New Study: Alkaline Diet is Protective Against Breast Cancer

alkaline diet and breast cancer study

“There is no evidence to support an alkaline diet”…

I see this often.


Not because I worry it’s true…(I know it is not).

I am worried people will read it and believe it, and then discard this simple approach to health that will change their life.

The truth is there are THOUSANDS of studies supporting the alkaline diet.

I’ve posted lots on this site already (see here, here, here, here for starters) and this is a tiny fraction of the published research out there proving the strength of an alkaline diet for all aspects of health…

The alkaline diet has been proven to support bone health to muscle mass, adrenal and other hormone disorders to type 2 diabeteskidney disease and even ALL-cause mortality here!.

And today I wanted to share with you a study that’s close to my heart. It clearly shows the strong link between diet-induced acidosis and breast cancer.

“Diet-Induced Acidosis” is the term used by the scientific research community to explain the negative state and imbalance in the body caused by eating too many acid-forming foods

As I’ve written about before, including quite extensively in my latest book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse, up to 95% of degenerative disease is preventable through dietary changes. And this most certainly includes cancer.

Preventing Breast Cancer with the Alkaline Diet

I have seen it so many times in my decade-and-a-half of doing what I do – not just with my members and clients, but I regularly get emails from people out of the blue who have been following my blogs and guides and recipes who share stories like this:

philomena diet and cancer email

Of course, this result isn’t necessarily typical and you always need to consult with your physician, but Philomena’s email shows remarkable results.

Study: Higher diet‐dependent acid load is associated with risk of breast cancer: Findings from the sister study

Using data from the Sister Study, researchers studied the diet of 43,570 women and their risk of breast cancer – related to the alkalinity or acidity of their overall diet (their dietary net-acid load). Acid-Forming diets included more protein and processed food. The alkaline-forming diets included fresh foods that contained more alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

They identified 1,614 cases of breast cancer within 1 year of the study, with a 7-year follow up.

Those in the highest acid group had a significantly increased risk of breast cancer, while those in the most alkaline group had a significantly decreased risk (with 95% CI for those interested!)

The association was especially pronounced for estrogen receptor (ER)‐negative and triple‐negative breast cancer.

The evidence is mounting: an alkaline diet is hugely protective against breast cancer, and other cancers too.

Click here to see the study

One study alone is never enough to be able to draw a game-changing, society-changing conclusion, of course. But this is not the only study.

There are so many more. This study from Japan shows an alkaline diet to increase the benefits and efficacy of EGFR-TKI Therapy in lung cancer patients.

This study shows an acid-forming diet increases inflammation in the body (C-reactive protein) which is a high indicator for breast cancer, and breast cancer recurrence, while an alkaline diet is protective.

This is scratching the surface, again. The evidence is there, it’s clear.

There’s more of this coming…

I’ve always researched my butt off. I first started on this journey in 2004 to help as many people as possible. And back then I swore I would ONLY give coaching in my membership that was scientifically proven.

But it’s only recently that I’ve realized how important it is for you to see this too (of course!). I even posted a little poll in my Facebook Group a few days ago. I asked if you wanted me to post my discoveries and findings – and the YES column got more than 99% of the votes!

Now, I know It’s not for everyone. But if you are keen on getting more science like this then look-out! I’ll be sending this kind of info through much more regularly 🙂

I love digging into the data. It gives you both the most cutting edge understanding PLUS the proof you need. This proof reminds you that the effort and energy you’re putting into your alkaline life is SO worth it!

So here’s to the data, the evidence, the geek in all of us that thrives on knowledge 🙂


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  1. Marie Barletta Reply

    I am buying your book for my 92 year old aunt, who is suffering from Parkinsons Disease and now she just started getting Sciatica in her legs. I know she is open minded to a natural approach to healing. Will the Alkaline Reset Cleanse help her to get out of the pain she is in?
    I have your book, which I absolutely love, and I’ve been juicing almost everyday and I drink Tumeric and Ginger tea everyday, since I started drinking the tea I noticed my feet, that were giving me so much pain has gotten so much better, and I believe its from drinking the tea. Is it safe for me to give my aunt tumeric root and ginger root if she is on any kind of medication? Please let me know.
    If you have any advice for my Aunt, to help her please email.
    Thank you so much!
    Marie Barletta

    • ross Reply

      Hey Marie!

      You’re an ABC member with me – don’t forget you can contact me directly with questions/coaching etc. you don’t have to post on the site in the comments 🙂

      Now…the short version is – it will definitely help your aunt! And I love that at 92 she’s still so open to changes with her health.

      The removal of sugar and grains, the addition of the anti-inflammatories, nourishing greens and other veggies – and particularly the addition of healthy fats and HDL cholesterol to the diet have all been absolutely proven to support recovery from Parkinson’s and even more so sciatica.

      The caveat is that I ALWAYS say you should talk through all dietary changes with your (her) physician to check for contra-indication of any medication. Ultimately here we’re talking only about including different foods – not concentrated supplements, so there’s rarely a contraindication at this level of intake. But do still check.

      I’m also so stoked that you’ve already seen such a benefit in your feet. It’s great when you get to see the power of the alkaline approach so quickly – it gives you that huge motivation to keep on doing what you’re doing and building more and more changes in!

      Keep on going!

  2. Valerie Bower Reply

    I’m so excited that you will be sharing more of this in depth information Ross! It does help to answer so many questions clearly and succinctly. Do you have any information regarding atherosclerosis and how alkalinity can improve such a condition? Thanx ever so much!

  3. Allison Janicki Reply

    A big fat thank you!