38 Delicious Herbal Teas for 7 Different Remedies

Herbal tea has the power to heal…and tastes delicious!

I am a HUGE fan of herbal teas. They’re alkaline, hydrating, taste great and have the power to heal and soothe the body.

Whenever I find a new recipe that I like I store it in my evernote collection – and I realised I should probably share this!

So this is my collection of 38 different DIY herbal, alkaline tea recipes you can try for immune support, anti-inflammatory benefits, liver health, kidney health, to help sleep, to reduce stress and for all manner of women’s health goals/challenges (not for me obviously, but you’ll notice a theme to some of them right now!).

Here they are: 38 Delicious Herbal Teas for 7 Different Goals

Immune Boosting Teas:

Immune Boosting Elderberry Tea from Katie (WellnessMama.com)

ImmuniTea Wellness Herbal Tea from Real Food Outlaws

Nettle, Cinnamon Herbal Immune Tea from Recipes to Nourish

Infusion Chai Tea Caffeine Free + Immune Boosting from Recipes to Nourish

Vitamin C Herbal Infusion @ Recipes to Nourish

Well Nourished’s Immune Boosting Tea Recipe from Well Nourished

Autumn Tonic Tea from Natural Herbal Living

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Anti-Inflammatory Teas:

Ginger Tumeric Tea from Home Grown and Healthy

The Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tea from Sarah Wilson at IQuitSugar.com

TWO Powerful Turmeric Anti-Inflammation Teas from ME at LiveEnergized.com

Teas to Help You Sleep:

Tea to Help You Sleep (that’s not chamomile!) from No Sleepness Nights

Sleepy Tea from Nourished Kitchen

Natural Sleep Tea Recipe from Naturally Thrifty

DIY SLEEPYTIME Tea from Hippy Habits

Teas for Digestive Health:

Tummy Tamer Tea @ Natural Living Mama

Ginger Tummy Tamer Tea @ Girl Meets Nourishment

Ayurvedic Digestion Tea Recipe from Empowered Sustinence

After-Dinner Belly Soothing Tea Recipe from The Kitchn

Digestion Aid Tea Recipe from Wakeup World

Teas to Support Liver Health:

Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric Tea Recipe by Juicing for Health

Liver Tonic Tea from Sense & Serendipity

Liver Tonic from Food.com

Milk Thistle Liver Tonic Tea

Teas to Help Remove Stress & Anxiety:

Adaptogen Herbal Tea Blend for Stress and Adrenal Health from Real Food Outlaws

Make Your Own Tranquil Tea Blend from Bulk Herb Store

The Most Amazing Herbal Tea for Anxiety from Holistic Saffron

Stress Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs

Calm Down Tea Recipe from Mother Earth Living

Teas to Soothe Colds, Sore Throats & Flu:

Sore Throat Herbal Remedy Tea from Studio Botanica

Soothing Marshmallow Root Tea Recipe from Wellness Mama

Cold & Flu Fighting Apple Green Tea Tumeric Tonic from A Harmony Healing

Winter Chai from Real Food Outlaws

Teas for Women’s Health

Feminine Balance Tea from Real Food Outlaws

Pregnancy Safe Headache Tea from Real Food Outlaws

Herb Tea for Women from Untrained Housewife

Mama’s Milk Tea from Natural Living Mama

Pregnancy Nutrient Booster Tea from Untrained Housewife

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  1. Philip Tropea Reply

    What teas are good for kidneys to help control cysts?