Lemon Water Benefits – The Ultimate Alkaline Superstar

lemon water alkaline

Lemon Water Is the Ultimate Start to the Day!

With a name that’s almost as simple as ‘green drink’ – lemon water is wonderfully nourishing and hydrating and it could make a big difference to your energy & vitality.

It is, quite simply:

Warm water with lemon squeezed in!

Could it be any easier?

The beauty of it is that it is delicious, refreshing, nourishing, and best of all alkalizing.

Since I first posted this guide in 2006, there have been so many positive reports back from people who have added this to their life! It has become a core element of the alkaline diet!

“Great informative post – -I have started drinking lemon water 3 days ago and have noticed a massive difference , it’s amazing! I feel more energetic and do not crave caffeine like I used to. Thank you for posting this!” — Keith Townsend (April, 2012)

<em”I recently began drinking lemon water, I feel much more energized and it’s something that is so simple to do everyday” — Linda (April, 2006)

“I had suffered for the last 4 days, the most horrible stomach flu I could ever imagine. Between the vomiting and diarrhea, I have lost 9 lbs. Desperate for relief, I looked up this information online.

Last night I took my first dose of luke warm filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon. My symptoms seemed to improve within the hour. I finally got to sleep through the night without having to run to the bathroom!” — Amy (Dec, 2011)

Lemons are Alkaline? Please Explain…

Lemon water is most definitely alkaline-forming to the body. It is one of the few alkaline fruits.

Because of its very, very low sugar content and high alkaline mineral content, lemons actually have an alkalising effect on the body that far exceeds it’s citric acid content.

Note: I am not saying that lemons are alkaline in their raw form, I am saying that lemons are alkaliZING to the body once consumed!

See the distinction here?

The most important thing to note is not what the pH of the food is in it’s natural state – rather the EFFECT THE FOOD HAS ON THE BODY.

(And by the way, this applies to all foods, not just lemons.)

But this is just a start of the benefits of lemon water that I love so much.

Lemons Are One Way of Making Alkaline Water…

Drinking alkaline water is SO important to getting the energy and vitality you crave and deserve.

I have created a full guide here that teaches you all seven ways you can make alkaline water at home:


FREE DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE for the Full Guide: How to Make Alkaline Water at Home!


I recommend grabbing this now, while you’re thinking about it and reading it when you’ve finished this article!

Lemon water is a GREAT start to the day, but there are a some much more nourishing and beneficial ways of making alkaline water. Check the full guide out.

Alkaline Recipe Book

The 17 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Fresh lemon (note, don’t use bottled) is a rich source of nutrients such as the alkaline minerals calcium and potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A and pectin fibre, whilst also having antibacterial properties.

It tastes delicious and so is a welcome first drink in the morning, as a way to break your fast from the 8 hours of no water during your sleep, and it gets your metabolism and system working right away.

The Full List of Benefits:

    1. Immune Boosting: Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies


    1. Arthritis: vitamin C-rich foods, such as lemons and limes, provide humans with protection against inflammatory polyarthritis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis involving two or more joints.


    1. Metabolism: lemon water first thing in the morning, gets your system moving and your metabolism ignited. When we are dehydrated the metabolism grinds to a halt. This hydration habit could make a huge difference to your energy and if you’re looking to lose weight this will move you considerably in the right direction.


    1. Anti-Cancer: Lemons and limes contain unique flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. In fact, research has shown that compounds in citrus fruits, including lemons and limes, called limonoids have been shown to help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon.


    1. Fights Aging & Free Radical Formation: the high levels of Vitamin C from lemons travel through the body neutralizing any free radicals with which it comes into contact. Free radicals can destroy healthy cells and also cause a lot of inflammation, or painful swelling, in the body. This is one of the reasons that vitamin C has been shown to be helpful for reducing some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


    1. Colon Health & Digestion: Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficial for colon health


    1. Alkaline Superstar! And of course, it is nicely alkalizing to the body…!


    1. Detoxifying: Warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins built up and processed for removal during your sleep. If you stay dehydrated your body has no way of expelling these toxins and they can get stored in fat, to protect your vital organs. Help your body get them out by hydrating!


    1. Important Bile Production: lemon water aids digestion and encourages the production of bile


    1. Anti-Biotic: flavonoids in lemons and limes called flavonol glycosides have antibiotic effects – helping prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases


    1. Anti-Inflammatory: lemons help with reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid – also making it very helpful for gout


    1. Prevents Colds & Flu: Being high in vitamin C and alkaline minerals, plus with the anti-bacterial and anti-biotic effects of the flavanoids, Lemon Water helps prevent and shorten the common cold


    1. Brain Nourishing: the potassium content in lemon helps nourish brain and nerve cells and the antiinflammatory benefits helps protect the brain – our organ most effected by a diet rich in inflammatory foods.


    1. Liver Health: Lemon water helps to strengthen the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are too diluted


    1. Skin Cleansing: it is of huge benefit to the skin and it prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne – due to the high antioxidant content. When cells are attacked by free radicals and diet this process is literally your body aging. If you want fresh, youthful skin then you need to consume a diet rich in antioxidants – starting with lemon water every morning!


    1. Eye Health: the vitamins and cartenoids in lemons helps prevent macular degeneration – i.e. it maintains the health of the eyes and your eyesight!


  1. Post-Workout Recovery: while it plays a different role to a protein shake, lemon water helps to balance your body’s pH after a workout (and the buildup of lactic acid) to reduce the acid and prevent soreness and tiredness. It also helps to replenish your body’s salts – critical after a workout.

So if you do not do anything else – start every single day with a glass of lovely warm lemon water!

How to Make Lemon Water

While it is a really simple process with few ingredients, it is still worth giving you my process so you can see how I do it.

In reality you’ll find your own way/combo that you like, but here’s how I do it:

  • 400ml of room temperature filtered (I use ionized) water
  • 100ml of boiled water
  • 1/3 medium sized lemon

Basically that’s it!

I like to use 1/3 of a lemon per 500ml of water, and the 400-to-100 thing is just so I get the warmth without having to use the warm water tap (which can affect taste).

In terms of the ionizer bit, the MINIMUM I’d do is filter the water (see this guide about water to see how bad tap water is) – and ideally you’ll used ionized water (again, learn about that in this guide here).

But don’t let anything hold you back!

Straight tap water is better than being dehydrated. There are no excuses to put this off!

How to Select a High-Quality Lemon at the Grocery Store

When you’re choosing your lemon (or lime) you really want to be aiming for one that is thick skinned.

Thick skinned lemons will have more flesh and more juice.

You should also be looking for one that has a full color – greenish lemons will be more acidic and less ripe.

On the other end of the scale, overripe lemons will be “wrinkled”, have soft and hard patches and dull coloring.

You don’t need to worry about seasons – lemons are available all year round.

Lemons will stay fresh for about a week at room temperature, and will keep for about a month in the fridge (in the salad drawer).

That’s all – so let’s all commit to this delicious alkaline drink every morning!

Remember, while it isn’t your solution to alkaline water all day long (it’s not strong enough to do this job), it is a fantastic, delicious and nourishing way to start the day.

It’s mildly alkaline, metabolism-boosting, skin-clearing, antioxidant-rich, vitamin-rich, mineral-rich deliciousness means it’s a very smart way to kick off any day.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!


PS – yes, it is fine to add some cayenne (cayene) pepper for a bit of a kick, but PLEASE DO NOT ADD MAPLE SYRUP – this will make it have an acidic effect on the body!

Extra Update: I’ve received a few emails and comments about tooth enamel, and while I’ve been drinking water with lemon for years with no trouble on this front here are a few suggestions if you are concerned:

  • Clean your teeth after drinking. Toothpaste is highly alkaline so neutralises any acids in the mouth – remember the lemon is still acidic until you metabolise it, and at this point it has an alkaline effect on the body
  • Drink a glass of (pref alkaline) water – or just rinse your mouth out
  • Drink the water with lemon through a straw

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below!

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  1. Robin Reply

    there are lots of benefits of lemon water and it is instant source of calories for human body and it is also called the human body antibiotic. Thanks for sharing beneficial blog.

  2. Mel Owe Reply


    I saw a recipe for making lemonade, it included grape juice as well as water and lots of lemons. Although it didnt use sugar, would the grape juice change the alkalizing effect from the lemons and water?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • ross Reply

      Yep, definitely

  3. Dusty Reply

    Excellent post.

  4. Dana Bovill Reply

    I use fresh lemons but I also use a lot of Santa Cruz 100% Organic Lemon Juice. What is the difference in using lemons opposed to bottled organic juice?

    • ross Reply

      There isn’t a huge difference if your bottled is high quality, but just make sure nothing is added at all in terms of preservatives, sweeteners etc.

      Fresh is always best in terms of mineral/vitamin/nutrient content though.

      • Dana Bovill Reply

        Thank you. The Santa Cruz brand lists nothing but Organic Lemon Juice under ingredients. States it is 100% Juice and USDA Organic.

  5. Bill Katehis Reply

    Can I make alkaline water using lemon juice and how many oz are in a gallon should I use? Thanks for your help…..Bill

  6. Debbie Reply

    Instead of juice from the lemon can I use a pure essential lemon oil?

    • ross Reply

      You can – but def make sure you get a good quality oil.

  7. mailin Reply

    I love drinking lemon water every day. I actually squeeze one whole lemon to 32 oz water.
    I make 2 jars every day and drink it through out the day.

    Is this okay for me? I don’t see how it would harm me. but my dentist said STOP it. BAD BAD for my enamel. But doesn’t our saliva take care of that each time we drink or eat. its to neutralize our mouth with our saliva?

    this drinking just 1 glass each morning is great and all….but I like to drink it all day. I add slice of lemon to glass of water when I go places.

    Its not like I am putting the whole lemon and letting it sit in my mouth vs 32 oz water with one lemon in it.

    Is this so bad to drink all day?

  8. Pallab Nag Reply

    Which time & how many times can drink ?
    Is it drink before food
    It is benefitted from blood cancer. AML M2

    • ross Reply

      Hi Pallab

      I personally love to start my day with 500ml of lemon water.


  9. Faina Kofman Reply

    What do you think of the machines that make alkaline water (KangenWater for example)?
    Is drinking water with lemon as as good way to create a more alkaline environment?

    • ross Reply

      Hi Faina

      The ionizers – if you get a good brand (I love the Chanson brand btw) are fantastic – a different universe to lemon in water.


    • Betty Reply

      1. does adding lemon juice to alkaline water change the waters” PH?
      {say i.e…..water is 8.5…… will lemon raise the PH level?)

      2. also does lemon have any affect on the fluoride added to our tap water? How get rid of contaminants in our water supply?????

      3. I like drinking lemon flavored water all day long. any problems there?

  10. Sandy Reply

    I have been dx with mild, chronic gastritis, which causes me stomach pain (inflammation of the stomach lining). I also have GERD and irritable bowel syndrome. A friend told me about the alkalizing effect of lemon water. I have been avoiding all citrus because I assumed it was acidic and would irritate my stomach. Do you think it would be helpful to heal the inflammation in my stomach due to excess stomach acid, likely caused by stress?

  11. Mark Reply

    If lemons with a pH of 2-3 are alkalising due to the presence of alkalising minerals (calcium, magnesium potassium, sodium, etc), surely naturally alkaline waters containing similar minerals (say with a pH of 7.2) when carbonated (with a pH of say 4.8) will also be alkalising? I cannot see any difference but open to reasons. Thanks!

  12. Deb Reply

    Why not use bottled lemon juice ?

  13. Kitty Reply

    Just read your informative article about lemon water. I have a question about lemons, something I read recently, it says that lemons contain “Coumarine” which can cause liver damage. Your thoughts please. Thank you. Kitty.

  14. Mitch Maizell Reply

    Pure citric acid…way better to break down crack with instead of vinigar with that bs diluted acidity

  15. James Reply

    Ross, you said “……..while it isn’t your solution to alkaline water all day long (it’s not strong enough to do this job), it is a fantastic, delicious and nourishing way to start the day.”

    So, it’s not a good idea to drink waterm this way all throughout the day?

  16. Patricia Reply

    I love lemon water and I believe it does a lot of wonders to our bodies! What I like doing with my lemon water is boil a cup of water, then throw in two slices of lemon and a half teaspoon of honey. I let the mixture sit in for a while before drinking. It really helps especially when you have colds and sore throat.

  17. Carlton Porter Reply

    So I heard that Broccoli wasn’t good for you because it is a hybrid food, not natural and man made. The molecular structure isn’t complete and it’s an acid based vegetable. What are your thoughts on that?

  18. Joseph Reply

    Is it true raw green lemon is not fit for consumption in that it turns blood acidic and endangers ones bones?A friend advised I use only ripe yellow lemons .I have used raw green juice in water first thing in the morning for two decades.
    My left leg hip joint has atheistic pain and have suffered lower back problem for 30years.Could the grin lemon juice be aggregating the problem ?

  19. Lynda Jones Reply

    Hi please can you comment on taking the peel along with the juice and warm water each morning? I have heard the finely grated peel of organic lemons are much more beneficial when taken together? Thanks Lynda

  20. Karla Reply

    I have stomach pain quite often. I was diagnosed with helicoptor pyloris ( sorry can’t spell it) but after treatment its eradicated. I worry lemon juice will make it worse. Does it change to alkaline in the stomach straight away? I’ve always suffered with stomach problems, many years ago I was told I didn’t make enough acid, not sure if its still the same

    Also I’ve always been led to believe that cleaning your teeth straight after consuming lemon, oranges etc, you actually making it worse as you’re brushing acid into your teeth.

    I’d also find 500ml too much to drink, I still love a cuppa in the morning.

    Hope you can advise


  21. Sando Reply

    Drink Lemon first and at least half an hour before eating to get the most effect. Also when brushing teeth, leave it for at least 1/2 an hour so the paste does not neutralize because of the lemon water.

  22. Farooq Reply

    Hi dear lemon water is good to reduce thick blood .because my blood is little thick can I drink lemon water when I wake up

    • Sando Reply

      Cayene pepper is good for that.

  23. Kathy Reply

    Can I freeze fresh lemon juice and get the same benefit? It would be convenient to juice a lot of lemons and then freeze individual daily portions. Also, are you talking about just the juice? What about the peel?

    • Sando Reply

      I would not juice the rind (peel). It is very sour. To put wedges of lemon in water and let it sit so the water extracts the juice would be better. This way you can leave the peel on and gain the nutrients just under the skin. Freezing anything is not always the best option but better then nothing at all. I would do concentrate ice cubes of lemon juice and then place one or two of these, depending on size in the water each morning. Snap frozen reduces nutrient loss. Usually juices need to be drunk half hour after being squeezed or juiced to gain the most benefit. Those sugary juices we buy from the store are full of artificial nutrients and not the real deal.

  24. Kara Reply

    Hi, may i know if its ok for me to add hot water to the lemon slices n let it soak, then drink it when its lukewarm or cool? Would it make it more effective or less effective? 🙂

  25. Pat Reply

    Is it safe to have more than one glass of lemon water a day?

    • Sando Reply

      Everything in moderation is the key. The people who drink 20 beers a day shouldn’t – but they do and survive. The rule is that natural products, such as fruit; your body will take what nutrients it needs. It is the artificial products like capsules, that could lead to overdose. But be aware that people have killed themselves by drinking too much water. I would drink it half hour before each meal if you want it that much.

      A theory of mine is this – Our fruits have seasons, which means they serve a purpose for that season. IE. Lemon or Citrus in winter equals nutrients against colds and the flu. Watermelon in summer for re-hydration. Coconuts also for re-hydration and yeast infections and other sorts of things – so are available all year round.

  26. mike Reply

    i have been using lemon water for a long time and it is truly the best thing for your body.
    there is something that a lot of people do not know about lemon water- it increases blood flow to the male genitals and helps a lot in regaining connection between your thoughts and your genitals. its just like viagra!! but you need to take it at least three times daily.

  27. Flower Reply

    Which meals or food combos can i drink lemon water with. Is it ok with carbs or other fruit like watermellon?

  28. too much lemon juice Reply

    That article was Very good, I am very much impressed with your Suggestions and tips. I got the best information from your blog , It’s very useful to all Healthcare users and us. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • ross Reply


  29. Praise Reply

    They say Honey is good for the system. so i have been taking 1tablespoon of honey +1litre of water every morning. What do you think?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Praise

      People say honey is good because of the nutrients it contains, but it’s really the same logic as saying red wine or chocolate are good for you because they contain antioxidants…well, so do vegetables and they’re a lot more healthy than alcoholic red wine and sugar-full chocolate!

      Honey is a sugar, and sugar is not good – no matter whether it’s fructose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose. They all cause inflammation, acidity and stuff the immune system.


  30. Saravana Reply

    hi all, lemon is indeed alkaline when inside stomach. i came to confirm this when read in fb that for heart-burn, drinking lemon juices neutralises the gastric juice. i tried it with plain tea and light sugar, and surprisingly i worked as if i took my meds. DO not question this fact, after all it is a fact.

  31. pity 2013 Reply

    You are so awesome! I do not think I’ve read a single
    thing like that before. So great to find somebody
    with a few genuine thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a little originality!|

  32. Kasia Reply

    Why do I feel burning in my throat after I drink lemon water?

  33. kaja Reply

    I’ve heard that when you mmix lemon juice with water, it is no longer alkalising and that you should drink lemon juice alone. Several people said that and I’ve read about it. Could that be true?

  34. Ed Reply

    Hey, really great post, thanks a lot for that. I just wanted to point out, drinking like warm water from the tap in england(I’m not sure how this translates internationally) can be harmful as the copper pipes carry bad properties intot the water, so if you drink Luke warm water, it should be boiled and them allowed to cool.
    Thanks again

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Nice catch Ed – thanks for this. It’s absolutely true. You should never drink warm water direct from the tap.

      • Hansen Reply

        You’re telling them to use tap water with fluoride and anti-psychotic drugs in the water? What the hell is wrong with you? Use reverse-osmosis water NOT tap!! And P.S: Don’t pat yourself on the back for writing a simple article about lemon water. My colleagues and I were writing about it in health journals back in 1972, and posted at least one or two of those online in 1994. Please learn about the other things such as fluoride poisoning and other toxins in the water before you go making recommendations to people. Even if you have to read our articles from 43 years ago I think I speak for everyone when I say we don’t care at this point as long as you don’t go misleading people with dangerous things because you’re not aware of them yet. Thanks! —Hans.

        • ross Reply

          Hey Hans

          Awesome. What a hero you are. Firstly, RO water is acidic and oxidizing and speeds cell death and free radical formation.

          Secondly I don’t *advise* tap water, in fact I specifically link to articles that point out exactly how bad tap water is and say DON’T use it.

          And if you took some time you’d realise there are numerous articles on the site warning about fluoride and the hundreds of toxic chemicals in tap water. In fact, I am right in the middle of an entire water series which focuses almost entirely on this (this is the first page in the series: http://alkalinewatermadeeasy.com/ask-ross-water/

          And as an aside, not everyone’s water has fluoride in it…but that’s a small point.

          So for someone who is thirsty and doesn’t have or can’t afford a filter right this second. Should they just stay thirsty.

          Finally, I don’t pat myself on the back (although it *feels* like you are with your 1972 rhetoric) – but people need the basics just like they need the advanced stuff too.

          I hope you have a wonderful day and I can safely say you speak for absolutely nobody but yourself. You have made yourself look stupid.


  35. Betty Reply

    Wonderful blog you have here but I was wondering if you knew
    of any forums that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

  36. larry Reply

    I used the omega for years, but I just got a champion last week

  37. tinkerbell Reply

    Lemons are acid not alkaline outside the body. What is amazing is when the body digests them they turn into alkaline. There are many foods that have acid/ alkaline quality however some that are acid turn to alkaline in the body and visa versa. We need alkaline PH balance in the body to ward off disease and help our immune system. Cancer thrives in the acid body.. check out acid/alkaline foods.. hope this helps. Also check out Beauty Detox.. cheers!~

  38. haryis Reply

    will lemon leads to kidney failure, Is it good for dialysis patient.

  39. David Reply


    I have had kidney stones and my assistant makes lemon water for me every morning as the alkalinity stops them from forming.

    Lately because it is easier she has squeezed a bunch of lemons into a big bottle on Monday and simply serves it daily – makes enough for the week.

    I know that after being exposed to oxygen for a few days orange juice for instance can lose its Vitamin C. Does that apply to lemons losing alkalinity or does that element persist regardless of time?


  40. Richard Reply

    I drink per cup 3 tble spoons lemon juice and add 3 tble spns xylitol to sweeten, and protect my teeth. The results are; I’m more energized and fewer dental cleanings, overall great dental health:-)

  41. lemonade-diet Reply

    When most people think of acidic foods one of the first fruit that springs to mind is the lemon; however, you cannot judge a foods acidity until it’s metabolized by the body. This was an interesting read. It explained things well.

  42. aly Reply

    can we use other citrus ? like orange ?

  43. raghunath singh Reply

    thanx for this very useful information. I hav tried today morning and i felt relief in acidity and gastric reflux.
    Please tell me is lemon water has any role to reduce abdminal belly fat. And it wil b used.

  44. Zisis Reply


    I have started a month ago using lemon water and trying to be alkaline.
    I have a simple question: how often I can drink lemon water per day? Can I drink/use lemon water all day? Well, this is how i drink lemon water now, but is it safe or I am overdoing it?


  45. Dee Reply

    It is interesing you stressed that maple syrup should not be added to lemon drink. I have been doing this for a long time to balance out the sour taste of lemon. I have also been on the lemonade diet when I took large quantities of lemon and maple syrup thinking I was doing my body a favour. I drank just lemonade for 10 days. No food. Are you telling me the ‘lemonade diet’ makes the body more acidic?

  46. Psiberman Reply

    I beg to differ with anyone arguing that lemons alkalize the body in any way.

    I offer this example: certain medications contraindicate citrus juices, including lemon juice because, *as a result of acidifying the body*, less of the active drug in the medication crosses the blood/brain barrier.

    If both blood and urine is acidified by, say, lemon juice, then it most certainly acidifies the body!

  47. frances Reply

    II ams drinking artesian water from a good source..PH is 7.5 Is this not alkaline enough????

    • Sando Reply

      I once read that drinking pure water or distilled water is not the right thing to do because of exactly what you are referring. The PH levels are neutral and “distilling” takes away the natural minerals. Spring water is supposed to be better and distilled is for cleansing; body detoxing perhaps. Your Spring water would contain alkaline substances.

      I get the point you are trying to make also. There is all this information about new ways of doing things – but why do we have to do all these fandangled ways and not just do things naturally as we are supposed to do?

      Think about the Nutribullet. It is supposed to break down cell walls blah blah blah, Yet some recommend not doing it this way, because the body is meant to break down our foods; and not allowing it to do so, could be of serious consequences I guess.

  48. Takaia Reply

    So… how can lemons “ease heartburn” when they don’t become alkaline until we metabolize them? If I have heartburn right now, wouldn’t pouring an acid in my stomach make it worse since it takes a while to metabolize those minerals in the lemon?

    • Sando Reply

      I thought the same thing. Because ever since changing to a beer that has infused lime juice my gasses increased. To reduce stomach acid is better to take a teaspoon of bi-carb soda in water

  49. Keith Townsend Reply

    Great informative post – -I have started drinking lemon water 3 days ago and have noticed a massive difference , it’s amazing! I feel more energetic and do not crave caffeine like I used to. Thank you for posting this!

  50. Amy Reply

    I have suffered for the last 4 days, the most horrible stomach flu I could ever imagine. Between the vomiting and diarrhea, I have lost 9 lbs. in 4 days and became severely dehydrated. Desperate for relief, I looked up this information online. Last night I took my first dose of equal parts of luke warm filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon and about 2 teaspoons of honey. My symptoms seemed to improve within the hour. I finally got to sleep through the night without having to run to the bathroom. I repeated the same regimen this morning, and so far so good. The acid from the lemon has left my stomach feeling a little unsure but the vomiting and diarrhea have stopped. Thanks for the wonderful advice!

  51. Linda marrian Reply

    hi im wondering if anybody could help me, according to drinking this lemon juice, honey & warm water. how much should i mix in parts?

    • [email protected] Reply

      I can help you. Listen to the video above. You are making a mistake putting honey in with the lemon if you want to alkaline your body.

  52. Pinky Reply

    Hi! I’ve drank lemon juice without water for 2 days now at least 30 minutes before breakfast by using a teaspoon. Do you think this is advisable? When you say 1/2 lemon to 500ml water, do you mean half of the lemon fruit itself?

    I have read somewhere that mixing calamansi or Calamondin with water, which is a lemon alternative in the Philippines, will make it acidic so I thought that was also the case with lemons. This was the reason why I did not mix the lemon (not calamansi) juice with water. I know, it’s sour! Good thing I like sour lol

    But I noticed that after I drank the lemon juice, my stomach felt very acidic. I’m an acidic person and this is exactly why I resorted to drinking lemon juice to help alkalize my body. In fact yesterday, I didn’t eat much at all because my stomach felt really odd. Yesterday, I added about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the lemon juice but this morning I opted to forego the baking soda.

    Hope you can help clear things up for me. Thanks!

  53. margie Reply

    can any expert answer this questions.. is alkaline water also good for your dog? I try to drink alkaline water and foods all the time and would like to keep my dog healthy as well.
    please let me know..

  54. Andrew Reply

    Hiiii……….. Hw beneficial is tis???? I ve gastric probs n m recommended by the Doc tat m nt supposed t ve any citric fuds….. So is it recommended 4 a gastric person to ve lemon in the mornin wit lukewarm water in an empty stomach.

  55. Andrew Cole Reply

    Particularly educative bless you, I think your
    fat burning equals weight loss
    subscribers would probably want way more items along these lines carry on the excellent content.

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    Very helpful appreciate it, It is my opinion your subscribers might probably want more stories of this nature keep up the excellent effort.

  57. angela Reply

    lemons are acidic to stomach and alkaline to body. good to drink lemon water with break, lunch and tea to help your body produce its own acids to digest food. also apple cider vinegar with lemon first thing in morning helps alkalise the body and promote elmination. it works for me

  58. Electric Back Massager Reply

    Hmm, looks like I have already missed a lot of alkalising power here, anyways, hope to try it and integrate it with my daily diet.. Thanks for this very informative information.

  59. Coole Reply

    I read somewhere that drinking pure lemon juice (without adding water or sweeteners) is also beneficial. Does it make any difference?

  60. Matt Reply

    Any help?

  61. Lois W Reply

    is there anyone out there, can tell me if lemon water
    is good for your and what is it.
    no one is answering me

  62. Kewal K Mohin Reply

    In India many recommend taking lemon in luke warm water and honey as first thing in the morning. Is that drink alkaline in nature or not?.

  63. Lois W Reply

    you didn,t answer me about low platelet count
    there is no answer?

  64. Lois W Reply

    I have my blood tested and my platelet count is very low,
    will lemon water help raise it?

  65. diana Reply

    Hehe, thank you, but Ross u look a little nervous in the video :D.
    Can I ask why? 😀

  66. Ellena Reply

    Tap water definitely has an acidic effect on the body. Drinking filtered water (not bottled as some bottled water is worse than tap water and doesn’t contain the helpful fluoride) is best. It takes out the nasties from old pipes etc and keeps the fluoride in. Instead of having all the time lemon water, maybe alternate with apple cidar vinegar (with the ‘mother’) and liquid chlorophyl. All have an alkalising effect.

    • Nature First Reply

      doesn’t contain the helpful fluoride????
      It is proven fluoride in the water is bad for you. Tap water should not have fluoride in it. Fluoride is really toxic for your body and is the culprit of many modern day ‘ailments’ like ADD.

      • Joe Reply

        That makes zero sense. In no way does fluoride cause ADD. Any manuscripts that suggest that probably used huge doses in lab animals. I’m a toxicologist. Please no one listen to this nonsensical bologna

        • Angie Reply

          In my opinion, flouride is indeed nuerotoxic. However, eryone should do their own research in regards to this. Anyone can change data to a suitable outcome in order to support their hypothosis.

      • Christine Reply

        Yes, fluoride is a potent neurotoxin (used in WWII) and should be avoided.

  67. Matt Reply


    Can anyone (Ross maybe) tell me whether plain old Sydney (Australia) tap water has an ”akalising” or ”acidising” effect on my body?
    I too have GERD and have discovered that I have quite a bit of trouble with foods that have an ”acidising” effect.


  68. Jake Reply

    There’s no scientific evidence that lemon or any other acidic foods can neutralize the acidity and produce the alkalinity effects in human body. So far, there are only supporting research in vitro (meaning in test tube) and in animal models (which pH and system can be totally different from us). If you have found one, please let’s see. And most importantly, Robert Young who proposed this theory earned his “doctorate” from an unaccredited university – not recognized by the US Education department – comparable to DeVry and Phoenix U. He was charged with multiple felonies for trying to “be a doctor” which likely was a fraud. I’m not denying the possible benefits of lemon in water, but I’m stressing the facts that we don’t know about it too much yet. Meaning, there MAY even be harmful effects if we follow this habit. So watch out and educate yourself!

    • Fresh A. Reply

      Thanks, I love you!

  69. Gav Bryce Reply

    In regards to lemon water and teeth health. Dentists recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after drinking lemon water, before brushing your teeth. The acidity of lemons weakens tooth enamel. If you are to eat fruit or other acidic foods before brushing your teeth, you can damage your teeth. Our saliva has an alkaline ph and after 30 minutes will have neutralized the acidity of the lemon. Therefore, making it all good to brush your teeth.

  70. Darvocet N Reply

    Thank You a ton for writing such a wonderful piece of information. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.Generic Darvocet N

  71. Kevin D Bramble Reply

    What effect would adding lemon juice to coconut water have after it is metabolised? NOTE: coconut is naturally very alkaline and readily available in my country.

    • Sando Reply

      i would drink them seperately

  72. B Parker Reply

    I don’t understand … you advocate drinking ionized water that is alkaline and not distilled water because it is acidic. But lemon water is far more acidic than distilled water. I agree that drinking lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body because I’ve experienced this, but I’ve also experienced that drinking distilled water has an alkalizing effect too. It seems to me that drinking alkaline water should therefore have an acidifying effect on the body.

    • Sando Reply

      distilled water is neutral. it has nothing but pure water. However water will flush salts from the body.

  73. sharifah Reply

    thank you very much for this information. My husband has problems with his liver and stomach and someone recommended alkaline water and I so happened stumbled on your article about lemon water. I will sure give it a go. My family love to drink iced lemon drink that is a mixture of water, lemon juice and sugar. Can this be considered alkaline water too?

    • Ross Reply

      Lemon drink is very alkaline. Just cut off the sugar and you are fine. Sugar and anything sweet is very acidic.

      • anthony edgecombe Reply

        what about honey?can that be used or is it too acid?

  74. RayMeds Reply

    Yes, Lemon water is greatly beneficial for our body. I appreciated what you have done here…. I am happy to find this interesting information about lemon water….

  75. Anna Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful site with such accurate info, one site i visited didnt give me alot of info so i started peeling a whole lemon, chopping it up & making 4-5 teas a day out of the same lemon, as a result the corners of my lips became cracked, infected & that infection spread to my nose & lymph nodes! it was horrible & I gave up on lemon water, until I found all these handy informative tips! I am starting again today by squeezing half a lemons juice into a cup of boiling water, then after its cooled off a bit drinking that & then having the other half in the arvo. Ill keep u updated on how I go! x

    • Vicker Reply

      Hi Anna, don’t know how lemon juice could have caused an infection like that, but for your lemon drinks, it’s best not to put lemon juice in boiling water because the heat will destroy the Vitamin C content. Wait until the water has cooled to luke warm and then squeeze half a lemon into it. Works for me! 🙂

  76. Dex Reply

    Hi guys
    Ive been dringking water with lemon and sometimes lime every moring for more than a month now. I have gout and ive been having pain in my joints any inputs on this is the lemon oe lime has an efect on My gout

    • Jason Crowder Reply

      cherry juice and cranberrry juice mixed 50/50 with a shot of apple cider vinegar will cure your gout. The cherry juice breaks down the uric acid and the cranberry help flush it out. The vinegar helps regulate the blood during this process.

      Hope this helps you.
      I am not a blogger so you may respond to email otherwise I will probably not hear back from you.

  77. chyene Reply

    hi ross, thanks for the therapy but can it increase fertility?

  78. Broccoli Reply

    drink lemon water by using a straw to prevent sensitivity to your teeth, that’s what i’ve been doing so i still can drink lemon water without damaging my teeth…enjoy! =)

    • Sando Reply

      i heard drinking from a straw has a worse affect on teeth……

  79. Pat P Reply

    Why do you say lemon or lime makes water alkaline?

    I always drank water w/lemon or lime but I have IC and am not supposed to have anything citrus.


  80. Germaine Reply

    I’m so glad to have found out about warm lemon water ! I changed my diet from extremely acidic to alkaline in Nov of 2009. no need to take anymore Protonix for acid reflux disease (it’s completely gone, has been for 9 months). no need to take anymore Lyrica, no more Fibromyalgia. our bodies are meant to be alkaline. as incredible as it may sound, lemons are alkaline inside our bodies, and cure many stomach ailments, constipation, premature aging, gout, and many infections caused by acid and inflamation. Please give it a chance and you will see for yourself !

    • Desiree Reply

      Hi Germaine,
      Did you use tap, filtered or boiled water?

  81. Jacee Reply

    Does lime water work just as well?

  82. Jenna Reply

    Hello sweety. GERD can definately put a damper on your lifestyle, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling. I’m currently undertaking my Masters in Holistic Science so I can’t give a professional opinion, but some insight and advice. Because the lemons are quite acidic until metabolized, as is your poor tummy in that condition, it can be hard to handle. Take it slow. You might want to try some other options like liquid chlorophyll or a green diet. Apple cider vinegar is another option. The vinegar is acidic, however less acidic than the human stomach therefore a mild alkaline effect.
    But the lemon water is a beautiful thing with so many health benefits and I suggest you still give it a try with baby steps. It can help cleanse your liver and your digestive system as well.
    Good luck on your endeavors.
    Love and Light

    Thanks to Ross for the wonderful articles. May your expertise continue to help many many more!

  83. Annie Reply

    Hi. I have GERD and I was told to drink alkaline water. I have also read that, as you said, lemons are alkaline once digested. The problem is I cannot tolerate it. After a few hours of taking in lemon juice or water, I have acid regurgitation. How much lemon should I put in, say, a glass of water?

    • Sue Reply

      People with any type of reflux absolutely cannot drink citric juice since it refluxes into the upper airways and/or esophagus before being metabolized. I’d forget the lemon juice.

  84. Jennifer Pape BDS MCCD RCS Reply

    please do not brush your teeth AFTER drinking lemon water, the lemon in your mouth is acidic and will start to demineralise the tooth enemel immediately, this will soften it and then if you brush a very small amount of this softened enamel will be brushed off. SO better to clean your teeth BEFORE drinking the lemon water so your mouth is alkaline or swill water round your teeth after the lemon water

  85. Charles Reply

    How about drinking the lemon juice through a straw to prevent damaging the tooth enamel.

    • Lorie Reply

      OOOOOOh… that’s a good one!

  86. Terri Reply

    I make a vegetable/fruit smoothie every morning for breakfast and I add fresh lemon juice to it. The smoothie is my effort to help my alkaline level.

  87. Carry Reply

    I’ve been drinking lemon in lukewarm water in the morning for a while now but recently have started noticing that my teeth are getting much more sensitive than they used to be and I’m worried that the juice is eroding my tooth enamel – any tips on stopping this happening?


  88. Maryon Jeane Reply

    I do have to add a warning, though endorsing all the benefits of lemon juice in water because I have found over years that it’s excellent for just about everything – except your teeth!

    My teeth have actually been eroded by my drinking lemon juice in water at the start of each day. It took my dentist and I nearly a year to work out what was the problem, mainly because she had never come across anyone who drank lemon juice in water before and it was only after consulting other dentists at a conference that she found the answer.

    I have had to have quite a bit of work done on my teeth (expensive!) to repair the ravages the lemon water has done. Sadly I’ve given up drinking the lemon water now (and drink liquid ionic minerals and trace elements instead).

    My dentist says that cleaning your teeth immediately after drinking the lemon water (which I didn’t) doesn’t help the situation and may be even makes the erosion worse – so there really doesn’t seem to be an answer. (Unless mouthwashing with bicarbonate of soda might help?)

    So just be warned…!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Maryon

      Thanks for the warning! I’ve personally not had this problem – but your bicarb mouth wash is a great suggestion and exactly along the lines I was going to suggest! The toothpaste works because it is highly, highly alkaline. So washing your mouth out, even just with a little alkaline water would do the trick. Water with pHour Salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, some pH drops or if you have a water ioniser to set it to pH 8 or above would work brilliantly.


      • Lorie Reply

        Hi- just a quick response to the teeth erosion… I, too, have had an issue wth the teeth and the lemons. Sadly, my high acidic level recessed my gums to the point they can no longer be fixed- however, I have had luck with lemon water reducing the ph. Catch 22. So, i was told by a dentist to rinse with water/bicarbonate. I was recently indormed by my perio that after rinsing with bicarbonate or peroxide- the oxygen molecules that are released between your teeth are free radicals- which we now know can cause larger problems. So… fyi… and does anyone have another suggestion besides bicarbonate?

        • Sando Reply

          Clay toothpaste and also an electric toothbrush. This way you are only sitting the brush on your teeth and gums and not scrubbing them hard. Plus by maneuvering the electric brush around, rather then back and forth, all teeth can be cleaned easily, without leaving plaque. Another one is oil pulling and also propolis honey on the gums. Honey is an anti bacterial and the only food that does not spoil. Onions also attract bacteria.

  89. luvleta Reply

    I’m sorry the number key was not on. I have a 24oz water bottle and I have 2 cups of lemon juice.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Luvleta

      I usually go for about 1/4 to 1/2 lemon in around 500ml of water.


  90. luvleta Reply

    I have a question. I have been reading and maybe I missed something. How many lemons should I use in my water. For instance if I have a oz bottled water and I squeezed my lemons and I have cups of lemon juice. How much should I put in my oz of water?


  91. MissFitness Reply

    Yes, that’s right, Ross.

  92. chris Reply

    not sure where this guy is getting his information, but lemons are acidic. infact, they’re highly acidic with a pH of about 2.3. limes are even more acidic.

    you can look this up all over google, or even buy some pH strips and test the lemon juice yourself.

    the first measure of acidity was taste. a sour taste meant acidic and a bitter taste meant basic.

    -this coming from a 3rd year chemistry major

    • Ross Reply

      Chris, Chris, Chris

      I’m not sure how many times I have to say this on this blogit is not the acid/alkaline level of the food before consumption – it is the effect it has on the body once metabolised. Once metabolised the high alkaline mineral content of the lemon has an alkalising effect on the body.


      • Nature First Reply

        It is because lemon is so acidic that your body tries to counter by becoming alkaline to neutralize the acid.
        That is why lemons make your body alkaline.

        • Ruth Reply

          Does it mean that you actually overwork your body when you take in lemon which is acidic? The body compensates to neutralise the acid , is it good for our bodies or some organ somewhere suffers.

        • Sando Reply

          This might be why Lemons are good for fighting the common cold. Causing the body to work at removing bad products. The lemon acids being the instigator.

  93. miro Reply

    I forgot to mention cup of green tea afterwards.


    p.s.you can add green tea to previous comment…

  94. miro Reply

    I have a question combining lemon water and one kiwi, is it ok?
    I usually start my day with kiwi and lemon water. Thanks for answer.


  95. Russ Reply

    for HOSS. Hey seriously. Keep an open mind. Do we know everything about nature or our bodies? Doesn’t truth change all the time? Listen man. I thought it was crazy to eat something acidic when i had heartburn, but a gulp of vinegar or lemon would eliminate it in seconds. Also lemon water has been documented to heal stomach ulcers. Have you ever considered that putting more acid in your stomach will prevent your stomach from producing its own? and what if, after the lemon water breaks down to a chemical level and its recidue makes your stomach alkaline…. I don’t know man, but sometimes the answer is sooo simple.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Russ

      It is true, sometimes things are that simple and I agree 100% with what you are saying there.


    • Sando Reply

      This is my sediments. Too many times so called experts eliminate “Quackery”, usually for their own greedy capitalism but how is it that one thing is supposed to work for everybody? It is like feeding prawns to people who are allergic and telling them it is best. It is like drink drivers that have never had an accident but some who just can not drive without being drunk, killing innocent people, being better drivers then drunk drivers somehow. As for the ones that can’t handle the lemon, then that is possible of course. Also what the man above you says could be possible also. However we have all these so called doctors telling us that this works and that works and it is apparently approved by god knows who of course and why do they get to approve anything as well? And thousands upon thousands still die and have side affects from these so called approved products that rake in trillions of dollars on the misery of people and these same people will not allow others to make up their own mind because they lose money is the only reason. The news will portray a remedy as some sinister product but will never tell of the death rates of approved medicine (potions). Cures for cancer disapproved – yet chemotherapy and radiation treatment is approved and people still die from the cancer but with less money then they started with. The side affect are horrendous but lets go with all these so called experts and professionals who aim to control us all and steal our own minds.

  96. The Health Dude Reply

    Great post about the benefits of drinking lemon water. Also lemon water acts as a detox for the body as well. So before going out to buy all those expensive detox products, try a healthier way to detox the body. It will serve your body better in the long run!

  97. Jessica Reply

    I went to a alkaline water workshop and i learnt that when you put the whole slice of lemon in the water and leave it in for the entire time you drink the water it will remove and absorb all of the toxins and chemicals that are present in your tap water, so leaving the lemon in can be quite beneficial however eating the lemon after wards can be quite toxic.

    • Ross Reply

      Just make sure you do this with organic lemons – the pesticides from the lemon rind will also leak OUT into your water if your lemons aren’t organic!

      • William Reply

        Just curious.. One gets lemon juice in plastic containers which is much cost effective in trying to buy fresh lemon and toxic rind is out of the way.

        What is the expert opinion on this.



  98. Elizabeth Reply

    Hooray for Lemons! They are truly extraordinary. If you want a great source for information check out this book – The Lemon Book by Ray Collins. By the time you finish reading, your head wil be buzzing with hundreds of ideas about how you can change the way you eat, clean your home, buy food and treat every day ailments. I received the book as a birthday present and I can’t believe how many simple but amazing changes I’ve made since then. Ray Collins also has a free newsletter you can sign up to which is really brilliant.

    • Ross Reply

      That most certainly is an awesome book – thanks for the heads up Elizabeth.

  99. NIck Reply
    • Ross Reply


      Not sure of the point you’re making by your answer is quite poor for two reasons. One – the source you cite to prove your point is the least reliable I’ve ever seen. Two – the article, plus many other articles on this site continually point out that it is not the pH of the food BEFORE you ingest it, but the effect the food has on the pH of your cells AFTER it has been digested.

      See here for more of a detailed answer.


  100. Taylor Block Reply

    Nice article. Glad to see lemon getting it’s due! 🙂

    Just wanted to tell you and your readers about a product that not only helps to eliminate the contamination that you speak of, but is also a ton more convenient than slicing lemons. True Lemon is a great product – 100% all natural, 0 calories and 0carbs. It’s essentially just crystallized lemon in a packet.

    If anyone is interested in trying the product, just send me an email at [email protected] with your mailing address and I’ll send you some samples. Just mention the “energise for life” blog in the email.


    Taylor Block
    True Lemon Community Outreach

  101. Hoss Reply

    How in the name of god can Lemon water be alkali? Lemon juice is acidic, hands down, Adding water to it will not change that. That is just plain stupid. Listen you, I have an acid stomach. How dare you try to con me into drinking acid to make it feel better. I feel like kicking you in the stomach so you know how it feels.

  102. flek Reply

    “Lemon juice is a great skin cleanser”
    This is true but:
    Be careful because if you get it on your skin and sit in the sun you will get a nasty chemical/solar burn called phytophotodermatitis
    I used lime juice as deodorant because I ran out. I went to the beach later and laid in the sun. That evening my armpits looked like they’ve been badly burned. It took a week+ to go away, but the skin is still very dark.

  103. mohammad Reply

    apparently limes have a much more alkalizing effect on the body than lemons. Limes are also less acidic in their natural state.

  104. Pappu Reply

    one glass lukewarm Lemon water + 1 spoon honey = great feeling + weight loss.

  105. Joanna Reply

    Great, thanks for your quick response!

    i am going to try the doc broc too 🙂


    • Ross Reply

      No worries, Doc Broc is probably the best tasting of the greens IMO


      • William Reply

        Sorry to disagree… you can’t beat spinach, baby or adult spinach. Baby spinach tends to be more expensive though..


  106. Joanna Reply

    Thanks for the great info Ross! 🙂

    How much lemon water would you advise per day? I have been drinking roughly 1/2 a litre…

    I just put a slice of lemon in my cup….pour boiling water over it….mash the lemon slice up a bit to release the flavour….allow it to cool down, then drink when luke warm and throw the lemon away……

    sound ok to you?

    Joanna (new to site)

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Joanna

      I only drink a couple of glasses as most of my hydration comes from drinking Green Drinks (usually Doc Broc) mixed with water (up to 4 litres per day, sometimes more).

      When I have lemon water I usually squeeze about 1/4 of a lemon into the water rather than brewing it. My process is roughly:

      – boil kettle
      – fill glass 3/4 with cold water
      – pour 1/4 boiled water
      – squeeze in lemon

      …et voila!


  107. almazia Reply

    can you plz guide me that how can i reduce my weight with the use of lemon?i want to reduce only 5 kg.

    • Sando Reply

      Try apple diet

  108. Heather Reply

    This site is great I am a naturopathy student and I also have lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and advise my clients to do the same it always works and your explanations will make it easier to explain the concept to them. Thanks

  109. sonja Reply

    Thank you for the liver cleanse recipe. LOVE the blog! Super informative.


  110. sonja Reply

    Thank you for the liver cleanse recipe. LOVE the blog! Super informative.

  111. Taylor Block Reply

    Ross – Regardless of the alkalinity argument, the fact is that lemon water is great for your body in many ways.

    As for the contamination issue that you discussed, our product True Lemon is a great solution for that problem…it’s 100% all natural crystallized lemon in a packet, just like the little sugar packets you see at the tables in restaurants.

    If you’re interested in a free sample, shoot me an email at taylor [at] truelemon [dot] com with your address info, and feel free to check out our website at this link: http://bit.ly/lC9tM

  112. cutey Reply

    It is suggested to use a straw to drink the lemon water with a straw as it erodes the enamel on the teeth. Is this true?

  113. pat Reply

    are limes as alkanising and can it be substituted for lemon. In Brasil they only have limes for juicing.

  114. Eijizz Reply


    I stumbled upon this site months ago when I was googling about whether it was beneficial to drink warm lemon water.

    I also see questions on what is the ratio of lemon juice to warm water.
    So I tot I would share my experience.

    I use a 1:4 ratio.
    Juice of 1 lemon (I can usually squeeze out 60ml / 2oz) to 240ml / 4oz of warm water. As I use a measuring cup (which is in 50ml increases), I round up my warm water to 250ml, to make it easier for myself.

    As for the warm water, it should be higher than room temperature.
    I pour half room temp water and half hot water into my measuring cup (to make 250ml) and then mix in the 2oz lemon juice.

    As for the freshness of the lemon juice, I buy fresh lemons and squeeze them. I don’t use package lemon juice that you can find in the supermarkets.
    As I am lazy to squeeze in the mornings before I go to work, I usually squeeze the night before and store in a plastic container. Since Im going to consume the lemon juice in less than 12 hours, I personally feel that the Vit C loss is not significant.

    Another way I googled on how to preserve the freshness of the squeezed lemon juice is to squeeze all the lemon juice you want and then pour the juice into an ice-cube tray. If you use this method, you can squeeze up to a week’s worth of lemon juice.

    If you use a measuring spoon to spoon the lemon juice into the ice-cube tray (for eg. 30 ml makes up 1 ice cube), then in the morning when you drink, just take 2 ice cubes (60ml/2oz) and mix with 250ml slightly hot water. The ice-cubes will melt pretty fast and there you have your hot lemon water.

    I drink warm lemon water twice a day. Once in the morning, half an hour before breakfast and once in the evening. Usually I try to drink it before 9pm, but I’m not sure wat effect there will be if you drink it later in the night (eg. 10, 11 pm). I read somewhere that one’s body organs start to detox by themselves from 10pm to 3am. So my thinking is I don’t want to interfere with my body’s workings by drinking warm lemon juice at 11pm at night.

    My personal experience is that drinking warm lemon water is really beneficial at the start. When I first started drinking, I lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. I think it’s because the hot water and lemon juice combination has more of a detoxing effect more than anything else, especially when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It helps to flush all the toxins from my body. Since I suffer from fluid retention (coz I’m a heavy water drinker), it helped ease my bloatiness and my abdomen actually shrank a little.

    And I like that the warm lemon water helps to clear the phleghm in my throat in the morning and makes my throat more comfortable.

    Hope this helps!

  115. tj Reply

    I drank lemon water all day yesterday and woke up with a sire throat. little did i know i stripped my throat with all the acid in the lemon. heck did you know that you can clean a toilet with lemon juice, how do you think it can burn fat so well. I am almost unsure if i did it wrong or just used to much. Maybe one glass was all I needed

  116. Jek Reply

    let say now…i have a glass with 300ml water…i squeeze the lemon juice into the water and i put the lemon inside the water….then i just drink the water….is it can? i mean letting the lemon inside the water..will cause any problem?

  117. Christine Reply

    Hi, Ross. Thanks for all of the information as well as keeping up with your readers by answering the comments/questions that they leave.

    My questions are these – How much lemon juice do I put in the water?

    Also, I believe, from what I’ve read here, that the juice should be fresh, from the lemon as opposed to the kind in the little plastic lemons we have here in the US and that the water should be distilled as well as lukewarm. Are all of these thoughts correct?

    You mentioned that distilled water has a PH of 7.0, which is closer to where our bodies are meant to be but what is the average PH of tap water?

    And let me say again, thank you so much for all of this information. I can’t afford an alkaline water ionizer and need to look towards other options, and thankfully, you provide those options here.


    • Ross Reply

      Hi Christine

      – just squeeze half or a quarter into your glass
      – definitely make the juice fresh, filter as best you can and yep, lukewarm is best!
      – tap water varies, but is almost always acidic. Try to filter the best you can…

      Thanks for the thanks too – it actually means a lot to get positive feedback! I put in a huge amount of work on this blog so it is nice to be thanked!

      Have a lovely day

  118. Munky Reply

    This is a wrong statement. lemon Juice contains concentrated Acid!!!
    I performed a PH test with water as my control. The water showed a PH of 7.0 Neutral. Then I performed a PH test with the same water with some lemon juice in it. It immediately read acidic.

    Dont believe me? Reproduce the same test and see the results for yourself. This is why you really shouldn’t take the advise of everyone on the internet.

    While I agree with the concept of drinking alkaline water, I don;t agree with the method of using lemon/lime to do so, as these types of fruit are HIGHLY Acidic. Look it up. Google is your friend.

    Depending on the area where you live, the water will either be Hard or soft. Hard water usually is pretty alkaline, soft water is usually acidic. If you have a hard water problem (Calcium build up on your shower stalls) then you should have perfectly alkaline water.

    To all the readers of this article, I advise you to do a little research on how to make water more alkaline/acidic. and you will find some amazing information out there.

    To the author of this article, I advise you to revise this concept.

    • Ross Reply

      I’m not sure how many more times I need to keep repeating this, but here goes again:

      Lemons have an alkalising effect on the body. Yes they are acidic in their natural state (being citric acid), but when processed by the body they have an alkaline effect. This is due to the minerals in the lemon and the low sugar content.

      I would advise you to follow your own advice and do a little research before mouthing off about my article.


      • june buluan Reply

        hi ross,
        im to confused as i read all the previous comments…. it said that lemom is acidic its not good to a patient with high ph level …..and one thing bothers me ,last few days i had a check up with my doctor and he found out that i am acidic and he told me that im goin to cut totally consuming of lemon. im sad of it b-coz im thinking that who will consume all the lemon that i stored, im a lemon user.what i do is… i squeeze lemon with honey and garlic and drank regularly.


        • Ross Bridgeford Reply

          Hey June

          If you have reflux or GERD-type symptoms it might be good to cut it out until you’re back in more of an acid-base balance. However, the reason I suggest lemon water is because lemons are alkalising to the body once consumed and digested – due to their high alkaline mineral content.

          Once you’re balanced a little better, try including a little lemon and see how you go. Remember, we’re all individuals!


  119. John Reply

    I have the same question as Daniel and I didn’t see an answer to his question. Both Probiotics and Lemon water are suggested for immediate consumption upon rising. As I understand it, lemon is anti-bacterial and while probiotics are good bacteria, they are still bacteria. It seems to follow that consuming both at the same time or within minutes of one another would be a bad idea. Is that the case, or is there something else I am missing?

  120. wilma Reply

    Can i use lemon juice instead of fresh lemons to make lemon water, and if so how much juice per 8 ozs of water/ thank you.

  121. Ross Reply

    Hi Daren

    It is to do with the effect it has on the body – rather than whether it is alkaline or acid in its natural state. Once consumed, lemons have an alkalising effect on the body.

    Does that make sense?


    • Andrew Reply

      Hi Sir!

      I’ve been drinking lemon water with honey for at least three months now and lost approximately 3 kg. I haven’t experienced any problems so far. I got your point that lemon water is not that dangerous, as long as it is metabolized. Maybe, some people are just too dumb to READ and UNDERSTAND what you have in this article. Anyway, I greatly appreciate the information here in this page. All the best in your work.

      • Ross Bridgeford Reply

        Thanks Andrew. This article has been stirring up random anger in the comments for years and I am grateful for support from folks like yourselves. Not sure why, when angry people read something for free on a website they don’t just choose to close the page, they feel the need to try and make me feel bad or something, to make themselves feel better maybe?! I developed a pretty thick skin a long time ago 🙂

        Thanks for your support and congrats on your results.

  122. Daren Reply


    I do not quite understand the chemistry of taking a lemon which is an acid and putting it into water which makes the water more alkaline. Shouldn’t adding an acid make water more acidic? Please point me where I could read about this or answer it if you know. Thanks!

  123. Lauren Reply

    Lemon water is AWESOME! 🙂 No questions about it…

  124. Janet Reply

    I have a question, I never had an issue with UTI’S before in my life until I had my first born, then never again until this freaking year! I had one, a doozer. I have came to the conclusion that I can’t drink chlorinated water, I believe this irritates my bladder. I also believe I got it from eating to many oranges, Florida honey oranges, I think I am sensitive to them. However, the question is this,- I finished my percription of antiobiotics and I still had a slight notciable irritation in my UT. Which I was told this could be just tender because of the recent infection, however, I went to the store and bought some San Pellegrino lemonade, I drank it and it is all natural, some sugar, however the next day I was better……I got to thinking, could it be the lemonade. Then I also came to the conclusion that I use to drink pure lipton ice tea with pure lemon juice,… every day where I use to work…..which lead me to think possibly the lemon had something to do with my feeling better. I also then thought I never have had this issue ever in the summer, only in the winter, why I say this is because I drink tons of lemonade in the summer, it is my favorite drink. So could it be possible that the lemon juice is playing a factor here, could I have came up with something, but then on the other hand, why would oranges, and orange juices bother me so much? Is there a difference lemon verses oranges? Thanks, sorry for the long story, to get to my point!

    • Ross Reply


      I’ve got to be REALLY quick as I’m on my way to a meeting – but, yep the difference is with lemons and oranges. Oranges are highly acidifying to the body because they are so high in sugar, whereas lemons are alkalising because they are low sugar and contain alkaline minerals.

      You may also have had trouble after the antibiotics because antibiotics strip your body of healthy bacteria and also cause the rapid creation of yeast in the body.

      Hope this helps – sorry to be so brief!

  125. Gani Reply

    This is quite interesting, A friend introduce me to the lime water and I find it very good but I use to mix the lime with sugar.
    I will have to stop mixing it with sugar and take just as recommended by Ross.
    You guys are doing a good work please keep it up.

  126. Daniel Reply

    I have started to drink lemon water in the morning along with probiotics and taking digestive enzymes with meals.
    What order (if any) should I be taking them?
    The reason I ask is, I have been told to take the probiotic on an empty stomach 1hr before food. I have also been told to drink lemon water first thing in the morning.
    Will the lemon water kill the probiotics if I take them together?

  127. Hope Reply

    Hi Ross, Lemon water has improved my health and i can feel the difference when i am not drinking it. Many issues are cleared up by the miracle of Lemon in water. Thanks & keep going forward!

  128. Ross Reply

    Hi Glenda

    It is not so much the pH of the food or drink before you consume it, more the effect it has on the pH of the body. Lemon, being high in alkaline minerals and low in salt has a very alkalising effect on the body once consumed.

    Himalayan pink salt is certainly a million times better than using refined salts, and certainly has a lot going for it. Just don’t add it to all of your water, maybe once or twice per day.


  129. Glenda Reply

    I use himalayan pink salt too…which I was told alkalizes the water. Is that true?

  130. Glenda Reply

    I tested water before and after lemon drops added and a separate water before/after ph drops. The lemon water did not change the ph indicator on the ph test strips…and only slightly with the ph drops. The PH drops I used were the AlkaMAX.

    Can you explain this?

    Most grateful,

  131. Cheryl Reply

    Hi Ross,
    What are the effects of agave with the lemon?
    Thank you,

  132. Charis Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have to wake up quite early every morning so will not have enough time to prepare the lemon water in the morning. Hence, may i check with you whether i can squeeze in the lemon/lime juice into water at night time, leave it over night and then drink it at the next morning? Thanks in advance!

    With Best Regards,
    Charis 🙂

  133. Ross Reply

    Hi Amy

    How cold was the water?!

    You should ideally drink it with slightly warm water. Either way to suggest your body reacted so badly to something as simple as water with a few drops of lemon in it is a bit of a worry. If your body was this sensitive then you have a serious allergy to either water or lemon.

    I would suggest that this is coincidental, OR you should go and see your doctor and have him check it all out.

    Without knowing anything about your diet, medical history or even what you ate that morning or the night before it is impossible for me to comment really.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful!


  134. Amy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I tried drinking a cold glass of water with a lemon in it on an empty stomach, 2 minutes later I experienced this horrible pain right under my chest bone. The whole day I have been feeling like this, I even had to miss work. If a glass of water with lemon is so good for you, why is it that i felt this way?


  135. Ross Reply

    Hi Sherwin

    Heh – no, sorry, what I mean is that I have blogged about it a lot.

    It is good for you!

    Hope this clears it up for you

  136. Sherwin Tan Reply

    Hi Ross,

    You said you have a blogged of lemon water to death? Sorry , do you mean lemon water is bad? thanks in advance for your support.


  137. Jane Reply

    Really interesting site – informative.

    As regards Pam – what was that all about???? lol!

    online bitching – love it……………

    Had great fun ploughing through this – entertaining. Probably not the intention of the site though.

    I am drinking lemon water – you are rightin every bit of advice you have given so far – keep it up. Jane x

  138. Ross Reply

    Hi Mumtaz

    Unfortunately I cannot comment about anything specific once a diagnosed illness is mentioned, but I can point you in the direction of some filling recipes!

    Try here to start – http://liveenergized.com/wordpress/category/alkaline-recipes

    And I also suggest you have a look at our alkaline diet course:


    Which includes meal plans for every day for 12 weeks and an alkaline recipe book to support it.

    One of the main elements of the course was to make sure that people eat alkaline but still feel full and satisfied (and don’t go hungry) as this is one of the main pieces of feedback we hear every day – so it might be able to help you too.

    I hope this is useful for you – please feel free to email me or post in our forum (http://liveenergized.com/alkaline-diet-forum) if you have any other questions

    Have a great day

  139. mumtaz Reply

    Hi im wondering if anyone can help. my daughter is starting radio and chemotherapy for a brain tumour and i have been finding out more about alkalising the body.
    I think it will be extremely beneficial for her but i am getting stuck as to how i can fill her up, she is also on steroids which makes her more hungry.
    So does anyone have any filling and satisfying recipes?
    especially for breakfast..

  140. Saulat Reply

    Hi! Just wanted to ask if i can have lemon with green tea, or will it decrease the potency of lemon as compared to having it with just water?
    Please advice and thanks.

  141. Deborah Reply

    Hi there. I have been reading all these replies and are very informative, thank you. Can I just ask, I love the benefits of drinking lemons in boiling water but need to sweeten the taste (I REALLY dont like it without something sweet added, normally honey). Any suggestions? Would sweetners be a healthier replacement to honey?
    Thanks in advance.

  142. Eleanor Reply

    great post. I have just started drinking water with lime and feel more energized. Do lemon and limes have the same effect?

  143. lavonx Reply


    I stumbled across this site while looking for ways to increase alkaline levels in my body. I recently had a physical which indicated that my urine’s Ph level is 5. Needless to say, after reading this blog, I plan to get started with lemon water right away. While researching on the internet, however, I also found that unrefined sea salt is helpful as well. Which leads me to my question for you: is it OK to put a bit of sea salt in my lemon water? Will this make the drink even more beneficial. Thank you for creating this informative site, and I look forward to your answer.

  144. esther Reply

    Hey! I had a kidney transplant 2 years ago. Will drinking lemon water harm my body or kidneys?

  145. gabriel Reply

    Pam needs to shut up.
    Mike needs to come back.

  146. asif Reply

    hi ross..first question would this lemon water be suitable for someone who has hyperacidity problems/stomach ulcers? second question are there any known side effects? thanks

  147. silu Reply


    This website is good regarding Lemom uses, I’m fan of Lemon. I use to drink daily lemon water, I’m 4.11height and 48kgs weight, some times I use to feel my belly became fat by eating daily rice. so someone said to reduce fat that to drink half Lemon with tea spoon honey in glass of luke warm water daily morning before breakfast and don’t eat upto one hour. Is it the right procedure, after using this type of method I feel so hungry, If i do this way will i get acidity problem please let me know. Instead of morning can i drink lemon night after dinner. Kindly let me know when to drink lemon what is time delay to eat.

  148. raj Reply

    Is it good to have Lemon water(Lukewarm) mixed up with a teaspoon of honey.

  149. thorin Reply

    in rergards to sweetening the lemon water…. i use equal in mine and drink it almost all day without craving other sweet calorie filled drinks.

  150. anna Reply

    I’ve done organic coffee enima’s for years They helpt rebuild my liver Now I do a distilled water enema ones a week Could I do an
    distilled water with lemion juice enima ?
    It hit the bloodstream more direct Would it have a better alkaline effect then by just drinking it ?
    I also use the distilled water enema when I look tired and didn’t drin k enough water in the last couple of days


  151. sanober Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Wanted to know if we want to lose weight then should we drink lemon water only in the morning empty stomach or drinking it after meals are also helpful…..?

  152. crumbfish Reply

    Man, the researcher has some bad information. Lemon Juice DOES NOT raise the alkalinity of water at all. In fact, adding lemon juice to water lowers it’s pH, making it acidic. It is how lemon juice is metabolized that creates alkalinity within the body. In fact, if you want to really alkalize your body, eat lemons plain(if you can). If you must add a sweetener, add an alkalizing one such as stevia.

    And another thing. If you are going to do the lemon water or lemon, be sure to rinse with water afterwards. This will reduce acid errosion of your tooth enamel.

  153. hasmitha Reply

    you are advising us to drink warm lemon water but what difference does temperature of water make since the temperature in the stomach is any way very hot and it only takes moments before it reaches the stomach? please reply

  154. Manish Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I drink lemon water the first thing in the morning and thru out the day i sip on 4 ltrs of lemon water (only one lemon squeezed in 4 ltrs of water). Someone told me that sipping of so much of lemon water can be dangerous for the libido and i may suffer from Erection Dysfunction.
    Pls help me i am in a dilemma whether i should continue with sipping of lemon water as i feel it helps me in reducing fat, as i am very over weight.
    Pls do write back.
    Thanks and Regards,

    • happy Reply

      In response to this, I have been drinking tons of lemon water for about three weeks now, and my libido and erection quality have increased 20 fold.

  155. sally Reply

    Hey Ross please could you answer my question is honey bad for you quick thank you bye

  156. sally Reply

    Is Honey good for losing weight

  157. Katie Reply

    Hey Ross! Is it ok to use the lemon juice that you buy in the bottle or is that a no?

  158. Ross Reply

    Hello everyone

    Doing my everynowandthen check of this post. Rosa – apologies for the delay.

    FIrstly though – Kevin, thanks for stopping by. My girlfriend’s dad is a huge fan of Edgar Cayce and I really should give his book some attention! I first heard about lemon water from Dr McKeith a few years back and I’m sure she probably got the idea from Cayce! Isn’t it a shame that communication platforms like this didn’t exist all of those years ago. There are so many legends from our past that I really feel we could have benefited from having these tools that we enjoy today. Imagine the spread of information from some of those guys?

    Rosa – it would be impossible for me to say. Have you looked into any other areas of alkalising apart from this post? If you’re interested I will drop you an email of a pdf I have put together for our alkaline diet course. It contains a really easy to understand breakdown of this approach to health. Might be worth a read because I really think it could help with your digestive problems.

    Have a great day one and all and remember to smile.

  159. Kevin Reply

    It’s great to see that the late, great Edgar Cayce is finally getting recognised. He said all of these things more than 75 years ago!

  160. rosa Reply


    I thought I posted something but it hasn’t shown up…


  161. Ross Reply

    Hey visitor

    They’re the same person, so I’ll take double thanks!


  162. Visitor Reply

    Hi, the comments entered were really intereting and knowledgiable. Appreciate the person who has created this blog and Ross for answering the queries.

  163. rosa Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Have you had a chance to read my latest respone to what you wrote me?

    Well, my stomach does feel a little better since the last time I wrote, but there is still considerably a lot of gas and the bloated feeling. It seems all I have to do is eat or drink a little and my stomach pops out a mile and I feel so bloaty.

    In addition to that, my bowel movements have increased although I am not eating anymore than usual. Before my lemon regime, (since which I have stopped as I had indicated in my previous posting), I was very regular. I usually had 1 a day but now, it seems I have about 2 or 3, although they are slightly in smaller volume than one large one when I only had to go once. And they are “normal” as far as consistency.

    I know you can’t give medical advice but do you, in your opinion, think I have IBS or gastritis, or ulcer colitis?

    Your input would be very appreciated.

    Thank you

  164. Ross Reply

    Hey Liza!

    Thanks for sharing – it’s amazing to hear your experience!

    Have a great weekend

  165. Liza Reply

    I started craving lemons when I was expecting my daughter 13 years ago. Since then, regular consumption of lemons have taken me from being someone who caught everything to a person who is rarely, if ever, ill. I also discovered a strange, scaley spot on my forearm which I regularly covered with lemon juice for a couple of weeks. It went away, leaving only a small scar in it’s place. While I understand that some would go to the doctor, I decided to go this route first and in my case, it worked out. One other fantastic result of consuming lemons, is that I have very young looking skin. I am almost 48 and most people think I look a lot younger. 🙂 Must be all of that collagen that the lemons cause my body to produce! I’m not bragging, I just can’t help touting lemon’s benefits. For anyone who is considering trying lemons, I say go ahead. Just start slowly, throughly wash the lemons and drink the lemon water with a straw. I think you’ll be impressed with the results.


  166. Ross Reply

    Hi Gaga

    I don’t sell lemons or water.


  167. gaga Reply

    hi is it good to drink lemon water please tell me the truth don’t do that to sell things and get money.

  168. Nata Reply

    Over the last 3 days i’ve started drinking a lot of lemon water (i used to drink it occasionally when i remembered), but since i’ve been drinking it a lot more i’ve started getting slight heartburn. Do you have any idea why? Is it to do with the lemons getting rid of toxin?? thanks

  169. afolake abiola Reply

    does drinking lemon water cause fertility problems in women

  170. lila Reply

    i am going on holiday in 3 weeks and i have been drinking lemon water and excersising every day , do you think this will make any difference??

  171. lila Reply

    i am drinking the juice of 2 lemons each day, with a bit of water but i prefer it neat. i am also going 2 try apple cidar vinegar aswell , will this harm me??

  172. Steve Ballan Reply

    Your going to need some sea aloe gold and platinum plus to rebuild your stomach

    Kiefer and yogurt is soothing too for burning stomach

    Take acidophilus

  173. rosa Reply

    Hello again Ross,

    No problem.

    My diet has not changed at all. Ever since the stomach and digestive issues, I have stopped the lemon water routine altogether and I am very slowly getting better but not fast enough. My main concern is that I won’t be able to get back to how I was before starting the lemon thing. I am quite certain my problems are from drinking maybe too much lemon daily because I was never like this before I started.

    So I guess now my question really isn’t about how can I keep drinking lemon water but rather, how can I get my stomach lining to it’s state of being as it was before the lemon water cleansing? Although I like the cleansing effects, as evidenced in my much better breath, I don’t enjoy the stomach and digestive problems I am battling almost daily.

    I hope to hear from you soon !


  174. Ross Reply

    Hi Sujata

    I can’t legally comment on any diet with respect to treating a medical condition, but look around the site and you might find some answers!


  175. Ross Reply

    Hey Rosa

    Sorry I had a big spam problem and your comment got caught up in that.

    Its hard to answer without knowing what the rest of your diet is like. Lemon has an alkalising effect on the body due to its low sugar content and alkaline minerals, so I wouldn’t instantly question it. What else are you eating or drinking regularly?


  176. rosa Reply

    Hi Ross, not sure if you saw my above question to you yet?

  177. sujata Reply

    will eating alkaline foods help treat diverticulosis and prevent or decrease spasms

  178. Ross Reply

    Hey Samreen

    See here: http://liveenergized.com/wordpress/3103/honey-in-lemon-or-lime-water

    Very short answer – Sugar is highly acid forming in the body and acid causes the body to hang onto fat.

    Have a browse around the blog to learn more!

    Have a great day

  179. Samreen Reply

    hey ross

    i recently started drinking warm lemon water with 2 teaspoons of honey ( earlymorning) because i heard its very nutritious and helps in weight reduction. but i have also heard that it increases weight too?
    so which one is it?
    i really wanna lose some weight!

  180. Steve Mills Reply

    Is it okay to drink warm water and fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning – 18 ounces — if you have gastritis….?

    I also have liver issues / congestion


  181. Pirlantaa Reply

    I am drinking a glass of cold water (not too cold, but not warm either) with sliced lemon in it. I still find it tastey..however, is it still beneficial? Would I still have cleansed kidneys, skin..etc?

  182. Rosa Reply

    Hey Ross,

    thanks for answering my questions.

    I have another one however. For almost two months now, I have been drinking lemon juice mixed in plain water, nightly. The first week and a half was really hard: naseous, felt weak, really hungry, morethan usual terrible breath, ect.

    But then, the discomfort went away and suprisingly, my breath was really great ! I didn’t know or do it because of this but boy, I was so glad when I “knew” that my breath was clean smelling. I almsot never have bad breath anymore, even in the mornings I skip meals, where I would normally have hunger breath.

    Well, fast forward to now. For the past week, I’ve noticed my stomach has been very distended, and I’m not sure if it’s beacause of the lemon juice. I don’t have diarrhea but I notice I’ve got slight constipation and it’s hard to pass my bowels. Sorry to get so graphic. I don’t want to stop drinking it though because I love what it’s doing for my breath but if it’s the cause of my current stomach discomfort, I need to stop or cut back. Most nights, I will squeeze in a whole lemon into about a sixteen ounce water.

    So what are your thoughts and opinions?

    Thanks !

  183. amy Reply

    I just started drinking lemon water 5 days ago and my face and chest are totally breaking out now. Is this normal? Is it because my body is detoxing, getting rid of the toxins???

  184. Paul Reply

    I’ve tried the lemon water and it’s great! It helps my digestive problem. I’ll recommend it to all of my friends…

  185. Joyce Reply

    My saliva pH is 6.5, urine is between 6.0 and 6.5, it is 3 hours after lunch. Blood is 7.5 – on the Enzymedica pH paper. What foods would you recommend I eat to get more alkaline? Thank you.

  186. Prasad Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I m having almost 75 gms protien every day.
    25 gms in morning during breafast.
    50gms in evening afer excersice.

    Is it OK to have lime juice with warm water after Lunch & Dinner????

    Please suggest………as I m trying hard to reduce my tummy fats.

    Thank you,

  187. dianna Reply

    hi ross!
    i have something different to add!
    i have recently started drinking lime juice in water usually 1/2 a mexican lime in about 2 cups of water. the reason i am doing this is to lower my blood sugar! and it works!!!
    i also have tried apple cider vinegar which works as well, but i personally prefer using a fruit which is alive so to speak instead of ACV – which though it is alive (in a manner of speaking)is really different IMO than a REAL fruit!
    also i use the juice of one lime and a liter of water to wash my hair. this works great for me too!
    what i was wondering was this… i take the lime juice and water before lunch and then before dinner to get the blood sugar lowering benefits.
    do you think this still works for alkanizing? i’m sure it helps – but was just wondering what your opinion is.
    also for some reason the lime juice/water doesn’t bother my teeth as much as the ACV!!! has anyone else noticed this? i do however try and drink it through a straw…
    another thing i like to do with lime juice: take one lime and squeeze it into a bowl and then add a little water. i will rub this all over my body until it sinks in and then take a bath! you should see how clean you feel after this. it really softens your skin and removes dead skin and callouses. try it! ACV works well for this too! but it smells much more….
    blessings for all

  188. michelle keane Reply

    hi i have hurd that this has great effects on sexual performance. am i correct?

  189. Louis Reply

    I think the reason that most people are sick these days is that they drink tap water. If you test tap water for its pH value, you will find that it is very acidic. Funny when you go to hospital and see that they give patients ‘tap water’ to drink!!

  190. Libby Reply

    Hallo, love the site – please note you haven’t responded to Marty’s comment: “However, I think the underlying reason given here for drinking lemon water is BS. Lemon juice is acidic period! The only reason it appears to have an alkalizing effect is because anytime the body takes in an acid it needs to dump alkaline substances into the blood to maintain the proper alkalinity. Of course, the body overcompensates at first, which is why acids – all acids – seem to cause alkalinity.” –

    This is the heart of the matter isn’t it? And if our blood becomes more alkaline because of leeching, is that a bad thing or by all these reverse principles we’re looking at, perhaps a good thing? (i.e. imbibing acidic drinks makes alkaline blood & urine which is only alkaline because the body rushes to counteract the incoming acid…) all rather convoluted, but definately the heart of your entire website! 🙂 Please can you get a chemist or physician to comment. Thank you!

  191. MIG Reply

    What if you use bottled lemon juice instead of a fresh squeezed lemon will that work?

  192. roy magnuson Reply

    Had to read the whole column! I almost died from asthma as a young boy and always wheezed shortly after running.

    An old Norwegian lady told my Mom to give me two tablespoons of lemon juice in a glass of water each morning before breakfast when i was about 8. I never wheezed again and have sustained incredible metabolism and health through college. By college I could drink a whole quart of Real Lemon juice with just great results! Of course this is not recommended to initiates. I never used lemons, only the bottled juice, and always the Reallemon variety.

    I did have a bad case of acne in high school as it seemed I was allergic to milk or certain kinds of fats. I baked and the grease when frying donuts could have been a problem. On the other hand I never had a cavity or any problem with teeth til out of my teen years.

    Some experiences with Reallemon from a believer! Thanks for all the great info here Ross and everyone.


  193. Alouette Davids Reply

    Hi Ross

    Without becoming too technical, a colleague and I just happened upon this website and thought it quite interesting to know that the lemon water we were drinking on a daily basis helped with all these things. No wonder the men around the office were complimenting us so much. Our skin looks better and we have even lost some weight – thanks for the great tips!!!!


  194. lesley Reply

    Hi Ross
    being drinking lemon in hot water for 2 weeks now but also take a diet pill is that good or bad as i drink 5 cups aday i have lots of energy..

  195. jessie santiago Reply

    I have been drinking lime water for sometime now and every time I drink it I feel clean inside and out.

  196. Jess Reply

    Hi Ross, may i know if drinking lemon with lukewarm water before and after meal/food matters? would if affect it’s benefits?

  197. JEss Reply

    Hi Ross, does drinking the lemon with lukewarm water before and after meal matters? Which is more beneficial?

  198. nandu Reply

    i am not overweight. but i have a fat stomach. i have been suggested by my friend to drink lemon juice with honey in empty stomach.

    but after reading the above i understand that lemon juice in warm water without honey or sugar will help me.

    Am I correct?

  199. Ross Reply

    Hey Pete

    I live in Sydney! I love it too!

    I think I am understanding your question a little better now – is it:

    Because lemon water cannot be tested for alkalinity (because it is alkaliSING to the body, not an alkaline substance) – what is it’s relative effect compared to alkaline water?

    In an ideal world, you should be aiming for pH neutral with your water, or only slightly acidic. I wouldn’t worry too much about specifics.

    I guess I’m still a bit unsure about what you are trying to answer with your question – but I’m happy to keep trying!

    With regards to your earlier question about highly alkaline water – I would recommend either distilled or reverse osmosis purified water, with a pH booster added (such as Alkalive or Innerlight Prime pH).

    Let me know if you need any more detail or if I have missed the point again!


  200. pete Reply

    Thank you Ross for your response,

    I think you don’t understand my question( may be my English problem) well I’ll try again.
    I live in Sydney it is very nice city have you been here?
    water reading here is 6.8ph

    My question is

    half of lemon mixed with 500ml water after consumed what is it should be ph reading in term of alkaline water – because we can not test lemon water.
    And of course lemons are different in size also vary in different country – but just guessing from your experience so I can have roughly idea.

    Thank you Ross.


  201. Ross Reply

    Hey Pete

    I’d say that you’re a very great person too for leaving such a nice comment!

    You can test the alkalinity of water with pH testing strips/sticks which are pretty cheap and effective. If you are in Europe you can buy them from us, they are only a few quid (http://liveenergized.com/item–pHion-pH-Stix-pH-Test-Strips–96.html). If you are in the USA then I would suggest either http://shop.snyderhealth.com/index.php?category=ph-test-strips&osCsid=e502c7f6946864ea315a4c4136ac2057

    Hope this helps!


  202. pete Reply

    Hi Ross,

    You are very very great person which provides good info. about lemon water. I wish I can have lemon water because it is the cheap way detox your body.

    my question – half lemon of juice with 500ml water (after consumed) what is it equivalent to ph reading when compare to alkaline water? (because alkaline water be tested) roughly?

    I have a gastric problem I did try lemon water – it is not suitable for me but there are many friends of mine whom would love this drink.

    I have diabetes I think I think I need alkaline water about 9 ph – you have any suggestion?

    Again you great & fantastic by providing good info. on this forum.

    Thank you


  203. Kim Reply

    Hi Ross
    Just wondering I drink lemon and water every day. I use lemon juice in a bottle from store, says its “100%” juice. I love and crave it, also can drink it without water (only sips) can this harmful? I can drink up to 10 cups a day. Gave up soda and all I drink is lemon water, nothing else in it. Thanks

  204. Ross Reply

    Hi Rosa

    Here are my answers – have to get to sleep so apologies for the brevity:

    Regarding tooth decay, I would be surprised – unless you are having it SUPER, SUPER concentrated. It is just a squeeze in water. Other drinks are far, far more acidic, but people don’t have such an extreme reaction. Having said that, I am not a dentist and I can only comment on my experiences – you have to do what is right for you and listen to what your body tells you – everyone’s body is different.

    Lemon water won’t cause gas – if you have it with acidic, hard to digest foods then THEY might cause gas, but the lemon water shouldnt.

    Regarding it making your body weak and prone to disease – no, no it won’t. I wouldnt recommend it if it did. I don’t recommend using lemon water as the main ingredient of a cleanse or detox – it is just a gentle, soothing, alkalising drink. I think some people here presume I am promoting it as part of the Lemon Master Cleanse – which I am utterly opposed to.

    Therefore I consider it fine to have on a daily basis.

    Hope this helps


  205. Ross Reply

    Hi Kyle

    I’m open to changing my opinion, but I can’t understand where the logic is in saying that because something doesn’t have minerals in it that it will leech minerals from your body.

    I’d be interested to read your sources.

    Thanks for contributing though – it is much appreciated.

  206. Kyle Reply

    Just a note:

    Drinking distilled water is not regarded as “safe”. Distilled water has no minerals, which means it leeches minerals from the body and from the container it is stored in. Drinking distilled water can be good for detox, but should not be used long-term.

    Please check the medical research on this, it has been thoroughly checked out. The consensus among today’s doctors is that distilled water is not a good idea. In the 1970’s it was part of the health-food craze, but a closer look has shown that it is not a good idea to consume.

  207. rosa Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I am just interested in hearing your replies to some of the questions above, like the one for the person who had toothaches after starting to drink lemon juice?

    And also whether lemon juice will cause gas and continue as long as you keep drinking it?

    And also whether drinking it over a period of 10 days or more will make your body weak and prone to disease?

    Is there a limit to when one should stop drinking lemon juice or is it perfectly ok to drink it for the rest of our lives (everyday)?


  208. HEART Reply

    HI! I was just wondering if i just drink this stuff right after waking up and before sleeping,,will it still work if i don’t drink this throughout the day?
    I have UTI,,will it help? I really find the water too sour,,and I cant get limes so is there any other option?
    my recipe is one whole lemon to 1 quart or 32 fl oz….THANKS 🙂

  209. Shirley Reply

    I have fibromyalgia and have been told by a nutritionist that people with this condition don’t tolerate lemons well. Don’t see why this should be – do you?

  210. Jun Reply

    hi, is lemon water good or bad for acid stomach? someone has acid stomach can still drink lemon water please? thanks in advance

  211. Heather Reply

    I have just started drinking lemon water in the last 5 days and I feel more energy and even lost a half pound . I will put the pulp of some lemon in my water too and it is more benifcial

  212. Jim Reply

    Very interesting and helpful. Just started to drink lemon and water. Thanks

  213. SISSY Reply


  214. anita Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I am so thrilled with tis website. I have been comsuming lemon water first thing in the morning for the last 3 months.
    Three weeks ago I mixed it with honey and kept it for more then 5 hours and took it every hour.
    I felt very uncomfortable after two days because of gas and eventually became worse.
    I was on mediaction for gastrics, it is much better today (26/1/08) but still is there.
    If I continue with the lemon drink will it cause any discomfort again?
    Please help..I appreciate it.


  215. physio Reply

    Thanks for the article. I’m about to try lemon water as part of my regular morning ritual.

    I did notice an error (typo?) in your article though. I think you meant to say ‘expend energy’ rather than ‘expand energy’.

  216. clare Reply

    after reading this page i will now be drinkin warm water with lemon in the morning and at night ,i also enjoyd reading the argument between mike an pam very amusing

    peace and love ppl

  217. mazz Reply

    This is my first time viewing this page, it has been absolutely briliant, loving the questions and answers. thank you Ross.

  218. Sandi Reply

    Love all the information provided here. I have been using foodgrade hydrogen peroxide in water. Will adding the lemon juice have any adverse effects, if not, what about benefits?

  219. Marty Reply

    I won’t say not to drink lemon water. Lemon is a fruit, and fruit is good for us. However, I think the underlying reason given here for drinking lemon water is BS. Lemon juice is acidic period! The only reason it appears to have an alkalizing effect is because anytime the body takes in an acid it needs to dump alkaline substances into the blood to maintain the proper alkalinity. Of course, the body overcompensates at first, which is why acids – all acids – seem to cause alkalinity. It’s similar to the effect of sugar, where the body overreacts and causes some drowsiness after we’ve pigged on on sugar and had a sugar high. So drink lemon water if you want, but not because acid “magically” increases your body’s alkalinity overall.

  220. Krysta Reply

    I Stoped Fast Food And Pop

  221. Krysta Reply

    Ive Been Drinking grean tea for a week but I started Drinking lemon with watter and sometimes lemon with greantea, Is That Good Or Unhealthy, Im Trying to Loose Waight, Cuz Im 120 pounds, I Wanna Loose 30 Pounds..

  222. Carol Reply

    I have been drinking lemon water for about a week now. The lemon comes from a bottle. The ingredients in the bottle are Water, concentrated lemon juice and metabisulfite. What is metabisulfite ? Is it bad for my body? Am I getting any benefits from it or was I just wasting my time?

  223. dan Reply

    is it okay to drink a glass of cold water with the juice of one lemon before bed or is it reccomended near wake up time?

  224. daniel Reply

    the best way to lose weight is to excercise and eat healthy, im a 14 year old boy, but im not dumb, a good way to shed off the kg’s fast is to drink lemon water and eat apples, i done that for 3 days and my body looked better and i felt better, but ofcorse this could be dangerous if you’re too fat.

  225. Simmy Reply

    Hi everyone,

    Is Agave Nectar as bad as honey, sugar and maple syrup when it comes to lemon water?


  226. neil Reply

    Hi, Can u please help me.

    I have put my self on weight is forteen stones, my height is 5ft 9 inches tall….average weight should be 10 and half stones…..just wondered , does lemon drinks would able to burn fatty calories from me to lose 3 half stones….if you know the answer and how many should i take lemon drink a day?



  227. zeida Reply

    hi will drinking lemon with warm tea have the same benifits as with water.
    thank you

  228. Ross Reply

    Hi Tina

    The moment you cut open fruit or veg it does start to lose the nutrients it contains, but don’t let this put you off too much. There is some discussion about this in earlier comments.

    If I’m making the lemon water first thing, I usually manage to find a use for the other half of lemon somewhere pretty quickly anyway.

    The pulp is fine!

    I usually wait about 30 mins, but it isn’t too much of a concern…

    Hope this helps!

  229. Tina Reply

    Thank you Ross and my questions from earlier are-

    I would like to know-
    #1. If you use half a lemon, is the other half useless after thirty minutes?
    #2. Is the pulp good or okay to add to your drink?
    #3. How long should you wait before you eat once you have drank the lemon water?
    Thank you in adavance!

  230. Ross Reply

    Hi Tina

    The pH drops are a great benefit, but not a must i.e. don’t stop drinking lemon in water just because you don’t have the drops – but if you can get hold of them then that is fantastic!


  231. Tina Reply

    Is this thread closed?

  232. Herbalife Reply

    I love lemon water and it’s super healthy for you. The acid lemon becomes alkaline in your body. It’s natural and it’s good.

  233. swede Reply

    So what you are saying is that the “REAL LEMON” out of the green plastic bottle does not do the job at all. I have seen the urin become cloudy. Is that a sign that it’s working?

  234. Tina Reply

    I have another question- I have just been drinking lemon and water. Is that a wrong thing to do? In other words, Is the ph drop a must?

    Thanks again (if you are still out there),

  235. Laura Reply

    I have tried many skin care items to clear my skin and hot water and lemon always seems to work to start with. However, as with other remedies, I was just wondering whether the body becomes immune to it and whether it will stop working on my skin.
    Answeerss appreicated =)

  236. Tina Reply

    I would like to know-
    #1. If you use half a lemon, is the other half useless after thirty minutes?
    #2. Is the pulp good or okay to add to your drink?
    #3. How long should you wait before you eat once you have drank the lemon water?
    Thank you in adavance!

  237. jayant Reply

    I have been drinking lemon water for some time now – around 4-5 days. I drink it first thing in the morning. One lemon in about 2 glasses of water. And ofcourse i feel energetic throughout the day. And i could also feel the benefit of it.

    But i have also heard that continuous drinking of lemon water over a period of around 10-15 days would make you weak and prone to diseases. Is this true. I have heard from friends regarding cases in which the person has become very weak and had been bed-ridden after 20 days of lemon water.

  238. Josh Reply

    I drink lemon water Mon.-Fri. My office offers filtered water and lemons free so I drink it all day long. I’ve rarely drank soda the past 4 years I’ve been working here. I probably drink a whole lemon or two a day. I started drinking it because it was free but soon after I simply liked the taste over soda. Just recently, I thought I would check out the health benefits of drinking lemon water. What a suprise to find that it has so many health benefits. I’m certainly fortunate to have free access to both filtered water and lemons.

  239. Mye Reply

    Dear Mike and Ross,

    Is it all right to drink water with lemon while at the same time taking vitamins and mineral supplement such as Iron and Magnesium? Second, what is the cause (in your opinion) for being acidic (GERD, hyperacidity, ulcer) is it due to an overproduction of acid in the stomach particularly of HCl or underproduction of that? Third, will apple cider vinegar, yogurt and probiotics make one alkaline? Fourth, why do the medical doctors advise patients to abstain from citrus fruits when one is acidic? I will appreciate any opinion of yours in this matter even though you are not professional health practitioners. Thanks a lot!

  240. Mye Suyat Reply

    Dear Ross and Mike,

    Thank you very much for this website. For years, I’ve been doing a personal research on how to be healthy and sometimes it is confusing as there are so many sites on the net spousing this and that and sometimes I don’t know anymore which one to belive.

    Just yesterday, I saw an officemate with a pitcher of water with lemon chunks in it and we discussed a bit about what her chiropractor told her, which is, to drink lukewarm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

    For days now, I have been feeling sluggish and easily fatigued with painful gas in my stomach so I thought about drinking water with lemon. I don’t know if it’s just psychological but so far I’m feeling better after I drank a glass of lukewarm water with lemon in it and I intend to keep up doing it. First of all, it is natural (although not all natural is good) and it appeals to my faith. What I do is I try to keep a balance, knowing that everything should be done in moderation.

    For a couple of years now, I have been battling this acidity thing. I have a question though. There are some who say that some abdominal problems (GERD/dyspepsia/ulcer, etc.) are due to the lack of an acidic environment in the digestive tract and they would advise to drink apple cider vinegar and eat yogurt and probiotics while others would say that it is due to being overly acidic and some doctors would tell you to abstain from citrus fruits. What do you think? Your opinion will be greatly appreciated even if you are not a professional health practitioner. Thanks.

  241. Trey Reply

    Sounds like a problem…….hopefully Ross has an answer for you before that nasty ol’ PAM has a chance to jump all over it LOL

  242. CORY Reply


  243. Ross Reply

    Hey bobby

    Tap water is not ideal in any circumstance – but is also better than nothing! If you absolutely have no way of filtering your water then don’t lose sleep over it.

    Ashley – the water should be luke-warm. Not hot i.e. you should be able to put your finger in it and not burn yourself. I usually squeeze the lemon into the glass, then add room temperature (i.e. not chilled) distilled or filtered water and then top it up with a bit of water boiled in the kettle – just to give it that warmth.

    Think of it as if you were making a cup of tea, but the cold is the same amount as you would normally have hot and the hot is the same amount as you would normally use milk! Make sense?!

  244. Ashley Reply

    How warm does the water have to be? How do i prepare a healthy lemon water drink?

  245. bobby Reply

    Is this just with tap water? I read something that you should use ionised water – is that just mineral water?
    Meena, Lemon water is for alkalising not for losing weight. Exercise and diet are the only ways to lose weight I think

  246. bobby Reply

    I dont think lemon water will help you lose weight. Maybe exercise (even just brisk walking) and cutting down the number of calories you eat would be a more sensible measure.
    You can over do lemons, moderation is the key to all good things. If you increase your intake of lemons and start getting a rash maybe you should decrease the number back to 1 or 2 a day.
    Anyway, my question is would lemon water be able to counteract the acidifying effects of other foods? I somtimes smoke, drink and eat out with friends and was hoping that by having lemon water before sleeping that maybe I could stay akalinised?
    Earlier some one was talking about lemon juice reducing the enamel on your teeth. I think if you make sure you wait at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth after drinking any fruit juice including lemon water then it should be ok.
    cheers bobby 🙂

  247. meena Reply

    im meena i started drinking lemon with water to lose my weight do you think i can put down my weight very soon .
    from meena

  248. jennifer Reply

    I was drinking lemon and honey with hot water , i wanted to lose my weight by i didnt im the same, tell me what else i can have to lose my weight as soon as possible can you help me out with giving out some tips ,can you please help me reduce my weight.
    if you do that i will be very greatful and thankful ………….”””””””
    * *

  249. Sandy Reply

    Hi, I have just started the lemon juice and water. I have been doing it for about 6 days. First started with 2 lemons a day and now up to 4 a day. Well, my face is breaking out and I have a rash on my neck! Do you know what is up with that? I am hoping it is just part of the detox process. Please help.

  250. Pam Reply


    If something is browning,/discolored, that’s oxidation. That small amount may not hurt you but it’s an indication of chemical changes. The more oxidation, the more spoilage. Preventing oxidation is the main (but not the only) goal of preservatives. Oxidation = going bad.

    Lemon juice will keep things from oxidizing faster and recipes often call for soaking fruits and vegetables in lemon juice. That effect works longer than 1/2 hour, which is the issue here. No, lemon juice isn’t used too much commercially for preserving but citric acid is and that’s what’s helping the lemon preserve the fruit when people use it at home.

    When I don’t have fresh lemons I use organic, preservative free lemon juice in a plastic bottle and it sends my pH through the roof.

    Still waiting for the source of your “1/2 hour” information. Feel free to post that anytime you’re ready, Mike.

  251. Liam Roche Reply

    This article takes me back. I can’t quite remember why, but when I was a student I got into the habit of drinking a glass of lemon juice a day (the bottled variety). I can’t really say if I noticed any benefits – the experiment was confused by sleep deprivation, lots of wine and all the other things students do as a matter of course! However, now I can see the reasons why lemon juice is a great thing to include in your diet, along with other natural nutritious foods. it’s interesting how one of the most acidic of foods has the effect of increasing blood pH – a very unintuitive result that shows how hazardous it is to jump to obvious conclusions concerning nutrition and health.

  252. MIKE Reply

    Seriously, I’ll decide what monkeys are on my back….and with every remark you make it continues to be you. By the way….you state above”an interesting fact about lemon juice is, it’s commonly used to preserve other fruits and vegetables. It’s widely known that putting it on a cut apple will keep the apple from browning much longer. It’s apparently pretty stable stuff, this lemon juice.” Sorry Pammy, wrong again. Lemon will, as you say, keep a vegetable from developing that brown appearance…but lemon is NOT stable, especially as a preservative…thats why sulphites must be added to it to keep it from going bad in those platic juicers.
    So Pam when you say “it’s commonly used to preserve other fruits and vegetables” you are being misleading. Lemon juice has never been used to preserve vegetables…only prevent discoloration. I expect better from someone like yourself who is so anal about fact checking.

  253. Pam Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I do agree that vegetable juices should be consumed shortly after juicing. A lot of vegetables start to oxidize and lose their nutritional content very quickly. I also believe that lemon juice is more nutritious the sooner you get to it but the issue here is whether or not it will alkalize you after a certain time, and it seems that it will for quite awhile after being squeezed. Ability to alkalize is my only point. Almost everything in nature is more nutritious the sooner you get to it, I’d never dispute that.

    Also, an interesting fact about lemon juice is, it’s commonly used to preserve other fruits and vegetables. It’s widely known that putting it on a cut apple will keep the apple from browning much longer. It’s apparently pretty stable stuff, this lemon juice.

    Awhile back I was talking about a bottled juice but I had forgotten the name of it but I know it now. It’s called Volcano Lemon Burst, which is organic lemon juice with no preservatives. It’s pretty popular and I can’t get my hands on any right now. Whole Foods has been sold out of it for over a month. It’s kept in a yellow plastic bottle to protect the juice from light and has a little reservoir at the spout which holds a small amount of lemon oil that gets mixed in when you squeeze it (but it does not make the juice oily). This is the best tasting bottled lemon juice I’ve ever had. It also works very well as an alkalizer. Earlier in the day and sometimes eating nothing but ‘acid forming’ foods, my pH will be kind of low (around 6), then I have a glass of spring water with this lemon juice mixed in and my pH will be over 8 fairly quickly. And yes, I know 8 might be too high. In my experience the other commercial juices will alkalize but the additives probably make it a bad choice for routine consumption.

    I’ve written way more than I meant to, again.

    Anyway, Ross, you’re a good natured diplomat! Who knew that lemon could be so controversial?!

    And Mike, seriously, the only monkey on your back is the fact that you could not cite a source for your information.

  254. Ross Reply

    Pam M

    thanks for the kind words – your post is really very appreciated!

    have a great weekend

  255. Ross Reply

    Hello c

    There is no hiding from the fact that modern farming, storage and our environment can lead to some damaging bits n pieces still being on left on the peel or skin of shop bought fruit and vegetables. The degree of severity is debatable and without testing everything you buy it is impossible to know whether the food you eat is 100% safe. We just have to trust.

    I trust enough that I think by thoroughly washing (and sometimes scrubbing) the food I buy there will be little to no damage to my health from consuming the peel/skin of the food I buy. To be honest, I very rarely eat the skin/peel anyway.

    With the example here of lemons, I would be a little bit retiscent to leave the lemon in all day because one of the most thorough peel cleaning techniques I have read about is to soak the fruit in water before you cut it to help extract any pesticides/chemicals.

    Personally, I would try to stick with just squeezing the juice into the lemon rather than brewing it (so to speak) – but I can appreciate the convenience of the way you are doing things (i.e. you dont have to have a chopping board, knife and lemon handy all day).

    I can’t say for sure to be honest, but those are my thoughts!

    With regards to temperature – the body prefers drinks to be room temperature, and slightly warm is supposedly more cleansing. But to me the warmth is a comfort thing psychologically as much as anything else.

    Hope this all helps and makes sense – if not let me know!


  256. c Reply

    I recently started drinking water with lemon slices and love it!! I was wondering what your thoughts on this were – I usually wash the lemon, cut a few slices and then place them in a 32 oz water bottle re-filling the bottle with warer 2 or 3 times a day (with the lemon slices still inside.) Is this okay? Your comment about pesticides worries me. Also, I drink the water cold – must the water be warm/hot to achieve the full benefits of this drink?

  257. pam m. Reply

    I would like to thank you for your response. I will speak with my doctor further concerning this. I would like to add that I think that your dedication and belief in the positive effects of lemon water is, in and of itself, “refreshing”. Thank you.

  258. Ross Reply

    Hi Julie

    You can consume it any time you like! It is just extra good first thing because it helps to revitalise and gets your day off to a good, hydrated start!

    So feel free to drink up!

  259. Julie Reply


    Why is the lemon water to be consumed in the morning before eating? Can it be consumed throughout the day and before bedtime?



  260. MIKE Reply

    Thanks for coming to the rescue!!! Nice to have that monkey off my back.

  261. Ross Reply

    Hi pam m.

    While I would really love to give you a quick and simple answer I really, really can’t. Literally – the law prevents it! I’m not allowed to comment on anything that involves prescribed drugs or a medically diagnosed illness.

    I would definitely recommend asking a trained pro though as lemon water can be both very tasty and very beneficial.

    Sorry I cant be more help!

  262. Ross Reply

    Hi guys

    Glad to see you’re still getting along! Seriously though there have been some great and interesting points raised in your discussion. The only part about it I would change would be that you would have been chatting in the forum!!! Heh, not to worry though.

    On the 30 minute rule -while I don’t think that there are any hard and fast rules I DO think that as soon as fruits and vegetables have been cut open then start to lose their goodness. For instance Dr Young recommends drinking fresh juice wihin 10 minutes of juicing it.

    With lemon water this is slightly less important than say with a juice as the squeezed lemon is only in small quantities, but I still definitely think it would be better to consume it sooner rather than later.

    Now I am personally very open to be proven wrong (Dr Young might not be though!) as I love learning and finding out new things – so if there are papers out there which disprove the above thinking then definitely let me know!!!

    Hope this helps and that I have made some sense!

    Have a great day all (and I think you two should join the forum – see link at the top – as you’d both be great additions to the conversations in there!)


  263. Pam Reply

    And obviously, this is one thing I think Ross might have made a mistake about (nobody is immune to making mistakes). This is something I already said long ago. Excuse me if you’re interpreting my disposition as bitter but I don’t remember the last time I had to repeat myself so much, especially when I everything I said can be referenced on the very same page.

  264. Pam Reply

    Mike, I don’t take scientific information with no backing, especially when it contradicts what I’ve experienced firsthand. It doesn’t look like you’ve done any experimenting of your own.

    There is nothing on this site saying anything about a 30 minute lemon juice rule, so tell us where you got this ‘fact’ from because Ross had nothing to say about it before you mentioned it so you didn’t get it here.

  265. MIKE Reply

    No t sure why every post of yours comes off as defensive but your bitterness is somewhat ironic since this forum is about lemons. And you ARE wrong about the 30 minute rule…but since you dont take my word for it ask Ross…not just lil ol me.

  266. Pam Reply


    You seem to have a problem saying what you actually mean, the first time you try to say it. I mentioned my way of eating months ago, it can’t possibly be a surprise to you all of a sudden.

    Anyway, what I eat or don’t eat has nothing to do with the facts. The lemon will do the job well after a 30 minutes of being squeezed. Your ‘point’ in your last two posts is totally ad hominem.

    I think we need to make way for more interesting conversation about lemon water at this point. Take care.

  267. pam m. Reply

    I had posted this once before and had yet to haer a response. I have been reading a lot about the benefits of drinking lemon water and would like to introduce it to my diet. I am concerned however, because I am currently taking zoloft for depression and I am worried that the cleansing effects it has on the liver would disrupt the absorption of my zoloft. Should I be concerned about this? Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  268. MIKE Reply

    In your words I quote “I’m not eating a particularly alkaline inducing diet except for the lemon juice. I go pretty heavy on the protein and fat”. And in your last posting. “I tend toward a lower carb/ paleo style diet”. Based on what you said above I can only conclude that we have a very different perspective on healthy eating. I am quite familiar with the low carb diet and it definitely does not fit in with my health goals or those expoused on this site, which is to tend towards an alkaline diet. So to answer your question, YES, it did need to be said. I am not condemning your choices, even if they do not fit with the spirit of this forum. As I said above I merely thought I was conversing with someone who had a similar health philosophy. Wow.
    All the best to you, Mike

  269. Pam Reply

    I consider cheese and meat healthy foods. I tend toward a lower carb/ paleo style diet. This doesn’t mean I don’t eat lots of vegetables and some fruit, because I do. You could have ended (or even avoided) the discussion much earlier if you had noticed that I mentioned low carb, way in the beginning.

    My goal is to be healthy. Just because I don’t eat the same way as you doesn’t mean my goal is different. Does that really need to be said? Wow.

    Good luck and all that.

  270. Mike Reply

    You go heavy on the protien and fat? Hunks of cheese and burgers for breakfast? I thought I was carrying on this discussion with someone of similar health goals. Good luck with that, my end of the discussion is now complete 🙂 .

  271. Pam Reply

    Mike, I said that Ross gives a lot of sound advice, I didn’t say that everything was correct. I disagree with this and I couldn’t make that clearer. I don’t see this ’30 minute rule’ mentioned anywhere else on the site in articles. It wouldn’t matter anyway, since there appears to be no controlled studies (or any kind of study) on this so called ‘fact.’ You don’t seem to be able to provide a source for one either. I think if you were able to find one, you’d have posted it already.

    The matter might be closed to you but I don’t consider causal postings as proof of anything, no matter who says it, especially if what’s being said doesn’t make sense to me (this is where the springboard for additional research comes in handy). In my opinion too many people get their health information from message board postings and sales websites and I think this is dangerous because the information, even if it starts out correct, eventually gets distorted ‘telephone-game’ style. Of course, in this case, consuming your lemons quickly after slicing is pretty harmless. 😉 I would hate to see people throwing out perfectly good lemons, thinking they were useless because they ‘read it somewhere.’

    As I said in my other posts, though I consider my diet to be healthy and nutritious, I’m not eating a particularly alkaline inducing diet except for the lemon juice. I go pretty heavy on the protein and fat. I have coffee or tea in the morning. If I don’t drink the lemon juice, my urine is about a 6, with lemon juice, within an hour, it’s over an 8, even if I all I had previously is a cup of coffee and a hunk of cheese. Sometimes I even have a burger for breakfast(organic grass fed preferably) – same results.

    Anyway, there is no reason to believe lemon juice has a drastically different chemical composition within 30 minutes of being outside a lemon. None whatsoever.

    I don’t test saliva as often because I’m always eating or drinking something but so far it supports the urine numbers. There’s never been a disparity there.

    Have a great day. Wishing you the freshest lemons! 🙂

  272. MIKE Reply

    Thanks for your comments. I was pleased to see you believe in Ross and Callum’s work here as much as I do. You state above that “I think you (Ross and Callum)give lots of sound advice that doesnt need very much looking into”. I agree with you Pam so let me source them about the lemon juice and 30 minute rule. Ross states above…in one of his replies to us all, “”Mike – you said “lemon juice, when exposed outside the lemon for 30 minutes, loses it’s ability to become an alkaline solution in the body” and you’re spot on.””. Ross confirmed what I have read on this and, unless he states otherwise, the matter is closed for me. You are right about it being very easy to make urine alkaline. When you first wake up urine often will tend towards the acid scale due to your body going into respiratory acidosis during sleep. However for the rest of the day your urine is more often than not alkaline in a normal person with a healthy diet.So Pam, you could drink lemons that have no alkalizing affect of the body and still have alkaline urine due to other foods or liquids you have ingested. Instead of testing only urine I often test saliva throughout the day, which gives me a better whole body reading. Isnt it great that we both care so much about our health and take such pro-active steps to ensure we treat our bodies well.
    All the Best, Mike

  273. Pam Reply

    Mike, I did express that I overindulged in the lemons and that’s why I said that I think a person can have “too much” of it. I would appreciate a link to a reputable study of some kind determining that lemon juice loses it’s alkalizing properties significantly after a half an hour. I did do a search and all I found was some guy posting what you said in a newsgroup or a message board a couple of years ago. I don’t consider that a good source and I think this idea is, for lack of a better word, nonsense. I realize that my experience is anecdotal but I’m positive a real study would support what I say because I’ve been able to duplicate it day after day, testing at regular times. It doesn’t take long to alkalize your urine. With dietary changes, I would think that most people (not just I) will have more alkaline urine in a few hours if they cared to test it.

    Ross, I’ve browsed around the site (not just the blog) and I think it’s great. You and Callum obviously believe in your work and do this with a real passion. I think like most people, no one regimen fits me 100% so I get my health ideas from various places. It’s sites like this that give me fresh perspective and a launching pad to do more research if I choose to. I think you give a lot of sound advice that doesn’t need a very much looking into. It’s also teriffic that we can all interact, so thanks for keeping comments open.

    By the way, Ross, I think Kerry’s IP address/identity might be worth cross checking.

    PS Nice to see that you’ve cleaned up the message board. I’ve been meaning to register.

  274. Netsrik Reply

    Hello Everyone,

    I squeeze one whole lemon and a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar into a cup of water. I love this drink and I use to drink it a couple times a day and more when I could. I am starting to drink this again but I had a few questions after reading this forum – would appreciate any help 🙂 Can drinking too much lemon water be bad? And, is it taking away from the effect of the lemon by putting the Apple Cider Vinegar in it? Also, I have been reading that it is good to use lukewarm water – is room temperature water okay?
    Thanks for any help 🙂

  275. Ross Reply

    Hi all

    Thanks for holding the fort Mike and friends!

    I’ll try and answer a few questions from the last couple of weeks!

    Kari – I would not recommend it to be honest, you really are better off going with fresh whenever you can. The process of crystalising/altering the lemon for storage will have removed much of the alkalising properties I’m afraid!

    Julie – apologies for the delay Julie. Unfortunately I am legally restricted from answering any questions relating to medications as I am not an MD myself. You could try asking on the forum though as someone more qualified that me might be able to help : http://liveenergized.com/phpbb2

    Mia – yeah, unfortunately so. All sugars have a massively acidifying effect on the body whether they are natural or man made. So maple syrup really is bad news!

    Rachelle – I would have thought it unlikely. Have you tried removing or cutting down to see if this has any affect? The order in which we consume food and drinks can also effect us in gassy ways so you could try experimenting with the lemon water and other food consumption patterns.

    Jeff – thanks for the thanks! Real Lemon (as above) is not the best substitute to be honest. While I know that lemons can fluctuate in price they really are best when fresh and natural. As for how long it would take you to shift your pH so that it is consistently in the right zone – it takes more than just lemon water. All aspects of your diet, exercise and lifestyle affect this. Post a typical day’s food and drink consumption and I’ll be able to give you a few pointers.

    pansy – the distinction is between the ph of the food itself and the effect that it has on the ph of the body. Someone else here has described this really well. In fact it was mike and he has already done a great job!

    As for how much lemon to use – there are no hard and fast rules, just go with what tastes good. I generally squeeze half a lemon in a pint, a whole lemon in a litre.

    As for the halitosis – I would do as I have suggested for Rachelle above, but probiotics could def help.

    Joy – from my perspective vinegar is highly acidic to the body so may not help with your goal. Weight management is all about a holistic approach. Food, drink, exercise, lifestyle – the whole package. Just lemon water on its own will not do a great deal for your goal Im afraid! Read my latest post for some more ideas…!

    Pam – with respect to your comment

    ‘ Sometimes I think claims are made just to make health rituals appear more complex than they really are and unfortunately, on the Internet, so many things get passed on as fact just because they’re in writing.’

    I wholeheartedly agree – and this is the ENTIRE reason behind why Callum and I set up the whole Energise site (not just the blog). We found this incredibly frustrating so we made it our mission to create a resource that did just the opposite. I really hope that if you have a browse around the site you will see this! If not then I am definitely doing something very wrong!

    ‘I would encourage anyone curious to try testing this out themselves.’

  276. Kerry Reply

    … shut up Pam. PLEASE.

  277. Paula Reply

    Hi there,

    I’ve been drinking lemon water for a few months in the hopes to relieve mild pain that I’ve had since December. The pain has gotten worse, I’ve gone for testing and the results show no stones. The pain is mostly on the right side, but has now also gone to the left. It’s worse at night and feels like a nagging sideache. I’ve lost 20 lbs since Christmas just by exercising and changing eating habits. Any ideas what could be causing the pain? I drink lemon water religiously every day. The only other thing I drink is regular water, I eat very healthy, almost no junk food, lots of fruits, veggies, etc. Thanx for your help.


  278. MIKE Reply

    I think most people dont even notice the detox process, but keep in mind every one is different. I myself did not notice any bad breath…actually quite the opposite, however I did notice a bad “taste” when drinking certain liquids (especially red wine). When detoxing some people experience more gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating etc. Headaches are also not uncommon when detoxifying the body. Increased urination and diarrhea are also detox symptoms. All of these can be minimized by drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day. You will begin to feel amazing quite quickly after starting your lemon regimen. ENJOY!!

  279. NeO Reply

    Hey guys,

    This indeed looks very promising. I sure as hell want to try drinking lemon water every morning. I would certainly like to improve my skin condition.

    My question is, will the body undergo any detox when you begin drinking lemon first thing in the morning(for a few days?). And if so, will that result in acne/bad breath/bad skin condition?

    More importantly, is it likely that it will go in a few days(once the detox process has completed perhaps)?

    I would love to start drinking lemon juice, but I want to be sure that it wouldnt effect my skin/breath adversly(even temporarily).


  280. MIKE Reply

    I must respectfully disagree with some of your comments above. There have been many studies about the cationic and anionic properties of lemons, many of them published on the internet and requiring little effort to find. In these studies you WILL find they all say that lemon, when exposed to oxidation for (roughly) 30 minutes does begin to change properties. The lemon will retain many health benefits, however the alkalizing benefits become minimal. To keep it simple for you, take a drink from a glass of lemon juice and water that has been left out for 30 minutes and another sip from a fresh one…..you can actually TASTE the difference that the change has made in the lemon. To say that some ( I am assuming myself and Ross) make claims ‘just to make health rituals appear more complex than they really are’ is really quite unfair. I think that most statements published here are factual and simplified so as to NOT discourage people from enjoying the benefits of lemons, quite the opposite of what you unfortunately state. The bigger danger really lies in people like yourself OVERINDULGING in a good thing. 6 lemons a day is an aweful lot and I can find no place on this site that expouses that amount. No wonder your kidneys hurt the next day. Anything in excess is really not good for you. So lighten up Pam and enjoy lemons (in moderation) and know you are doing a great thing for yourself. Dont get so bogged down in the details.

  281. Rom Reply

    Hi somebody told me if you take half of lemon juice with 1 spoon of honey in lukewarm water it help to reduce your weight, but its empty stomach I won’t to know is it right ? please help me because I read some other people comments…. so I am confused now?

  282. pansy Reply

    Dear Mike,

    Thanks for helping me out 🙂

    The bad breath is gone! Other than for the normal morning bad breath. I suspect the lemon water was doing a detox on my body. I also went for my routine dental checkup/cleaning and came out sound. The dentist suggested i like probiotics to help with the flora. Extremely relieved!

    Now, i’ll just wait patiently for Ross to confirm that lemon water on an empty stomach will not cause gastric!


  283. pam Reply

    I have been reading a lot about the benefits of drinking lemon water and would like to introduce it to my diet.. I am concerned however, because I am currently taking zoloft for depression and I am worried that the cleansing effects it has on the liver would disrupt the absorption of my zoloft. Should I be concerned about this? Thank you.

  284. Pam Reply

    I have a few things to share since consuming lemon water regularly. It seems that if you want to alkalize your urine, you don’t have to do much else but drink a few glasses of this stuff a day. The rest of the diet doesn’t seem to matter. I generally eat low carb and you’d think this would be a problem. Shortly after I drink or use lemon juice in food, my urine pH is around 8 and stays alkaline for at least 6 hours. In fact, I’ve never seen it below a 6. I also think you can get too much lemon juice. I’ve had days where the only thing I’ve had to drink is lemon water. I can’t even count how many lemons I’ve used those days, definitely over 6 and my kidneys would hurt in the morning, especially if I drank more before bed.

    Also, I need to respectfully disagree with Ross and Mike about lemon losing its alkalizing properties a half hour after being juiced. I’ve used lemon juice that has been sitting out for a few hours to a day, “Real Lemon” preserved with sulphites, and organic lemon juice with no preservatives (sealed but left outside the fridge for a few days after opening because I forgot). All of these worked equally as well each and every time. There is no logical reason lemon juice would change composition so drastically when “outside of the lemon” for a mere half hour. There will be a little oxidizing but not enough to change its general properties in that time frame. I’d be really interested in seeing a controlled study that says it does. I would encourage anyone curious to try testing this out themselves.

    Sometimes I think claims are made just to make health rituals appear more complex than they really are and unfortunately, on the Internet, so many things get passed on as fact just because they’re in writing. Lately, I only believe it if I can dulpicate it myself, find it in PubMed or the source of the ‘fact’ can demonstrate that they conducted a proper study.

  285. larry Reply

    hi I have been eating raw lemons since i was a kid. Crave them at times. I’m 52 now and eat on an average of 5 lemons a week. Try club soda and lemon juice.. excellent.. Anything wrong with this, in your opinion?

  286. MIKE Reply

    Pansy, Until Ross gets back with a better explanation I will see if I can help. Your first question was about how acid tasting lemons can become alkaline in the body.The effect of food stuffs upon the alkalinity of the blood depends upon their residue which they leave behind after undergoing oxidation in the body. It is an error to presume that because a food tastes acid, it has an acidic reaction in the blood. For instance, fruits and vegetables have organic acids in combination with soda and potash in the form of acid salts. When the acids are burnt or utilized in the body, the alkaline soda or potash is left behind. Hence the effect of the natural fruit acids is to increase the alkalinity of the blood rather than reduce it. Hope that helps. As for how much lemon to take I believe it varies, but Ross uses a benchmark of half a lemon squeezed into 500 ml of water. Now the halitosis problem. I find it hard to believe that the lemon juice has caused this however since you have only recently started drinking lemon juice it could be that toxins in your liver and kidneys have been stirred up and this is causeing bad breath.I have found that the lemon juice has actually made my breath much better although I do notice a “bitter” taste when ingesting certain beverages or foods ( eg. red wine). Bad breath can also be related to so many other health and oral conditions. If it were me and it persisted I would have a proffesional check it out so I would feel relaxed about it. When Ross is back from his far flung travels I am sure he will be able to respond in a much more sage fashion for you. In the meantime I think he would say to keep enjoying the health benefits of lemons!

  287. Joy Reply

    I would like to swap from size 14 to size 12 dso think mixture of lemon, hot water and vinegar would do the trick for me?

  288. pansy Reply

    hi ross,

    i hope you can help me with my questions.

    1) lemon is acidic but lemon water is alkaline to our bodies. i still don’t get get that concept. Will drinking lemon water first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) and not taking breakfast cause gastric? My sis had an apple for breakfast every morning which resulted in her getting gastric.

    2) i take 1tbsp lemon juice to 250ml water daily. is this amt decent? would you recommend i take more?

    3) since taking lemon water for about 3 weeks, i’ve developed halistosis. My breath is *extremely* bad and i have a bitter taste in the mouth. can lemon water be the cause of this? i’ve tried brushing my teeth and tongue more frequently – even in the middle of the night but nothing seems to help.

    please help!

  289. Jeff Reply

    Oh I forgot to tell you that I am drinking 4 glasses of lemon water a day with 1 teaspoon in a glass. So I think I am taking 1and 1/3 lemon a day. Thanks!

  290. Jeff Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I bought this “ReaLemon” brand at our grocery store here. I didn’t buy real lemon since it is quite expensive nowadays ($1.00 each). On the bottle it says, 3 tablespoons equal to 1 medium size lemon. And the ingredients:
    Water, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Sulphite, Lemon Oil.

    I wonder if I can substitute this with real Lemon. How long does it take for me to bring my pH level back to 7 – 7.4? I am currently at around 6.0 – 6.5 I think. The pH papers I am using have one point increment so it is quite hard for me to tell the exact pH number. I am going purchase a 0.25increment one on eBay.

    Thanks for putting up a Lemon Blog site!

  291. Rachelle Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I have been drinking a glass of luke warm water with a quarter of a lemon squeezed into it for about 4-5 days now but I have developed a bad case of gas. It starts soon after I drink my lemon water and lasts pretty much all day. This is very distressing and embarrassing too. Why is this happening? Am I allergic to lemon water?

  292. Mia Reply

    I din’t know that adding “MAPLE SYRUP – this will make it have an acidic effect on the body”
    For the last month I’ve been mixing lemon, water, cayenne paper, pure maple syrup. I think that made me sick, had a sore throat here and there.

  293. Julie Reply

    I’ve been drinking lemon water every morning for about six weeks now and I’m afraid that I’m not feeling the great energy benefits that people say that get from drinking lemon water. I take Oroxine every morning for an underactive thyroid and I also take the antidepressent Zoloft as well. I take my medications about an hour after the lemon water. My question to you is could the lemon water be affecting the absorption of my medications with the cleansing affect of the lemon water on the liver. I look forward to your reply as I feel I can feel the dark cloud of depression setting in again. Thank You, Julie.

  294. Kari Reply

    Hi-Can you substitute the “True Lemon crystallized lemon” packet for a real lemon if you are out?

  295. Ross Reply

    Hi guys

    WOW – there are a lot of questions to be answered! Sorry for the lack of response, I have been travelling a fair amount lately and have been preoccupied trying to sort out the spam issue on the forum (www.energiseforlife.com/phpbb2)

    Right, here goes, I will work in chronological order so I may answer some stuff you have already answered between yourselves but here goes:

    Mike: 1 whole lemon in 8oz is a fair amount and I can’t really answer whether there is a ‘maximum’ amount. Generally too much of any one thing runs the risk of having side effects, so I would urge a little caution. As a benchmark I sqeeze about half a lemon into about 500ml.

    Pam: spring water is certainly better than tap – but it can vary from brand to brand. Some actually display the average pH of the water, so it is worth looking around. Someone posted on the forum about a great water brand a while back…ok – just found it – Gerolsteiner. Other methods of water purification that are effective are distillation, ionising, reverse osmosis and any of the above with pH drops.

    Pam: re artificial sweeteners. As far as I am aware (and I’ll check with Giles our in-house food scientist) all artificial sweeteners are acidifying to the body. So while you would still be actually getting the hydration and vitamins etc, the alkalising effect would be negated (unless using stevia)

    Pam: testing your pH levels on a one off basis can lead to random and bizarre results! I’ve done another post on pH testing here (http://liveenergized.com/wordpress/1204/alkaline-test-how-to-test-your-ph-levels-saliva-urine) – and you will see there that to get accurate results you have to test regularly, at the same time (conditions) over a period of time in order to see progression and results.

    jacques – reverse osmosis is a good way to purify your water mate, and I believe it is the preferred method of Dr Young who is Mr Alkalizer.

    DT – Personally, I wouldn’t leave the lemon in the water unless the lemons are organic, grown by yourself and have been washed thoroughly. Modern farming, growing and storing (preserving) techniques use a lot of harmful chemicals that are not cleaned off before shipping to the supermarket. If you leave these in the water some may leach out into your water which is obviously not the best!

    Mike – you said “lemon juice, when exposed outside the lemon for 30 minutes, loses it’s ability to become an alkaline solution in the body” and you’re spot on.

    Pam – you said “I squeeze them on salad, fish, vegetables…lemon goes on almost anything! ” which is ace. I do that too and I love it!

    Laura – I couldnt have put it better than Mike already has. Great answer!

    Right, well I hope this helps! Do holler if you have any other questions whatsoever!

    Have a great day

  296. Mike Reply

    There are distinct benefits to drinking lemon water both at night and first thing in the morning. Your body does most of it’s healing and repairing during the sleep cycle. The lemon juice you drink at night will be a valuable part of that healing, by putting your body closer to an alkaline state…thereby supplying your body’s cells with much needed oxygen and vitamins and anti oxidants. The lemon juice you drink in the morning will give your body the “boost” it needs to ward off bacteria and germs throughout the day as well as supply some essential vitamins and nutrients. Best advice…drink both times for maximum health benefit.
    Best regards, Mike

  297. Laura Reply

    Hi Ross

    I came across this forum while researching the benefits of Lemon Water and I have to say I learnt a fair bit from reading all your responses to the various questions – thanks!

    I have acne prone skin and I am now dying to test out Lemon Water starting tomorrow morning! My question is – does drinking Lemon Water at night before going to bed have the same benefits as drinking it first thing in the morning?

    Thanks in advance!

  298. Mike Reply

    From what I have been reading it is best to squeeze the lemon juice into the water and drink within 30 minutes. Apparently after 30 minutes the molecules of the lemon juice change in such a way that,while not rendering it harmful, does not promote the healthy alkaliziing qualities we are all hoping to achieve. The following is a great site that explains further vitamin loss from lemons when exposed to air http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_lemon.htm

  299. Pam Reply

    Hi Mike. Yeah, some people are allergic to sulphites, I know that but I don’t think I’m one of them. I also don’t know that lemon juice loses it’s alkalizing properties when outside the lemon for more than 30 minutes as a rule. If that were true, I probably wouldn’t have such alkaline urine after using the “Real Lemon.” I can’t speak for non-preserved juice. I have never juiced a lemon and stored it for later but even with that, I’d more concerned with drinking oxidized juice first and foremost.

    Yes, lemon is pretty expensive now but I can’t live without them. I not only use them for drinking, I squeeze them on salad, fish, vegetables…lemon goes on almost anything!

  300. Mike Reply

    OOPS…did I say nitrates? I meant sulphites. While it is a commonly used preservative it does have adverse effects on a segment of the population….athsma..hives…rash nausea and diarrhea to respiratory failure. I have also learned that lemon juice, when exposed outside the lemon for 30 minutes, loses it’s ability to become an alkaline solution in the body. I could be crazy (and probably am lol) but just in case I will stay with fresh…..but damn arent they expensive now!

  301. dt Reply

    Should I be leaving the lemon in the water?

    I drink about 1.5L of water during my time at work. Usually fill up the bottle in the morning with half a lemon and 1L of water. Then at lunch I will refill the bottle with the same lemon slices in it.

    Any advice would be helpful!


  302. jacques houot Reply

    I i have a REVERSE OSMOSIS water purifier. this is safe?
    i hear it make the water acidic?
    and i hear lemon in the whater make it alkaline?
    can you tell me somes hanswers please?

  303. Pam Reply

    Hi Mike. I just looked at the “Real Lemon” bottle and it doesn’t have nitrates. Where did you read that? It does have sodium benzoate (pretty safe preservative) and sodium sulfite (sulfites are found in wine). I don’t think it’s so terrible, but of course, I think most of us prefer the real thing.

    I did find some excellent bottled lemon juice at the local natural foods supermarket but it was pretty expensive – around $3 for not that much. I don’t remember the name of it but it was in the produce section and came in a small kind of lemon shaped plastic bottle. It has lemon oil at the spout but it didn’t make oily juice. I think you’d be able to find it at Whole Foods.

  304. Mike Reply

    Hi again Pam. I also thought about using the bottled lemon juice until I read about the nitrate content in them. The nitrates are used as a preservative and from what I read can have an adverse affect on your alkilinity. I guess it is just one more substance the liver and kidneys have to filter out so now I stick with fresh. If you have found one that doesnt have anything but “fresh lemon juice” as the only ingredient , let me know.

  305. Pam Reply

    Hi Mike,

    I actually tested my pH a couple of hours after drinking the lemon water when I got that 8. I recently tested first thing in the morning. Urine pH was 6 or so and it looked like saliva was a solid 7. I think urine pH is supposed to be more acidic in the morning.

    When I can’t sqeeze fresh lemons, I use bottled. Though the taste isn’t as good (some brands are better than others), it also alkalizes my urine very well…even the “Real Lemon” brand. I love the taste. With a some Stevia, it’s basically lemonade.

  306. Mike Reply

    Sorry bout the misunderstanding Pam…I thought you were referring to me. A PH of 8 is very high….however it is within the range of 4.5 to 8 which is normal. Your particular sample would be naturally more alkaline because you drink alkalizing lemon juice. One of your kidneys more important functions is to regulate the body’s ph level so excess alkalinity would be expelled in the urine. Test your saliva…it should range from 6.0 to 7.4…prferably on the higher end since you inbibe in lemon water regularly.

  307. Pam Reply

    I was saying that my pH was over 8 but for some reason my post got that smiley instead.

  308. Pam Reply

    I just tested my urine pH out of curiosity and it’s way alkaline (over 8) even though I’ve been doing everything ‘wrong’ lately, from having coffee every morning to eating red meat and milk chocolate and even having a few smokes this month (though I quit years ago). While I’m not fully sold on the alkaline thing, I’m not condoning my behavior. I just wonder if the two lemons per day is what’s doing making my urine alkaline, plus the veggies and vitamins.

  309. Pam Reply

    I wasn’t telling you to drink with spring water, Mike. I was asking Ross his thoughts on spring water. I also take a lot of lemon in my water. I like the taste.

  310. kelly Reply

    i have been drinking warm lemon water for about 4 weeks and i love it it has helped me stop smocking as every time i wanted a fag i would suck on the lemon and i can see a difference in my skin

  311. Mike Reply

    I dont think spring water will cause me to be less alkaline. Like I said…the issue is that I drink such a concentrated amount of lemon juice in my water….the juice of a whole lemon in an 8 oz glass of water….and I do this twice per day. I have heard that being to alkaline can cause kidney stones….which are terribly painful. How much is too much when it comes to drinking lemon juice? Seems like everyone else dilutes thier juice in a lot more water than I do. Is this just a taste preference? I really like the bitterness when I squeeze a whole lemon into one glass of water. I do drink just plain water throughout the day…..will this negate any negative effects…if there are any?

  312. Pam Reply

    Also, about artificial sweetners. Patrick asked if they would negate the alkalising effects of the lemon water in the same way sugar would. While you said yes, the link you pointed to did not talk about that aspect at all. It only suggested getting used to not having to sweeten and linked to articles questioning the safety of the sweeteners. I don’t use Splenda but I do use saccharin sometimes. Do you have research about any of the artificial sweeteners and their effects on lemon water (or their effects on acidity in general)?

  313. Pam Reply

    How about drinking with spring water?

  314. Mike Reply

    I drink the juice of a whole lemon mixed with about 8 oz of water twice a day and I really enjoy it and I love the bitterness. Is this too much lemon at once? Am I in danger of becoming too alkaline? I have heard this can cause kidney stones and other ailments.HELP!

  315. chikalew Reply

    Hello! 😉
    heh… what crazy comments!
    what do you consider about it?

  316. Kristen Reply

    A very interesting question for you :
    A friend of mine who used to be a boxer told me that the night before a match if he was a bit over the weight limit, he would drink pure freshly squeezed lemon and immediately after eat a half a sugar lump. And overnight he would lose 2-4 pounds.
    Could this be true? I haven’t tried it yet, as i don’t know if it’s true or not.
    And also, if it is true, could i do that more often to lose weight a bit quicker?

    I do run about 2 miles every day ((only just started on the 1.12007 (new years resolution) The first i’ve ever kept might i add :))
    Plus i ONLY eat fresh Veggies and fresh fruit (either juiced or not , depending on how much time i have)
    I have lost 12 pounds this month so far, but after these 12 pounds, the weight doesn’t seem to be dropping very fast. Only about 1 pound every week now. Where as the first three weeks i lost 11 pounds straight away.
    But i’m still 30 pounds overweight as i was a very heavy crisp eater and beer drinker.
    Can i do more than i already am?


  317. April Monasterio Reply

    Regarding Teeth enamel—-

    Try using a straw to prevent the water from touching your teeth. This helped me

  318. mojii Reply

    hello there!

    can i use calamansi or dalandan instead?

  319. rob Reply

    I drank lemon water for a month, I felt the positive effects of it, but my teeth started getting sore. I stopped taking lemon water and the problem stopped. Nothing else in my diet changed. I later learned that citric acid can destroy tooth enamel. -www.dental–health.com/lemonsucking.html. So I am sure the two problems are linked.
    I am wondering if you or anyone has expierienced a similar problem? I think you should at least address this issue on the website.

    Also I am curious if lemon water improves circulation at all. I found it did.

  320. Geoff Reply

    I would not worry about the acid in lemons and limes, when you put into proportion with soft drinks, EVen the DIEt variety.

    If you put a 500ml bottle of cola into 10 gallons of water, it slashes the pH from 7.4 to 4.0 — very acidic. Your body consists of about 10 gallons of water, which is supposed to be slightly alkaline.

    So as you can see its time they started putting health warnings on this stuff.


  321. Debbi Reply

    I’m using vinegar to help with acid reflux. If the vinegar helps because it is acid, should drinking the lemon water be a problem. The vinegar and the lemon are both acid so I can’t really tell if the effect.

    ps. I’m using the vinegar in tablets so the taste isn’t bad. They really work great.

    thank you

  322. Smrati Reply

    Beacuse of my continuous sitting in office and irregular shifts, i have started putting on weight.
    Someone told me that if we drink lemon water in morning it will help us to reduce weight.
    Please advice, how true it is and how will it help and how to consume it.
    PLease share other weight reducing tips as well..
    Thanks in advance……….

  323. John Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for the tip about using lemon juice in water. It’s such an easy thing to do and the taste really appeals to me.

    I had read that it’s possible to use a mixture of sodium hydrogencarbonate (sodium bicarb) on its own in water, or mixed with potassium hydrogen carbonate (potassium bicarb), but wondered about the effect of the sodium ions on blood pressure. Any views on that?

    Again, thanks for the lemon juice idea – I’d heard it used for weight loss diets and so hadn’t bothered about it but will be using it regularly now since I’ve come to realise the need to balance things up a lot more in my food intake. Through laziness largely, I tend to grab the nearest easiest thing, so often eat fruit but hardly ever raw green veg. I’ve been somewhat taken aback by coming across the view that a lot of acidic fruit isn’t such a good idea.

    You have a great Christmas and new year too.


  324. Ross Reply

    Hi John

    Many thanks for taking the time to clarify! This makes a fair amount of sense!

    It is always good to hear how these things work from a chemist – I mean, who better to explain?!

    I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year

  325. John Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Just came upon this blog while looking up how to create alkalising water and caught Marcel’s comment of Sept 29th. I am a chemist and can perhaps resolve his difficulty. My old chem teacher told me that we teach by the method of diminishing untruth in schools. At GCSE, kids learn that an acid neutralises a base. However, at A’level they learn that even if all of a weak acid is exactly used up by a strong base, the resulting salt solution will not be neutral. Thus, a weak acid such as citric acid will react with a strong base such as sodium hydroxide to produce the salt called sodium citrate. The negative citrate ion will interact with water to produce hydroxide ions. A solution of sodium citrate will therefore be slightly alkaline. Incidentally, this is how weak fruit acids can produce alkaline salt solutions in the body. Lemon juice in water is acidic but, as we’ve seen, the citric acid will produce alkaline salts with positve ions from strong bases (such as sodium or potassium ions). Hope this helps.

  326. Joe Joe Reply

    can u tell me if the lemon juice from the shops are the same as using a real lemon??thanks

  327. Ross Reply

    Hi John

    Aloe vera juice would be absolutely fine, as long as it is unsweetened and pure. In fact, it would be a great addition!

    Have a splendid day

  328. John Reply

    Would mixing aloe vera juice with lemon water be OK?

  329. Ross Reply

    Yep – spot on Andrew, thanks for contributing.

    Have a great day,

  330. Andrew Reply

    he production of hydrochloric acid is in order to break down the low water content, acidic foods like meats, yeasts, dairy etc. These acid foods, once broken down will still have a very detrimental effect on the body causing the body to leach alkaline minerals in order to neutralise them. You are probably already aware of the many dangers of an overly acidic system and it would take me all night to list them again here.

  331. jeri Reply

    I have bad complexion and recently pimples have started appearing. I started drinking a glass of fresh lemon juice mixed with hot water in the morning. Besides that I also rubbed lemon on my skin to reduce blemishes. I only started 3 days ago. I hope that this will help improve my complexion.

  332. Ross Reply

    Hi Gerri

    Thanks for letting me know – I will check it out now and let you know what I think!


  333. Gerri Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I appreciate the info that I’ve learned here. Are you familiar with True Lemon? I found it at a local grocery store and then checked it out on their website at http://www.truelemon.com. It is crystalized lemon (not reconstituted or from concentrate). Anyway, I tried it in water and couldn’t tell the difference between the True Lemon and the real thing. I also did a taste test with my family (who love to drink lemon water) and they couldn’t tell the difference. Now I keep a box of packets in my office and at home. They don’t appear to spoil and I always am able to have lemon water when I want it – I drink it throughout the day. If you go to their website, there’s a link where you can request some free packets and they’ll send them to you.

    If you try it out, I’ll keep an eye out for your opinion.


  334. Stacey Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I told my mom that I hadn’t rid of toxin in 12 hours. I worried but mom suggested me, a take warm water with fresh lemon. it will pass out. The same day, I researched internet and find your website that I learned something NEW!!!! As such as good for skin, engery and more!

    One thing I want to ask you about is the grapefruit.
    Is that the grapefruit as the lemon? I know that the grapefruit has a sweet itself than the lemon but wanting to know.

    Thanks! Ross

  335. Ross Reply

    Hi Marcel!

    Heh – you can ask whatever you like wherever you like mate! Or you can ask in both!

    The only difference is that here you will only get an answer from me – whereas on the forum you will get and answer from me plus all of the other members.

    Hope this helps!

    Cheers bud and have a great weekend,

  336. marcel ikelaar Reply

    Ross, can you make clear which questions are ok to put on this place and which are better for the forum.
    I can’t find criteria.

    thanks, LL

  337. tristan Reply

    If I make a batch (about 2 liters) of lemon water, is it ok to store in the refridgerator? (to drink throughout the work week senario)

  338. Fajou Reply

    Lemons rule eveything..! YES…
    MMmm Lemons….MMmm Limes….MMmm Water…= Wicked…!!!

  339. Chris Reply

    I just want to say I have been drinking lemon water for about a year.
    I am 23 and still do alot of drinking and partying at night. I find since i have been drinking lemon water
    I never get hangovers and it’s also nice to know it helps out the ol’ liver.
    I love it so much I now mix 3 limes and 3 lemons per one liter of water. very strong, but great.
    If i had one peice of advice it would be to drink lemon water every day!

  340. marcel ikelaar Reply

    Thanks Ross for all your efforts!

    In case you know more about my question “ph-drops & lemonjuice” can you come back to it at this place?

    Future questions I will ask at the forum, see you there, so long!

    k regards, marcel

  341. Ross Reply


    Hi – sorry to you too for the delay!

    That is a great idea taste wise, but the freezing might destroy some of the enzymes and benefits of the lemons/limes.

    Again – that would have been a great question for the forum: http://liveenergized.com/phpbb2

    Have a great weekend

  342. Ross Reply

    Hi Marcel

    At last – sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you buddy – I have been total run off my feet these last few weeks with the blog, forum, UPW and everything else!

    Here are my answers to your questions as best as I can answer them!

    [You asked] when I add ph-drops to lemonjuice , I add something that is a base (ph-drops) to an acid (lemon)
    I always learned that a base + an acid = a situation in which they will neutralize eachother, so
    I don’t see extra value above taking these 2 separate. Am I wrong?

    I am not a scientist myself although and I cannot give you a 100% certain answer on this issue. From what I understand, the lemon juice mixed together with water containing pH drops will not have a neutralising effect. In fact, in The pH Miracle, Dr Young states that in all of his drinking water he adds pH drops and lemon or lime juice ‘to boost its alkalizing effects’.

    I will ask the question of Dr Young and Dr Vasey to see if I can get some more clarification on this issue though Marcel as I appreciate that my non-scientific answer might not be enough for you!

    [You asked] – further: a question about hydrocloric acid (which is in some ph-drops): I heared that the stomach can make itself hydrocloric acid in situations when needed. What’s the extra value of the ph-drops?

    The stomach does indeed make hydrochloric acid on an as needed basis however, the production or not of hydrochloric acid is not the main reason as to why we would use pH drops or try to eat a diet that his high in alkalizing foods. The production of hydrochloric acid is in order to break down the low water content, acidic foods like meats, yeasts, dairy etc. These acid foods, once broken down will still have a very detrimental effect on the body causing the body to leach alkaline minerals in order to neutralise them. You are probably already aware of the many dangers of an overly acidic system and it would take me all night to list them again here. But the point is that the production of hydrochloric acid to break down these foods and make them suitable for digestion does not eliminate the problem of the foods being acidifying.

    Does this make sense?

    I go into this a bit more here:


    But I also recommend you asking these types of questions at the Energise forum as you will get much quicker and probably more in depth answers there!


    Let me know if there is anything you would like me to elaborate on,


  343. marcel ikelaar Reply

    Ross said,
    October 5, 2006 @ 3:33 am


    I promise I will get back to you VERY soon!


    *** Thanks Ross, as you know an answer will lead to other questions, and I feel there is a lot
    interesting about ph which is still not been asked about and answered. Would be great, if this place can be an
    “information source”


  344. Gwyn Reply

    Hello Ross,

    I hope my question isn’t redundant; I haven’t read all of the posted comments.

    I sometimes freeze my freshly squeezed lemons and put the juice into an ice cube tray.
    I was wondering if this freezing process might be destroying some of the health
    benefits. ……I sometimes add a fresh mint leaf to each cube, too.


  345. Cindy Reply

    Thanks Ross! Your answers are certainly helpful. Many thanks again.

  346. Ross Reply


    I promise I will get back to you VERY soon!


  347. Ross Reply
  348. Ross Reply

    Hi Cindy

    First and foremost I have to point you in the direction of our disclaimer:


    To highlight that neither myself nor anyone else at Energise is a doctor or physician and we do not and cannot give medical advice or prescribe anything to treat a symptom, disease or illness.

    Having said that, based on my own experience and reading here are my answers to your questions:

    1) Will it lower cholesterol?

    It is said to – but it is not guaranteed of course. Other more influential variables will play more of a role such as your overall diet and exercise. However, lemon water is cleansing and alkalising – it helps to remove toxins. So it can’t hurt in my experience.

    2) Drinking lemon juice on an ongoing basis, will it have any effect on sensitive stomach? I react to anti-inflammatory medicines and some pain killer (ibuprofen).

    As above. It is certainly reputed to help with digestion and detoxification – so it could by all means help you in this respect too!

    3) Will it help osteoarthritis?

    Again (sorry) I think that other factors will have more of an influence – but lemon water IS GOOD FOR YOU! It will assist in your overall health – so why not give it a try!

    4) From what you know, how long does it take for one to drink lemon juice to see benefits?

    I feel the benefits right away in that I feel cleansed, hydrated and energised – however, it depends on the kind of benefits you are expecting to see. After a couple of days of regular lemon water in the morning I noticed my digestion being a lot better and my skin clearer.

    5) Will drinking a cup of warm diluted lemon juice (without sweetner) in the morning and at night be enough?

    Depends on what you are after – but yep. Just make sure that you get a good 2-4 litres of decent water every day!

    Thanks for contributing here Cindy! Sorry I cant be more conclusive but that is the way of the world these days!

    Hope this helps!

    Have a great day!

  349. patrick Reply

    will Using SPLENDA instead of sugar have the same negative affects of adding sugar?

  350. marcel ikelaar Reply


    Just a question:

    – when I add ph-drops to lemonjuice , I add something that is a base (ph-drops) to an acid (lemon)
    I always learned that a base + an acid = a situation in which they will neutralize eachother, so
    I don’t see extra value above taking these 2 separate. Am I wrong?

    – further: a question about hydrocloric acid (which is in some ph-drops): I heared that the stomach can make itself
    hydrocloric acid in situations when needed. What’s the extra value of the ph-drops?

    Kind regards, Marcel

  351. Cindy Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have a few questions about drinking lemon juice:

    1) Will it lower cholesterol?
    2) Drinking lemon juice on an ongoing basis, will it have any effect on sensitive stomach? I react to anti-inflammatory medicines and some pain killer (ibuprofen).
    3) Will it help osteoarthritis?
    4) From what you know, how long does it take for one to drink lemon juice to see benefits?
    5) Will drinking a cup of warm diluted lemon juice (without sweetner) in the morning and at night be enough?

    Appreciate to hear what you know of the above.

    Many thanks.

  352. Ross Reply

    Hi Monique

    You said that “He told me that the acid fromt each actually burn fat inside the body. Is that true?”. This is actually not true and lemon on it’s own cannot cause fat loss.

    It can contribute to fat loss by helping to flush out toxins, but consistent and permanent fat loss can only be caused by the combination of eating/drinking right and exercise.

    HOWEVER – your uncle sounds like he is doing a great job, and like they say: if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!

    All the best and have a great day

  353. Ross Reply

    Hi Alastair

    Your Question: “My question is, will there be any alkalysing benefit of adding lemon to the mix? Or might I better start drinking lemon water later throughout the day?”

    My Answer: Yep! Lemon juice helps raise the relative alkalinity of the water (in it’s basic form lemons are acidic, but they have an alkalising effect on the body when digested). So drink up!

    The other benefits you are experiencing are great to hear. It just goes to show what consistent, healthy behaviour can do for our bodies! I used to get colds ALL of the time too, and I also used to have pretty bad skin – but I have neither problem now! I literally cant remember the last time I had a cold and I used to get them like you, at least 3-4 times per year.

    Have a great day mate

  354. Monique Reply

    My uncle in Costa Rica use to weigh about 255 pounds. He was only 5’9 and lost 75 pounds in 40 days. He said he didn’t change to much in his regular diet; but in fact used a lot of lemon and drank 1 gallon of water every 24 hours each day. He actually squeezed the juice from 1 lemon each morning into a glass of water and drank it straight then continued to drink lemon water throughout the day. I’m just curious what is it about grapefruits and lemons that contribute to losing weight? He told me that the acid fromt each actually burn fat inside the body. Is that true? Also; when I visit my relatives (who are all very healthy and naturally thin people) in Costa Rica; they do tend to add freshly squeezed lemon and/or orange juice (fresh squeezed only) to all of their pork dishes; ground beef and soups; saying that the lemon kills the fat. True or not? What gives?

    oh, and yes – I too love lemon…I actually love to eat lemon slices (sometimes I cheat with the juicing and add a little sugar for my own fresh lemonade…)

  355. Alastair Reply

    Hi All,
    My wife and I have been drinking the following almost every morning for nearly 2 years:
    * freshly extracted apple and ginger juice, to which we often add things like pumpkin, cauli, kiwifruit, carrot
    This is like our “base” breakfast. This is supplemented with:
    * MSM, cayenne, flax/hemp/fish/cod liver oil, unrefined sea salt.

    last year we also took chlorella and/or spirulina and/or barley grass with our juice but stopped after about 3 months when I started vomiting after eating solid food at lunch. Now even the smell of these things turns my stomach.

    a couple of months ago we began having a cup of slippery elm when we get home from work. Now I really look forward to it.

    My question is, will there be any alkalysing benefit of adding lemon to the mix? Or might I better start drinking lemon water later throughout the day?
    I really dont want to stop drinking the fruit based drink because it is often the only fresh living raw food that we get each day. Because it tastes good we have been very consistent and I have gone from having a cold or flu 3-4x a year to having a mildly sore throat twice in two years, better skin, eyes, and hair.
    any ideas appreciated, thanks

  356. Ross Reply

    Hi Marcel

    I think that it is probably the most viable option if you do need to add a sweetener. To be honest, I really love the zestyness of lemon water – but if it is a bit sour then lime gives a much sweeter, almost coconutty kind of taste.

    Why not give lime water a try and if you are still gritting your teeth then try the oils!

    I will have a more indepth look at them too.

    Cheers and thanks for the great idea

  357. Gean Reply

    Well Ross, you sure know a lot about lemons and warm water, i stopped drinking lemon water cos i thought it was bad for my teeth, but now i know it isn’t i can drink it every day again! so good for the skin!
    wow thanks

  358. Marcel Reply

    Hi guys,

    I agree that adding a sweetener ( i use raw agave nectar: very tasty!) is not good for the ph!

    What do you think of adding 1-2 drops of biological essentail oil, for example “green mandarine oil”?

    This is so yummy, tasty.. maybe also good is: red mandarine oil, clementine oil (kind of mandarine), pepermintoil,
    This could replace a sweetener, like to know your opinion.


  359. Ross Reply

    Hi Sham

    Drinking lemon water will not hinder your weight gain one bit. You really have got nothing to worry about mate – as long as you are doing aerobic and anerobic exercise and consuming appropriate amounts of calories (roughly more than you burn) then you will be gain weight.

    Lemon water is an excellent part of your diet – stick with it – because of its detoxifying properties.

    Good luck!

  360. sham Reply

    Hi all.

    i am currently trying to gain weight through a excersie program. i have started to drink lemon juice fot the benefits it brings. will this hinder my weight gain ?

    thanks for your time !

  361. Ross Reply

    Hi Michelle

    Just to work this out in UK measurement terms (that I am used to) – 64oz is almost 2 litres and 8oz is therefore about 250ml (a smallish glass).

    So yep – 64 oz is absolutely fine.

    I usually squeeze half a lemon (sometimes a quarter) into a pint, which is about 450ml-500ml, but really it is down to taste and preference.

    There are no real hard and fast rules, but for 2 litres I would use 1.5-2 lemons probably.

    Hope this helps!

  362. michellez Reply

    I would like to know if it’s alright to make 64oz lemon water, and how much lemon should i use. How much should I for a 8oz glass.

  363. Ross Reply

    Hi Sabrina

    Lemon water is nicely alkalising to the body, and as a good cleanser it will help for sure. I would also look at digestive enzymes and probiotics to help the process along too.



    As for the recipe – just squeeze lemon juice into lukewarm water and drink plenty of it!



  364. sabrina Reply

    Can lemon water aid in intestinal yeast infection? If so what is the best recipe?

  365. Ross Reply

    Hi Katinkainganabovanana

    Lemon water on it’s own can’t do much about weight loss. It does have an indirect effect of course because it helps the body to flush out toxins.

    But in the main – regular exercise and a healthy diet (of which lemon water can be a part) makes you lose weight.


  366. Ross Reply


    The temperature does not matter too, too much – but it is best not to shock the body with extreme hot or cold – as the body then has to burn energy to regulate the temperature.

    Luke warm is best – or room temperature.

    I like to make it with cold water but then just top it up with hot water from the kettle – kind of the same proportions as you would make a cup of tea with milk (if that makes sense!)


  367. Katinkainganabovanana Reply

    So is it true that elmon water can help make you lose weight?

  368. Natalia Reply

    Does the temperature of the water matter? If I am having lemon/lime in my water first thing in the morning, is it better to put it in warm water?

  369. Ross Reply

    OK – I have seen quite a bit of publicity about the Beyonce style lemon water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper detox lately. Just to be absolutely clear – this is a pretty stupid idea and is not going to lead to sustained, healthy weight loss.

    All a detox like this is going to do is strip your body of muscle and water and it is going to send your metabolism down to zilch. What that means is that as soon as you start eating food again your body will be desparate to pile it on as fat.

    Believe me – no matter how desparate you are to lose some weight – there is absolutely no good that can come from this type of approach!


  370. Ross Reply

    Hey Sharon

    Nope Stevia is fine!

    A lot of alkalising supplements use this as a natural sweetener. I understand that it is a little like chicory.

    Have a great weekend

  371. Ross Reply

    Hi Sheila

    Lemons drank in water as described is reported to be able to assist with digestive problems. If it were me I would also look into purchasing some digestive enzymes and some probiotics which may also help considerably.

    In terms of quantity – just squeeze the juice of quarter or a half of lemon into your water two to three times a day and see how you go.

    Good luck!

  372. SHARON Reply

    You said that adding sugar or honey to the lemon water would make it very acidic. I use Stevia powder as a sweetner. Would this also cause an acidic reaction? Thanks.

  373. Sheila Reply

    Can Lemons help with constipation and IBS? If so, how much should I take?


  374. Ross Reply

    Hi JT

    Yes – it is best to use fresh lemon juice straight out of the lemon in order to get the best of the health benefits. As with everything – fresh is always best as the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients begin to disappear from the moment we cut open, expose, cook (etc) any fruit or vegetables.

    If it is just for the taste (and you are not as concerned with the health benefits), as long as the bottled stuff is 100% lemon juice then it should be OK – although I cannot recommend a brand as I have never bought one.


  375. JT Reply

    Does the lemon juice have to be squeezed straight from fresh lemons? Are can you simply buy lemon juice in a jar? If so what is the best brand to buy?

  376. Ross Reply

    Hi Paul and Steve

    Thanks for your comments – much appreciated.

    Actually lemons, limes and other ‘acidic’ fruits do actually have a very alkalising effect on the body. The relative alkalinity/acidity is more based upon the effect this has on the body. Snyder Health have a great explanation of this here based on the research of Dr Robert Young: http://www.snyderhealth.com/foodash.htm

    With regards to the notion that lemon water could cause tooth erosion – I think that this is something that has got little or no concern for myself or anyone else who is drinking a glass of lemon water once or twice (or more) every day. Even in this scenario the actual concentration of the lemon in the water is extremely low – and in comparison to drinking tea, coffee, fruit juice, fruit squash, any fizzy drink or cola or almost any other drink except for herbal tea or pure water the likely effect on your teeth is going to be very, very minimal.

    I am really glad you guys posted as I am sure other people will have had this concern – but it really is not anything to worry about.

    Steve – have you ever tested the pH of tap or bottled water? I can 100% assure you that it is not 7 – but I really wish it was as it would save a lot of hassle!

    Cheers again guys – I hope you both had a great weekend, and Paul – sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you.


  377. Ross Reply

    Hi Sheila

    Thats great news – I’m really glad to hear that you are able to leave the OTC stuff and stick to herbal and natural remedies etc.

    For the scratchy throat I definitely recommend some juiced or chopped up ginger in their too!

    Have a great day and congrats again!

  378. Steve Reply

    Lemon juice has a pH of 2 — it’s very acidic, and can wear away tooth enamel. Raising the alkalinity of water to pH neutral? Water IS pH neutral.

    Read a chemistry textbook.

  379. Sheila Reply

    I am not a fan of prescription drugs and I use herbal supplements that have been approved by my doctor. I have mild gastritis and I was told to drink the lemon in water with a pinch of salt. I drank 3 glasses throughout the day, and to my surprise, my gastritis calmed down immensely and I no longer take “Zantac” for relief. I also use the lemon in water now to ease my scratchy throat when my hayfever acts up.


  380. Paul Reply

    Isn`t lemon water drunk in large amounts corosive to teeth enamel..does it alchelize the teeth??
    how much lemon or how strong is too strong for the teeth??..one quater lemon per glass might ruin the
    enamel quickly??…please comment on this??

  381. Ross Reply

    Hi Claudia!

    Im really glad that you are finding the lemon water to be of benefit to you! It sounds like it is really making a difference!

    If you are feeling the benefits then stick with what you are doing because it is clearly working for your body. The only thing you might want to try is squeezing a bit more lemon in if you feel that you are enjoying it! But that is really down to taste. Personally I like to use 1/4 or 1/2 a lemon per glass – but thats just me!

    Congrats and have a great day

  382. Claudia Reply

    I have been drinking lemon water for quite some time now and definitely feel the benefits, I certainly feel a lot more energised at the end of the day and it really helps will digestion. I have four to five large glasses which I drink from about 9am – 5:30pm between which I divide half the juice of a lemon (ie: will use a whole lemon every two days). The amount of water I drink varies between one and a half litres and two litres. Is this sufficient?

  383. Ross Reply

    Hi Misty

    Lemon water certainly does help with healthy skin and all sorts of other great bits n pieces (as above!). If you are not overweight then lemon water will not make you lose more weight.

    It actually aides in weight loss by helping to flush toxins in the body and create a more alkaline environment. The body will hang onto excess fat around vital organs to protect the body from the toxins caused by unhealthy (acidic) foods and drinks and by the stresses caused by other lifestyle factors (including overeating etc).

    If you are a healthy weight already, you will not lose more weight from drinking lemon water.

    Sleep easy and drink up!

    Have a great day

  384. Misty Reply


    I am trying to gain weight after losing some durnig a brief illness. I have started drinking lemon water in the mornings for the effects that it produces for healthy skin. Will it also interven ein my wanting to gain a few pounds? I keep reading about how it aides in weight loss, which I don’t want. Thanks

  385. Ross Reply

    Morning Faxkid

    It is difficult to say without knowing the exact brand or ingredients of the product to be honest. I would be inclined to use fresh lemon juice- but let me check out the content of some of these products and get back to you.

    Have a great day

  386. faxkid Reply

    Hi there

    thanks for all that wonderful advice

    I only have a question I just bought today a bottle of natural lemon extract in the shape of a lemon (plastic).

    Will it do the trick ? I mean I know it will not have much vitamine value as they might have when freshly squeezed but I might get the alkaline effect….


  387. Ross Reply

    Hi San

    Unfortunately the sugars in maple syrup will have a highly acidic effect on the body – as it is these sugars that microforms and mycotoxins feed on and further develop an acidic environment.

    If it is something sweeter you are after – try using lime instead of lemon as this has less of a twang!


  388. san Reply

    Will it mess up the alkaline if you combine water, Type B maple syrup and cayenne pepper?

  389. Ross Reply

    Hi Gayle – you sure can! See here:


    Lime water is absolutely fine!

  390. Gayle Reply

    is it possible to use limes instead of lemons?

  391. Ross Reply

    Hi Linda – That is great news!

  392. LINDA Reply

    i recently began drinking lemon water, i fell much more energized and it’s something that is so simple to do everyday and other benefits such as weight loss.

  393. Ross Reply

    Hello Harith

    I can see how you are confused, and a lot of people ask the same question. The answer is that the relative alkalinity of the food drink is measured in terms of the effect it has on the body – and when consumed lemons have an incredibly alkalising effect.

    The Snyders write well about this here: http://www.snyderhealth.com/foodash.htm

  394. Ross Reply

    Hi Darren,

    Apologies for the slight delay. Unfortunately you shouldn’t add honey or sugar to the lemon water as this will make it very acidic and will have the opposite effect on your body that lemon water should.

    Have you tried limes instead as they have got a less bitter/sour taste to them?

    Have a great day

  395. Ross Reply

    Hi CJ – thanks for your post.

    Without knowing more information about your diet I wouldn’t be able to say for sure – what does an average days food and drink consumption look like for you?

    One thing is for sure though is that as your body becomes more alkaline, these foods and drinks definitely become more attractive to your body and you do start to crave them.

    The fact that you love lemon water and crave lemons is absolutely brilliant – your body cannot get enough lemon water!

    Have a great day,

  396. CJ Reply

    I love lemon water! Sometimes I crave lemons. Do you think this is because I am obviously lacking alkaline in my diet?

    Any suggestions?

  397. dmbg Reply

    Hey there I really like this blog but am having a really hard time drinking lemon water every day as i find it to be so sour. usually I just drink tea in the morning so I am used to something sweet. can i put sugar into the lemon water or honey?


  398. Harith Reply

    Hi I still dont get how lemons can be alkalizing when they are an acidic fruit.