Artificial Sweeteners Increase Heart Disease Risk (New Large Study in BMJ)

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Artificial Sweeteners Increase Heart Disease Risk (New Large Study in BMJ)

For many years now we have known about the potential risks of the regular use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose). I have written about it many times on this site and in my webinars.

In fact in my coaching group The Alkaline Base Camp I have just wrapped up our Quit Sugar Success Month and went deep into this very topic.

Already we have seen over and over, research shows that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

And Now It Is Even Worse

And now there is more reason to quit these awful poisons. Just last week, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published the findings of a study that included 103,388 French adults. It concluded that artificial sweeteners are absolutely NOT a safe alternative to sugar and lead to a hugely increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study, titled “Artificial sweeteners and risk of cardiovascular diseases: results from the prospective NutriNet-Santé cohort“, looked at the diets of 100k participants over just over two years.

The participants completed questionnaires regarding their health, height and weight, lifestyle, smoking status, professional occupation, number of children, and physical activity.

The data was then collected over three non-consecutive days of 24-hour dietary records during the first two weeks of the study, and then every six months after that for two years.

The evidence was incredibly clear. This isn’t always the case in studies like this, but it was overwhelmingly clear: the more artificial sweeteners consumed, and more consistently, the greater the increase in risk.

And the risk between regular use and non-use is remarkable.

Artificial sweeteners are appalling.

What is the Risk Increase of Using Artificial Sweeteners?

The study found that those who consumed 78mg per day, had a 9 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who didn’t consume these sweeteners at all.

That is absolutely huge. An almost TEN PERCENT increase from one food source, and at just 78 milligrams (a very small serve). This is absolutely incredible.

For context, 78 milligrams is just over two serves of something like Equal.  Think about those who use artificial sweeteners in their tea.  Many are using two serves several times per day.

The study concluded:

“Our results indicate that these food additives, consumed daily by millions of people and present in thousands of foods and beverages, should not be considered a healthy and safe alternative to sugar, in line with the current position of several health agencies”

But How Much Are People ACTUALLY Using? (It’s really dangerous)

When you think of how big food companies use smoke and mirrors to hide how dangerous their products are, it’s frustrating.

For artificial sweeteners the lobbying has been incredible NOT to change the ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ (ADI) which was set in 1980 (yes NINETEEN EIGHTY) before we knew any of these dangers.

When you consider that 78mg led to a 9% increased risk…consider that the ‘acceptable’ daily intake of aspartame is…wait for this…

50 mg/kg of body weight per day.

Yep, a 70kg person can apparently have 3500mg per day. Not 78. 3500.

And this is STILL the ‘acceptable’ level that Equal, Splenda, Nutrasweet and co use in their marketing, and when they talk about how ‘safe’ their products are.

You honestly can’t shake your head enough at these companies.

Listen, If the Mainstream is Saying It…

You know that both myself and other trustworthy natural health sites will bring you cutting-edge research and data to help you make informed decisions. But the mainstream is always swayed by the dollar. If there is a vested interest in something being hidden from you, it will be.

But now and then the evidence gets too much to hide. You can’t keep it hidden because it simply becomes far too unethical.

And this is now the case with artificial sweeteners. These despicable chemicals are now under review in the EU, USA and with the WHO and it would not surprise me if they are banned within the next decade (that’s moving fast for these organizations!).

The bottom line: if the mainstream is admitting something isn’t good, it DEFINITELY isn’t!

What is the Sugar Alternative?

I have covered this in-depth in my Guide to Sugar Alternatives right here!

This goes through all of the options and gives you my recommendations for sugars, syrups, and alternatives in all their different uses and applications.

Remember…none of them are alkaline-forming, but some are definitely better than others!

Any other questions, let me know in the comments below


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