How to Measure 80% Alkaline to 20% Acid?

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How do I know whether I’m eating 80/20 alkaline to acid?

I’ve had a fair amount of questions from people who have downloaded my Ultimate Acid Alkaline Food Charts who want to know how they measure out foods to make sure they hit the desired 80/20 ratio of alkaline/acid.

As I understand it, I should be eating 70-80% of my food from the alkaline list, so, is that 70-80% by volume or weight or calories? 2 cups of spinach is a lot more volume than 4 oz of meat, but weighs a lot less, thus my confusion.

My Answer:

The measurement can and should be entirely visual.

Don’t worry about weight, calories, fat, protein, carbs or anything else – just look at your plate!

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Is it covered with 80% or more alkaline forming foods?

If so, you’re set.

The trick with the alkaline diet is not to over-think it and be too hung up on being exact and specific.

Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae. That is really important.

Just make sure that at most meals 80% of your plate is alkaline and in your general food choices go for alkaline whenever possible. Look back at your day at the end of the day and think: was this mostly alkaline today? What can I do to improve or keep going tomorrow?

For instance, you don’t have to give up meat. Just make the serving size smaller than you’re used to so 80% of your plate is delicious, fresh alkaline vegetables.

Same with Asian food – make the rice brown instead of white and keep it to 20% of the place and fill the rest up with alkaline foods. OR if you have a little more rice, serve the meal with a side salad – so this ups the relative amount of alkaline stuff going into your body.

Easy right?

If you keep it simple, don’t aim for perfection, don’t try to be in control of every single measurement and metric – you’ll find it a lot more straightforward and simple to stick to!


p.s. I am really not meaning to over-simplify here, but this is an important concept – the alkaline diet does not need to be difficult, complex or confusing! Read my acid/alkaline diet simplified article for more.

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  1. Aviva Reply

    Thank you very much for all the great information and knowledge!

  2. Sheila Allum Reply

    Hi Ross i want to use this diet to manage osteoporosis but am concerned that I will not be getting enough calcium from the food so I would need to take calcium supplements. Is dairy totally a no no like yoghurt for instance? The sites I have looked at dealing specifically with bone health recommend this diet but say no dairy!

  3. Alicia Perry Reply

    I just found your blog, and wanted to say “thank you” for taking the time to put it together. I’m just starting out, and trying to get my alkaline level up (I’m currently at 6.2 on the PH scale, ugggh!), and can use all the help I can find in choosing the right foods, etc. So once again, thank you, for all you’re doing.


    • Ross Reply

      Hey Alicia – no worries – I’m glad you like the blog! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help – we’ve been researching the alkaline diet and alkaline foods for a long time so we are usually able to assist in some way!