Alkaline Diet Quick Tip #2 – Lemons ARE Alkalising!

Article by ross

alkaline diet tipsHey everybody!

This quick tip is a quick tip because it gives you a great way to help alkalise your body – BUT it is also the definitive answer to the question as to whether lemons are alkalising – and if so, HOW?

The Alkaline Diet Quick Tip Series #2: Lemons ARE Alkalising

This one is a really easy one for me! I mean, I’ve blogged about lemon water before, but this time I’m letting new Energise recruit Gareth Edwards do the talking!

[flv: 480 360]

[Note: If the video stops and starts, press play, then pause and wait a little while for the video to download before viewing – this is only an issue with slow Internet connections]

Hope you enjoyed this one! Remember to leave me a comment below if you have any questions or if you have an alkaline diet tip of your own!

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  1. kalambong Reply

    Unless someone can prove that Citric Acid is a base, I don’t think I would believe Lemon is alkaline.

    • Ross Reply


      Didn’t you watch the video? The whole point is that while lemons ARE acidic in their natural state, they have an alkalising effect on the body once consumed. Lemons are high in minerals that have a very alkalising effect on the body once they are metabolised.

      I hope this makes sense to you

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  3. debbie Reply

    i can we would like to know more about toothpaste. you said that it is acid use baken soda inside.

  4. Debbie Reply

    I am in the United States. Can I purchase the Energise pH Strips from you? How much would they cost in US currency including shipping? I would purchase probably five packs. If purchasing from you is not possible, is there a US company that I can purchase them from? Thank you!

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  6. Inyang Reply

    What about acid reflux? I’ve always been told to avoid tomato, lemon, lime, vinegar…because they are acidic. Is this advice wrong? I knwo tomatos are bad, but can lemons, limes, vinegar be good for acid reflux?

  7. Liz Plummer Reply

    I have suffered from acid reflux so severly that I was taking 4-6 acid blockers a day, and about 50-300 tums per week. Finally, when my teeth started breaking off, I got desperate and changed my lifestyle. Prior to this, I ate mostly candy and chocolate.

    I used this site, amongst others to guide me. My PH was 5.5 when I began, which was Nov. 29th, 2010, and now I have finally reached that sainted #7 for the last couple of days. I don’t throw up much at all anymore, but when I do, it is because I am drinking something acidic, like lemon water, “but” I quickly learned to tell when I had simply drank too much, too late in the day, following too many almonds. It has only happened to me 3 times in total, and before I vomited up acid perhaps 6 times a day. I can now drink lemon in water before and after each meal with no problems. When I began, I couldn’t touch lemon juice without a harsh acid vomiting session following. Basically what I am trying to say is that until your body heals somewhat, you will get the same reaction as you did before at first, because your stomach is in the same condition. I just wish I had started years ago, and saved my teeth. But I am thank ful as heck that I started at all.

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