Benefits of Alkaline Water: YOUR Questions Answered

A few days ago I put an invite out for ALL y’all to ask me your alkaline water questions and (whoa) I got about 700 responses!

Alkaline Water Benefits Explained…

Well…I answered every single one of them! You wanted to know a LOT about alkaline water and you know what, answering these questions was a LOT of fun and I thank everyone who took part.

You can read all of the answers to your questions on the benefits of alkaline water here, but there were four or five questions that came up over and over, so I made a video teaching you the answers below!

(click here to watch the alkaline water benefits: your answers video on youtube)

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  1. Alec Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Just wondering if you can help. I have just received a digital ph meter purchase off eBay. It came with the calibrating solutions that you mix into distilled water. It would appear that distilled water is very hard to get hold of to purchase. Would you know if I can use demineralised water that is widely available from supermarkets and car auto shops, etc.

    Many thanks.
    Alkalarian in the Making

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