Alkaline Diet Recipe #94: Fennel Soup

Fennel SoupThis is a highly nutritious and alkalising fennel soup, which will warm you up in these freezing temperatures.

I particularly love soups in the winter months, as they fill me up nicely and warm me up from the inside when I am feeling cold. This recipe features one of my favourite vegetables – fennel.

Fennel has got a very distinctive taste and aromatic flavour which reminds me of anise or licorice. It is crunchy and slightly sweet and is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. It is also one of these vegetables which is packed with nutrients and highly alkalising.

Fennel has got a unique combination of phytonutrients that give it a strong antioxidant activity and it is also high in Vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, folate, magnesium, calcium, iron, just to name a few as the list could go on! It is also a very versatile vegetable for cooking, as it can be steamed, roasted, fried and used for making lovely soups.

I hope you enjoy this alkalising soup as much as I do!

Fennel Soup

Serves 2


2 fennel bulbs
2/8 litre of yeast-free vegetable stock
4 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend or Flax Seed Oil
Ground coriander
2 tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice (optional)
1 tsp finely ground organic orange peel


Clean the fennel bulbs, cut out the stalks and shred into very fine pieces. Put a bit of the fennel leaves aside.

Bring the vegetable stock together with the lemon juice to boil. Add the fennel and gently cook for about 10-15 minutes until the fennel gets soft. Shortly puree everything with an immersion blender.

Season the soup with the oil blend, the ground coriander, pepper and the orange juice.

Garnish the soup with the fennel leaves and the orange peel.


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  1. Susan Reply

    How is this recipe good for an alkaline? With lemon juice, orange juice, and olive oil?

    Thanks for explaining

  2. Phyllis Reply

    I have tried the fennel soup today but it looks totally different compare to the picture !

  3. santhi thangavelu Reply

    thank u for the fennel soup.

  4. Joy reese Reply

    I love all your information
    Thank you

  5. Winsome Anderson - NZ Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Love all your “stuff”!! – Please keep it coming!!

    I’ve noticed that with all the dietary supplements I’m on, they change the PH and make it ACID!! EEEEEK!! Is there any way to avoid this? Will MUCH more water help reduce the acid level??

    Do you ever do anything over “the ditch”???

    Warmest Regards,

  6. joan Reply

    Thank you for the alkaline diet info. My endocrinologist has told me to eat more alkaline foods because I have osteoporosis. Is this food supposed to help the spine and leg bones. I don’t see any reference to osteoporosis in any of the comments or alkaline info. Also I have not had any luck getting how to make alkaline water.

  7. Candy Riley Reply

    Thank you for sharing this with me Ross, I will look forward to the experience! x

  8. Isa Reply

    I’m new to all this, but glad to see that the Alkaline diet actually COOKS some things-my digestive system can’t handle “all raw” and that’s not good for several reasons anyway.

    I’m generally a skeptic but so far so good! BTW, can I suggest NOT having videos load automatically-some of us are on satellite internet with very limited daily allowances, and finding that your videos have load automatically can be frustrating.

    And yes, I found you via Tony Robbins-who ROCKS!


  9. Nicol Reply

    I’m new with this diet. I would like to know if coffee is alkaline.Thank you!

  10. Charles Ison (Bud) Reply

    I bought a Hybrid Water Ionizer and cannot get it set up. Could you please help? My phone # is: 706-268-3206

    Thanks, Bud

  11. Don Randall Reply

    This is hardly a scientific study, but I’ve found that 9 out of 10 women who consume fennel soups get sexually aroused shortly thereafter. Moreover, 8 out of 10 are sexually attractive. Go figure?

    • Shirley Mussmann Reply

      Do you think this fennel soup will have the same effect on men too? 😉

  12. margaret Reply

    I applied to your advertisement for instruction to make alkaline water at home. Made a submission but nothing!!! Where do I get these instructions?

  13. eva Reply

    looking forward to trying this recipe mmmm eva

  14. Lucinda Reply

    Thanks i have just made and eaten it i found it very different very nice for a change, and at – 12 its very warming Thanks again

  15. yonnikka Reply

    I see that the Udo’s Blend contains only Organic Oils from fresh flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as oils from evening primrose, rice germ and oat germ. I’ll be looking for sources of similar Cold-processed organic oils that could substitute.

  16. Tess Reply

    thanks for sharing! I’ve never cooked with fennel… hard to get at my grocery, but will save this recipe & try to find!!! God bless!!!

  17. Frank Leyland (UK) Reply

    Hi Ross.
    Thanks for your great info!
    I’ve been suffering from Barrett’s Oesophagitis for years due to a hiatus hernia and the alkaline info makes a lot of sense to me.
    Frank (UK)

  18. OBY Reply

    i heard that if a woman’s body has a lot of acid, it will be difficult for the Y chromosome to survive , the Y chromosome has greater chances of survival in an alkaline environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. geoff Reply

    I wanted to start having luck warm soup in the hope that it keeps it raw. Read that if you can keep your finger in it with out burning it can still be classed as raw. Whats your views on this Ross. Also id like to do the same with stir fry if possible. Is it worth me getting a good digital food thermometer. Cheers

  20. Diane Clarke Reply

    I think 2/8 litre would be a bit over half a cup, guessing, best to just cover the vegetables with the stock. This is a pretty goog indication

  21. Silvana Reply

    It’s summer here in sydney but will definitely give fennel recipe a try soon. I must admit the best thing i’ve done in a long time was discovering ur site- happened by accident;) Never even knew Alkaline existed. Been active for a 3 days now and loving it 🙂

    With thanks

    • Jackie Reply

      Hi, gr8 to know..all the alkaline foods,. One food I think people should be aware of is SOY/TOFU/soybeans, soy milk.
      All these are very bad for the THYROiD. I am amazed that
      People still eat it..while coconut oil is known to heal the should look at Dr. Mercola. I have been following him for 20 years. I have completely stopped my thyroid prescription and used coconut oil whichnhas rebuilt my thyroid. Kudos to Ross for your Alkaline information. Xoxo Jackie

      • Keren Reply

        Hi Jackie, I have never come across this link of soya and thyroid. I take thyroid supplements everyday but also silken tofu in my smoothies and soups as it evens out the hot flushes and then I get more sleep! 7 years on and I was desperate! As soon as they calm down I will never eat tofu again.
        Thanks for sharing the info,
        Warm regards,

        • Wanda Reply

          I was using a lot of soy milk to help with the hot flashes…and it DID help, but when I heard that it messes with the endocrine system I looked for something else. I found (of all things) that sage tea will take care of hot flashes just as well and more safely. I used fresh organic sage leaves from my herb garden and crushed them. I used about a tablespoon per mug of almost boiling water. Let it steep for about 5 minutes and add local unfiltered/unpasturized honey to taste. It tastes much better than it sounds, too. I used about 3 mugs a day (easily incorporated into mealtimes) and it relieved the hot flashes for me. Hope it can work well for you, too!

  22. Doris Lemire Reply

    I am so glad to have found you, I am only two day into this diet change and I feel good already.
    What is the PH of a pomergrand and squashes???
    Thank you, thank you…I am very grateful.

  23. lulu Reply

    hi Ross,

    i made this soup tonight and it is much too lemony. did you mean two TSP of lemon instead of 2 TBSP? It is much too tart.

    Also, what does 2/8 litre equate to in terms of cups? I put in 2 cups of veg stock.


    • ewan Reply

      2/8 litre = 1/4 of a litre= 250ml= one cup. Beats me why the recipe should call it 2/8litre, maybe Ross can explain?
      You are right about the lemon, much too sour. Two tbsp orange and 2 tbsp of lemon makes more sense. Unless the fennel bulbs are supposed to be gigantic?

      • Stephanie Reply

        You are right! Too sour….I had to add miso to mellow it out. and salt. I guess next time I’ll add less lemon or orange or taste it as I go……

  24. Noeleen Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Fantastis soup. No Udoh’s however a smidge of coconut oil…mmmmm. As it is nearly summer it does well chilled…bonus! Also here in Australia we have access to fantastic vegetable stock,it’s made by Massell.Quick question…where does rainwater fit in the scheme ???Best regards/wishes…another bowl? why thank you, I think I will…hehehehe

  25. Theresa Moran Reply

    I have a pacemaker because of Atrial Fibrilation and had a mitral valve repair, am on coumadin. How will this diet affect me. Because of vitamin K in so many things I have to watch. Also have GURD.

  26. jocelyn Reply

    i think its super delicious,but sorry for me i cant do that recipe coz some of the recipe was not here in philippines….

  27. Sian Edwards Reply

    Hi after reading your website my husband and I have started drinking powdered wheatgrass every morning, bit of a stuggle at first but now getting used to it. Energy levels increased and for years I have suffered with acid due to a sensitive stomach which I am on medication for, the wheatgrass appears to be helping that also, thanks a lot for the advice.

  28. Linda Mitchell Reply

    Havent tried it yet but would the addition of lentils eg green lentils have an adverse effect on the ph. I see from the charts that lentils are only mildly acidic. White beans such as cannellini beans would work well in this soup but I’m not sure about the ph. Whiote haricot beans look ok.

  29. Ross Reply

    I have to say, I am STILL loving this soup 8 months on…so easy and quick to make and so flavoursome. The entire meal for 2 is costing me, in total, about $3 here in Australia at the moment. 2 large fennel bulbs are about $1.40!

    If you haven’t tried this yet – please do!


  30. cliff Reply

    it’s 70 degrees today! the fennel soup is not exactly what i need right now. any other recipes for the coming summer months in new york?

    thanks, cliff

  31. Loretta Helton Reply

    Thanks so much for all your great work to get people healthy. It is special and great to know there are people like you who work for the good of humanity. I am new to the computer and find your website and all the information a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. I am going to try your fennel recipe as soon as I go to the health food supermarket.

    • Ross Reply

      Nice one Loretta! Keep on with the healthy living 🙂

  32. bandna Reply

    seems nice.i ll try soon.thanx

  33. dhara Reply

    oh ya ,thanks ,i’m new for this diet and i need it,thank u,and i use this recipe soon,waiting for next one

    • Ross Reply

      Hope you’ve been enjoying the other recipes…one coming at you per week!

  34. viola woolcott Reply

    Sounds DELICIOUS. I am mainly RAW, but I will try this one,. I LOVE fennel.

    PS. CAROL – As far as the artificial sweetener is concerned. DO NOT use ANY sugar replacement. No sugar is good for you, but IF I am having ANY, I have RAW ORGANIC BROWN SUGAR!!

    • Ross Reply

      Glad you like it Viola! Sometimes it’s ok to be slightly cooked 🙂

      Agreed on the sweetener. Try to transition away from these…

  35. zohreh Reply

    it was great . i share the recipe with my friends.i,m looking forward to next recipe.

  36. gherman mariana Reply

    This sounds delicious …. Can’t wait to try it…

  37. anne Reply

    be wise, forget about sugar replacements, whatever they are.

  38. carol gatti Reply

    I would like to know if xylotol (spelling ?) the sweetener is alkaline???

    • Ross Reply

      Xylitol is better than lots of other sweeteners, BUT try to transition away from them if possible. A little bit less each time you use it…

  39. Christina Reply


    I will definitely try this!! Since I live in Athens, there is plenty of fennel available.
    Thank you, Christina

  40. MarcWinner Balolong Reply

    I’ love this one
    my stomach love this also
    and my energy level

    • Ross Reply

      Totally. Fennel is great for digestion, the cardio system and the immune system!

      It’s a total winner! 1 cup contains over 20% of your daily vitamin c needs and 18% of your daily fibre needs. How awesome is that?

  41. Truman Anderson Reply

    This sounds absolutely delicious! I’ll have to run in to town to pick up some organic fennel (I live on a small island near Galveston, Texas), but I’m sure the trip will be well worth it!
    Respectfully, Truman

    • Ross Reply

      Hope you liked it Truman! Long time no hear buddy!