Alkaline Recipe #215: Fast & Easy Turmeric Lemonade

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Turmeric Lemonade Recipe: What a Delicious Way to Stay Hydrated!

Turmeric lemonade is so simple, quick and easy to make. It tastes delicious. AND of course, turmeric is probably the most potent anti-inflammatory on Earth. What a win!

I only discovered this by chance the other day, feeling bored with plain water (yep, even I get bored of water!) but needing to keep my hydration up. I often make turmeric tea, and my version of Bulletproof ‘Coffee’ (clue, it doesn’t have coffee in it)…BUT…I had to dash out of the door, so kinda just made turmeric tea…cold…squeezed in some lemon to give it a bit more of an alkaline boost and VOILA!

Simple. Sometimes the most delicious, brilliant recipes are simple.

And this turmeric lemonade couldn’t be easier or more simple – give it a try, it’s just delicious!

Turmeric Lemonade – Alkaline Recipe #215

Serves: 2


660ml of filtered (preferably alkaline) water
2 tbsp turmeric, fresh or powdered (see note below)
1 1/2 lemons, juiced
Optional: stevia drops to taste


Simply mix everything together!

Note: there are a couple of things to explain –

Firstly, if you are using fresh turmeric, wear plastic food preparation gloves and be aware the turmeric will stain anything it touches, and use a grater. OR, you can juice the turmeric and add it to the water, but it is tricky to juice such a small amount of fresh turmeric and a pain to clean a whole juicer just for this little bit of juice.

I personally just use organic powdered turmeric.

The other note is that you can use sparkling water. Sparkling water is mildly acid-forming, BUT, if this is just a once every few days drink then that’s not really a problem – and it does make it much more lemonade-y!

Other Interesting Links & Guides

Turmeric is a super powerful anti-inflammatory with so many incredible benefits. Here are some guides highlighting the research:

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Tim Ferris has also riffed on his own version of Bulletproof Coffee and he calls it ‘Titanium Tea’ which is also coffee free. Check it out here.

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  1. Joanna Reply

    Hi Ross

    Doing a great job here – thank you.

    I eat alkaline much of the time, having healed from breast cancer using my diet as part of the healing process but…a couple of years ago I also developed vitiligo and I wonder if you know of anyone who’s had any reversal of it when fully engaging with the alkaline diet. There’s ambiguity about whether or not it’s an auto-immune disease but my Mum was wracked with RA and I consider cancer to be auto immune because cancer cells start out as normal cells. Thank you for all you do…it’s great!

    Cheers, Joanna

  2. Gillian Hartley Reply

    Hello Ross. First, love your site and all the resources you provide. Recently diagnosed with Oral and General Lichen Planus Disease I’m looking for natural alternative ways to beat this. Have you ever come across other people with the same disease? I’m on day to of major diet changes, haven always been a healthy person with good eating habits I am enjoying the greens, haven’t eliminated coffee yet. That’s a biggie lol. Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. Lisa Reply

    Does tumeric stain your teeth? If so how would you recommend preventing that. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Julie Reply

    Ive read that tumeric is not water soluble but fat soluble so the best way for your body to absorb it is with fat? Any thoughts on this? I’m taking organic tumeric tablets but wondering if its worth it really. thanks for your help.

    • Franco Reply

      Ross, why haven’t answered to such important questions by your followers / clients / clients-to-be? This makes me think that you are not really interested in helping us improve our health but only after the money!

      • ross Reply

        Hi Franco

        I answer hundreds of emails and comments every week, dozens a day at times – completely for free. You’re also looking at recipe 215 of over 250 that are on this site completely for free. I think you should think about that.

        I can’t possibly answer every question.


    • Gyapong Elijah Reply

      Can turmeric help me to reduce High blood pressure and improve my sexaull performance

      • ross Reply

        High blood pressure yes. Sexual performance? I’d probably recommend study over turmeric for that.

  5. Gill Reply

    I tried the Turmeric Lemonade Ross, using organic powered turmeric. How do you get the powder to dissolve completely and not leave a powdery taste?
    Same thing with the Turmeric/ginger chai. The powders just dont dissolve no matter how much I whisk them together.

  6. emilio aleo Reply


    I been taking tumeric in capsule form now for 18 month now.
    This was to resolve my inflammation after my operation. / capsules per day does seem to keep the pain down. But it is not healing. Also my other knee now has inflamed for no reason. No injury or strain. So am disappointed with tumeric, am still taking. Any ideas please I would be grateful regards emilio

  7. Uhuru Reply

    I heard Garlic is bad for the brain. What’s your thoughts?

    • ross Reply

      Hi – I have never heard this. I disagree but I can’t really comment without a source of research / human study that’s shown this effect.

  8. Amy Reply

    When I try to blend powdered turmeric into cold water, it doesn’t work. Is it better to heat the water to help dissolve the turmeric? What’s your trick?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Amy

      My hunch is that your powdered turmeric is not organic? I just stir mine in with a spoon and it dissolves right in.

      • Amy Reply

        Thanks Ross! I’ll check the label when I get home. Am I still able to use this powdered turmeric, possibly in recipes? I hate to waste it.

        • ross Reply

          Yep you sure can – I recommend a cm of fresh root turmeric daily and this is equiv. to about a teaspoon of powdered.

          • Amy


  9. Ann Reply

    Hi I would like to add more Turmeric to my diet but I’ve read that you need to add pepper as well for the Turmeric to be absorbed properly. Is that true?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Ann

      While I’d kick off saying it doesn’t hurt…this is a common myth. There was a study published in 1999 that showed that piperine (a compound in black pepper) enhanced the amount the body could absorb curcumin (the most anti-inflammatory compound in turmeric) by 2000% or something crazy. Very exciting. Except, the study was funded by a supplement company who, at the time, were trying to patent the combination of curcumin + piperine. So very unreliable data.

      The main skepticism for me comes from not just the funding of the study but also, since this was published in 1999, there have been almost a further thousand studies on curcumin and turmeric (whole) and their therapeutic use, and none of them have used piperine to enhance their results.

      Again – it doesn’t hurt, and generally speaking, in about 70% of the recipes where I use turmeric, I’d also naturally use black pepper…BUT…it’s not something to be worried about. Turmeric/curcumin will work just fine on it’s own too!


      • Prakash Reply

        In South India where Turmeric Use is very high, one of the dishes which is prepared on a daily basis in the South Indian Kitchens where Turmeric is an important ingredient is Pepper Rasam which is made using black pepper. It cant be just coincidence that these two ingredients are used together in many dishes.