Vitality Into Reality: The Rules of Abundant Energy (Part 2)


I am really excited about this post because if you are like the vast majority of people (and anything like I was a few years ago) then the tip I am about to reveal will instantly and dramatically change your energy and change your life.

If you read my last blog post in this series “Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life“, you will remember me saying how when you live with energy, this has a huge knock-on effect to your whole life. Everything just starts getting better – your career, your finances, your relationships…everything.

You will also remember how, using the strategies of Joseph McClendon (Tony Robbins’ health guru) I gave you a really simple roadmap to guarantee that your breakfast kickstarts your energy, ignites your metabolism and energises your entire day.

I have had so many positive comments from that article, and I thank you all so much for giving me your feedback, asking questions and saying thanks! Rut, TJ, Rosemary, Colleen – all of you, it is greatly appreciated!

Instant Energy

In this article, I am going to give you something else that, when applied, will instantly start to boost your energy. It will make you feel awesome, positive and raring to go! I am passionate about helping as many people as possible to live to their potential through health & wellness and I am sure this article will make a big difference.

Why You Can Trust Me

As you know I have been living alkaline for over sixteen years now, and I’ve had the privilege of working with the best in the world including Dr Young, Dr Vasey, Tony Robbins and of course Joseph McClendon. I have to say that the one thing that will make more of a difference than anything else, and it is actually one of the cornerstones of Joseph’s routine that means he looks in his 30s while he’s in his 50s and why he has not been ill for decades is this:

Rule #2 – Hydrate your body with between 3-4 litres of (alkaline) water EVERY DAY…WITHOUT FAIL

As Joseph says, “Life is much simpler than we’ve been led to believe” and as Jim Rohn always says, there are just a few simple decisions/behaviours that make more of a difference than everything else put together – and this is one of them.

I know it sounds too easy, and something you’ve heard before but listen to me:

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I promise you that this WILL change your life. Please if you never take anything else away from my blog, please start to hydrate with 3-4 litres of (alkaline) water every day.

This is one of those rules that seems so simple and commonly said that people kinda glaze over it, but it is the most important thing you can do for your health. Period.

This is essential: THE LONGER YOU DO IT, THE BETTER IT GETS. You can’t just do this every now and then, or flood your body one day and then starve it the next.
Neither can you do that within the day – drinking a heap of water all at once and then thinking that is it for the rest of the day.

But if you consistently drink 3-4 litres of water, throughout the day, for several days – you will, honestly, without question feel a huge surge in your health, energy and vitality.

Why Hydration is SO Key to Your Energy

I am not in the business of saying that any specific action or thing can ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ a problem, however, I truly, personally believe that a vast majority of health concerns or goals can be reached when you focus on three specific areas. I believe that if these three are all out of sync then you are likely to experience less than vibrant health, a number of symptoms and very low energy:

  1. Dehydration: when we are dehydrated the body goes into shock, it completely slows down, it becomes hyper-acidic, the immune system becomes compromised, and all of our detoxification organs (liver, kidney, lymph) are overworked and this too has knock-on effects. In short, if you imagine your wellbeing as being a row of dominoes, becoming dehydrated is like flicking the first one over.
  2. Over-Acidification:of course, living an overly acidic life is one of the worst things you can do. You know that its why you’re here on my blog, so I won’t go into it in too much detail (for detail click here) but in essence when we consume too many acidic foods (trans fats, dairy, sugar, sweets, chips, pizza, ice cream etc), drinks (beer, wine, coffee, cola etc) and live a stressful life of negative emotions (anxiety, jealousy, worry etc) we put incredible stress on our body to retain the vital pH of 7.365 in our blood and other fluids. The body will do whatever it takes to stay at that pH and if we keep creating acids it causes havoc throughout our entire body to neutralize this and keep pH 7.365.
  3. Over-oxidation: when our cells oxidise, they die. When they die we age. It’s as simple as that, and the best way to get around this is to consume anti-oxidants. These come from colourful vegetables, fruits and ionized water. The only challenge we face is the less fresh our food is, the fewer antioxidants they contain, so eat fresh, as fresh as possible – pick the tomato from the vine and put it straight in your mouth! Of course, supplements can help, and there are some great antioxidant supplements out there, but I always recommend getting a good dose of fresh too, and always see food as your primary source of nutrition, rather than supplements. There is one other great way to get an abundance of antioxidants, and that is from alkaline, ionized water and I will get onto that below.

So Staying Hydrated Will Change Your Life

It’s true. But I know you want to know how you can best stay hydrated, I mean – it is easy to know what to do, but making it happen is a whole other ball game.

I know when I first started out I would wake up with every intention of drinking lots of water but each night I would find myself thirsty and realise I had forgotten…AGAIN!

But I have mastered it now, and from talking extensively to Joseph McClendon about exactly this type of problem (Joseph is the KING of making things real and making them happen, the man is an absolute genius), I present to you:

The Surefire Way to GUARANTEE You Will Drink 3-4 Litres of Water EVERY DAY

Here is my super easy, step-by-step guide to staying hydrated:

  1. Routine: in my years of becoming alkaline, and studying the best in the business I have learned that to create a new habit, it is important to link your new desired behaviour to an existing habit. By this I mean, if you associate a new behaviour into an existing habit then whenever you do the embedded habit you will also automatically do habit b. You don’t need to work twice as hard and try to install a whole new habit, just use one you’ve already got.

    For instance, here are some habits you could use in your daily routine to train yourself to stay hydrated:

    • As soon as you wake up: get into the routine of drinking a large glass of water, as soon as you wake up.
    • Cleaning your teeth: once you’ve cleaned your teeth have a large glass of water – leave a glass by the tap
    • Before and after bathroom visits: you go several times per day, so there you have it – several glasses of water.
    • Before meals: before you start preparing your meal, have another glass of water
    • When you get home: as soon as you walk through the door, have some water

    You can see where I am going here. By tying into at least two or three of those per day you will easily get up to three litres on a daily basis.

  2. Reminders: set your phone to sound an alarm twice per day, and when the alarm goes, you fill up your litre water bottle. I used to do this, once at 10 am and once at 2 pm and it meant that I definitely, definitely had at least 2 litres per day.
  3. Immediate Refill! As soon as you finish your glass or bottle refill it immediately, don’t delay! This is a mistake lots of people make – they finish a glass or bottle and then get lost in work and so it is an hour or two later before they go refill.
  4. Make it Easy
  5. : buy a water bottle and have it on you all of the time, on your desk at work, in your hand on your commute etc. Having access to water is the main thing!

By integrating these few principles in I guarantee you’ll be super-hydrated in no time.

Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water is clean, filtered water with an optimal pH of 9.5 – and is the most important part of the alkaline diet. According to Dr. young:
“If someone were to ask me what’s the one thing I can do to have better health, then the answer would be very simple: start drinking alkalized and ionized water.”

By consuming 3-4 litres of alkaline water daily you will begin to experience energy and vitality as this water is alkaline enough to buffer the excess acids in our diet.

There are many ways to make alkaline water including using pH drops and a water ionizer – and I highly recommend using an ionizer, I think they are fantastic because the ionizer not only makes the water alkaline, but it also makes it more hydrating and infuses it with antioxidants – meaning it provides all three benefits I listed above. But the ionizer discussion is for another day – and here is a very good rundown of the exact benefits of drinking ionized, alkaline water.

So I have given you the reasons, the drive and the exact tools to start getting hydrated and unlock your energy.

When I last met with Joseph at his unbelievable Z-Factor event in Montreaux, he made this very point to me then – hydration is one of the #1, most important factors in good health and energy, and I have to say, his words are still clear in my mind and I absolutely make sure I stay ultra-hydrated every single day. If I do nothing else good for my body that day – I will ALWAYS stay hydrated.

You will be amazed at the difference this will make.

However, I have got one more rule still to give you, and I will be publishing that rule in just a few days. It is an absolute cracker, 100% free and will, along with rules 1 and 2, totally ramp up your energy to a whole new level.

Until then, stay hydrated

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  1. Suzanne Monelle Reply


    Somehow I had forgotten about drinking the alkalised water and I can tell you my arthritis has got dramatically worse. What is the matter with me, I ask myself? I have never been able to drink as much as you suggest but TODAY I am back on the alkalised stuff and am determined to crack this arthritis issue.

    Thank you for the reminder.


    • Ross Reply

      Hi Suzanne

      I’m glad you’ve found my articles useful! Remembering really is the hardest part, but if you’re making your water alkaline you’ll hopefully see some big improvements really quickly, especially with your energy levels. Thanks for leaving a comment here – I really appreciate it!


      Somehow I had forgotten about drinking the alkalised water and I can tell you my arthritis has got dramatically worse. What is the matter with me, I ask myself? I have never been able to drink as much as you suggest but TODAY I am back on the alkalised stuff and am determined to crack this arthritis issue.

      Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Truman Anderson Reply

    Once again you have delivered an awesome article! I also drink about a gallon of alkaline water a day, which is about 3 1/2 liters. I am a year and a month shy of 60 years and work daily as a carpenter. Thank you for these wonderful alkalizing and energizing articles!
    Positively Truman

    • Ross Reply

      Hey again Truman

      How’s thing buddy? 3.5 litres is a great success, I know you mentioned before how great it’s working out for you so I hope your comments are inspiring to others.

      I’m really enjoying writing at the moment and am just feeling inspired with some of the ideas and guides I’m creating – if there is anything you’d like to see me focus more on then definitely let me know!



    Best article to make your life a good

  4. Norma Reply

    Fantastic ideas – will definitely start better hydration. You are so right about the forgetting to drink.

  5. Joan Reply

    Thanks for that you are write some times i forget to drink water great advice.

  6. Andrea Reply

    Hi Ross, Great routine, love it!
    What about that rule of not having any liquids with your food and that it’s better to leave 30 to 40 minutes before and after your meal to have a drink? Is that something to keep in mind?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Andrea

      Good question

      Hi Ross, Great routine, love it!
      What about that rule of not having any liquids with your food and that it’s better to leave 30 to 40 minutes before and after your meal to have a drink? Is that something to keep in mind?

      It’s not something I worry about too much to be honest. I mean, I don’t drink a LOAD of water too close to a meal, but giving it 15-30 minutes I think is perfectly fine. And from all of the colonic hydrotherapists I’ve spoken to (they know our digestive system pretty well!), they all say that it’s fine to sip water during your meal, but don’t drink massive gulps or have too much volume.

      But as with everything, see what works best for you. Each of us have a slightly different body that reacts to certain things slightly differently, so try giving yourself that amount of time and see if it helps with your digestion.

      Cheers, have a great day

  7. Lisa Reply

    This is the exact problem that I have. I know how important it is to stay hydrated but I realize around 3:00 usually that I have not had any water all day! I am going to put your suggestions into practice for my health. I am just doing lemon water right now, I cannot afford much but need to look into the ph drops. Thank you for sharing this information! I look forward to your next blog.

  8. carl stoute Reply

    My thanks for the energy and time that you put in to ensure that we remain healthy— we all appreciate your efforts

  9. Margot Reply

    Great article and really good and easy to follow advice.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  10. Mae Chen Reply

    I am sure it will do me lots of good, and I shall start right now. I shall set hourly alarms to remind me to drink a glass of water. Hope it will work!

  11. Brendan Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Many thanks for all the data; your super easy, step-by-step guide to staying hydrated is a masterpiece, and really so simple to comply with …….

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Brendan

      Thanks so much for the nice feedback, it really does mean a lot to me. Let me know if there is any other content or subjects you’d like me to explore!


  12. Lucy Raeside Reply

    Excellent article. Will definitely be using the ‘routine-connected’ tips to staying hydrated. Thanks!

    • Ross Reply

      Good luck Lucy!