Chef Sal: New Energise Contributor (he’s amazing)


Chef SalHey guys

This week I am SUPER excited to introduce our newest contributor to the Energise Alkaline Diet Blog: Chef Sal! This guy is one in a million and I am extremely honoured to have Sal write and contribute to my blog – it’s amazing.

I know you’re going to LOVE him (he is very lovable) so let me give you a litte info on him and his background and he will be posting soon after so you can see him in action!

Chef Sal: Alkaline Chef Extraordinaire

Chef Sal (Sal Montezinos) is a master. With over 55 years experience, he is an award winning chef with more credentials than any other chef I’ve ever seen in my life. He is phenomenal. And he’s 100% alkaline.

In his own words:

It is my passion…it is what I love. I am not a doctor, a dietician, a nutritionist, or a scientist. I am a human being that has experienced the results on my body of a variety of different foods and diets over my lifetime. Through the different phases of my life, I have come to appreciate the feeling of extreme well being when I ingest a diet of raw, alkaline forming foods. I combine my diet regimen with an exercise routine that works best for me; I am happy to be in this space and time.

Life is all about love, passion and health… we strive to attain the best of these. I am blessed to have an abundance of all three: my family and friends, my cooking and never-ending enthusiasm for that delicious yet healthy dish, along with my increased robust feelings of vitality, athleticism and just plain agelessness.

The love and passion in my life have been with me in many ways. The love that survived long after loved ones have gone, the love that continues to grow with all those that are here, and the love of friends that I am sure I am yet to meet.

The passion I attained by building each of my restaurants into fine dining establishments and creating award-winning meals for my guests to enjoy has fueled me for over 50 years.

In the short time I’ve gotten to know him I have found that he is extremely generous, giving and passionate about health and living alkaline – so I am sure that you guys are going to love him too!

Here are some of his credentials:

Chef Sal’s Restaurants

Déjà-Vu Restaurant – USA’s Top French Restaurant, USA Today; What’s Hot for 1987 and 1988, Food and Wine Magazine; Ambassador Award; Grand Award of Excellence, The Wine Spectator; One of the Most Creative Chefs in America, MD Magazine; Cartier Award; The Best Wine List Around, Philadelphia Magazine; Most Romantic Restaurant in the USA, Food and Wine; Craig Claiborne’s Golden Spoon Award; Excellence in Dining, Main Liner/United Airlines Magazine; Top of the Table Competition Award, Hospitality Magazine.

Montezinos Restaurants – Palm Beach, Florida and Orlando, Florida – Rated one of the hottest new restaurants in America by Esquire Magazine; Rated Best Chef of 1990 by Orlando Lifestyle Magazine; Rated Best Chef in Central Florida by Florida Magazine; Named one of Florida’s people to watch in 1990 – Sal Montezinos, Culinary Master – by Orlando Magazine; November 1989 proclaimed “Montezinos Month” by Mayor Fredericks of Orlando; Received Key to the City of Orlando. Rated Four Stars, Palm Beach Post and Miami Herald.

Angelique Restaurant – Rated one of the best restaurants in America by Esquire Magazine; Rated Four Stars by the Palm Beach Post.

Chef Sal’s Personal Reviews

“Referring to Montezinos simply as a chef, even a master chef, is like saying Mozart was just a guy who wrote music.” … XS Magazine

“Montezinos’ cooking style is ‘cuisine libre’. It is inventive; in short, it is his own.” … Travel/Holiday Magazine

“Montezinos’ Swiss schooling intensified his dedication to health and nutrition, and its influence is evident in every phase of his cooking.” … Harper’s Bazaar

“One of the hottest new restaurants in America. Montezinos was one of the first in this country to combine Eastern and Western flavors, and he is a master of the genre.” … Esquire Magazine

Prepare to be dazzled!


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  1. Paul Telling Reply

    Hi Ross,

    It is really nice that Chef Sal is here now on Energise. Looking forward to his tips and suggestions! I am fond of alkaline diet and alkaline diet recipes. I know that this diet will make us healthy and away from diseases.

    Goodluck to Chef Sal!

    Paul Telling