Alkaline Recipe #225: The Hypothyroidism ReBalance Juice

hypothyroidism rebalance juice

Hypothyroidism is impacting tens of millions of people around the world right now and is frequently undiagnosed.

If you’re feeling:

  • Fatigued
  • Have sudden weight gain
  • An inability to lose weight no matter what you do
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • Brittle, weak hair
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Mental lethargy

The chances are, your thyroid is implicated…

And this juice will do WONDERS for you.

It’s also, of course, hugely alkaline, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich (fitting my Triple-A model), so it will also work to soothe and rebalance your body in a variety of ways, not just your thyroid.

And frankly, it’s delicious. It’s fresh, clean and vibrant-tasting. You’ll love it.

And it’s simple, uses affordable ingredients and simple to source ingredients you can get anywhere.

The combination of nutrients packs a huge punch. So let’s get into it!

[Note: remember, juicing every day is literally the BEST thing you can possibly do for your health BUT I know it can be a drag….soooo, feel free to use this recipe to make two serves, and then save the second serve for tomorrow! That way you’re only prepping, juicing and washing 3 times a week (well, 3.5)…just be sure to store in an airtight container in the fridge.]

The Hypothyroidism ReBalance Juice

Serves 2


2 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of lettuce leaves (any variety – just think two big handfuls of torn leaves)
½ bunch coriander (cilantro)
100g arugula/rocket leaves
1 cucumber

Add as much water as you like to dilute to taste (preferably filtered water).


Nothing really, just juice and enjoy!

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ross with the thyroid balance juice

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  1. Lucie Lalonde Reply

    When I try to press Register for free training nothing happens.

    I would like to register for the Thyroid Repair Plan. How do I proceed?

  2. Jaymie Reply

    I have thyroid cancer,,,is it too late to start healing.
    The doctors want to remove my thyroid

  3. Delilah Reply

    Why can’t I print this about celery juice when I click on the printer friendly version?

  4. Claire Bayett Reply

    Ross hi there
    I am having a problem with attempting to juice lettuce, spinach, khale? Its all the leaves that don’t seem to juice
    What can a do to stop them just passing through the juice with no juice?

    • ross Reply

      Invest in a new juicer by the sounds of it – I highly recommend the Hurom brand

  5. Abeer Reply

    I’ve been trying to lose weight for now over five years. I am 55 years old seem to be 56 I have Hashimoto’s and hyperthyroidism I would love to make juices at home could you give me some ideas to jumpstart and help me lose weight I’d really appreciate it


    I can’t seem to loose belly fat and I eat pretty heathy. I have been diagnosed with mild or low levels of hypothyroidism. I found supplements that helped as opposed to prescription meds. Since covid and not working much I have not been able to get my supplements. I juice a lot and one of the ingredients I use is seaweed sheets. Also tumeric and ginger root

  7. Stella White Reply

    Thank you. Trying to loose weight hard staying away from junk (chips, icecream cookies and fried food). I do smoothies in the morning, maybe 2 to 3 times a week.

    • Stella White Reply

      Any veggies to crave these bad habits

  8. Mel Bunting Reply

    Thanks so much Ross ????
    Your recipes are amazing and the wealth of information on your Facebook page is invaluable.
    I suffer from CRPS, Osteoporosis, Rhumatiod Arthritis and Silent reflux so I’ve much to gain by following the Alkaline Diet for life and you’ve given me all the tools to be able to do so confidently.
    Keeping everything crossed that I’ll eventually be well enough to drop all the nasty pharma drugs.
    You are a star ????

  9. Stephanie Burchat Reply

    I was told cruciferous veggies like arugula and leafy greens aren’t good for people with hypothyroidism

    • Mel Bunting Reply

      Thanks so much Ross ????
      Your recipes are amazing and the wealth of information on your Facebook page is invaluable.
      I suffer from CRPS, Osteoporosis, Rhumatiod Arthritis and Silent reflux so I’ve much to gain by following the Alkaline Diet for life and you’ve given me all the tools to be able to do so confidently.
      Keeping everything crossed that I’ll eventually be well enough to drop all the nasty pharma drugs.
      You are a star ????

  10. Kerry Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Not wanting to take the prescribed drugs I decided to change my diet. I cut out gluten, reduced my sugar intake, and cut out nightshades. On my last visit to the docs she told me I no longer have markers for RA (one win!).
    I’ve decided to get on board with the alkaline diet. My question is: what is your opinion on nightshades (in relation to RA) mainly tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini? I would love to reintroduce these foods to my diet but fearful they will cause a flare up. Any thoughts?
    Kind regards,

    • ross Reply

      Hey Kerry

      I’m about to write a big guide on this because it’s a common question. The quick answer is: I would include them. The alkaloids that are theoretically going to trigger your immune response are practically non existent in almost all of these ‘nightshade’ vegetables (including those you’ve mentioned). What I would avoid are very old white potatoes that have started to go purple around any sprouts that may have appeared. Aside from that I would proceed with having these foods.


  11. Juanita Reply

    How much is 100 g of Arugula leaves is it a handful ? I am trying the juice today . Is it bitter Ross ?

    • ross Reply

      Big handful yep – and it’s a little bitter. If you don’t like the bitterness, halve the arugula 🙂

      • Juanita Reply

        WE tried it didn’t notice the bitter taste at all it is really good maybe because we added an extra celery stalk ? LOL LOL

  12. Val Reply

    Hi Ross, we bought your ARC book on Amazon and I really feel good after any one if your recipes tried 🙂
    Quick question though, how long will I have to take the hypothyroid juice for? It tastes delicious, btw!
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  13. Maxine Jackson Reply

    I’m from London, UK and I discovered your book around 3 weeks ago and before even using it, I shared the link to my friends to buy it too.
    After doing the Reset Cleanse, NOT perfectly, I notice a huge difference to My Scleroderma and Hypothyroidism. Reduce inflammation in my hands and feet, reduce hardness of my skin in areas such as my stomach and torso. And the horrible hot flushes has gone. As a person who struggled due to the portion sizes ( too large) and missing some smoothie or soups, it still had a noticeable effect on me. So folks try it. It will help immensely. I’m amazed how quickly the body responds and how quickly you can see the results. I also noticed that I still had craving for other foods. But I know this is due to my medication but I pushed through and now I looking for recipes to look forward too and plan to always have a juice or smoothie in my daily diet, which is usually plant based. I was unable to do any exercises, due to my stiffness and pain plus I have Pulmonary Fibrosis, but I still managed to lose about 5lbs. So I’m over the moon about that.
    So I wanted to say this will work for anyone, and thank you Ross Bridgeford for sharing and caring. One question do you have any tips, to move forward?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Maxine – this is AWESOME!

      Did you join my Facebook group yet – would love to see you in there 🙂

      Plus did you register for the Alkaline Reset Workshop that’s happening right now? I’ve released 2 lessons so far that you can access now, and Lesson 3 is all about AFTER the Cleanse and moving forward 🙂

      You can do that here:

      Here’s the Facebook community:


      • Lynne Reply

        Is there a substitute for cilantro for the thyroid rebalance?

        • ross Reply

          Hi Lynne

          You can simply leave it out 🙂

  14. Maria Lamerova Reply

    Hi Ross. I love your book “The alkaline reset cleanse”. I am cooking your recipes – preparing for 14 days ARC. I am feeling much much better. Whole my life candida and parasite destroying my body and my thoughts. Your work, help is amazing. I am searching for your article about drinking water. Can you provide information? Thank you and keep going. Turning to our nature earth.

  15. Sarah Parkhouse Reply

    Rather than juicing these ingredients… is it ok to make a smoothie out of them instead? Are there any negatives to liquidised veggies? I’ve been liquidising for years & so create no waste (as juicing does) …. is it a problem that I drink smoothie rather than juice? Thanks all!! ????

    • ross Reply

      Hey Sarah – it’s better than not doing it at all but there’s definite benefits to mixing it up and having juices as well as smoothies.

      For a smoothie – this recipe might work better 🙂

      They’re both taken from my new book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse – I think you’d love it 🙂


  16. margarita baca Reply

    Hi Ross!
    I have a couple of questions
    how you know the mixture of greens in order to be good for any specific treatment as this one for hipothirodism?
    What is the nutricionl yest? you don’t use it
    and I order a book that I have not received, I send my ecuadorian address, i am thinking maybe for that?

  17. Carolyn Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I just found your site. I like all the information – like, where have you been all my life!
    In regards to this recipe on hypothyroidism – my mom doesn’t like cilantro and is repelled (to the point of being sick) by cucumber.
    So my question is – are there alternatives to those for this recipe? Is substitution allowed?
    Mom (84-years-old) seems to think any recipe can be altered. I think the ingredients serve a purpose.
    Can you give some direction?

  18. Avery Reply

    Thank you! I am sharing about it Monday!

  19. Frank Zahra Reply

    How many times can you drink this drink per day?

  20. Nancy Massi Reply

    When you say Coriander, do you mean Cilantro?

    • ross Reply

      Yes – absolutely – I usually remember to put in the US/UK/AU translation 🙂

      • Tiffany Aldridge Reply

        What if you dislike cilantro? Is there any alternate?

  21. Nelson Delgado Jr Reply

    Good Morning Ross,

    I wanted to know if there’s a special combination of vegetables that we should put together?

    I have Cancer, I am always tired, full of pain and it’s been 3 months now that Ive done my version of greens in the mornings but I feel it’s not working.

    Would you assist me it be greatly appreciated.


    • Tannis Henriksen Reply

      Nelson … Get in touch with me on Facebook. Tannis- Lee Henriksen.

      • ross Reply

        Hey Tannis

        Would love to hear what you’re doing re: cancer here too.


  22. Cindy Turner Reply

    What if I’m allergic to celery? I feel my thyroid may be out of sync. I’ve gained 29 lbs in 2 years and having a difficult time trying to lose weight. Dr is keeping track of thyroid levels and says they are in normal range. Dry skin, rashes, no energy. Just frustrated. Would like to try juicing but celery turns me off. Any alternatives? Thanks! Cindy

  23. Alison Reply

    Hi Ross –
    Recently found you & immediately subscribed, love all your info!
    Can I just Vitamix this recipe or does it have to be juiced?
    Thanks –