Alkaline Diet Quick Tip: My Super Fast Alkaline Snack Recipe

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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my last tip, but I tend to post them as I think of them, or as I invent them rather than trying to force the issue. It’s just the way I work. As you know, I live the alkaline diet myself and am constantly learning and looking to improve my lifestyle so you get these alkaline diet tips as soon as I get them! This is 100% real, baby.

Anyway, I know personally that having tasty, filling alkaline snack recipes is a hurdle on the alkaline diet – and I know you guys feel the same, so I am hoping that this tip will help a lot of you out in your quest to reach your health goals.

The Super-Fast Alkaline Snack Recipe

So I’ve recently started working from a new super-cool office in the city, rather than from home, quite simply because I like to get out of the house and be around people. Plus, its a great way to get to know the city. But, the challenge this throws up is this:

If I am not working from home I need to be able to very quickly make lunch and 2-3 alkaline snacks to take with me

I know this is a similar situation a lot of you face.

I also have the following challenge:

I need to keep up my vegan protein intake on days I go to the gym

So I very quickly devised the following alkaline-rich, nutrient-dense, super-fast snack that I can take with me and it tastes great hot or cold!

Super Fast Alkaline Bean Snack

Here’s the super-fast 80% alkaline version:

1/2 tin organic tomatoes or 4 fresh tomatoes
1 tin of any of the following: chickpeas/kidney beans/cannelini beans/butterbeans etc
4 broccoli florets
A LARGE handful of spinach
Himalayan Salt & Pepper

Plus any of the following:

Handful of kale
Green beans

Just throw everything except the spinach into a small pan and cook (without oil) over a low heat until the beans have warmed, then throw in the spinach and wilt slightly. Transfer it all to a container and pop it in your bag!

And here is the 100% alkaline version:

Use real tomatoes (about 4), peel them and chop roughly. Use real beans or chickpeas and rehydrate from dried. Don’t heat, just eat it fresh. Obviously this takes a little longer and isn’t warmed but it is delicious.

There you have it – super easy – super quick – super protein (about 12g) and super tasty.

And here is another high-protein alkaline smoothie recipe and my Alkaline Raw Cacao Bliss Balls Recipe too if you’re interested!


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  2. Sylvan Lange Reply

    Hello Ross,
    I have just started my alkaline diet and am just curious about what the best sources of protein would be. If animal proteins are too acidic to eat freely on a regular basis then is tofu an appropriate alkaline substitute? Or is that also acidic because it’s a soy product? Just having troubles taking in the recommended daily dose of protein..

  3. Neil Asher Scam Reply

    it sounds very interesting Recipe and also it looks not time consuming. Thanks.

  4. Andrew Reply

    Thanks for the tip Ross I’ve been looking out for a high protein alkaline meal to get me through the day after rigorous workouts. I was just wondering what your verdict is for canned beans vs dried beans? I’ve heard of lectin phytohaemagglutinin (which is toxic) being present – especially in red beans? Is this as a result of the canning process?

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