Alkaline Recipe #200: Amazingly Easy No-Bake Breakfast Bars!

No Bake Breakfast Bars Recipe

THESE ARE RIDICULOUSLY EASY AND DELICIOUS! I love them so much. They’re great to make in bulk and have stored, and are so fast.

They are also tasty, have the anti-inflammatory properties from the ginger, protein and fibre from the oats, healthy fats from the coconut oil and if you use the flaxmeal, omega 3 from here too!

Give these a try they’re so flippin easy!

No-Bake Alkaline Breakfast Bars

5 cups uncooked oatmeal (quick oats)
320g almond butter
1 cup coconut cream
3 tbsp rice malt syrup (brown rice syrup)
1 inch ginger (or 2 tsp ground ginger)
2 tbsp coconut oil

Optional: swap 1 cup of oatmeal for 1 cup flaxmeal


  1. Put the coconut cream, coconut oil and rice malt syrup into a large mixing bowl and whisk until everything is combined
  2. Now add the almond butter and grate in the ginger and whisk until it’s all combined. The almond butter – depending on the temperature of your room may stay a little in a clump/lump – but don’t worry about this because…
  3. Now that you add the oats (and flax) you can mix with a spoon to smooth it all out. If it’s still lumpy you can use your hands (which is lots of fun) to mix together.
  4. Now take a flat baking dish, lined with baking/parchment paper and flatten the mixture out into the dish
  5. Refigerate for a minimum of 2 hours, or overnight and then cut into bars. These will stay good for at least a week in the fridge

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  1. Jean Reply

    Ross there are no chia seeds in the breakfast bar recipe. Do you have another one with chia in?

  2. judith Pinco Reply

    My printer has died on me is there a way I can buy a book with recipes and that has a chart ? thanks Judith Pinco
    [email protected]

  3. Joanne Reply

    High Ross , You have a great site, thank you, But, do you think this way of eating will suit me, honestly I am totally fed up, what with trying to lose weight, trying to manage foods, ( I have food sensitivity )
    I have a problem with salicylates, not too many people understand what this is, and I see reading your information that it covers eating fresh fruit and vegies, these are my enemy, can you help in anyway,
    do you have any advise, thanking you. Joanne

  4. Angela Buckley Reply

    Hi Ross, I posted 2 comments which were there yesterday. I checked this morning to see if there were any answers but my comments had disappeared. Why is this?

  5. Ann Marie Callaghan Reply

    By coconut cream do you mean tinned coconut milk? If not, is there an alternative?

  6. Joanna Reply

    what can i use instead of almond, nut or peanut butter?

  7. Christine Penchuk Reply

    Thank you very much! Alkaline + gluten free is perfect ????????

  8. Jackie Reply

    Can you get too much of celery juicing by juicing everyday?

  9. Jean Reply

    Since watching my sugar levels is a must this recipe will help me have, on hand, a snack for between meals.

  10. Angela Buckley Reply

    Hi Ross, you say to ask you a question but you have only answered one question. Can you answer a couple more questions?

    • ross Reply

      I genuinely answer as many as possible, but have to prioritize my members too 🙂

  11. Angela Buckley Reply

    This looks delicious. Can some other sweetener be substituted for the rice malt syrup?
    Stevia powder maybe or does it have to be syrup?

  12. Chrissie Reply

    Do I have to include the rice syrup?

  13. cis Reply

    I don’t want to go out to buy any syrups.
    Can I just use a couple of dates instead? I prefer less sweetness…

  14. Cecilia Reply

    Hi Ross, thanks for your interesting work in sharing the alkaline diet! I suffer from acid reflux and have already noticed a change for the better after only one week! I was wondering whether it could be possible to substitute coconut cream with coconut milk, cause I’m from Italy and one can hardly find coconut cream in organic food stores here in my area. Thank you in advance!

  15. Nancy Zesing Reply

    The 320 G of almond butter, I researched to see how much that would be if converted. I found on facebook that would be 11.228 ozs. Is that correct or clost.

  16. Juliette Purdy Reply

    Your emails are always brilliant – thank you. I just wondered if I can substitute something for the Almond butter due to nut allergy. All the best, Juliette.

  17. Jane Reply

    Can you use date syrup instead of rice syrup?

  18. Liz Reply

    Can they be frozen?

  19. Leon Reply

    do you have a version of same absent gluten (for my celiac wife)?

  20. Cathy Johnson Reply

    Can you freeze these? Looking for recipes for bars/energy balls that freeze well.

  21. Patricia Harris Reply

    Sounds great. A good grab and go breakfast. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Bob Reply

    Ross, I have been striving to be alkaline for years so was a little surprised to see oatmeal is alkaline? This could help me a lot as I used to love oatmeal, but gave it up as acidic…

  23. Tom Reply

    I am diabetic type 1 so avoid sugary syrup.
    Also I’ve never heard/ seen almond butter nor coconut cream in the uk;
    We don’t measure in cups.

  24. Jill Reply

    I can’t wait to make these. They’re going to be perfect to have in our gym bags for recovery snacks. Thank you

  25. Tim Ball Reply

    Hi Ross, what is
    The Glycemic Index (GI) or glycemic load of these bars?

  26. Caroline Hallam Reply

    Can you add fruit to this?

  27. Belinda Reply

    I have never heard of coconut cream before. In what department would I find it in the grocery store?

  28. Nancy McMillan Reply

    So many of your recipes I can’t use because of nut allergy. Anyway to substitute?

    • Mel Reply

      You could try sunflower butter. It is absolutely delicious!

  29. Jerri Harris Reply

    What is the serving size? What are the calories in this dish?

  30. Anonymous Reply

    why on earth would you go from cups to grams in this recipe? how many CUPS is 360 grams of almond butter?

    • Mike Reply

      like 1 1/2 cups

  31. Anne Reply

    No-Bake Alkaline Breakfast Bars: I want to make these this sounds practical for me that does not have much preps time.

    Oatmeal – these are the whitish looking ones and nothing else to it (sorry I do not know what “quick oats” mean), did I understand right?

    Can I put Honey instead of rice Malt syrup?


  32. Hilary Reply

    Hi Ross, I’ve just made these and put them in the fridge to firm up overnight. I’m wondering how many portions to cut this quantity into – any guidance? Sorry if I missed it in the recipe info. Cheers! Hilary.

  33. LeeLee Reply

    Hello..recipe sounds intriguing..what is the glycémie impact? Would this be recommended for diabetics?

  34. Patrizia Reply

    Oh I am SOOO making this little beauty!!!!?