Alkaline Diet Recipe #16 – Almost Alkaline Fajitas!


This recipe is one of my favourite, tastiest alkaline recipes: Almost Alkaline Fajitas! This is a recipe that is very representative of our approach to alkalising here at Energise. This is an almost perfect alkalising recipe. Almost perfect. We could have made it absolutely perfect, but then it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and I doubt I would ever make it again.

I truly believe that: there is more good in hitting 80% consistently than going hard, 100% for 3 days and then quitting. Life should still be about balance, fun and having a good time – not stressing, worrying and watching every single thing we eat, drink and do.

So here it is, a tasty, realistic, almost alkaline recipe:

Almost Alkaline Fajitas

Serves 2
Preparation Time: 20 minutes


Sprouted Wheat Tortillas (or the healthiest wraps you can find)
1 avocado
Handful of spinach
Broccoli (chopped into little florets)
1 grated carrot
Handful of lettuce leaves
Handful of pine nuts
1 tomato
1 red onion
Pinch of paprika
Tablespoon of fresh coriander
1 can of kidney beans
Olive oil


Firstly, make the salsa for the wraps by finely chopping the tomato and red onion and mixing with a little olive oil.

While this is infusing, lightly steam the broccoli and once it has softened, mash it up and put into the wrap with avocado and salsa. Then add the spinach, lettuce leaves, pine nuts, grated carrot and if you’re using kidney beans warm these and mash a little before adding.

You can also optionally add some jalapenos too!


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  1. Danielle Reply

    I’m 11 weeks into my first pregnancy, and it is wreaking havoc on my body! I decided to go alkaline, and knew it would be difficult…so THANK YOU for the 80% vs 100% comment. It’s one thing to think it yourself, but having it validated makes giving into a French Fry craving once a week seem less criminal xD It is amazing how much better I’m already feeling after just a few days, and it’s really reminded me of all the yummy foods I used to eat pre-pregnancy but just never crave anymore (hummus!!!). Very excited to see how things progress and to whip up a few new meals & snacks. Of course, will keep the doc in the loop throughout. Thank you for the great recipes and encouragement!

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Well done Danielle!!

      the 80-20 rule is key!

      Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Viola Woolcott Reply

    Hi there

    so how wouldyou handle a 7 (8 in September) year old if you knew she would have to go on an Alkaline Lifestyle?

  3. Meriel Reply

    Hi Ross
    Question: is vit c acidic? I am allergic to antibiotics and have been told by GP to take 1000mg p/ day of vit c instead when necessary. I would guess it is not alkaline but have the flu at the moment and am just finishing the bottle. If so Don’t want to buy more would rather stick to alkalinity to make me well. Still waiting for my chanson to arrive, been 2 weeks now, but that’s not unusual as I live in an isolated area in the south west of WA.
    Thanks for your info it has been a steep learning curve, but think I am getting there. Bye for now meriel

  4. Stress management tips Reply

    I really needed this recipe today as I was stuck with what I was going to eat tonight. I think I will warm it in the oven a little

  5. Ree Reply

    Is cracked wheat alkanine?

  6. paula Reply

    Thanks so much for saying that its better to go 80%, than 100% and then quit. I’m just starting out and finding it hard to stick to ALL alkaline ingredients.

  7. brooklyn stern Reply

    i just started the alkaline diet and so i am still unsure of what exactly to eat so i thought this sounded good. i am using a few different ingredients though!

  8. sabrina keener Reply

    sound good

  9. Jen Boda Reply

    Wonderful looking recipe. The pine nuts are a real inspired touch. I like how they really give a rich, velvety, cheese-like taste to food. I will have to try this one soon. And the fact that it is very alkaline is great. Thanks.

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