Discipline equals…

Discipline equals...

When you think of discipline, what comes to mind?

Boring, repetitive, mundane, unexciting, hard work, having to push through, grit, doing things you don’t want to…when you don’t want to…

That’s how most people think of discipline. It’s negative and it makes you want to give up. Worse, it makes you not even want to start.

But this is completely wrong.

I recently discovered the work of a crazy, intense guy called Jocko Wilink. Jocko is a decorated retired Navy SEAL – he knows discipline in every sense.

But his mantra is: discipline equals freedom.

Take that in for a moment. It’s the truth and it’s empowering.

Discipline equals freedom.


This simple shift in association from:

…discipline equals hard work…


…discipline equals freedom…

– creates a huge shift in energy, doesn’t it?

Remember my guide from before Christmas where I talked about the ‘power of simple habits, practiced consistently’, this is the discipline.

If you do the core, most important things every day, like a metronome, bong bong bong bong…hydration, greens, oils, juices – whatever they are for you – this brings freedom into your life.

This little bit of discipline opens up a world of freedom.

Because that’s what health is.

Health equals freedom.

Do you agree?

Freedom from fatigue, freedom from pain, freedom from stress, freedom from self-doubt…

The future freedom of knowing you’re going to be fit, vital, strong in years and decades to come. Free to still live an abundant life, free to be able to travel, play with your grandkids…

I used to think that being undisciplined meant freedom because it meant that I was doing whatever I wanted. Nope.

Being undisciplined meant I was always running from thing to thing, busy, tired, stressed. It meant I was not doing anything meaningful.

And so I get into discipline, I honour it’s power and I’ve learned to love it – because it brings the one thing I want the most – freedom.

Isn’t it the thing we all want the most?


PS. Here’s the guide where I talked about the power of consistent habits (and give you a few to get started with)

You can find Jocko on Instagram @jockowillink He is an intense guy but full of wisdom and speaks the truth.

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    HI Ross,
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