Alkaline Recipe #228: The Keto Alkaline Power Smoothie

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Keto Alkaline Power Smoothie Recipe

The benefits of a ketogenic diet have been well reported and in preliminary research it has shown some very exciting results too. It is showing especially strong benefits for certain therapeutic applications (to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and to treat drug-resistant epilepsy).

Before we go too far though, I do feel we need to be clear about what we are talking about when we’re discussing a ‘ketogenic diet’. The pure ketogenic diet as used therapeutically is extremely high-fat (90% calories from fat) and extremely low carb, and very low protein. It is to be done under medical supervision and for short, therapeutic periods of time.

The ketogenic diet that most of ‘us’ (the general public!) are doing is more based around the ‘Modified Atkins Diet’ first created at John Hopkins University around 2002 (yep, the keto diet isn’t a 2018 thing, although it feels like it sometimes). Atkins himself devised his original low-carb diet while at John Hopkins.

While Atkins is low-carb, high protein, the researchers at John Hopkins modified this to make it low-carb, moderate protein, high fat. So less protein, more fat.

This is what the popular keto diet is now. And many people run at the ketogenic diet just screaming LOW CARB and in actual fact they just eat a load of crap and say ‘hey bro, I’m on keto’. Low carb alone isn’t going to get you into ketosis. You have to follow a fair few other rules…but it’s not that hard.

Ketogenic Alkaline Diet…? Alketosis if you will…?

Most people don’t realise, but the ketogenic diet is actually VERY close to the alkaline diet.

They share a LOT of similarities and while I say ‘a fair few other rules’ most of them fall under the easy banner of Just Eat Real Food. JERF. Eat clean, eat close to nature, keep it unrefined, keep it nourishing…

And then they both stick to the rules of:

  • Lots of greens
  • Lots of healthy fats – omega 3 and saturated fats
  • Fresh, unrefined, natural
  • Low carbs
  • Low fruit
  • Zero sugar or gluten
  • No refined oils
  • Moderate protein (alkaline is plant-based protein)

They are very similar!

The major differences being of course that there is more animal protein on a purely (Modified-Atkins) ketogenic approach. But you can also still have high-quality animal protein (meat) on an alkaline diet too.

So for those who are looking to follow a ketogenic approach, and stay alkaline, this is actually very easy to do and tick both boxes.

Are You “Ketogenic” or IN KETOSIS

Another quick thing to clear up, is a lot of folks are saying they are on a ‘ketogenic diet’ but really they’re not getting themselves into ketosis. They’re just eating low carb, and hopefully decent fats and clean of junk food.

And let’s be clear – that will get results. Absolutely. You’re eating clean, good healthy fats, lots of veggies. Compared to a regular SAD diet that will get great results (and be alkaline!)…but if you want those therapeutic benefits of ketosis, you need to have blood mmol of ketones that are about 3 or above for big results (over a short-term period), and between 1.6-2.9 for decent more prolonged results.

Unless you’re working HARD to do this, and being very specific about it – you’ll likely not be ‘in ketosis’…but you will be alkaline 🙂

Anyway, this is a bigger picture discussion for another day.

If you’d like me to create an Alkaline-Ketogenic Plan – let me know in the comments.

Alkaline Recipe #228: The Ketogenic Alkaline Power Smoothie


1 cup full-fat coconut milk (the thick type, not the thin dairy replacement carton type)
1 avocado
1/2 cucumber
1 handful baby spinach
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder (organic)
1/2 teaspoon ginger powder (organic)
1 tablespoon almond butter
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 tablespoon cacao powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Water added to make desired consistency (if you need to)


Simply blend until smooth! Add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top too if you like!

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  1. Catherine Reply

    Have you developed a keto alkaline plan? I’m interested

  2. Jean Stubbs Stubbs Reply

    I was watching with interest your videos on alkaline water. I have a reverse osmosis system but like most of them today they have a mineral filter attached to them because like you say without that they are just dead water. Is that enough to make the water alkaline or do you have to add something else to get it that way. Since you discarded the idea of reverse osmosis I would love to hear your thoughts on it and also on hydrogen water. I plan to get myself a PH tester shortly so I can test it

    Many thanks Jean

  3. Alix Reply

    What are the carbs in this smoothie please

  4. Juanita Mccoy Reply

    I have the can reduced fat organic coconut milk and just plain coconut milk in the carton that I use in my smoothies is this ok ?

  5. Louanne Kelley Reply

    Wonderful smoothie recipe 👍 perfect alkaline blend🎉💝

  6. Wanda Delacerda Reply

    Ross, I would love to see a Ketogenic-Alkaline plan. Thank you!

  7. Gen Reply

    Hi Ross, is the canned full cream coconut milk OK?

    • ross Reply

      Yep, but use less and add a bit more water to the texture you like

  8. Diana Reply

    Thanks for this but just wondering can you clarify what you mean by half a cucumber there are many different types and shapes and sizes of cucumber so with this to a quote to half a cup or a whole cup of cucumber??

    • Diana Reply

      Sorry using dictation on my iPhone it should read should this equate to not quote !

  9. Caroline Sutton Reply

    Hi Ross, please create me an alkaline ketogenic plan. Thank you so much.

  10. Shahnaz Raza Reply

    Hi Ross
    I have high BP ,thyroid,and high GFR . I think I would benefit from an alkaline keto diet .I live in U.k could you please send me a link where I can purchase your plan .

  11. Diane Hendrix Reply

    I would love to try the keto alkaline diet, will you be coming out with a plan soon?

  12. Jenny Clarke Reply

    Love the Keto shake.
    Can this be used as a meal?
    Yes please to keto plan!

  13. Doris Reply

    I would like to double check the dates for the upcoming Alkaline Cleanse Workshop. The dates shared in the emails do not match the printout guide. I do not want to miss it.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Doris – 7th-14th Feb 🙂

  14. Lucie rosano Reply

    I would locexto do alkaline keto.

  15. Cherry Hary Reply

    Thanks Ross for sharing all these wonderful recipes I can’t wait to try all if them. Have a blessed evening.

  16. al Reply

    What are the nutritional values for this recipe? What are calories, fat content, sodium, cholesterol, etc.?

    • ross Reply

      None of the things you’ve listed are remotely relevant – fat, it’s all healthy fat. Cholesterol – it’s all from healthy fats so LDL and good for you, sodium is from vegetables so is not sodium chloride and not a concern. Calories – massively insignificant.

      If you want to know about the calories in regards to a weight loss goal, this is a good read:

  17. Brenda Shepherd Reply

    Is there a substitute for chia seeds and flax seeds? I am allergic to seeds. I know they are very beneficial but I can’t seem to tolerate them. I break out in hives when I add them in my diet.

  18. Francesca Hale Reply

    Yes please to the alkaline-keto plan!!

  19. Paula Plaster Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’m Paula. I have Chronic Gastritis, and IBS. Can you recommend some safe, healing foods? I’m struggling every day and I want to heal!!

    Thank you for the alkaline food charts!

    Many thanks

  20. Joanne Reply

    Love your program. Problem is money. Water dried up needed a new well. And a senior. Thank you for free programs love keto bites. You have helped me learn so much.

    • ross Reply

      My pleasure. Hope the universe sends you funds very soon!

  21. Genevieve Forde Reply

    Hi Ross –

    Thanks for the recent recipes!

    Genevieve Forde
    Aotearoa NZ

    • ross Reply

      Hey – lovely to hear from you! And you are most welcome 🙂

  22. Noelene Evans Reply

    yes PLEASE!!! I’d LOVE a Alkaline – Keto plan!!!!

  23. Ibu Muhaini Reply

    Hi Ross,,
    I once attended Dr. Young’s 7-day retreat & I have been following you for years.
    Sometimes I am just on and off alkaline diet.
    In 205 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
    In 2017 I went on ketogenic diet. I list 36kg and my A1c went from 15.3% to 5.8%.
    Lately I am helping friends with chronic kidney disease and putting then on Keto Alkaline Smoothies. I put them off animal protein and dairy with occasional eggs and fish.
    Yes I would love more Keto Alkaline recipes.
    Thanks for this Keto Alkaline Smoothie recipe.
    Warm regards,
    Ibu Muhaini

  24. Arifa Reply

    Hi Ross – I’ve recently just signed up for your anti inflammatory prog. I’m on the green juices and eating plenty of veggies etc. I would say I’m doing a bit too bad job….BUT I have one major drawback and that’s my insatiable sweet tooth! I’m a stay-at-home mum so you can imagine what my day is like (and nights!) once I’ve got them off to bed I just want sit down for 2 mins, watch my fave prog and eat chocolate!… I can’t seem to shake off this rather naughty habit… what can I be eating instead??

  25. Chartreuse Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you for the recipe. Please could we have low carb alkaline keto recipes some for people like me who are on strict keto, 15 – 20g carbs per day?

  26. Gord Reply

    There’s certɑіnly lots to learn about this topic. I love all the points you made.

  27. Scott Reply

    Yes please
    I need to put weight on

  28. Scott Reply

    Please can anyone help, I’ve been doing this alkaline life style for 7 months now but I’m also trying to keep at bay my GBM4 brain cancer through natural ways , good food with no sugars, no meat , basically I live of a plant based diet 100%,.
    all forms of chemo, radiotherapy I’ve had has nearly killed me over the last 2 and a half years and hospitalised me 3 times, other than what I’ve said my problem is I’m losing far to much weight I’m 5ft 9 inch tall and I now weigh a little under 9st about 59kg and still can’t keep my weight up, I eat 4-7 times a day including the juices and shakes but I’ve lost all my muscle, no fat what so ever on me and now my stomach hurts most nights and keeps me awake in discomfort cause of my stomach, any help would be really welcomed, I need to put on weight quickly but with no sugar, no dairy, no carbs and on a plant based lifestyle

    How do I do this

    Ross Bridgeford any helps would be so so appreciative

    God bless you all ????❤️❤️

    • Malika Reply

      Please try frying almonds or pine nuts in ghee ( clarified butter) and eat them as snack before going to bed. It will keep you full for hours. Sometimes you can crush fried almonds, pistachio and add a pinch of cardamom powder and mix with warm coconut milk for a filling drink at any time of day. Best of luck! Admire your courage and willpower. You will get well; will pray for it.

      • Maryann Reply

        Look up Chris Wark. “Chris Best Cancer”. He has developed a full protocol on healing cancer naturally. You can watch for free starting soon I believe or buy program outright for a very
        Reasonable price.
        Prayers and blessings to you!

        • ross Reply

          Chris is good and we are 100% complimentary except I disagree with his stance on fats.

  29. Alma Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Please create an Alkaline-Ketogenic Plan. Thank you

  30. Ebony Daniels Reply

    Hi Ross!
    I’m sooo happy to see you offer a ketogenic alkaline option!! Can you please share more recipes, shakes and meal plans for this?
    Thanks so much!

  31. Katherine English-Almas Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I am interested in the Alkaline-Ketogenic Plan… Please keep me on your mailing list for these details. Thanks, Katherine

  32. Jules Reply

    This is awesome, Ross! I’d love more Alkaline + Keto recipes. Eating Alkaline helps me feel energized and healthy, and keto helps me drop the pounds and keep my blood sugar in check. It’s the perfect combo for my situation. Thank you!

  33. Laura D'Angelo Reply

    What is your best weight loss program while going alkaline? The Keto-Alkaline info eod be incredible!

  34. Panni Levay Reply

    I love the Alkaline life, but Keto got my attention also, so will be interesting have the best of both :D, waiting then for more ty! xox

  35. craig forrester Reply

    Hi Ross,
    love this recipe. love your work. You stated that the Ketogenic diet came from Atkin in 2002 but its actually been about since the 1920s and was used to treat Epilepsy.
    I am the founder of Healthy Keto Program Facebook group. I only promote healthy “clean” keto recipes and would love to see some Keto/ Alkaline recipes if possible.


    • ross Reply

      Hey Craig

      Absolutely – sorry if I wasn’t clearer. The ‘creation’ of keto was absolutely for treatment-resistent seizures/epilepsy. What Atkins did was create what John Hopkins termed “Modified Atkins Ketogenic” diet. The medical keto is extremely high in fat, and not recommended for folks who are not under medical supervision – the Modified Atkins version is what we now know as ‘Keto’ which is more around the 70-80% calories from fat (or the expression of it being 20-40g net carbs per day).

      Thanks for highlighting this.

      • craig forrester Reply

        Ah I see. Great recipe as always

  36. Lucy Sanford Reply

    Yes I would be interested in an Alkaline-Ketogenic plan. I was doing the ketogenic diet when I ahd cancer and want to go back to it but find it too acidic. So this would be the perfect plan for me.

  37. Lisa Babyak Reply

    Yes, please create an Alkaline ketogenic diet plan .

  38. Chartreuse Reply

    Ross, I’m delighted that you’re looking into creating an Alkaline-Keto plan.

    With regard to this delicious looking recipe, as I’m on 20g of carbs a day, this would break the bank by the end of breakfast. I find plant protein too high in carbs and so get most of mine from eggs and cheese. Please could you look at really ,really low carb recipe options for those us on very low carb allowance? That would be great!

    Many thanks.

  39. Jill Roberts @ Reply

    The keto alkaline power smoothie looks absolutely fantastic. Beautiful photos, too. I look forward to trying this.

  40. JaNyce Reply

    Please create a Alkaline Keto Plan. I have looked all over and can’t find one. I understand the concept, but would like more direction.

  41. Jess Reply

    I have been living the Keto lifestyle for 9 months now. I have cut dairy and coffee out due to my system being too acidic every morning when using my PH strips confirmes this.
    I would love more info on Keto and being alkaline please.

    • Kelly Reply

      An Alkaline Ketogenic plan would be great !!!!

  42. Amber Reply

    Would it help me lose weight fairly quickly? Looking for s simple healthy approach. I’ve been doing Atkins but it seems to have plateaued.

  43. Greg Reply

    I think it would be very beneficial for you to post a alkaline keto diet plan it would benefit SO many!

    Also an alkaline plan for those who train & workout, we need to eat pretty calorie dense and so an alkaline plan that includes a good amount of protein would be AMAZING!

    God bless, Jesus loves you!

  44. Mary A Vahey Reply

    Hi Rpss
    I would love if you created an Alkaline – Ketogenic Plan

  45. Andrea Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Yes please! I would really like you to create an Alkaline Ketogenic Plan!

  46. Maria Frohlich Reply

    Some; of the recipes mentioned have a number. Where are these numbered recipes? Is it a different book or download? I lost a lot of downloaded materials when my computer crashed.

    • ross Reply

      Hi Maria

      As in the recipes on this site (this recipe being #228)?


  47. Marah Fanning Reply

    The ketogenic alkaline smoothie was my least favorite recipe- sorry you missed the mark on this one. I have so enjoyed many others – just not this one????

    • ross Reply

      Thats OK Marah, we all have different tastes…and sometimes it’s about benefit over flavour.

      • Sue Reply

        No way should you be expected to please everyone with every recipe ! Sometimes people just have unrealistic expectations. I haven’t liked every recipe either, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you’ve “missed the mark”! Thanks Ross! ????

  48. Hans Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Would love more ketogenic alkaline recipes, and even more a full Ketogenic alkaline plan.

    Cheers, Hans

  49. Becky Reply

    Hi Ross
    Yes, please create a ketogentic alkaline plan that would be awesome. That is what my goal

  50. Carla Mueller Reply

    Aren’t there too many calories on the day?

  51. Michelle Reply

    I would LOVE to have you create a keto/alkaline plan. I have been doing the Keto plan and have lost 24 lbs but our family has a history of multiple kinds of cancer, and I know being alkaline is a huge benefit in preventing cancer. I’m just not sure how to get there with both plans. When I first started the keto plan it was all about bacon and cheese which did NOT leaving me feeling great. I’m so excited to know these 2 plans can work together.

  52. Gail Mulhall Reply

    It would be absolutely amazing if you would do the Alkaline-keto combination. I’ve been hoping between the two of them & would love to have them integratted better than I’m doing at the moment. My dad is 88 & has lost 10kg on the keto diet, so that’s why I decided to give the keto a go.

  53. Michelle Clark Reply

    Yes would love you to create an alkaline Keto plan!

  54. Jo Reply

    A Ketogenic Alkaline Plan would be really interesting so hopefully at some stage you will have
    time to look into it. In the meantime thank you for your always intesting articles and lovely recipes.

  55. Sue Reply

    Sue from Toronto here – I’ve been knocking myself out trying to figure out a way to combine Keto (for a specific health condition) and Alkaline (my acupuncturist says this is the best way to eat). Unfortunately in the interim, I’m doing neither 🙁 I’ve been researching meat-free keto,, but there’s not much out there…no structured plan that I can find. I’d prefer not to eat meat if I could. If you could design a plan that marries the two, I’d be eternally (and internally!) grateful!

    Thanks Ross, and keep on keepin’ on !!

  56. Maria Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m wanting to buy a gadget to make alkaline smoothies. What should I look for (should I be looking for self-cleaning blenders, self-cleaning juicers or are they the same)?

    Many thanks.

  57. Maria Reply

    Hi Ross, how long will the smoothie keep in the fridge? I usually make my breakfast smoothies the night before.
    Yes please do create an alkaline Keto plan – how exciting!

  58. Chuck blackwell Reply

    Yes. I’d love to see an alkaline- keto plan

  59. Laure Dillon Reply

    Yes, please create an alkaline / ketogenic diet!

  60. Rose Reply

    Yes, alkaline-Keto would be GREAT!!!

  61. Amanda Keeling Reply

    Yes please an alkaline/ketogenic plan would be totally fabulous!! I have followed the alkaline principles for a while now – totally obsessed and love your articles. However, I am also following a low carb/Ketogenic diet. Word on the street with a low carb diet is that it is fine to eat cheese and dairy which are considered to be moderately good fats – not as good as your good good fats – coconut oil, avocados, olive oil etc, but absolutely fine to eat – in fact, needed, when you have cut out refined carbs, are only eating moderate amounts of organic meat, and are really just eating the small amount of carbs found in vegies. In terms of alkalinity however, dairy is considered to be acidic. Your knowledge and experience of how these two lifestyle choices work together would be awesome!!

    I currently hold yoga and nutrition retreats where I promote alkalinity, and I am about to embark on offering cookery courses for diabetics and people who want to have a low carb lifestyle. I have spent a lot of time researching the way forward with my two nutritional passions – alkalinity and low carb. Any additional info from your knowledge and experience would be gratefully received!!

    Incidentally there are a number of contacts of mine whom I have recommended should subscribe to your courses.

    Thank you for the invaluable knowledge you share.

  62. Loida Larson Reply

    I would like the Alkaline- Ketogenic plan, that would be great!

  63. Rainlily Reply

    I made this for breakfast today. Judging by how filling half of it was, I’m assuming it’s meant to be 2 servings.

    I ended up adding a scoop of plant based Vega Vanilla Proteins & Greens powder. I like the little bit of sweetness it brings to my smoothies without having to add any fruit. Plus, of course, it adds more protein. It kind of tasted like an Almond Joy! I think next time I will add another TB of almond butter, as well.

    On a side note, slightly off topic – when I Googled how much protein is in a TB of chia seeds (2 grams) I was surprised to learn that chia seeds are a member of the Salvia family (which are a member of the mint family.) I have grown many varieties of Salvias in my garden. (Salvia Officnialis is common garden or culinary sage.) Salvia Hispanica or Mexican Chia can be grown in USDA zones 9 or warmer, as they require a long growing season before you can harvest the seeds. If you live in a warm enough climate, it might be worth trying, not only for the novelty of it, but because all Salvias have beautiful flowers to boot !

  64. Katie Reply

    I’d love for you to make a Keto alkaline plan!

  65. Neomi Reply

    A low carb alkaline diet sounds like the best of both worlds…. thank you !
    I’m worried abt consuming too much fat – that gross feelin you get when you eat too much fat
    Can I still do Keto ?
    The alkaline part sounds amazing

    I’m sure you can marry the two and make the best diet / lifestyle !

  66. Kasia Reply

    Will be interesting to see keto- alkaline approach 🙂

  67. Rachel Price Reply

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  68. Lesley Salt Reply

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    I would really like to learn more about the alkaline keto diet…
    Have a nice day ????

  70. Rainlily Reply

    This Ketogenic Alkaline Power Smoothie sounds great – I will definitely give it a try. ????

    And yes, it would be awesome if you created an Alkaline – Keto plan!

    Thanks in advance, Ross, & Merry Christmas!????

  71. Cecilia Reply

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  72. Cathy Reply

    I would be interested combining a keto and alkaline plan

  73. vitalitee Reply

    I am under the impression that since ketone bodies are very acidic that once a person
    has reached a level of “Ketosis”, they could not still be alkaline.
    AFter quite a while I finally achieved alkalinity in my system, but had become extremely thin
    (98 lbs at 5″7″). AS soon as I added a significant amount of flax oil, I began to gain weight,
    but became acidic again. (Like some others, I can not tolerate certain foods — coconut is one.)

    Please clarify how one can be in ketosis and still be alkaline — especially if unable to
    eat foods such as coconut.and its milk and oil.

    Thank you. I really do want to make this work.

    Where will I find your answer?
    Would you be so kind as to send it to: [email protected]?
    I would be very grateful.

  74. Maria House Reply

    Sounds amazing!!! Thank you, Ross. I’ll be making it for Joel and myself. Your recipes are life ????????

  75. Melissa Reply

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    Can the Alkaline Reset Cleanse Book Be shipped to Kenya?
    What is the shipping cost? Thank you.


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  79. Christine Hinsley Reply

    Absolutely Ross, you definitely need to put together a alkaline-keto plan. I have been reading quite a bit about it lately and understand there is growing evidence that it is a very healthful way to eat, and also great for menopause!

  80. Taya Reply

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