More Additions to the Acid and Alkaline Food Charts

additions to food chart

Hey guys

Since I sent out my Definitive Acid/Alkaline Food Charts I’ve had a bunch of emails asking about foods that are not covered on the list, so I thought I would put them all together for you into one simple guide. When you’re kicking off on the alkaline diet – it can seem confusing and a bit overwhelming as to what can and can’t be included.

This guide I made called ‘The Simple Alkaline Test‘ can help you out in making the judgement call when you’re out, shopping or at a restaurant, but please generally try to stay a bit relaxed with it. You don’t need to be perfect, and you can make a few mistakes along the way and still get amazing results. It’s a long game πŸ™‚

New Additions to the Acid & Alkaline Food Charts

  • Banana – acid forming as it is rather high in sugar. Although it contains the alkaline mineral, potassium, the sugar overrides this alkaline effect. If you’re wondering about fruits, and whether fructose could really be all that bad, check out my guide to sugar and healthy alternatives here.
  • Papaya – less acid forming than banana but still should be seen as a treat, albeit a treat with vitamins!
  • Mango – as with papaya
  • Mangosteen – I love mangosteen. It is reasonably high in sugar so would be moderately acid forming, but good for a healthy snack every now and then once in balance. I ate a few in Thailand over the past few weeks, delicious.
  • Pineapple – very high in sugar, probably the most acidic of all fruits
  • Oats – about neutral. I sometimes enjoy oats cooked in water and a little coconut milk for breakfast. It is a good start to the day! Check here for my Alkaline Oats Recipe where we take simple oats and turn it into a super alkaline breakfast.
  • Spelt – contains gluten so definitely one to be avoided. You really want to avoid all gluten-containing grains.
    For more about grains click here to see my guide
  • Fat-Free Yogurt – all dairy is acid forming, so try to stick to non-dairy alternatives such as coconut yoghurt. You definitely still need to check the nutrition panel on these dairy-free products because they can be high in sugar. And as a note – ANYTHING THAT IS “LOW-FAT” or “FAT FREE” is usually SUPER HIGH in sugar – avoid these like the plague.
  • Goats Milk Yogurt and Goats Milk Cheese – less acid forming than cows as they have less lactose, but should be transitioned out and kept as a treat if really needed. There are such delicious nut milks now, you can really easily ditch the dairy.
  • Soy Beans – mildly alkaline.
  • Soy Sauce – almost always fermented in the manufacturing process, and so acidic. Tamari is a better choice – but Bragg Liquid Aminos is even better and tastes almost identical.
  • Sprouted Beans – alkaline, go for it with sprouts! They are absolutely AWESOME! I especially love broccoli sprouts for their sulfurophane content. Here’s my guide to sprouting.
  • Kelp – alkaline and nutrient dense. Try to include it where possible, although I know it won’t be easy! Often used in powdered green drink supplements. All sea vegetables are super alkaline and chlorophyll rich.
  • Black eyed peas, borlotti & pinto beans – all mildly alkaline if prepared yourself. Canned beans are slightly more acid forming, but should be used sparingly as a good source of protein.
  • Protein powders: rice, pea, whey, soy. I prefer organic sprouted brown rice protein powder if I feel the need for a protein hit. Definitely do not use whey protein if you want to stay alkaline.
  • Miso – fermented, and so acid forming.
  • Tempeh – as with miso and soy sauce, tempeh is fermented and so is acid forming. It is a handy protein-rich food to have once a week or so, a little doesn’t hurt.
  • Quinoa – a great swap for rice and can be added to salads and heaps of other meals to increase protein intake. Unusually for a plant, quinoa is a complete protein. It’s also high in fibre. I have quinoa several times a week, if not daily.
  • Chia Seeds (Salba) – nutrient dense (especially good for omega 3 and fibre) and should be included daily. I love these seeds!

If you have any other foods please leave me a comment in the comments section below. Just add your name, email and enter your comment and hit the submit button. I will answer by adding all of your requests into the list above!

Thanks and have a great week

PS I’ve also just published my guide to Alkaline Nuts which you can check out here

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  1. Chad Byerley Reply

    Love the diet. would like to know Cocao {not cocoa}, Kimchi {salt Fermented}, sauerkraut {salt fermented}. Thanks Ross

  2. Steph Mcrobbie Reply

    raw organic cacao powder – acidic or alkaline?
    asked the same thing on email – then I found this on google search!

  3. Merle Drury Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Would you say oats (porridge or your recipe muesli) every day is too much?

    What about pure cacao powder? As an addition to smoothies or as a ho drink with plant milk?

    Merci d’avance,


  4. Mac Stewart Reply


    • ross Reply

      Sadly acid-forming, Quorn is made of mycoprotein which is derived from fungus.

  5. Sharon Jones Reply

    What about Coconut Secret ‘s Coconut Aminos, Coconut Vinegar, Coconut Aminos Sauces?

  6. Angela D'Antuono Reply

    What is the PH of raw cacao powder? Is it considered acidic? Thank you, Angela

  7. Angel Duran Reply

    Some foods im wondering about: cacao, mulberries, goldenberries, jackfruit, and hominy..?

  8. logan Reply

    Everywhere else i have looked bananas are alkaline with a pral score of -5.5 this is the only site that says they are acidic.

  9. LYN VENSON Reply

    Are olives acidic?

  10. Larry Olson Reply

    Tempeh in other sites is alkaline…? What proteins do you recommend?

  11. Luiz Darocha Reply

    Acai, Macca and raw Cacao, alkaline or acidic?
    + any studies in Ormus water?

    Thank you !

  12. Katherine Reply

    Maca powder

  13. diana Reply

    Hi there, try to lose wight and I would like to know if hemp seeds and Hemp protein
    powder is alkaline?

  14. Giorgina Reply

    I have been researching and comparing the list of acid and alkaline foods and still find different and often conflicting information. For instance, pineapple is sometimes listed as an alkalizing food and other times it is listed as one of the most acid-forming fruits. Another example is figs. I have found them listed at the top of the chart of alkalizing foods in some places, but some websites mention only dried figs. Similarly, I am very confused about which oils are alkalizing and ok to use because of this conflicting information.

  15. George Reply

    Hi Ross. I was wondering about homemade hot sauce. I mean fresh tomatoes, chiles, onions, garlic and cilantro. Both cooked and uncooked (also called Pico de Gallo). Thanks.

  16. Lisa Beyer Reply

    Thanks for compiling this! So are legumes acidic or alkaline and if I sprout them but later cook them ( black beans for example or garbanzo beans) does that make them alkaline? Or now that they’ve been heated I made them acidic.? Lol thank you! I feel I need something of substance in my diet other than just greens.

  17. Angela Reply

    Hey Ross:
    I’ve been down under a few times in the winter, beautiful country, especially when it’s -20 here πŸ˜‰ My question is about Raw Cacao Powder. Alkaline or Acidic to the body? I’m hearing mixed things about it. I am on my first “step” towards making my body less acidic to hopefully combat some health issues and I was told alkalizing my body would help. This is a brave new world for me.

  18. Mai Reply

    Great with extra additions! What about pomegranates? They’re listed as alkaline on the pHMiracle living website, but I do know they a lot of sugar…

  19. A Gray Reply

    Hi! Can you tell me if undenatured whey protein isolate is alkaline forming. I’m struggling for good protein sources as I don’t want to consume soy as it does get a lot of bad press for not been good for you?

  20. Janak Reply

    Hi Ross,

    fantastic website and lots of information. i enjoy watching your videos.

    keep up the good work.


  21. Gail Ross Reply

    Hi, Started incorporating more alkaline foods and wheatgrass in my diet for my husband because he suffers from gout and it is making a huge difference already. However, we love olives, are they acidic or alkaline as I tend to put loads of them on salads ?

  22. Rajesh Reply

    Hi Ross, what happen when cooking an alkaline food together with an acidic food? For eg green beans with mushroom. Thx.

  23. sarah Reply

    Hi Ross, I thought I saw Figs as alkaline a few days ago on your list. I live in greece and we have lots of them growing, however they are a fruit and they are sweet, are the realy alkaline? If so how?

    Thanks Sarah

  24. Norma LaTouf Reply

    Hi, Ross, really enjoy your helpful charts. Looking for advice on lettuce, primarily iceberg and romaine? Thanks, Norma

  25. Amanda Wageman Reply

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the answer to this question. There are a considerable amount of varying alkaline/acid charts out there and I have decided yours is the most accurate for me. With this in mind, I’d like to know your findings of how kombucha reacts in the body? Is it alkaline or acidic??

  26. carol stevenson Reply

    Hi Jason
    Hope you are having a good break.
    thank you for the alkaline food chart – very imfomative and clear.
    You say vinegar is acidic – which I can understand – does the same fo for apple cider vinegar which I take a couple of times a day in water for athiritis.
    If so is there an alternative to apple cider vinegar?
    thank you for your help.
    Best wishes
    Carol Stevenson

  27. Angela Reply

    Hi, I was wondering about avocado, pears, plums,nuts like cashews, walnuts, almonds,apples,corn,are there any good for ya potatoes??thanks!!! You give interesting, helpful advice

  28. Roger Reply

    I know you have covered some of the products I am curious about; however, I am interested inthe following specific items:
    Soy Ice Cream (Trader Joe’s)
    Candied Ginger (Trader Joe’s)
    Squeezing Minute Maid lemon juice in water

    Also, your detailed list of alkaline foods lists Life; I assume you mean Lime!

  29. shoshana Reply

    I am basicly following the alkaline foods listed. However this 20% stuff, I do eat an egg for breakfast with lots of tomatoes. I mean 1 egg. I also during the week eat chicken baked of course this is included in the 20%. So having chicken once a week and fish once a week. is that the right balance. I don’t plan on going totally vegetarian.

  30. Suzanne Reply

    How about nut butters, i.e. peanut, almond?

    Also, does it matter whether something is cooked or raw as to its pH?


  31. Barbara Thankappan Reply

    Hi! Ross, what are your comments about the following statment found on the web?
    β€œYour stomach is so acidic that no food can change its acidity. Citrus fruits, vinegar, and vitamins such as ascorbic acid or folic acid do not change the acidity of your stomach or your bloodstream. An entire bottle of calcium pills or antacids would not change the acidity of your stomach for more than a few minutes.
    All foods that leave your stomach are acidic. Then they enter your intestines where secretions from your pancreas neutralize the stomach acids. So no matter what you eat, the food in stomach is acidic and the food in the intestines is alkaline.”

    There is so much conflicting info out there…. no wonder we are confused!!!
    many thanks, BT.

  32. Sarah Reply

    Dear Ross,
    what are your thoughts on Almond Milk? At home i have started making my own (with limited success!) and at the office I use a store-bought, unsweetened one. I only use a splosh in my Rooibos tea (naturally caffeine-free) and decaf. coffee but was wondering if it was a good idea as I’m not sure about the acidity/alkalinity of nuts.
    Also, I use Stevia tablets to sweeten said beverages. Is this ok?
    Thank you,

    • Sarah Reply

      I’ve just seen what you said about Almond Milk in the first post on this page – so sorry I missed it! But please offer some guidance re: Stevia. I gave up sugar (and almost all simple carbs) years ago, and have been replacing it all with artificial sweetners. I recently read Joshi’s Holistic Detox, which prompted me to look into the whole acid/alkaline thing… and switch from Sugarine to Stevia.

  33. Susanne Reply

    Your charts and the new additions provide such a lot of useful info. But I have a question:

    Coconut is classified as alkaline. How about coconut milk, coconut water and coconut meal/flour?


  34. Jameson Reply

    There is an unanswered question below and I’m confused by the same thing – hazelnuts and macadamias are on BOTH lists – acid and alkaline, can you clarify?



  35. Pat Dunn Reply

    You’re information is amazing Ross! I’ve been teaching Nutrition for 30 years and have not run across an Acid/Alkaline list as thorough as yours. Thanks for all your good work in putting this together. What are your thoughts on popcorn?

  36. Shannon Reply

    Thanks for the chart – a splendid help.

    One wee question to add – how alkaline is humous, and should one aim for the low fat type πŸ™ or just indulge, obviously organic is better.

    And then are chickpeas alkaline if not from a can and cooked.

    My life runs on this stuff so hope its a go!

  37. Sylvia Reply

    I have just started the transition phase of the Alkaline diet, and I must say I feel so much better already and have shed a couple of kilos. My question is concerning an article on the skeptics site and I will paste it here.
    “Your stomach is so acidic that no food can change its acidity. Citrus fruits, vinegar, and vitamins such as ascorbic acid or folic acid do not change the acidity of your stomach or your bloodstream. An entire bottle of calcium pills or antacids would not change the acidity of your stomach for more than a few minutes.

    All foods that leave your stomach are acidic. Then they enter your intestines where secretions from your pancreas neutralize the stomach acids. So no matter what you eat, the food in stomach is acidic and the food in the intestines is alkaline.”

    I don’t normally read their opinions but it came up when I searched for protein in Alkaline diets.
    Can you clarify this for me please.
    Thank you

  38. Juliet P Reply

    Sorry I missed this before! I would like to know where sprouted grains fall on the acid/alkaline list, i.e. sprouted whole wheat flour.

    Thank you!

  39. Missy O'Donovan Reply

    I feel silly. I asked for a recommendation for a good recipe book…just saw (and ordered) yours! Sorry about that…

    Also, on the site, the box with “like…tweet, etc” covers stuff and I can’t seem to move it out of the way. Any suggestions? (sorry, I’m not particularly website savvy)


  40. Dyanne Pugh Reply

    Hi RossI have been told that a 1/2 teaspoon of bi carb soda in a glass of water is good. Is this correct.

  41. dragica Reply

    Thanks again, Ross.
    Before I found this blog I read a book about the ph ballance etc, where it was suggested to keep the ratio 60/40 %. Then, if my memory serves me well, you suggested 70/30 and now I see you are talking 80/20. Are you aiming for a completely alkaline diet?

  42. Kathleen Dean_Mitchell Reply

    Hi Ross:
    There is a non dairy yogart out now. I had some yesterday. Wish I had saved it for today. You should warn people who live alone NOT to make or cut in half Antitoxin super meal. Left in the refrigerator even for 4 hours does not improve the flavor. Quite the opposite it makes you want to never try another of your recipes it tastes like human waiste smells and stays with you no matter what. And sence there is hardly nothing you are allowed to eat when using this recipe you are rather stuck with lemon water. a few salid ingrediants that do not get this nasty taste out of your mouth. It is fine when you first eat it. But it turns bad in a hurry.
    I throughly enjoyed Ultimate Liver cleancing juice. That was very nice.
    Thank you for your help.

  43. Cat Reply

    Hi Ross!
    I had my gallbladder removed around 3 months ago. Was watching what I ate and still having pains. Went to a GI doctor who did a endoscopy. I was diagnoised with H.Pylori around 6 weeks ago when I had the Scope. I did the 2 weeks antibiotics and go to the doctor in 1 week for the breath test. But have read that they didn’t help a lot of people. I found a site on the web where people who had the H.Pylori tried the Alkaline diet. Which helped them rid the bacteria. I just started the Alkaline diet full force 1 week ago and seem to be feeling a little better. I was wondering if I could use Kosher salt or Sea Salt? Some of the foods are bland and I was wanting to give them a little flavor. I always used pepper on everything, but noticed it was on the Acidic List. In fact most of the foods I ate were on the Acidic List. I do love vegetables though, so that is good. I just really miss my fish, chicken and cheese. Thank you for all the great information you have put on your website. It is educating me to be more healthy and I appreciate all of that.
    Thanks, Cat

  44. carol Reply

    Hi Ross your list did not mention potatoes, rice, wheat, and bran. Are these acidic i to the body?

  45. Janet Reply

    Hi Ross, I have been using the water purification drops you supply (puripHy), putting 7 or 8 drops in a glass jug of 1.5L Buxton still water.
    I believe that to magnetise water has beneficial effects, and have often used a ‘Magnetech’ to do this. (An electrical piece of equipment containing rotating magnets, held over the water for a few minutes.) I have found that to use the Magnetech together with the drops creates a ‘white film’ on the inside of the glass jug!! Presumably this is a sort of scale as you get in the kettle? Do you think this is beneficial or detrimental to the quality of the water please? Am confused as to whether to continue with magnetising or not. Many thanks. Janet

  46. Dan Kashefska Reply

    Hi: I am wondering just what the ph factoring is on Elderberry Juice.
    Pure, not diluted! It is one of the best immunity biulders available! It was fed to EVERY worker working on the Panama Calal after the malaria outbreak and helped those that got infected to easily survive! I havest my own berries and make my own juice so I know it is pure and additive free! The elderberry is plentiful in the wild from Chicago to Florida and if the ph is good they need to use it to build the immune system!!! I drink 4 oz daily with a little unsweetened juice as it is very low in sugar and is a little pundent to some!

  47. Dan Reply

    Would love to see the acidity of elderberry juice. This is one of the best immunity builders known. It was fed to EVERY worker building the Panama Canal after the outbreak of yellow feaver and malaria to build their immune system. I drink it every morning and wonder how it affects my ph level. I harvest it and make the juice so I know it is not diluted or has no additives. This is something eveeryone should do!! It grows plentifully from Chicago to Florida!!!!

    • cecile Reply

      hi dan,,,how do you make the juice?

  48. Jillian Reply

    What about Marmite and Vegimite?
    Also If eaten at the same time, do acid and alkaline foods neutralise each other? Love this site.

  49. Angie Reply

    Fab site, doing this to ‘heal’ myself as have several health issues ie underactive thyroid/fibromyalgia/spondylosis/RSI/IBS – I have been gluten free for good number of years and have always eaten lots veggies, not much fruit as I did candida diet about 5/6 years ago! But this site is great! Losing weight too! I have qualified as latin/ballroom dance teacher this year, go gym, feeling clearer headed, read self help books! Just wondering are Olives ok? cos I love them!!! Thanks
    Finding myself again!
    Angie x

  50. Julie Walker Reply

    Hi Ross,

    Just read your latest update of alkaline/acidic food. You mention that papaya, banana, mango and pineapple are all acidic fruits however when I read on other websites it says they are alkaline. Now I’m confused. Please help. Julie

    • Richard Reply

      Hi Judy,

      I have read some pH value books about food. Infact most of the fruits are alkaline except cranberries is acidic. Unriped banana are more alkaline.

  51. Jim Evans Reply

    Potatoes are a staple here in the US. Seems we eat them in all forms and meals but there was no mention of them in your lists. So could you help us please. What about reds,russets, yukon golds, etc. Thanks much, Jim

  52. Kumudini Reply

    What about chlorella?

  53. Kumudini Reply


  54. Gay Reply

    Hello Ross…bless you for having this site and your great information!!
    Wondering about cereals, Ezekiel or Uncle Sam, toasted Whole wheat berry flakes & flaxseed??? What about vegan cheese?

  55. Belinda Reply

    Oatmeal — with just enough milk to cover it, and maybe a little fruit or yogurt… No cooking, just eat it like cereal and milk – it’s great!

  56. Madeline Driver Reply

    I am finding it very difficult to find out if Quorn is OK to use aS a meat substitute in an alkaline diet?

  57. Kerry Reply

    Are black beans acidic? I usually cook them, never canned…I like to eat them with brown rice.

  58. Angela Reply

    I am delighted to find this site w/ PH info. & recipes.
    I had candida/yeast 2 yrs ago changed my diet based on cadida cleanse, was very close to yours.
    I only knew to look for low sugar and no fermented foods,but didn’t know why…was a great transition anyway.
    Didn’t know every food had Ph High Alkaline, Med Alkaline ,low Alkaline– low acid , med acid or high acid.
    Wow, what an eye opener , I love learning how our body’s work w/ food,Amazing!!!!
    Thank You for sharing πŸ™‚

  59. margaret nderitu Reply

    Dear Ross,

    I thank you so much for your help this is something that i would have not known by myself but am glad am able to identifify Alkaline food.

    I have a question i have two black spot on my face how can i clear them the doctor told me they are from sun burn. i tried what she advised me and it never worked is there a natural way i can clear them. Since i don’t want to bleach my face i want it as natural as it is apart from the two black spot that i wish they can clear.

    • Licinia Zapata Reply

      Hi regarding to you Q??…………..

      i will sugest you to weap the area where the black sports are with a wet cotton wool ball of SWEDISH BITTERS
      get the one from hEALTH THROUGH gODS PHARMACY

      do it before you go to bed.

      use it untill you the black spot desapear.

      please let me know how you go




  60. Georgie Reply

    Hi Ross, Can you confirm if raw cocoa is acid or alkaline forming in the body. Same question for Maca powder. Thanks for the Redbush tea tip – had been drinking lots of green tea thinking good substitute for coffee and wondered why I was still getting headaches. Switched to Redbush and, day 2, no headaches!!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Georgie

      Raw Cocoa is not especially alkaline, but its great for part of your 20% acid – and of course does have a few good health benefits. Maca – however – is great – love it!

      Great news on the headaches – it’s amazing how little changes can make such a big difference

  61. podie Reply

    Hi, Could you please tell me if Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and the supplement DGL are Alkaline?
    Thanks so much!

  62. Natalie Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thank you for all the information you give us ! Since 4 days I am on Dr Robert Young diet for diabetes , I have been diabetic for 36 years and need a nutritinist and ahold Doctore who gets Alkaline diet , could you recommend someone in west Los Angles?
    Thank you

  63. Fiona Reply

    Tx very much for your comprehensive list, it really helps. Could you please let me know if you agree that Apple Cider Vinegar is alkalising? Also how do you feel about brown rice flour/soy flour? Do you have any recipes for healthy bread that we can bake at home? I look forward to hearing from you Ross.

  64. Stacia Reply

    Thank you for putting this together! Thank you for being you. Thank you for all that you do!!!

  65. Chris Reply

    I think I noticed a spelling mistake in your PDF file under Fruit in The Detailed List of Alkaline Foods, it says “Life,” do you mean “Lime?” Other than that, its a great guide. I have printed the pages and stuck them on my food cupboards in the kitchen.

    Are Guavas and Figs alkaline? I adore figs, so would be a pain if they are. What about Brazil nuts?

  66. JC Reply

    What do you recommend for a whole body cleanse? Will something happen if you don’t cleanse before you start the alkaline diet or if you blow it at a bbq or something and the next day you continue with your alkaline diet?

  67. JC Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Is Couscous ok to eat also when you say 80% alkaline and 20% acid does that pertain to each meal in that day or is it for the whole day? Are roasted flax seed ok?

  68. emily Reply

    Ross, When you are pregnant how much litres of water are you supposed to take daily, some people says that it’s not safe to take water when you are pregnant and what kinds of food are good for the pregnant mother and the in born baby?Thanx God bless you.

    • Amanda Reply

      The PH diet is the best for mother and baby. Go with your instinct for what is right for you. And consider a home birth some time when you are ready. I had all five of mine at home one was even delivered by her Dad. They were very happy events. All the best for you and baby

  69. Janie Ingalls Reply

    Ross, I understand Yerba Mate tea is alkaline. What is the best brand? Style? Janie

  70. Cheri Witmer Reply

    What about Jasmine rice?

  71. adan Reply

    hi ,ross does guava contains alkaline

  72. adan Reply

    hi, rose have read the chart thanks its very informative good job

  73. Raj Sembi Reply

    Hi Ross

    Please would you kindly tell me if the following foods/drinks are alkaline/acidic/neutral:

    unsweetened soy milk
    lactofree milk
    lactofree cheese
    feta cheese
    black pepper

    Many Thanks!

  74. Cara Reply

    Hi Ross,
    What would be the best cheese to swap to now?, while i try to wein myself from it !
    I have stopped drinking coffee and green and black teas, but i need honey in my herbal teas! ( its home grown untreated honey) would you reccomend another alternative to mix up my camomile tea?

    Also, as i am just starting out on this path, when i eat more of the acidic foods or have a few drinks, what should i take/do to help get back on track? πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your help, Cara

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Cara

      Try to get away from blue/mould cheeses and towards goats and mozzarella (as per your list on FB). A little honey is ok while you transition but just try to have less and less over the next couple of weeks. All other herbal teas are great – if you like them sweeter – tasting, then try ones with Vanilla.

      With regards to your last part – you can do it either way around. Either slowly transition and include some of your fave foods now, but slowly decrease them until they’re a treat OR have a big cleanse now and then slowly reintroduce them.


  75. Maggie Reply

    Can you tell me whether chickpeas are acidic, as I eat them quite often?

    • Michael Reply

      chickpeas arent alkaline unless you soak them in water for at least a few hours before cooking

  76. Nancy G. Reply

    I was wondering about the alkalinity/acicity of several items. Does anyone know?
    Goat milk kefir (Commercially purchased, Redwood Hill Farms),
    Almond BUTTER, Carrot JUICE, APPLE CIDER vinegar, UNFERMENTED Tofu.

  77. Nancy G. Reply

    Would love to know the alkalinity/acidity of two things I currently consume and cannot find on any list…
    1.goat milk kefir (made commercially by Redwood Hill Farms)
    2. carrot juice

  78. vickie Reply

    I have acid reflux and alot of the food that you have listed as alkaline have caused terrific acid reactions. There are only 2 fruits I can eat successfully, and tomotoes are not one of them. Right now I am eating to live. My favorite fruits I cannot eat and grapefruit is one of them. Can you clarify.

    • kboloten Reply

      1) try yellow apples (golden delicious)
      2) try fresh, ripe papaya
      3) avocado is great – I eat 1 a day
      4) try fresh lemon squeezed on the avocado
      5) try fresh/dry Medjool dates (American, with no additives)
      6) stay away from citrus fruits
      tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, ( I have never tried hot capsicum peppers, as any hot things give me bleeding)
      8) try raw/steamed peeled broccoli stems

      Good luck. Feel better.

  79. Larry Magee Reply

    Hi Ross – this is such a great blog. Thanks! Would you consider GREEN bananas to be acid forming and only eat them as a snack? I’ve seen them listed as alkaline some places.

  80. Miriam Rachelsl Reply

    Here’s what I do since diagnosed w/ Diabetes II (5years): eat spinach, broccoli, mung bean sprouts, brown rice stir-fried with Braggs Liquid Aminos as soy sauce (unfermented); cucumber, carrot, & celery sticks (dipped in peanut butter or as salad, w/ onions, avocados, dark green lettuce & spinach w/ touch of Braggs Healthy Vinaigrette or in lemon juice/evoo or Udo oil as dressing; lots of garlic, parsley, cilantro, thyme etc. on everything
    1 or 2 poached or boiled eggs w/ 1 only Udi’s gluten free toast browned stovetop w/evoo or Olivio; only sea salt (I found one that is iodized);
    watermelon (sweet but high-water content) or blueberries;
    protein powder smoothie for xtra protein made w/alkalized water, org frozen cherries to ward off pain, & Fruits of Earth & Vitamineral Green powder, all in pH 9.5 water;
    32 oz pH 9.5 water on rising (w/ blood sugar support, Bvitamins for energy. epithelial tissue support before walk in neighborhood up to 1 hour). As Dr. Barnard says, eat handful of food every 3 to 3-1/2 hours (BEFORE you are due to be hungry, to reduce cravings.) I am 78 & healthier than anyone I know of any age, diabetic or not. I do some version of this every day. Eat all you want whatever you want (from your chart).
    AND: a glass of wine now and then; herb tea; Jarlsberg lite cheese. Wild salmon, Neola Farms beef, or org chicken ONLY about two or three times a month. NO sucrose or sweeteners xcept raw honey seldom! Thank you for the new food chart; it is invaluable to me.

    • Guess who Reply

      Congratulations on being a healthy sarcastic old lady that thinks she knows it all ( I applaud you) FYI this site is mainly for those who are inexperienced, who have questions; you in the other hand, insult everyone just by even coming to this page for your smart ass comments Thank You so much for stoping by and waisting your and our time; good bye until we never meet again

  81. Linda Reply

    I just purchased an alkaline machine which has ph balances of anywhere from 2.5 for cleaning, 8.5..0, and 9.5 for drinking and 11.5 for cleaning vegetable with. I also try to base my diet on fruits and vegetables……….

  82. Love Lea Reply

    Hey there!
    Ross I love how you truly care and it shows!
    I would love to be apart of the free web class.
    I was wondering about mangos. I have another
    chart that says that they are Alkaline. Many
    charts vary it seems and sometimes drastically!
    I am desperately trying to lose weight and increases
    my energy. I seem to get real hungry at night.
    Any suggestions?
    Love Lea

  83. Siobhain Reply

    I am under medical care and struggling with sudden onset of very painful rheumatoid arthritis. Diet has always been a concern of mine, and I am now eating a mainly alkaline diet. Any suggestions whatsoever would be great. Thanks.

  84. Onika Reply

    what about corn?

  85. Joan Reply

    Hi Ross Just reading all comment.Are all the foods that are Alkaline good for your bones.I have a very healthy diet i eat a lot of the food listed but i also eat a lot of the food that are not listed as Aikaline like fruit love bananas would boiling them make them less acidy make all my own bread could you recommend what flour i could buy thanks for your help.

  86. Dave Reply

    Hi Ross,
    Thank you for your effort.
    Is there a scientific ph of all digested foods that are listed. This might take some of the differences out of the equation. I too, am confused. There a website that is pretty complete, but they have same foods on both sides.
    As far as bannanas, he listed spots on bannanas as alkaline, and green on tips as acidic. This negates waht you say about the sugar part of the food. How about liquid mushroom extract? Are all mushrooms acidic. Keep at it. Dave

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Dave

      Mushrooms are indeed acidic.

      I’m pretty convinced my list is about as accurate as they come to be honest. Don’t trust any list that goes off PRAL for their classifications


  87. IVAN Reply

    I know of someone in South Africa who was diagnosed with throat cancer. He underwent extensive radiation and chemotherapy, with no positive results whatsoever.

    He has now for the past month changed his diet to 80% alkaline foods.

    Although he has not yet had his latest scan (next Feb only) he says he is feeling much better, day by day. He also looks much healthier.

    He is determined to beat his cancer with alkalinity and oxygination and the way he is improving, I am sure he will.

  88. beryl waxler Reply

    hi there
    just wanted to know about organic cyder vinegar .is it alkaline or acid forming ?
    i take it in hot water four or five times a day.also is corn on the cob ok?
    thanks very much beryl

    • Nancy G. Reply

      Did you ever get an answer to your question about the alkalinity of apple cider vinegar? (I use it quite often and was wondering the same thing) Thanks!

  89. April Reply

    Thank you! I’m actually not surprised by that πŸ™‚ I am in Florida, USA. My dad is the one on chemo/radiation and lives in southern Alabama, USA. I would love to find a nutritionally aware health practitioner so if you cannot recommend one for this area I welcome anyone on here to recommend one. Thanks! April

  90. Michele Reply

    Thank you Ross for your information. Macadamia nuts and hazelnuts are on both alkaline (eat these foods freely)and acid (avoid these foods) lists.

    Can you help clarify?

  91. Mishell Reply

    What about sweet potato/kumara, witlof, corn, home popped corn (no butter of course), tofu, snow peas, sugar snap peas, chicory, endive, leeks & fennel

    Thanks for the help!


  92. April Reply

    Hi, couldn’t find this on the website but will keep looking…was wondering if the alkaline diet is safe or recommended for someone on chemotherapy and/or radiation.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi April

      You probably (hopefully) won’t find it on my site as it is not something I’m legally allowed to put up here! Once a diagnosed medical condition is mentioned I can only recommend you speak to a nutritionally aware health practitioner.

      Where are you based? I might be able to recommend one

  93. Cappi Reply

    According to Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman’s book “Fantastic Voyage” page 47: ‘Not all acidic food increase the acidity inside our bodies. Orange juice has an extremely acid pH of 3.5 because of its citric acid but the citric acid is burned away during digestion. Orange juice also contains potassium and magnesium which interact with water to create alkaline ions.Thus, the overall effect of drinking orange juice is to increase alkalinity, despite its acidic content.

    Millet is alkaline grain!!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Cappi

      I agree with all that the authors, Kurzwell and Grossman say – and this is absolutely true for lemon and lime, however oranges are really high in sugar which overrides all of this and creates a very acidic environment in the body. Try to eat high sugar fruits as a treat, and sparingly.


  94. Marie Reply

    What about green and black olives. They are my addiction.

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Marie

      The fresher the better. Olives that have been stored for a long time will become acid-forming and will have started to form mold. I would try to treat them as a treat and have every now and then. They’re certainly not highly alkaline by any means, but there are probably worse things you could eat. And of course, it depends on what kind of quantity we’re talking with your addiction….! πŸ™‚


  95. Ginger Clapper Reply

    Is the idea to completely avoid acidic foods or limit your intake?

    • Ross Reply

      The aim is to get to 80/20 alkaline to acid. Everything in moderation and be realistic with your approach.

  96. pat Reply


    What about buckwheat – is it acid?

    What are the best fruits to eat as they mostly seem acid?


  97. Judy Major Reply

    Please tell me the kefir is alkaline?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Judy

      Kefir does a great job of removing lactose from milk, but it is, I believe, fermented, which makes it acid forming.


  98. Ramona Reply

    How about black beans, (black turtle beans) if I cook them myself, Alkaline or acidic?

  99. anjan Reply

    its great.keep it up.i am very very grateful.

  100. aysegul keskin Reply

    Thank you for all the information you provide. Its a big help as I’m a psorisis sufferer. I’m trying to become alkiline my biggest struggle is eating the right bread can you provide me with detailed info on which bread to eat to not eat it at all. I’m a bit confused!

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Aysegul

      I would try to avoid it completely. Sprouted breads are great, but I would restrict all normal breads as these will be holding back your progress with psoriasis a lot.


  101. Lisa Quain Reply

    Love this site, has some great information that is acurate, and not American for a change as so many sites are.
    Refreshing to see someone who thinks along the same lines as going natural instead of pills all the time !

    • Ross Reply

      Love this site, has some great information that is acurate, and not American for a change as so many sites are.
      Refreshing to see someone who thinks along the same lines as going natural instead of pills all the time !

      Thanks Lisa!

  102. Elaine Ganat Reply

    What is the acid/alkaline content of the following;
    tameraind( fresh)

    • Ross Reply

      pomegranate – mildly acid forming, eat sparingly
      blueberries – mildly acid forming, eat sparingly
      tamerind( fresh) – alkaline


  103. Lucy Raeside Reply

    Uh-oh! So the Immunocal Platinum I’m taking to increase my glutathione is a no-no? It’s a pure whey proein with minerals. I’ve been taking it regularly along with Dr. Young’s ph diet and testing alkaline on urine strips. Inaccurate?

  104. Nicole Maillet Reply

    Than you very much for all the great info. where would you put soy yougurt alkaline or acid forming thank you for your time Nicole.

    • Ross Reply


      Soy yoghurt is usually mildly acidic, but OK to eat in moderation.


  105. squeaker Reply

    you mentioned
    Quinoa and Chia Seeds (Salba), both of which you would add to your diet. But didn’t mention if they were Acid & Alkaline. And I was wondering. I have my guess, and I know they are both worth eating regardless, but was wondering what side to put them on.
    thanx = )

    • Ross Reply

      Hey squeaker!

      Quinoa and Chia are both alkaline – they’re wonderful!


  106. florence Reply

    how about arrow roots?

  107. Maria Daniel Reply

    Dear Ross,

    The differences between various authors in categorizing of foods as highly alkaline or highly acid forming is perplexing. You have bananas as highly acidic, while most books I read class it as the most alkaline forming of all foods. What about dark chocolate. It seems authors are divided equally in their judgement and the same goes for lentils. With bananas the confusion is bigger as one author I read claims the most mature (and therefore full of sugar) the more alkaline as banana is. It would be helpful if you could make a few clarifications on this.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Maria

      Have you downloaded the guide/list? All of your questions are answered in there.


  108. Lisa Reply

    Just a heads-up: soy products which are NOT fermented are not at all healthy. First, soy is almost totally GMO. Second, soy contains xenoestrogens and really messes with hormonal balance. We’ve been hoodwinked on soy’s health benefits by giant agrobusiness. If you’re already using NON-FERMENTED soy products, I suggest switching to almond milk, fermented soy products, and organic raw cheeses, even from cows! Organic raw cheese is extremely healthy, just as raw milk, which is why raw milk is in the process of being outlawed. They can’t have us actually healthy foods!

    • Amanda Reply

      Thanks for your comment. We need to be aware of GM foods which are huge in the US. Soy, corn and cotton in all forms are mostly GM in the US, there are better controls in the EU. There is more info on Dr Leonard Coldwells site and Dr Mercola is interesting too. X

  109. Suzannah Reply

    Just wondering about roasted almonds?

    • Ross Reply

      I’d stick with raw (and preferably organic)

  110. dj Reply

    What about commercially available almond milk?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi DJ

      It would totally depend on the brand – I know some are great and some are suspect. Just look out for added sweeteners, bleaching agents and preservatives. Try to get organic too. To be honest, most manufacturers who would make almond milk are decent, healthy companies – but if you just look out for the above you should be fine. And remember – almond milk, even if it contains any of the above, is still lightyears ahead of dairy.