Alkaline Recipe #180: Wheat-Free Quinoa and Hummus Wraps

This is a staple in our house – an amazing, wheat-free, gluten-free, alkaline, anti-inflammatory, chlorophyll-rich wrap that tastes GREAT!

Nutrient dense, it’s creamy, crunchy, colourful and so filling!

Give this a try – you will never have gluten in your lunch again!

This is part of my guide on The 3 Food Swaps to Heal Your Gut and it is perfect for this.  It contains no sugar (often found in wraps and in dressings), wheat (the wraps are made from greens!) or processed meats – the three chief contributors to gut damage, inflammation and acidity.



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  1. Susan Stern Reply

    Will cabbage leaves instead of collards be okay

    • ross Reply


  2. Avi Reply

    Do you have a physical book version of your volume 2? I had volume 1 and lost it and I want to have the actual book rather than an ebook.
    Please let me know if that is available to buy:

  3. Angelina Reply

    It is difficult to get collard greens where I live in the UK. Can you suggest an alternative please?

  4. Diana Charboneau` Reply

    Thank you for your simplistic alkaline recipes. They are great! I am so glad that I invested in your very worthy and knowledgeable resource. Keep it coming!

  5. Jim Strotman Reply

    Where do we obtain the Hummuss

    • Mary Reply

      Can lettuce or kale leaves be used instead of collard ones for wraps.THANKS for your great help.

  6. Jim Strotman Reply

    Where do we obtain the hummus?

  7. Alison Reply

    The collard greens I purchase are very thick and tuff unless cooked to some degree. And please, post a pictures of the actual recipe. The wrap pictured, while I understand its totally legit to add all the veggies you want, is not a picture of the recipe as described.

  8. Rae Reply

    WOW. Genius. Cannot wait to have this. Appreciate you, Ross.