Is Your Digestive System Making You Sick, Tired & Overweight?

Is Your Digestive System Making You Sick, Tired & Overweight?

Did you know that you might be only getting about 35% of the benefits of the good foods you’re eating?

Ross Alkaline Diet GuyAlmost all nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine but about 80% of us have got impacted, clogged digestive systems.

The good news is – when we cleanse the digestive system of these wastes, we get a huge, instant energy hit that lasts forever – because our body is now absorbing 100% of the goodness we eat.

That’s right – once cleansed, you get massive amounts more energy, vitality and strength without having to put in any extra effort!

How to Cleanse the Digestive System the Easy and Gentle Way for Relief from Fatigue, IBS, Candida, Reflux, Skin Conditions and Weak Immune System (and more!)

The digestive system is more simple that you probably think, but it is the cornerstone of our whole health.

You can’t be healthy with an unhealthy digestive system.

fibre vegetables

As Dr Robert Young (pH Miracle) states:

The intestinal tract is the hub of our entire body – all organs, glands, even our brains, heart, and cells are totally dependent upon a good functioning digestive system. In the Western World, most people have polluted their bowels with filth unimaginable and weakened their digestive function. As long as this filth remains within, our bodies grow weaker and we become more and more prone towards deficiencies and acidic dis-ease.

Strong words, but true.

And Dr Mark Hyman (The Blood Sugar Solution) states:

It’s important to understand that many diseases that seem to be totally unrelated to the gut – such as eczema,  psoriasis, or arthritis – are actually CAUSED by gut problems.

We have to have a clean, functioning, thriving digestive system in order to be healthy, vibrant and moving towards our big health goals.

No Science Needed

I don’t want to get into the science of the digestive system here, I want to get straight into how you can start getting it cleaned up so you can get those massive benefits!

So below this article is a full breakdown of the functions and science of the digestive system with a very helpful video and some important links.

I do recommend checking them out when you have time, but for now let’s get straight into the teaching on how to get the result!

WHY It is CRITICAL to Read this and Clean Up Your Digestive System

When you follow these steps below to clean your digestive system (some are quicker and more involved, some are slower and easier) you will start to experience way more energy and vitality – plus you’ll get benefits with the following symptoms of overacidity:

  • Candida
  • Reflux
  • IBS
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc
  • Fatigue
  • excess weight
  • Weak immune system
  • Premature aging
  • …and more!

Such is the importance of the digestive system that all of the above are symptoms of an over-acid, clogged digestive system.

What is it clogged with?

When we live an acidic lifestyle and diet the digestive system is rapidly clogged with yeasts, acid wastes, microforms and bacterias. And this compounds quickly.

acid cycle of imbalance in the digestive system

As soon as we eat acid-forming foods, these contribute more acidity, yeast, sugar (which ferments and turns to more yeast) and more to the mess.

The problem within the problem is that this waste in the digestive system creates it’s own waste, which it then consumes to grow and multiply, which creates more waste…which feeds itself further and on the growth goes!

How does this stop nutrients from being absorbed?

Nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine and is achieved because of the existence of millions of tiny little finger-like protrusions called villi.

The villi and microvilli are innumerable small folds on the intestinal wall, that massively increase the surface area of the small intestine to ensure efficient and rapid absorption of nutrients.

BUT – when we are clogged and acidic, these villi are hidden and lost beneath the wastes that impact and block up our digestive system – meaning the surface area of the small intestine is dramatically reduced. It is reduced by up to 90%.

6 Ways to Digestive Health and Huge Energy, Vitality and Wellness

#1: Do an Alkaline Cleanse!

Doing an alkaline cleanse is such a fantastic way to totally cleanse your digestive system in just 5-7 days. It’s incredibly powerful.

Unlike most ‘detox’ or ‘cleanse’ programmes that require you to restrict and fast, the alkaline cleanse (as I teach it) actually gives your body a huge abundance of all of the nutrients and tools it needs to rebuild and repair.

NOTE: I am running a free training series starting next week where I will go through the cleanse extensively – don’t miss it! If you are not already signed up to my updates sign up at the top of this page!

During the cleanse you are consuming just alkaline soups, smoothies and juices (at least two of each every day so you’re never hungry) which delivers around 25-30 serves of vegetables every day in a format that is easy for the body to use, digest, assimilate and detoxify you!

The alkaline cleanse is probably the most involved of all of the suggestions on this list and it requires effort – but the rewards are huge.

The results of my customers and clients who have done my cleanse are, frankly, amazing. Some verge on the outrageous.

I can’t stress enough how powerful it is to give your body this cascade of nutrients for 5-7 days in a row with no acidic foods or drinks.

It rebuilds, repairs and replenishes QUICKLY.

So look out for my free cleanse training next week!

…but here’s the quick start guide in case you’re impatient:

1) consume ONLY raw alkaline soups, smoothies and juices
2) consume up to 4 litres of filtered water
3) exercise VERY gently (walking, yoga, rebounding)
4) no acidic foods
5) relax

This may sound hard. And it is if you do it wrong. This is why I’m running my free training – to make it much easier for you!

#2: Eliminate Yeast & Sugar (slowly)

OK, so if you don’t want to go the full and fast route of the cleanse – then the ‘baby steps’ approach is the next best alternative and the best thing to start with is the fuel that builds the fire of digestive trouble – yeast and sugar!

As mentioned, yeast is directly what we’re trying to get rid of in the digestive system, so to stop consuming it has to be the first port of call.

Next is sugar because all sugar ferments and becomes yeast in the digestive system. Sugar fuels acidity like petrol on a fire.

But slowly does it…

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Analyse Your Everyday Diet for Yeast & Sugar: look out for hidden sources like fruit juice – and make a note of the areas where you currently have yeast or sugar on a regular, daily basis
  2. Pick ONE: and work on how to eliminate it by swapping it for something just as nice and delicious that doesn’t contain yeast or sugar
  3. Eliminate One at a Time: some will be easier than others and you can wipe them out one each day, but others may take some time (like sugar in your drinks) and you’ll have to transition over a period of 7-14 days

By doing this gradually you will not notice the cravings as you would if you did it all at once. Cravings and that feeling of deprivation is exactly what we’re trying to avoid here.

And although you’re not getting the instant fix as you would with the cleanse – you will slowly chip away at it. By cutting off the source, as long as you still get the good stuff in – you will get there.

It may take 8-12 weeks but you will get there.

Of course if you need results quicker than that – then a cleanse would be a great idea and look out for my training on this in the next two weeks.

#3 Mega-Hydrate

This is simple. For optimal functioning of the digestive system you HAVE to be properly hydrated!

When we’re dehydrated our whole body stops functioning optimally, and there is no surefire, faster way to having a clogged digestive system than to be dehydrated.

You simply HAVE to have at least 2 and ideally 3-4 litres of filtered (preferably alkaline) water per day.

If you’re currently drinking nowhere near that amount right now – don’t worry – again just build up. It’s all about transitioning and baby steps. Start by increasing by 2 extra glasses per day – one when you wake up and one after dinner…and slowly build and add to that.

Remember, herbal tea can be alkaline and this can add to your daily intake too!

#4 Get in the Greens

Green foods, especially leafy greens, are a great source of fiber, chlorophyll, antioxidants, alkaline vitamins and minerals and will get your digestive system cleansed and replenished in no time!

Remember, above in the cleanse I talked about giving your body the tools it needs to repair and rebuild itself? Greens are those tools!

Getting 7+ serves of greens each day is ideal and is easier than you’d think.

Check out my guide to getting greens to learn more BUT also check out my upcoming training (mentioned again 🙂 as I go deep diving into how to do this!

#5 Increase Fibre

Fibre is essential to cleansing and maintaining the digestive system but so many people get nowhere near enough!

The simplest thing you can do right now, to guarantee you are getting enough fiber is to supplement with psyllium husks.

They’re cheap, you can find them at the grocery store and you simply need to have two teaspoons in a glass of water each day (followed by another glass of water right after).

This can have a dramatic, fast impact.

According to here are the best, alkaline sources of fibre:

Excellent food sources of fiber include turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens, navy beans, eggplant, and cinnamon.
Very good sources of dietary fiber include romaine lettuce, celery, Swiss chard, spinach, fennel, asparagus, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, green beans, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, green peas, beets, bell peppers, broccoli, kale, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, lentils, barley, flax seeds, coriander seeds, cloves, and oregano.
Good sources of dietary fiber avocado, sweet potato, summer squash, onions, leeks, olives, beets, rye, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, spelt, garbonzo beans, soybean.

#6: Do an Alkaline Cleanse!

OK, yep, I’m saying it again because it really is the best way to cleanse your digestive system and get those fantastic results that this brings. If you want these results, and you want them in abundance, the cleanse is the way to go.

Again, there will be full training on this in the next two weeks.


So the simple message is you have to cleanse your digestive system. To have the energy, vitality and health you want and deserve, your digestive system needs to be running optimally.

So the question is – how are you going to do it?

You can do it either with the alkaline cleanse (that I’ve given a brief outline of above and will be training you on fully in the next few weeks) OR you can do it slowly and ease into it with the steps I’ve given you in this guide.

But either way it has to happen!

Below are some more scientific guides to the digestive system and some extra reading that I recommend you check out!

Until next week, enjoy


Recommended Resources & More Teaching About the Digestive System

Wikipedia Definition and Explanation of those all important Villi

WebMDs definition and explanation of the digestive system

Dr Young’s Definition of a Healthy Stomach

And finally, a useful video explanation of what happens in the digestive system!

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  1. Annette Potter Reply

    Hi Ross I have recently been diagnosed with IBS. The problem is I’m still trying to work out what foods bring pain and what doesn’t bring pain. I’ve always had a high-fibre diet plenty of vegetables and fruit and nuts but now I’m finding a high-fibre diet and many fruits I cannot eat. Can you please give me suggestions that will help with the pain..

  2. Rose Reply

    Here’s a crazy testimony to the importance of keeping the digestive system healthy:
    Having a lifetime of allergies, having done cleanses, only eat and live holistically….I decided to get hypnotized! The session took me back to being a young little girl with constant stomach aches. ( my childhood was a roller coaster of healthy vegetable based Filipino foods and modern American white bread, dairy, sugar, artificial colors, etc.).
    Long story short, finding you, Ross, and Live Energized has ended years of suffering, increased excitement and energy, clear skin/lungs/improved digestion and will continue to maintain an alkaline lifestyle! Thank you!

  3. juliette Reply

    Hey there I often make green juices but very very hungry. I have 2 large glasses of spinach and celery and kale and cucumber and mint but im always starving after breakfast. what should i do? I thought that having jucies dont make u hungry beacuse u get all the nutrients…so what do u think is my problem? many thanks
    I have been trying to fast for the past week but then by 7pm im starving and end up eating crap hahaha. i seem less inclined to binge when i just eat salads and juices but when i try to just do a juice fast I’m starving. I take 4-5 juices a day then i have ended up binging in the evening. thanks for ur help i need it

  4. meenal Reply

    Hi Ross
    I m very interested in your free training series of the cleanse- Is there a way to access that??

    Thnaks for all ur great work and wonderful contribution to the world of healthier living.



  5. Hilary Reply

    I’m a renal patient very sick, I have diabetes, rynaurds parathyriodism ( just had them removed) obese, high and low blood pressure and many more illnessess I’m sure that I’m unaware of. I can’t walk properly either for some reason, my legs are weak, since having this op and very low energy, However since having the op in June. I have changed my life, I went straight on this diet. I starting juicing and taking the Green drink ( I brought Udo Greens) and took with my green smoothie my concern it that I am on a fluid restriction of 800-1000 of water each day. I dialyse at home therefore I dialyse 4 times a week for 3.5 hours. So get cleansed often. I have also brought from you. Ph drops so at least the water I drink is the best to keep me hydrated as much as possible. I also brought the liquid Chlorophyll for help to keep my blood up, as I don’t take blood and it’s important for me to keep my blood count up, that I did, thanks to Green vegetable leafs from Africa and spinach of course. I brought the strips to test my PH, which has resulted in good stead considering I’m new and ate real bad. The results on average are Ph 6.75, and I brought the Matcha tea, as I drank coffee like mad, this tea aint at all bad. I’m still still struggling with my breakfast but slowly getting there.

    As a kidney patient, I also can’t eat a lot of Green foods because of the Vitamin K and I don’t pass urine, so its important for me to be careful.

    Please can you advise.

    This is what I do,
    1) I only take a teaspoon of the green drink because I can’t drink much for cleansing every other day
    2) I add the Ph drops to my filtered water
    3) I only take the liquid Chorophyll once a day
    4) Drink the Matcha Tea once a day (100ml) cup
    5) Try and Juice once a day
    6) Eat fresh veg (salads) with every meal
    7) I need to get the oils yet but I do take a supplement Omega 3 EPA ,1 capsule a day instead of 3 because it was messing up with the Wafrin tablets I take to thin my blood.

    Since returning home 12th June I have lost a total of 8 kgs in weight and Im not even alkaline yet, I’m just trying it and I’m loving it. I just need to be safe. Thanks to advise, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, just in case you don’t understand me. But I am aware I can’t take every thing the way you have suggested because I can’t drink as much water as advised and give a real cleanse.

    Many thanks and regards

    Kidney Patient
    Home dialysing

  6. Gaynor Reply

    Hi Ross, have been dabbling for a while now doing green drinks and following some principles, hard giving up coffee, tea with milk & sugar. Using goats & other milks. I have 5 days off soon so will do the cleanse!

    • Energise Ross Reply


  7. Pamela Killick-Calver Reply

    When will the weight loss programme be available again please?

    • Energise Ross Reply

      This will be available in the new year!

  8. Nancy Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant and extrememly constipated :/. I would like to get back to being more alkaline and now that I’m getting over morning sickness I think I am ready. I would like to attempt the alkaline cleanse but want to know if it’s safe to do being pregnant? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Nancy

      During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you don’t want to do anything that might encourage a ‘detox’ to occur in your body. This will put the toxins into your bloodstream and into contact with your little one. So you need to do things very moderately and at a gentle pace.

      I definitely would not do a cleanse while pregnant (and for guys, I wouldn’t do a cleanse three months prior to trying either).

      Start by simply adding more green, alkaline foods, more omega oils, more fibre, – juices, soups and smoothies are great. You can still follow the suggestions in my first two videos in my new training series (starting on Tuesday), but just give the third video (about cleansing) a wide birth!


  9. sherie Reply

    for the person talking about getting a little nausea when drinking a lot. go to a health food store or look online for young living ( which is a great oil that doterra actually sprouted from). get pepper mint or others you would like (grapefruit or lime). one drop in 16-20 oz of water makes it taste good and its good for you and peppermint calms the stomach

  10. Barbara Champion Reply

    I’ve done this alkaline cleanse and the difference to my health is amazing. I suffer from m.e. and I have dramatically improved since I discovered fasting. I first started with the information in the PH Miracle book, I followed it to the letter. It wasn’t that easy but the results more than made up for the effort. Now, when I fast, it’s an alkaline juice fast (the cleanse that Ross is talking about) and it’s a doddle compared to water fasting. It worked for me. I have my life back and to tell the truth, my life wasn’t up to much for fourteen years. Now I guess I’m 80% of normal – that’s good enough for the girl who hardly ever got off the sofa. Good health to all.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Barbara

      Fantastic and thank you so much for sharing – your story really will help so many others! I am actually going to be doing a course to make the cleanse (very similar to the one in the pH Miracle) super easy and achievable.

      I’ve done so many now, I’ve worked out how to make it a lot more do-able and enjoyable!

      Amazing results for you and you deserve it – you obviously worked hard for it, well done!


  11. sandeep Reply

    gr8.. wud like to have perspective on some food from indian subcontinent also. thank you.:)

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Sandeep

      Post your foods you want classifying here and I’ll do my best…!

  12. ron fisk Reply

    great! Can’t wait. I’ve been going alkaline with you now for 3 months and feel so much better, so I’m already cleansed fairly well, but I get off on “programs”!!! Thanks Ross.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Ron!

      Great to hear from you. So glad you’re going great – 3 months is a fantastic platform for doing the cleanse.

      You’re going to love what I’ve got coming in the next few weeks…:)

  13. Valerie Reply

    I’m in, Ross! Looking forward to doing this next week. I have had great results just eating alkaline over the past year, that a cleanse does not sound daunting in the least.

    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Valerie

      If you’re getting results you’ve already got the motivation to get more! That’s great!

      The cleanse will be fantastic if you’ve already built this platform.

      The training series starts on Tuesday and the cleanse video is video 3 which will be out the following Monday – but you’ll love videos 1 and 2 just as much! Especially video 2 – I’ll be in my kitchen cooking up an alkaline storm!


  14. Lance Reply

    Hey Ross!

    I’ve noticed that I can only drink so much alkaline water or water in general before feeling nausea. For example, it’s difficult to chug say 16 oz at a time (and this seems to be the easiest way to make sure I’m getting enough water in).

    Any thoughts/suggestions regarding this?


    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hey Lance

      It’s always best to spread things out evenly as much as possible during the day. I definitely recommend setting up some kind of reminder system for yourself so you remember to drink 8oz more often than 16oz all at once less often.

      If you ever get this type of nausea (there are some friendly suggestions from someone else on this page) – but my quickest way to ease this is to eat something small. You can get the same nausea when you drink strong alkaline water too soon (you have to build up to it) or take too many supplements or oils on an empty stomach. Eating a small snack always saves the day.

      Hope this helps a little

    • Glenda Reply

      it took my husband 7 years to get me to drink water.. I have noticed that if I put it in a sports drink bottle or in a cup with a lid I tend to drink more and faster without the getting sick part. Best of luck.

  15. karen Reply

    there are tons of veggies/foods on your list that are NOT alkaline.


    • Ross Bridgeford Reply

      Hi Karen

      Can you give me some examples of those you think are not alkaline and why? I am pretty sure I’d be able to explain why they are and help clear up any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

      There is a load of conflicting info out there so I don’t blame you for your frustration at all. That’s exactly where I was when I first started out and it’s why I’m so passionate about helping now.