Is Ionized Water Safe To Drink Ongoing, All The Time?


As the aim is to drink 3-4 litres of water each day I 100% understand the concern and appreciate the due-dilligence to make sure that any substance you are going to drink that quantity of has to be 100% safe and you have to be totally comfortable and confident with it.

I believe that drinking ionized water is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here are my guidelines:

  1. Start slowly. If you’re used to drinking low quality tap water then start with only mildly alkaline water for 2 weeks, then build up the pH. Start with pH 8, then 8.5, then 9 and then after 6-8 weeks drink the ph 9.5
  2. After 2 weeks of the pH 9.5 evaluate how you feel and whether you felt better at pH 9 or 8.5. If you did then go back to that level. Everyone is slightly different so do what works best for you!
  3. You may experience some detox symptoms when you first start drinking the ionized water – please try and stick with it because it will pass. Remember you are going from pH 6-7 water with an ORP of +200 to +400 to drinking alkaline water with an ORP of -300 to -450. This will superhydrate, alkalise and detoxify your system. The good news is that it will pass quickly and you’ll then feel great
  4. Never take medication with ionized water – use filtered purified water
  5. Remember, ionized water is as close to naturally perfect water as you can get unless you drink straight from a waterfall in a very, very unpolluted area. However, if you don’t feel comfortable only drinking ionized water, set your ionizer to give you filtered, unionized water once or twice per day. There is nothing wrong with this.

Remember, you’ve been giving your body tap water, bottled water and other acid forming drinks all of your life – so you shouldn’t be too concerned with switching to filtered, antioxidant rich water.

I hope this helps ease your concerns! Please feel free to ask away in the comments below if you have any questions!


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  1. LOLA STROM Reply

    How much in volume of alkaline ionised water should one drink in a day? Also can you continue to drink ordinary tap water as well? When should you drink alkaline ionised water e.g ? after food? Thank you for the warning not to take medication with alkaline ionised water.

  2. Allison Johnson Reply

    I suffered from gallbladder pain and discomfort for almost 3 months. Friends of mine that have a filter offered to give me jugs of alkaline water in hopes I would see relief. And I have not had pain in over a month! This may be TMI but my “plumbing” has also improved 100% as I have always had trouble in that area, not having movement for nearly 2 weeks at a time. I’m absolutely overjoyed and thankful for my friends turning me on to this amazingly simple cure. I can’t speak for anyone except myself though. But to anyone skeptical, it is definitely worth a try. I did have mild tension headaches for about a week or so, as stated, as a detox symptom, but they did pass. Just try it, it’s absolutely worth it!

  3. mona lilly Reply

    i started the ionized water because I had breast cancer. that is the only water I drink now. will this help me not to get cancer again, hopefully. I didn’t start out with a little. at work I drink about 1/2 gallon a day. is that ok

  4. dammy Reply

    Why 2 yrs old and old people can’t drink alkaline water?

  5. krystal hillier Reply

    Can kids drink it?

  6. Earlene Reply

    Does that include vitamins, supplements

  7. Julie Reply

    I live in the U.S. and have a private well on my property which supplies my water. The water passed required testing when I bought the home 10 years ago but I have not had it tested since; should I have the water tested before considering the purchase of an ionizer? The water contains quite a bit of rust, as evident by our bath and shower walls, which is why we only drink and cook with bottled water. Is it ok to use the Chanson Ionizer with “rusty well water”? Thank you, Julie

  8. Liam burford Reply

    Concerned about some of the ingredients used in ionising solutions. Bromine, barium for example. Why are these deadly toxins needed or beneficial…I am really confused!

  9. giuseppe Reply

    Hi, so if i have problems with absorption of natural vitamins i can reduce the ammount of supplements or get a better absorption if i take it with ionized water????

  10. Elsa Reply

    Why can’t medications be taken with alkaline water?
    Does that include vitamins, supplements or natural medicine? is it a matter of absorption?
    Is it ok to drink alkaline water while eating?

    What are the detox synthoms? how much do they last? will I have them even if a start slow and increase the ph by 0.5 every two weeks?

    Is there any risk of alcalosis while drinking 3 liters of alkaline water + mostly alkaline food? Any test someone can take to know if they’re suffering of this condition? what would the synthoms be?

    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  11. B Parker Reply

    Why should one never take medication with ionized water? Why is filtered purified water a better option? This makes ionized water sound dangerous.

    • Ross Reply


      The only issue is because the ionized water makes the medication more absorbable in the body, and dosages for medication are based on normal absorption rates. You just need to drink normal water for 30 minutes either side.