Alkaline Ionized Water & Weight Loss

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I have no doubt in my mind that drinking 3-4 litres of alkaline, ionized water will give you huge improvements in your health, energy and vitality. However, I am often asked more specifically:

Can I Lose Weight With Alkaline Water?

Gareth has blogged recently about weight loss with the alkaline diet and I will echo much of what he has said here – however, I will also detail how alkaline, ionized water can specifically help with your overall weight loss goal – really rather dramatically.

As I also blogged in my explanation of how water ionizers work, I am not one to promise miracle-cures and I never say there is a magic bullet that can fix everything, I truly believe that the three biggest contributors to illness and health issues are:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Over-acidification
  3. Oxidation (free-radical damage) of cells

Ionized, alkaline water addresses all three of these issues:

  1. Dehydration – Microclustered Water – the ionization process breaks down the water structure so there are 4-6 clusters rather than tap water which has 12-15 clusters – the smaller cluster size means the body can better absorb the water making it much more hydrating (click here for more about microclustered water)
  2. Over-acidification – consistent high pH water – the ionizers (talking particularly about the Chanson Ionizer range) deliver consistent pH at the level you select on a huge range of pH 3 to pH 11.
  3. Oxidation – Antioxidant rich water – the Chanson provides water that is hugely antioxidant rich, meaning it prevents free-radical damage. With a Chanson you get an ORP of -450 (ORP is the measure of antioxidants in liquid and the lower the better – to give context tap water is +200 and green tea is -125) – click here for more on antioxidant water and ORP.

So while I truly believe that health is a combination of hydration, diet, exercise and emotion – alkaline, ionized, microclustered water moves you massively towards your health goals. There is absolutely no doubting that.

So to quote Gareth:

All the time that we are doing anything other than lying in a (naturally induced!) trance like state, on the floor, we are producing acids. Digestion and metabolism (our cells “working”) produce acid. Our bodies have clever mechanisms for shedding these. We pass urine, breath, perspire and defecate partly in order to maintain a neutral pH in our bodies.

If acids start to build up in our body fluids or tissue, our clever bodies will usually create a way of keeping them away from vital organs and body tissue. We’ll actually start to lay down fat to buffer (neutralise) the fat and keep it in a “safe” place. This safety mechanism may help preserve you, but it’s not ideal in the long term.

So to put this into my own words too (as sometimes a different explanation helps make things clear), fat is very often an acid problem. When we create too many acids in our lifestyle from the foods we eat, the things we drink, our lack of hydration, stress and other negative emotions and a lack of aerobic exercise – our body does everything it can to neutralise them.

However, we’ve only got a small alkaline buffering system (we weren’t designed to have to deal with the acid overloads from alcohol, chocolate, processed foods, chemicals, cigarettes, stress etc) and when the body runs out of alkaline buffers it has to store these acid toxins somewhere in our body where they can’t do any harm until we give the body enough alkalinity to be able to deal with them. Most commonly the body stores acids away in fat to protect our organs – and we get fat.

How Alkaline Water Can Help You to Lose Weight

When we start to give our body 3-4 litres of alkaline, antioxidant rich, superhydrating, ionized water we start to neutralise the acids. We are finally giving our body the alkaline buffers it needs to start releasing and excreting these acids (through urine, sweat, breath etc.) and we start to drop the fat.

This is especially effective if your body is used to being chronically dehydrated – and when the only liquids it is used to are acid-forming (coffee, tea, alcohol, tap water etc).

Not only does the alkaline water have a pH of 9.5 to give you a sustained alkaline boost, but it it also super-hydrating. When the water is ionized, it is also microclustered . The ionization process breaks down the water structure so there are 4-6 clusters rather than tap water which has 12-15 clusters – the smaller cluster size means the body can better absorb the water making it much more hydrating (click here for more about microclustered water).

This allows the water to saturate you in those hard to reach places that tap water couldn’t get to. The result? Detoxification, cleansing and if needed – weight loss.


I still want to maintain and absolutely insist that hydration with alkaline water is still only one part of the jigsaw. You still have to exercise, eat alkaline and look after your mental state too.

This is not a magic fix – it is just an incredibly powerful tool!

I hope this all makes sense to you and gets you motivated and excited! If you have any questions – ask in the comments section below


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  1. Mimi Reply

    My Dad was asked by the doctor to minimize water intake as it causes water retention in the lungs and feet causing him short breath. So you think this water can address water retention? Or is it totally the opposite?