Alkaline Recipe #53 Fill-You-Up Salad!

This is a super-salad. My meat-eating friends are forever challenging me to make a salad that fills me up, and doesn’t leave me hungry again in half an hour. They don’t believe it is possible. I promise you it is. And here is one of my creations.

I work out, I work hard and I need to be filled! I am a hungry young man! This salad doesn’t disappoint. It is tasty, filling, delicious and highly alkaline!

Big Alkaline Salad

I use a mix of different leaves, but you can just use whatever you’ve got handy (apart from iceberg, which I thoroughly dislike!). So here it is:

The Fill-You-Up Alkaline Salad

Serves 2


2 Handfuls of baby spinach leaves
1 Handful of rocket leaves
1 Handful of cos lettuce
1 Handful of lamb’s lettuce (note: use whatever leaves you have)
100g tofu
1 serve of quinoa
½ can of chickpeas
1 avocado
1 handful of seeds & nuts (I used sesame, sunflower and pumpkin)
6 cherry tomatoes
½ cucumber
½ green or red pepper
Olive oil (& coconut oil if you have it)
Himalayan/Sea salt & black pepper


Lightly fry off the tofu in coconut oil (coconut is the only safe oil to cook with) and make the quinoa to the packet’s instructions (usually 1 part quinoa, 2 parts water, boiled and then simmered until the water evaporates, about 10 minutes).

Now prepare the salad by washing everything thoroughly and chopping to how you like it. I prefer to rip my salad leaves – makes it more rustic. Mix everything together with the juice of half a lemon and a drizzle of olive, hemp, avocado or Udo’s Choice oil and serve.

Feel full and happy.

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  4. tyson Reply

    Nice thanks for that except this is a very high fat salad, not something Id want to train on or put on my waisteline

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Hey Tyson – this is the sort of fat that will speed metabolism, burn excess dietary stored fats, and support muscle growth.

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  7. Fenny Reply

    I have ocular rosacea, after 6 months with alkaline diet, my life has truly energized. thanks Ross for the website

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  9. Bettina Morton Reply

    Hi from Georgia USA.
    Here are three thoughts on the printing of recipes:
    1) I work from a Mac. This will also work on a PC. To print just the recipe, I highlight what I want, “control – click” (left click on PCs), copy, paste into a Word document and save. This is quick and easy and minimizes storage space.
    2) There has to be someone reading this and using Ross’ recipes that is web-site savvy who could easily set up a printer friendly button for Ross. How ’bout it?
    3) Ross, thank you for the recipes. Keep your focus there. My family and I need them. Thank you.

  10. Bettina Morton Reply

    You made the statement, “(coconut is the only safe oil to cook with)” in the recipe directions. Can you explain why and how coconut oil is the only safe oil to cook with, please? I use coconut oil a lot and would love the explanation. I am just starting my family and self on your alkaline diet. Thank you.

    • Ross Reply

      Hello Bettina,
      I say that “coconut is the only safe oil to cook with” firstly because it is always almost organic. Second, it is very resistant in heat, light and air so if you use it for cooking it will remain healthy.

  11. Laura Wilson Reply

    Hi Ross & Ian,
    For easy printing, you can check out the ‘print friendly’ button which I use on my websites – wordpress plugin or go to Ian and type in the web page – you can covert it to PDF and remove sperfluous white space etc.
    Hope this helps.
    Great job btw Ross, AMAZING site and resources.

  12. Jackie Reply

    Another easy way to print the recipes is to select the recipe, i.e, pass the mouse over it and make it turn blue. After selecting it click File>Print… . In the print range box choose the “print selection” button then click OK.

    Works well on this website.

    Thanks for all the great recipes!

  13. Doreen Uzice Reply

    Just discovered your blog…it’s fabulous. Thanks for posting just tasty looking recipes…will definitely be trying them out.

  14. Pat Dittfurth Reply

    Howdy from Texas
    THis is the absolute best site I have seen for alkaline foods. Is the recipe book shown here yours. If it is full of your recipes I’m signing up for one. Thanks and keep the good foods coming.

    • Ross Reply

      Sure is Pat! Will be launched within a month!

  15. Janni Reply

    This site is RAD. I’m going to steal this salad recipe because it’s the best salad I’ve heard of.

    Thank you!

  16. Don Evans Reply

    Now this looks like a decent salad. Are you sure it’s going to fill me up? well I guess I have to try it to see. great post

    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Don! I promise it will fill ye up!

  17. laura Reply

    Hey Ian,
    Right click the photo, click properties, click to drag over the text path (location) to the image file. Click control-C to copy that text. Paste that text in the URL field of your web browser and hit enter. It will be a web page with only the photo. Print it. Next, hit your back button to come back to this page with the recipe. Put that paper back into the printer, drag to highlight and control-C copy over the recipe text. Paste that into a new document/text window and then space down 4 to 5 times to make room for the image you’ve already printed. Print the recipe so the text falls below the image on your paper.
    I know it’s several steps – they are quick steps when it boils down to it. No pun intended (recipe; boils). These blogs are not the easiest place to print a copy of something because it prints the entire blog page. I hope this helps you minimize your paper use when printing recipes. You may want to copy and paste the URL field of the recipe into the paper you print out in case you want to revisit this/the particular web site in future for more recipes!
    Warm regards,

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Laura & Nicola

      You’re both brilliant, thank you. Ian – I’m going to look to see if there is a plugin to make 1-page printing possible as a quick and easy solution. If not then the ladies suggestions above are the best I’ve got!


  18. Nicola Reply

    Hi Just left click over the recipe copy and past into a new word document and It will print in one page, hope this is a help.


  19. ian clifford Reply

    it takes 7 pages to print out your recipe cant you get it a bit more printer friendly kind regards ic

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Ian

      It takes a lot of my week up researching, testing, photographing and trying new recipes for you to have for free and unfortunately I have not got the time to rresearch how to make them more printer friendly right now.


      • kim Reply

        Um, this response it very defensive, hahaha. If you press print preview, scroll to the page you want to print, click on the printer and then select “current page”.

  20. Christl Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have been using coconut oils for months now, but why do you say it is the only safe oil to cook with? I will try the salad, my kids will love it!


    • Ross Reply


      According to world fats & oils expert Udo Erasmus, all oils become toxic to the body if they have been exposed to heat, light or air for any duration. Actually cooking with oils totally takes away any positive benefit and makes every oil unhealthy – except for coconut oil – this is the only oil that has a very high tolerance to heat and remains stable.

      It’s the only way to cook!