How to Cleanse Your Colon


Better Health Through Intestinal Cleansing – Is It Time to Give Your Colon a Cleanse?

Article by Bibi!

Do you sometimes feel really bloated, constipated, congested and lethargic?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then it might be time to give your body a proper cleanse, in order to get rid of all the acid waste like gas, mucus and toxic substances from the body, which have been accumulating for many years.

A thorough cleanse of the intestines will make you feel much better, healthier and definitely much lighter! Giving your body a proper cleanse is the key to optimal health, more energy, vitality and a better immune system.

What is a ‘colon cleanse’?

To put it in a nutshell, a ‘colon cleanse’ is a way to rid the body of acidic waste and mucus matter, normalise metabolism and digestion, and to regain an alkaline balance of the body.

Why should we regularly cleanse our colon system?

The main problem is that because of our typical western diets, a lot of acidic waste and toxins accumulates inside of our body, which can cause a lot of us feeling extremely bloated, constipated, congested and also quite lethargic a lot of the time.

Some of you might be asking “what causes this acidic waste to accumulate in the first place”?

As I mentioned above, this is being caused due to unhealthy and acidic eating habits which consist of a lot of meat, dairy products, processed and high-sugar foods. These foods have a highly acidifying effect on our body; however there are also other contributing factors that create acids in our body like negative thoughts and emotions, a polluted environment and radiation.

How do most body problems get started?

To give a simple example: just imagine that you have not cleaned your house for quite some time. As you can imagine a lot of dust and dirt will accumulate and some uninvited “guests” might appear out of nowhere to live with you. Basically the same process takes place inside your body – due to our unhealthy western eating diet and way of life, uninvited ‘guests’ appear and filthy up our inner environment. Acidic waste like bacteria, yeast, fungi and mould accumulate inside of our body. Most of the acidic and unhealthy foods eaten today, form mucoid (slimy) substances in the whole intestinal tract. These mucoid substances turn into a build-up of stagnant matter in the intestines. This can block proper elimination, inhibit proper absorption of nutrients and also serve as a perfect breeding ground for germs and parasites.

The state of our health is very much dependent on our colon system. Indigestion and congestion can seriously damage our whole organism.
Robert Gray, who created his innovative ‘Intestinal Cleansing Program’, emphasises that the end result of this stagnant matter is a pollution of the blood and lymph and thereby poisons our entire system.

Does our colon not have the function to cleanse itself?

Our body naturally removes acidic waste and stagnant matter to a very high degree all the time. When we have a lot of acids in our body our immune system kicks in and constantly picks up and rids our body of filth, including the body’s metabolic waste. It does not only pick up the waste, but recycles a good deal of it. Without this we would literally get choked up inside with acid waste. This does however put a lot of strain onto our immune system, as it is constantly working hard in order to rid our bodies of this stagnant matter.

Hence in order to have a strong immune system and a healthy colon it is very important to regularly cleanse our intestines.

Do we all need to do a cleanse, even if we are pretty much healthy and/or alkaline?

The simple answer is YES!

Alkaline Diet Recipe Book BannerA healthy alkaline diet is absolutely vital in keeping our body and colon healthy and clean on a continuous basis. It is however important to initially give your body and colon a thorough cleanse, in order to rid it off all the ‘acidic food waste’, which has built up due to the unhealthy foods that we might have been regularly consuming so far.

If you are Vegetarian or Vegan you might think that you do not really need to cleanse your intestines, as you have never eaten meat or not eaten it for a long time. Hence your colon should be relatively clean.

This is definitely the case in comparison to people who do consume a lot of acidifying foods like e.g. meat, however even the colons of Vegetarians and Vegans need a regular cleanse. Any food, even vegetables and fruits, will putrefy in the body if held long enough. Putrefaction is a process of decay in which foul odours and toxic substances are generated.

Hence all of us should cleanse our colon system regularly!

What cleansing methods are available and recommended?

There are a variety of colon cleanse methods available like liquid feasting, fasting, professional colonic irrigations, etc.
We have picked out three very different ‘cleansing methods’, which all complement each other and all have a very natural approach to cleansing.

These include a liquid feast as recommended by Dr Robert Young, the ‘Complete Intestinal Cleansing Program’ by Robert Gray and a brief outline of a professional colonic irrigation.

Cleanse 1: Liquid Feast (The Alkaline Cleanse)

A liquid feast is very effective in eliminating acid waste and toxic microforms throughout our body, detoxifying our blood, tissues and our digestive system.

Dr Robert Young recommends at least a two to three day liquid feast, and up to ten days if you are feeling seriously ill. If you do have a very hectic daily schedule than just a 48 hour liquid feast will still be very beneficial. This has the advantage that you can do this over a weekend, when you have got the time and feel relaxed to do it.

Such a short cleanse is also very beneficial if you are eating very healthily, but have for example ‘fallen off the wagon’ and just want to get back on track.

Generally Dr Young recommends a liquid feast at least one day a month when you are fully alkaline, in order to give your body a break from solid food.

What should my liquid feast daily schedule look like?

  1. It is important to drink plenty of purified water – at least 4 litres a day. We recommend adding alkalising pH drops to the water. (E.g. the ‘youngpHorever PuripHy’ drops).
  2. You can include, as part of or as an addition to the 4 litres of water, six to twelve 250ml glasses of fresh green vegetable juice in order to clear out all toxins and acidic waste. Just make sure that you always dilute the juice with a little water
  3. As well as the vegetable juice you should consume a ‘green drink‘, this is especially true if you cannot make fresh juice yourself. If you have not got a juicing machine then you can use one of our green drinks (e.g. Dr Young’s Doc Broc Greens) instead. Just add the green powder to the 4 litres of water a day.
  4. Instead of just drinking juice you can eat raw, pureed soup at your usual mealtimes. We recommend adding 3 tablespoons of essential oils to the soup (e.g. Olive Oil, Cold-pressed linseed oil, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend).


How will I feel during the liquid feast?

Whilst you are cleansing, all the acid waste are transported from where they have been stored in the tissues into the blood so they can be eliminated. This means that your blood is actually dirtier than before you started cleansing.

This unfortunately means that you might feel worse before you feel better. Common symptoms are weakness, nausea, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and flulike feelings. If this is the case then just try to stay motivated and try to complete your cleanse. These symptoms normally disappear very quickly and the overall feeling afterwards makes it all worthwhile!

You may also feel hungry during the cleanse. But remember – there is no limit to the amount you can eat! If you are hungry you can have more alkaline soup, smoothies or juices! Also, once you are over initial hunger urge, which is usually by the 2nd or 3rd day, you should feel better and your energy levels should increase. If you need to eat solid food throughout then try to eat fresh raw veggies.

Cleanse 2: Robert Gray’s Intestinal Cleansing Program

Robert Gray is a nationally known nutrition counsellor and Director of the Food for Health Institute. The developers of the ‘Robert Gray Intestinal Cleaning Program’ call it a significant breakthrough to date for maintaining a healthy population of lactobacteria in ones intestinal tract.

Intestinal cleansing – the easy way

The theory behind his cleansing program is that healthy bacteria are difficult to implant and hence even the existing ones are few. Robert Gray is of the opinion that it is better to have them multiply to large numbers than to use bacterial supplementation, because the existing lactobacteria are already adapted and implanted.

Based on this reasoning, he developed his formula which stimulates the friendly bacteria to multiply. So you can cleanse and promote healthy bacteria at the same time.

He has designed several cleansing packs like the ‘Colon Cleanse Pack’ and the ‘Candida Cleanse Pack’, which go alongside his cleansing regime. His program has a daily structure, which makes it very easy to follow.

If you want to know more details about Robert Gray’s unique ‘Intestinal Cleansing Program’ click here

Cleanse 3: Colonic Irrigation/Colon Hydrotherapy

A colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath, using warm and purified water that can help to eliminate acid waste, gas, mucus and stagnant matter from the colon. This method is not a new invention, but has been very popular even long BC.
The colonic hydrotherapy is a very natural way of cleansing your intestines and getting rid of mucous matter that the body has difficulties to get rid of it itself.

A colonic irrigation can help with the following:

• Bloating
• Skin problems
• Diarrhoea
• Constipation
• Candida (yeast infections)
• Weight issues
• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

There are a number of ‘colon health clinics’ all over the UK, which offer professional colonic hydrotherapies. We highly recommend Tracey Dell at the Northampton Colonic Clinic.

Are there any cleanse supplements that we specifically recommend?

• Robert Gray’s Colon Cleanse Pack I (1 months supply) £52.95
• Robert Gray’s Candida Cleanse Pack (3 months supply) £139.95
YoungpHorever pHlush Powder (200g) £34.95
• pHion Ionic Colon Cleanse (112g powder) £24.99

All the information above has highlighted the fact that all of us should regularly cleanse our intestines in order to have a clean and healthy colon and a strong immune system. After every cleanse you will feel healthy, vital and full of energy!

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  1. Terrie Reply

    Is it okay to use alkaline water for a colonic? The well water we use is okay but it seems to have a fair amount of sediment. So we use an alkaline water machine for our drinking water and wonder if that would be best to use for a home colonic.

  2. Theda Rall Reply


    I firstly need to point out that Psyllium husks can be dangerous to cleanse
    with as thy can actually cause a blockage of the airways. The way I understand it, is that you have to take the husks quite frequintly during the day as part of the treatment. Could one just use the psyllium husks on its own, and then add
    some supplements. Surely no need to actually buy the young formula

    • Energise Ross Reply

      I don’t recommend cleansing by just having husks – they should be part of a nutrient dense diet.

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    Hi, it’s me again. I have read in this article – and others you have written that you advocate skin brushing. I have heard that this should not be done if ‘one’ is suffering from cancer. I have been diagnosed with lymphoma and wonder whether this would help, or harm, the situation. Many thanks, Elizabeth PS Love your articles and also the fact that you are so free with your subjects – unlike others who try to charge for giving you the day’s date.

  4. suzy Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Could not download free list of info on alkalising foods.
    Please help.



  5. jonny Reply

    Hi Ross
    I understand where your coming from but you are forgetting the main principles of any cleasne. If you want to cleanse your system it is essential you take the stress away from your digestive system. This means you need to follow a strictly raw food and cleansing diet. If you’re not doing this then you can provide your body with all the cleansing husks and herbs you want, but it will not be an effective cleanse. Hence me saying earlier it is just another quick fix. You will not be fully and properly cleasning your system but instead just icnreasing your loyalty to another cleanse product on the market. While it is better than some products out there, it does not tackle diet, which is the crucial element of any cleanse. Once you have tackled your cleanse diet then you can think about adding herbs and supplements.
    Thisis all Mr Clay says about diet on his program protocols.
    “While you can use the Robert Gray Intestinal Cleansing Program™ with any type of diet, foods which are non-mucoid-forming will increase its benefits. These are mainly vegetables, fruits, sprouts and millet. Kelp as a nutritional supplement is recommended.
    However, if you would have to make substantial changes in your eating habits to achieve this diet, you should evolve your diet gradually rather than change it all at once.”
    The fact that he says you can complete a cleanse with any type of diet is ridiculous. People not eductated about cleanses will get the complete wrong idea and would be much better off tackling their diet first instead. Once again though this is just my opinion. However i think everyone must be able to agree on the fact that diet has to be the main focus of any cleanse. Not just additional herbs and supplements.

  6. Ross Reply

    Hey Jonny

    My personal preference is to go the alkaline cleanse route – but not everybody has the time for this right away and I think the combination of the psyllium husks plus cleansing herbs (and skin brushing) in the Robert Gray’s packs is ultimately a great step in the right direction.

    I have honestly only ever had amazing results with psyllium husks so I am definitely happy to recommend this product.

    What particularly are you disenchanted with. I don’t like to promote anything as a quick fix and the whole premise of this site is to say that you’ll only get the results you want with the combination of diet & exercise.

    I think using husks and the other herbs is a great step in the right direction.

    Let me know your thoughts as I’d love to open a dialogue on this.

  7. jonny Reply

    it is good to see you promoting colon cleansing on the site, it is obviously hugely beneficial, providing you go about it the right way. I believed this site was built upon the principles of the alkaline diet providing a clear simple message for readers to understand. The liquid feast cleanse is a natural, and beneficial way to go about colon cleasning along with colonic irrigaition.
    It saddens me to see this site, which i thought was moving in a good direction, recommending Robert Clays Cleasne program. Just from looking into the program for 10minutes, i have already read enough. The cleanse is based around selling confused consumers various products for an “easy way” or quick fix to a huge problem that many people face in their health.
    Hopefully you will reconsider recommending this program, as i believe it will lead many people on this site to go down the wrong road.
    Only my suggestion, after all it is your site, and you have provided me with much useful information which i am grateful for.