The Cheapest Ways to Make Alkaline Water

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I understand that price is the #1 consideration when looking at the alkaline water options.

This guide will give you the lowdown on the different options to get alkaline water into your life in the most cost effective way possible.

I’ve also created a comparison of the different alkaline water methods and given pro’s and con’s so be sure to read that guide too.

Cost-Effective Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Ionizers

I am going to start with water ionizers because not only do I believe they are by FAR the best way to get alkaline water, but also because I think they can be cost effective too. I understand that there is an up front outlay, but we have worked very hard and have managed to arrange an interest free payment plan to try and make these ionizers as accessible and affordable as possible.

We are just days away from launching this payment plan and I will let you know once I know the exact details – but we are hoping to make it comparable to buying pH drops on a monthly basis.

Plus, with ionized water you also can figure in the following savings:

  • Bottled Water: according to (the UK’s leading consumer advise service), bottled water costs around 31p per litre if bought in bulk – which at 4 litres per person, per day certainly adds up. This is £38 per person, per month. So presuming there are two of you in the household, on average, this is £76 per month on bottled water
  • Cleaning Products: remember, acid water from a Chanson Ionizer at pH 3.5 or less is totally sterilizing and able to rapidly kill bacteria. Click here for the ionizer scientific proof and click here for more acid water uses – plus, click here for the story of the Sheraton using acid water to clean instead of toxic chemicals. Presuming you use, on average bathroom spray, kitchen surface spray, a bottle of bleach, oven cleaner, floor cleaner and glass cleaner and these last, on average 2 months – this will cost you approximately: £14.35 per month. PLUS – you will not have so many harmful chemicals in your life and around your kids. (Prices sourced from
  • Make Up & Skin Cleanser: acid water between pH 3.5 and 4.5 is also fantastic for the skin, as a toner and make up remover. This would equate to a saving of around £7 per month – plus you, again, won’t be bathing your face with chemicals.


I know this might still seem expensive to you – but I hope that our interest-free ionizer payment plan will help make it more affordable.

What you get: alkalised, ionized water that is pH 9.5, antioxidant rich (ORP of -450), microclusterd for better hydration and filtered to remove the toxins in tap water.
What you miss out on: nothing.

COST: about £40-£50 per month for unlimited use and production of acid and alkaline water (price TBC).

Lemon Water

You can make alkalizing water simply by squeezing fresh lemon into it. While lemon in it’s natural state is acidic (citric acid of course), when it is metabolised it has an alkaline effect on the body. Click here for more of an explanation on how lemon water is alkalising.

So this is super cheap and alkaline BUT…

I would not recommend this being your only source of alkaline water. I personally only do this once per day, in the morning to get my body awoken, my metabolism working and my digestive system cleansing.

This does not make the high pH water your body needs. You should see lemon water as a cleansing, enjoyable drink rather than an alkaline water.

What you get: a cleansing drink that is tasty and very mildly alkalising to the system
What you miss out on: the high pH needed, the antioxidant content, the microclustering and the filtration

COST: about 10p per litre.

pH Drops

pH drops are fantastic on-the-go and do a great job of increasing the alkalinity of tap water and filtered water. I would personally use them with a filter too as tap water contains a lot of rubbish you don’t want to be drinking.

What you get: increased pH.
What you miss out on: the antioxidant content, the microclustering and the filtration

COST: about £30-£40 per month.

Portable Ionizer Jugs

I love these little units and took one all over Europe and the USA with me last year – happily filtering tap water wherever I went. They definitely do not even get close to replacing an actual ionizer, but they are handy for at the office, in the second home/holiday home or when travelling.

What you get: reasonable pH, reasonable filtration.
What you miss out on: the antioxidant content, the microclustering and the filtration.

COST: about £50 for the jug, plus replacement filter costs of around £30 per year.

I hope this helps! As you can see, there are varying costs – but if you are committed to paying around £30-50 per month on pH drops or other filtration methods then I strongly recommend you look into buying a Chanson ionizer from us on our interest free payment plan!

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  1. Emmy Osman Reply

    Hi Ross

    Do you do an ioniser that works for the whole house including the shower?

    Many thanks


    • ross Reply

      Hi Emmy

      It’s not possible to do this – ionization requires the water to run over the ionization plates really slowly, so there would not be enough pressure to do the whole house and definitely not a shower.


  2. stewart Reply

    Hi. Can I buy this product in the UK? If so, where?
    Thank you.

  3. Jack De Simone Reply

    hey Ross,

    how come we can’t just get our alkaline water from Celery?

    doesn’t celery have a ph of higher than 7.0?

    can’t i just ditch bottled / tap / spring water, and live off of celery water?

  4. Sabine Chiquet Reply

    we live in New Zealand and would like to know where do we buy the alkalizing drops or the cheap filter Jug for travel? Thanks for all the research and Info!

    • carolyn Reply

      hi do they have these in health stores? just quering

  5. Ali Reply

    Ross (or any other Brisbane based alkaline fans)

    I live in Brisbane and am having trouble finding reasonable priced PH Drops. The only brand I have been able to find was about $80 from a chemist. Does anyone know where to find a better range or an Australian based website to purhcase off?


  6. jean Reply

    Where do we purchase the PH drops and how many drops are needed per a glass of water?

  7. Ferg MacClure Reply

    Hi Ross,

    it was been fantastic to be on this alkaline diet, I was wondering tho if I just use the PH drops, what kind of effect will it give to my body and health. Will I be likely to wake up earlier even though it is not the ionized water?



  8. colleen Reply

    Dear Ross,
    Have read the above Qs and As. Does your machine neutralise the fluoride, which has recently been added to the water in Brisbane Australia.

  9. Ross Reply

    Hi Philip

    Sorry I missed your question. The Chanson internal filter takes a LOT of this stuff out – but to make sure you get the best water possible we give you a free Chanson C3 Pre-Filter with every ionizer bought. This pre-filter pretty much gets rid of ALL of the toxins in water.


  10. Maureen Reply

    Can lemons be replaced with limes and work just as effectively?

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Maureen

      Yep, limes are (almost) just as good and make a nice change! Also, thanks for your efforts on they survey – the surveymonkey survey has been a challenge!

      Keep in touch

  11. Tony Reply

    Whilst I fully understand the benefits of Alkaline water I find the costs of the necessary equipment prohitive. Also, what’s so wrong with tap water when baking bicarbe is added to make it more alkaline? Lemons can be bought on bulk from markets quite economically too.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Tony

      The answer to that question is on this page here:

      The short answer is that ionized water provides four benefits:

      1) high pH
      2) antioxidant rich water
      3) improved hydration
      4) filtration

      By adding bicarb you are not only giving your body a potentially difficult quantity of just one mineral salt, but you are also only getting one of those benefits and in my test, adding salts to the water does not increase the pH to much above 8.

      As discussed in this article, drinking lemon water is not intended primarily to make alkaline water, it is more of a cleansing wake up drink.

      I however, do understand your frustration and have therefore gone to a lot of length to arrange an interest-free payment plan on our ionizers – I hope this will make it a lot less prohibitive.


  12. Guity Reply

    Hi Ross,

    The ionizers in the US are not too expensive the the Ionizer drops are around $25.00 per month. What is the ongoing expense on this machine? Are there upkeep costs associated with it? i.e. Filters?


  13. Susan Reply

    I am excited about the launch of this product. In order to get an ionizer in my local Canadian city, I must pay $600.00! Cheers :))))

  14. philip Reply

    Hi Ross thanks for the info on water…a big concern now is heavy metals from tap water, teeth and fish etc what are your comments on the testing for and eradication of heavy metals thanks Philip