic acidosis has deleterious effects on the body, including growth retardation in children, decreased muscle and bone mass in adults, and kidney stone formation, and that correction of acidosis can ameliorate those conditions

As you can imagine, finding this article is great news. Not only because it is absolutely matched to my own (not-scientifically-tested!) thoughts and beliefs – but also because it points me in the direction of dozens of other research articles that also investigate the link between acidosis and illness/disease.

In fact, I think I will be paying close attention to Assoc. Prof Frassetto’s work as she has published a whole heap of other interesting articles:

Frassetto L, Morris RC Jr., Sebastian A. Diet acid load and bone health. In Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis, 2nd edition, Burckhardt P, Dawson-Hughes B Eds. Academic Press San Diego, CA 2004.

Frassetto L, Morris RC Jr., Sebastian A. Stone age diets for the 21st century: The effects of diet-induced, potassium-replete, chloride-sufficient, low-grade metabolic alkalosis. In Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis, 2nd edition, Burckhardt P, Dawson-Hughes B Eds. Academic Press San Diego, CA 2004.

Have a read of the full article and let me know your thoughts!

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