3 Quick Tips to NOT Trash Your Health at Thanksgiving!

Enjoy Thanksgiving and Feel Great

Holiday season is upon us! First up is Thanksgiving!

If you want to balance having a great time, enjoying foods and drinks with loved ones but NOT throwing your health out of the window, I HIGHLY recommend watching this quick video!


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Pre-Event Preparation Smoothie!

  • Author: Ross


  • 1 avocado
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 2 handfuls baby spinach
  • 1 tsp flax seeds
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 cm turmeric (or 1/2 tsp organic powdered)
  • 1 cm raw ginger (or 1/2 tsp organic powdered)
  • 1 scoop MCT Oil Powder or 1 dessert spoon coconut oil
  • 350ml coconut milk or almond milk
  • Filtered water to taste (or coconut water) if needed


Simply blend all ingredients and enjoy!

Water down as much as needed for your desired consistency.

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Immune-Boosting Super Shot!

  • Author: Ross



2 beetroots (inc. leaves if you like)
1 inch fresh ginger
1 inch fresh turmeric
A little water or coconut water (to taste)


Juice it all and drink as a shot!

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Transcript of the Video: Three Quick Tips to Thrive After Thanksgiving

Hey Ross Bridgeford here, and as we are entering into the holiday season, I’ve got this really quick video with three quick tips for you. Thanksgiving is coming. That’s the first cab off the rank in this crazy holiday season. And I know that you want to have fun, you wanna relax, you wanna share experiences and moments and meals and drinks with friends and family and loved ones,

but you also don’t wanna start the new year 10 steps behind where you are with your health. You don’t wanna start the new year in worse shape than you are now. So over the next few weeks, we’re gonna be focusing on the simple things we can do, always about simplifying the simple, most powerful things that you can do to keep your alkaline journey on track while still having fun Thanksgiving’s coming up.

So I’ve got three really quick tips for you today that you can do before and after your Thanksgiving celebration to minimize the impact on your body, keep yourself on track, and make it so that the day after you are waking up and feeling fine. So let’s get into that now. So the first tip is all about supplements. Now, supplements are fantastic.

They’re not in general lifestyle terms there to replace good behaviors, but they are here to supplement and for specific things, specific goals, they can be really powerful and really useful. And there’s three that I wanna mention to you today, specifically for an event like a Thanksgiving dinner or a big, you know, office party or a celebration or a night out or a date night with a loved one that can really help support you.

The first one is a combination of two important probiotics and L-Cysteine. So these two probiotics have been proven in data in the research to really support the body’s efforts to prevent a hangover and process alcohol and all of its byproducts. They’re called bactilus subtilis and b. coagulans. They’ve shown that they can work with the body to increase the production of ADH and ALDH to increase and support the rate of alcohol metabolism, less alcohol absorption, and more alcohol metabolism.

So this kind of means the alcohol won’t affect you as much as well, but it will also decrease the amount that it affects the body. These are relatively cheap supplements and are included links to all the supplements that I’m gonna recommend below the video.

The second supplement is L-Cysteine. So L-Cysteine has been shown in studies to reduce the hangover symptoms of nausea and headache and stress and anxiety because L-Cysteine binds to acetaldehyde and an acetaldehyde is one of the byproducts of alcohol metabolism that contributes to these hangover symptoms.

So those are the first two supplements, the probiotic supplement and the L-Cysteine.

The third supplement that I wanna mention is an alkaline mineral supplement. Now, the best alkaline mineral supplements like the one that I’ve recommended below the video will contain a combination of these alkaline minerals. So minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, and others that are gonna support your body’s pH buffering capacity.

We need to support the body. So consuming an alkaline mineral supplement before you start the celebrations and ideally afterwards as well, is gonna go a long way towards helping you. So those are the three supplements. Tip number one, tip number two is super hydration. Now this is so important and it’s one of those things that’s so straightforward and so simple and it’s so important,

but because it’s so simple, people tend to not give it the credit it deserves or just simply forget about it. It you cannot have optimal health. You cannot be healthy and thrive. You cannot reach your health goals if you are dehydrated. And when you’ve got these big events coming up, it’s doubly important. It’s so important that you hydrate before, during, and after with good quality water.

Again, we could go into a whole video and I’ve got tons of them already out there on the best type of water, alkaline water filtration, all the different water systems and on, you know, the pH drops and the supplements to make alkaline water. But for now, let’s just focus on filtration. If you can get some form of countertop filtration, again, links below the video to some recommendations to simply remove the most basic of the toxins, the bacteria, the chlorine, the chloramines, the heavy metals and fluoride reduction. Fluoride is a pain in the the pain of my life.

It’s very difficult to get fully out, but these filters can reduce it. If you can filter that water, that is such a good first step, we can worry about the alkaline stuff later down the track. You want to be aiming to get at least a hundred fluid ounces into your body every single day on days when you’ve got a big event. Even more important, if you can get 120 fluid ounces, you’re making me so happy, that’s gonna make me so happy, and it is gonna start progressing you towards your goals.

If you’re dehydrated right now and you’ve got health goal, just hydration is gonna move you forward further than you could ever believe. Please don’t ignore them. This is so, so important. If you can combine your alkaline mineral supplement with consuming lots of water, which is probably how you’re gonna do it, that’s going to be even better. So if you can think I’m gonna have big glass of water before I go out with a scoop of alkaline minerals in big glass of water during the event with another scoop of alkaline minerals, big glass after with these alkaline minerals, you’re gonna be absolutely flying. That is gonna go such a long way, you know? So there’s so many weird and wonderful hangover suggestions of hangover cures out there.

Just rehydrating the body with a decent level of alkaline minerals is probably bang for your buck, the best and quickest way to get there. So that’s tip number two is mega hydration.

Tip number three is your nutrition before you start the event and after.

So first up, I want to talk to you about my Big Event Prep Smoothie. It contains all of the nutrients that your body is gonna need to be able to fight inflammation, fight the toxicity of the foods and the drinks, buffer some of the acidity, and give you energy that you can use the next day.

So the recipe is below, but in short, it contains lots and lots of avocado. Avocado’s really important in this recipe for the glutathione, which is one of the master antioxidants, and we talked about the acetaldehyde in the first tip. Glutathione will also support the body in processing and detoxifying and removing this from the body as the master antioxidant. It’s glutathione is essential for all of the other antioxidants to do their job in the body.

It’s just really, really important when you’re recovering from the type of punishment these types of events can put your body through to make sure that your glutathione stores are nice and high. Avocado is a great source of glutathione. It’s also a really good source of healthy fats, loads of other antioxidants as well. So it’s really important one to put in there, having turmeric in there,

whether that’s some powdered turmeric or some fresh turmeric, I recommend about a centimeter, the strongest natural anti-inflammatory. We know of drinking lots, eating lots of the wrong food is going to not only mess with your blood sugar like crazy and mess with your hormones like crazy, but it’s also gonna create a whole load of inflammation. So fighting that inflammation is really important.

If you can include turmeric in there, it is going to contain lots and lots of curcumin, which is going to fight that inflammation. No end a source of healthy fats in there. So I’ve included flax seeds for a omega three and also coconut oil, but you can also use MCT oil or MCT oil powder if you find it hard to process and digest coconut.

These sources of healthy fats are gonna be really important to support your endocrine system in regulating and balancing your hormones, particularly cortisol, particularly in chilling, supporting your pancreas in that blood glucose and in chilling battle. But many other hormones as well that do get disrupted by the lack of sleep quality that you’ll get after a heavy meal and or alcohol. But also the level of blood sugar spiking that’s gonna come from the sugar and the gluten that’s in these meals as well.

There’s other ingredients that have other benefits in there as well, but they’re the three main ones that I really, really, really want you to include in abundance. If you can follow these steps, the supplements, the hydration, this nutrition prep before you’re gonna be really, really minimizing the effects of how you’re gonna be feeling the next day. You’re not going to be able to have lots of drinks and have a good night’s sleep.

That’s just a fact. But you can minimize the impact the next day. The next morning I want you to have my immune boosting super shot again, recipe below the video. It contains turmeric, it contains ginger, it contains be root three vital ingredients to increase your nitric oxide in your blood to oxygenate again from the beat root, plus really great antioxidants from the beat root.

Lots of alkalinity from the beat root, the turmeric, and the ginger. Again, those super powerful anti-inflammatories. It’s also gonna boost your immune system, knowing your immune system’s gonna be suppressed from the alcohol, from the sugar, from the lack of sleep, from the overeating. You need to make sure that you’re giving that a boost and it’s gonna wake you up as well as your blood gets oxygenated, it’s gonna give you that energy. Your ATP engine is gonna get revved up again and you’re gonna be feeling great. Follow up with more of the supplements I recommend. Follow up with more hydration, get yourself another green smoothie in or a green juice and you’re gonna be feeling fantastic.

So that’s my very quick three tip for before Thanksgiving, or this works before New Year’s.

It can work if you’re having a big boxing day or a big Christmas Eve celebration as well. Big office party all through this holiday season. Go for it. Follow these tips and you won’t be going 10 steps back next time you have a big event. I’m Ross Bridgefod. Please subscribe to of the videos, subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll see you on the next one.

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    I’ve always want to go alkaline but always fell off the wagon before started because of the mere fact of knowing that I would gear off to the left by eating food that I would normally eat.

    I’m so grateful for the email I received from you; the video was very enlightening to me, I get what you are saying and it makes so much sense. I’m interested in purchasing your value package that was offered.