Alkaline Diet Supplements Guide: The Core Supplements I Use Daily

alkaline diet supplements guide

Alkaline diet supplements, chosen wisely, can take your health, vitality, weight loss, muscle gain, inflammation out, pain out and energy goals to the next level…quickly.

The wrong supplements?

Well, they are just a massive waste of money, and a little heartbreaking.

Which leaves me with two goals:

  1. I don’t want you wasting your hard-earned money
  2. I DO want you getting to your goals faster

Today I’m going to give you the lowdown on the supplements I use, those I’ve used before with great success, what I look for in a supplement and what I believe to be the core, most important for you on the alkaline diet.

But First: An Important Message About Alkaline Diet Supplements

While I love supplements, and they’ve been a huge part of my life since I was about 19, you need to know the truth:

Supplements, taken alone, will do little to nothing to advance your goals.

Taking supplements without changing your diet and lifestyle is like spending money on a sports car and putting no petrol in it. You’re wasting your money and getting no results.

I cannot emphasize this enough:

Supplements are there to SUPPLEMENT, not replace.

They are not intended to replace the work of a healthy, alkaline diet. They are not there to do the heavy lifting for you – they barely work if thrown into an unhealthy environment.  (Note: if you want to get my Beginner’s Guide to Living Alkaline you can grab that here)


When you nourish your body correctly AND use supplements, the benefits are magnified tenfold.

They work together synergistically. In the right environment, the supplements can get to work, the body can use them more effectively and more efficiently, the goodness can be absorbed.

Supplements are there to supplement, they’re there to either be a safety net of nutrients you need but may have missed that day, or they are there to play a specific role alongside the foods and drinks you consume.

OK – supplements are there to supplement, not replace. Excellent, we’ve got that covered. You’re on board, right? Sweet.

Alkaline Diet Supplements

This is the complete guide to the supplements I use and recommend.   I have broken it down into two sections: core supplements, and extras.

I have given a number of recommendations for each of the core supplements, to allow for both personal preferences and also to make sure at least one product is available in every country.

The products in the “Core” section are the ones I take daily.

Sometimes I may use others temporarily to address a particular concern, goal or plan – and you can do the same too.

Let’s get into it!

The CORE Alkaline Diet Supplements I Use Daily

#1 Green Powders

This is the big-boy, most important supplement. I recommend this for everyone.

green drink is a powdered supplement, usually made of a combination of grasses, vegetables, fruits, algae and other foods.

The combinations range from just one food (wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina etc.) through to dozens (some contain over 50 different ingredients).

I recommend looking for something in-between – about 8-10 ingredients is a good sweet spot. That way you’re not spreading the nutrient spectrum per serve to wide and thin.

With green drinks it’s paramount that you source an organic, non-GMO blend. There are no excuses on that one.

There are a few ingredients I don’t love to see in green drinks too:

  • High Fruit Content: a little is OK, preferably there isn’t any. Low sugar fruits like tomato, lime, lemon, grapefruit are fine, but I don’t like to see a lot of higher sugar fruits in there
  • Mushrooms: again, a little medicinal mushroom is fine (reishi, cordyceps etc), but I don’t like this to be a big component
  • Algae: spirulina and chlorella are acid-forming.  Yes they do contain minerals, but these are minerals that are abundant in other greens and grasses, so why have the algae in there?
  • Xylitol: this sweetener is highly refined and not really tested long-term for human health. Makes a good toothpaste, but not proven yet as a safe sweetener

A perfect blend in a green drink hits all of my ‘Triple A’ goals: alkaline; antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory.
This is why I personally use Alkamind Daily Greens right now – it has strong alkaline (wheatgrass etc.), antioxidant (beets etc.) and anti-inflammatory (turmeric) ingredients, and tastes awesome.

And of course, it ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, organic, non-GMO.

I really felt the difference when I started using it.

Now, I know Alkamind isn’t available in Australia just yet, so I also recommend Mirabooka.

Ross’ Recommended Green Drinks:

#2 Alkaline Minerals

 The core alkaline minerals are ESSENTIAL for fighting inflammation, acidity, and oxidative stress in the body, and I definitely recommend supplementing with these.

They are minerals that are often a little low in a regular ‘multi’ vitamin product, but they’re so important throughout the body, and many of us are deficient in at least one of them.

Magnesium and potassium are often so lacking in the diet, and a chronic deficiency in just these two is such a marker for inflammatory conditions.

If you can have one of these (just one scoop) daily – it will bring a remarkable, noticeable difference to your health (especially with digestive or fatigue conditions).

Look for a product that contains a mix of 3 or more of the Core Four Alkaline Minerals – sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Ross’ Recommended Alkaline Mineral Supplements:

 #3 Omegas & Healthy Fats

These are the second (and equally) most important of the alkaline diet supplements. And the truth is – they’re really a food – you can add tons of different sources of these to your recipes – BUT – they are so important that I highly recommend you supplement too.

You need a baseline of these daily – so, every day, I really urge you to get:

  • 3 tbsp of omega 3 oils
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil or MCT oil

If you’re concerned that the fat will make you fat – or that saturated fats from the coconuts will cause CVD – please read these two guides:

1) Fat, Calories & The Real Weight Loss Equation
2) The Cold TRUTH About Saturated Fat

For the other oils, omega 6 and omega 9, the PUFAs, and so on – don’t worry about supplementing with these. Most people get way more omega 6 and 9 than they do omega 3 (and this imbalance causes issues in its own right).

So just focus on the 3’s and the coconut oil.

In terms of omega 3, please try to buy the very best you can afford. You really do get what you pay for.

You need to find a high-quality, tested, researched source if you’re buying fish oils, and organic is a must for plant oils.

I actually like to mix up my omega 3 intakes from different sources, plus I always include a phospholipid omega 3 each day now too.

My daily regimen might look something like:

  • 1000mg flax oil
  • 2000mg omega 3 from fish or krill
  • 500mg phospholipids

I mix that up, sometimes 1000mg phospholipids and less straight omega 3.

The phospholipids are important as they can more easily cross the blood-brain barrier, carrying the oils to where they need to be to support cognitive health.

For coconut oil, definitely go organic and make sure it’s 100% coconut oil   (nothing else added).

Ross’ Recommended Oils:


 #4 Multi Vit & Min

Having a good multi-vitamin and mineral just makes sense.  It won’t give you a lot of anything in particular, but it will give you the basics, like a safety net.

You want to have a good range, and a well formulated product.  And that’s why for this one I recommend Thorne Research.

[+] Thorne Research, Basic Nutrients


#5 Curcumin

Oh so important to fight inflammation!  Turmeric – most often advertised as curcumin is perhaps the most powerfully anti-inflammatory compound on Earth and I highly recommend getting yourself a high-power, high-quality turmeric supplement as soon as you possibly can.

Curcumin is the compound within turmeric that has the strongest anti-inflammatory capacity, which is why it is isolated from the whole root for supplementary purposes, but when people say curcumin or turmeric supplement, they’re effectively saying the same thing.

There have been over 800 published research studies showing the anti-inflammatory power of curcumin, and you just can’t go without it while you’re fighting inflammation (or wanting to keep it out).

Ross’ Recommended Anti-Inflammatory Supplement:


#6 Sulforaphane & Glutathione

Sulforaphane is a natural phytochemical found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli sprouts and cabbages. It is one of the most potent disease-fighting compounds on earth. It has been demonstrated to have a wide variety of health benefits, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Improves liver health
  • …and more!

Other potential benefits of sulforaphane include treatment for arthritis, skin conditions, and type 2 diabetes. It also enhances detoxification and may improve neurological disorders like autism and Parkinson’s disease. In addition, it has anti-aging properties that slow down or stop the aging process.

And Glutathione is just as important, especially in combination with sulforaphane.  When you have these together, it is a very efficient combination.

Glutathione is a nutrient found in every single cell of your body.

It is often referred to as the “master antioxidant” because it plays an important role in the functioning of all other antioxidants. It has several critical functions for optimal health. Some of these are:

  • Helping with weight loss
  • Reducing inflammation throughout the entire body
  • Protecting the body from toxins
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Preventing or slowing down cancer progression
  • Boosting the immune system and more…

These are both absolutely essential to get every day, and I strongly recommend you supplement them.  Thankfully you can get it all in one!

Ross’ Recommended Supplement:

[+] Brocco-Glutathione


 #7 (Optional, but I know people will ask…) ALKALINE PROTEIN POWDERS!

It isn’t an essential for most, but it also needs more explanation than the other extras below, so here goes.

Your decision to use a protein powder is entirely up to you.  It might be because you’re hitting the gym, or have been advised to after a challenging health condition, or because you think you need more if you’re not eating meat (this last reason is misplaced, but it’s up to you!).

Whatever the reason – you can absolutely be alkaline and use protein powders.

The only rules are:

  1. Non-dairy: whey is SUPER acid-forming
  2. No artificial crap: no flavorings, no preservatives, no colors
  3. Sprouted, and organic

If you follow these rules, you’re set.  I know the concept of ‘no flavorings’ (even ‘natural’) is a big one for some, but think of protein powder as something you add to your beautiful-tasting alkaline smoothies, rather than something you just mix with water on the run.

In terms of ditching the whey – this used to be an issue 10 years ago when vegan protein was quite poor.  It used to be where a whey supplement will give you 22-25g protein per 30g serve, the vegan versions gave you 6-7g protein.  Not good.

But now we have beautiful, clean, sprouted brown rice and sprouted pea protein powders that pack a 22-25g serve too!

Here are my recommendations:

Alkamind Daily Protein

NOW Foods Sports Brown Rice Protein

Extras (and especially for immune support)


Daily, The Core Alkaline Diet Supplements I Take Are:

  • 1x Brocco-Glutathione
  • 2x Meriva SF Curcumin
  • 1x Thorne Basics
  • 2x scoops of Daily Minerals
  • 2x scoops of Daily Greens
  • 2x Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega OR Daily Omega 3
  • 1x NOW Flax
  • 1x Nordic Naturals Phospholipis
  • Optional: scoop of Daily Protein & MCT Oil Powder in my smoothie!


You don’t have to take all of this!

If I had to choose just the very, very most important it would be:

  1. Greens
  2. Oils
  3. Brocco-Glutathione

In that order, and then:

  1. Minerals
  2. Multi
  3. Protein and MCT

To make it more affordable, you can do what I do too – which is have one day per week completely off.  And then one week per quarter completely off.

I think it’s great to give the body a break, and mix it up to keep it on it’s toes!  And this reduces the costs quite a bit too.


What To Look For In a Supplement: Markers of Quality

Now, more than ever, we have access to some of the most unbelievably high quality supplements. BUT, costs of manufacturing, access to marketing and an audience (social media, paid traffic, amazon’s marketplace etc.) means it’s never been easier to start a supplement company – and so there are a lot of poor quality, cheaply produced products out there.

You need to be aware and be careful.

Especially in the alkaline diet supplements market – where green drinks have become so popular.

I have recommended two green drinks in this guide – but a quick search on reveals 325 different brands, and that’s just in one category.

How I Measure Quality in a Supplement

  1. Is It Organic & Non-GMO: cheaper brands won’t bother with this, so first up, it’s a good way to filter out any cheaply made products immediately. But also – it’s so important! If you’re buying a product like a green powdered blend – this is a highly concentrated plant food! Each scoop contains a LOT of greens, and you don’t want to be putting concentrated GMO crops or chemically sprayed plants into your system!Organic and non-GMO is an absolute must.
  2. Variety of Ingredients: this is most pertinent with green drinks, where you want a good mix of grasses and vegetables. This is highly preferably to just one ingredient, such as wheatgrass, as you’re getting a wider spectrum of nutrients.
  3. No Sugars: this is a must. Sugar basically undoes all of the good work of the supplement! A tiny amount of fructose free, natural sweetness is OK – monkfruit (luo han guo), stevia, or dried peach etc., but don’t get a supplement containing dextrose, fructose, cane sugars, honey – and even worse (as I’ve seen in the effervescent vitamin products) – aspartame!
  4. No Fillers, Thickeners, Binding Agents, Flow Agents…: this is a whole guide in itself (and one I’ll probably write in a few days or so), but you need to be looking out for:
    • Magnesium Stearate
    • Stearic Acid
    • Carrageenan
    • Gelatin
    • Titanium Dioxide
    • Silicon Dioxide
    • Lanolin
    • Glycerin
    • Potassium Sorbate
    • Cellulose

    There are more, but that’s a good start. I don’t have the time here to go into the negatives of each of these, but the big picture is: if your supplement contains these ingredients, you really should question the quality of that supplement.

Summary: Your Alkaline Diet Supplements

The purpose of this guide was to give you an overview of the most important alkaline diet supplements, which I believe you should focus your resources on, and to make sure you don’t waste a single penny on supplements you don’t need.

Remember, supplements are there to supplement. They are not there to replace a healthy, alkaline diet.

Supplement companies are AMAZING marketers, and they can make all manner of different products and ingredients sound like the ‘magic button’. And while there are useful supplements for specific goals – caprylic acid for getting rid of candida for example.

BUT, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get some amazing products that will speed up your efforts and make getting to your big health goals faster and easier than ever.


order the alkaline life

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  1. Margo Reply

    Hi Ross, the Ph Miracle PH salts link goes to an error page. And the Thorne Biomins are discontinued. Can you suggest other sources of calcium please.

  2. Chloe Edge Reply

    Thank you so much for all this information, Ross!
    I’ve given your book away twice and I’m about to order another one.
    It is so generous of you to give us all this information. In
    California, the doctors have to follow what the gov’t tells them
    to do, so we’re desperately in need of information.

  3. Chloe Edge Reply

    Thank you so much for all this information, Ross!
    I’ve given your book away twice and I’m about to order another one.
    It is so generous of you to give us all this information. In
    California, the doctors have to follow what the gov’t tells them
    to do, so we’re desperately in need of information.

  4. Diane Fussy Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’ve been on a strict keto diet for a week now but my PH is 5!!! How long will it take to get my PH to 7 or higher? I’ve been eating alkaline the whole time. Thank you

    • ross Reply

      Hey Diane

      Would love to know more info on what you’ve been doing…happy to help! Let me know a bit more about your typical daily diet with the keto/alkaline approach.


  5. nicola mcgregor Reply

    Hi Ross

    I have been doing a lot of reading on alkaline diet and a friend of mine brought me to you. since I have Thyroid issues overactive (hyperactive) any suggestions?

  6. Fay Kelley Reply

    Thank you so much for the detailed information!

  7. Inger Hartelius Reply

    I have been using dr. Robert Youngs products for many ears (10 years).
    I recovered from lungcancer by living alkaline, so I want to go on living like that.
    Do you know if it is possible to buy that In Europe.
    Or what can you suggest in stead.
    I use his salt, the juice super chlorophyll and his Greens
    Thank you for all the good ideas you give out.

  8. Deborah McCutcheon Reply

    What are your thoughts about erythritol as a sugar substitute?

    • ross Reply

      So far so good in terms of the research, so it’s good to go.

  9. Irene Turner Reply

    I try to eat healthily but my downfall is that I am addicted to sugar. I am 80 with a lot of health problem s including AF. And I am prescribed Warfarin. And I am waiting for a pacemaker. And a lot of the healthy foods affect Warfarin.
    I have your Alkaline Diet Recipe Book 2010 and the Bullet for smoothies and a soup maker. I dip into your recipes randomly. .I am very agile and slim. I just feel my body is out of line. Anxiety is my problem. Is there hope for me to improve?

  10. Eva Lund Reply

    Hi Ross,
    It is a great guide. Thank you so much.
    Do you think CAPRYLIC ACID
    can help with a frequent urinary tract infection which could be caused by CANDIDA?

    • ross Reply

      Definitely, and also look up d-mannose.

  11. Bonnie Mueller Reply

    I listened to your 14 Days to Alkaline. Did you say you drink ionized water and if so, what product do you recommend? Thanks. I’m on your email list and currently listening to your Alkaline Reset Cleanse. I definitely need to change my diet. So glad to have found you!! I’m not on Facebook, so please email me.

    • Marjorie Jordan Reply

      All of the other alkaline/acid information & charts I have read indicate that all vegetables whether raw or cooked and ALL raw fruits are alkaline, but you eliminate fruits and indicate they are acid-forming. Watermelon, from all other sources is always indicated as highly alkaline. Where is the proof of the accuracy of your information?

      Thank you.

      • ross Reply

        The sheer volume of fructose, and the mountain of evidence that fructose is highly inflammatory and acid-forming.

  12. Jody Jones Reply

    How do you get your b-12

  13. Sonja Reply

    Hi, I read potassium supplements can be harmful for people taking thyroid meds, (I’m hypothyroid) I had a goiter many years ago and they removed it and put me on meds. I started having bad muscle spasms everywhere a few years ago and started taking magnesium, (dr.rec) multivitamin w’ minerals , I don’t know what’s going on with my body and my Dr. Isn’t much help, I still have pain

    • ross Reply

      Hey Sonja

      You literally can’t put more than 1%RDA of potassium into a supplement as there is a detrimental effect if it is overconsumed. It has a reasonably low toxicity level compared to other nutrients/minerals which the body just gets rid of what it doesn’t use. So it’s super hard to supplement with too much potassium.

      Where is the pain if you don’t mind me asking?


  14. Jon Reply

    Think about getting a water filter or ioniser but unsure what’s best and product recommendations like you do with your supplements??

  15. Franco Reply

    Hi Ross . Hope you’re well . I’ve had a lot of Mercury fillings removed a few years ago , and been told by a couple of practitioners that I’m suffering from heavy metal toxicity . Do you have any products for heavy metal detoxification ? Or any practitioner in London who can help ? Is it possible to speak to you about it ? And how much does it cost . Also any products for cleaning the colon that has fecal matter that is stuck and is not shifting even with colonics . I’m taking your Recomended greens with chlorophyll already . Thank you Ross

  16. Frances Reply

    I have pondered over this in the last years — take a vitamin/mineral test to check for deficiency
    before purchasing supplement either multi or specific. To check your levels such as Vit D, E, C etc; for a doctor might say take multi-vitamin prescribed for age 50+ to boost your energy!?
    I hope I explained my concern.



    Hey Ross,
    I recently purchases your recipe book and charts but accidently hit the confirm button twice. Have emailed several times about it and have not yet heard back ‘re refunding the second payment.

  18. Tessa carss Reply

    Are these products you recommend available in the London shops?
    I have not seen them anywhere.

    • ross Reply

      It’s prob best to buy them online to be honest. I’ve almost always found pricing better online and delivery is always so quick these days!

  19. Sharon Reply

    Hi Ross,
    What is the best way to detox from mold? My daughter got exposed to it working in a doctors office. She has tried a few things but nothing seem to get rid of it.
    Thank you, Sharon

  20. Jose Otavio Zambuzi Reply

    Ross, thank you very much for this article.
    I rave one question.
    Is it good to prepare a mix of many oils in the same bootle?
    Like coconut, flax, olive and avocado etc?
    This could make my life easier

    thank you 🙂

  21. Melanie Reply

    I’m starting to try and incorporate into this alkaline world. I have been having 2 green organic juices a day, and just ordered the alkamind minerals, bulletproof brain octane, thorne research meriva, plant protein shakes and ph drops. I have been reading the comments below and don’t have any special filtration on my water except the regular filtration from GE. What is the best , yet inexpensive way to get this pure water you guys are discussing without paying $2,000-5,000? Is it a waste for me to use the ph drops I just ordered?
    Thanks so much!

  22. Sally Chapman Reply

    Thank you so much for this important info!! My daughter in law (going into the medical field) is always worried about us taking supplements because there is so much out there that is not good! But we’ve felt the difference when we take good stuff. If you have the time I would really love to know your thoughts on Dr Shultz’s vitamins and protein powder. Is there something comparable that would be less expensive or should we continue with his products. My husband has been having severe blood sugar issues including adrenal rushes (he has a sweet tooth!) but since changing to an alkaline diet (3 days now) he’s starting to feel and look better!!! Not sick and fatigued…. so thankful for your help!! sal

  23. Mrs Timea Kristof Reply

    Hi Ross, I’d love to try Organifi Gold but I can’t seem to find it in the UK and buying from the US is pretty hefty with shipping and VAT. Any ideas where to get them from? Thanks for letting me know. Timea

  24. Teresa Reply

    Awesome information!! THANK YOU for weeding through all of the marketing gimmicks and products to narrow it down to the most important “supplements”.

    • ross Reply

      My pleasure Teresa!

  25. Patricia Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I’m a student on a budget. Do you have any less expensive alternatives for protein powder and green drink powders?


  26. Alan Foxley Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I have just changed to fresh tumeric from powder.
    The difference is amazing.
    Thank you for your continued support.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Alan – nice to hear from you!

      Great that you’re onto the fresh stuff 🙂 It goes so far beyond what the powder can do – and supplements too!


  27. Mary Gillam Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I have the Tri-Salts you recommend above. It does have calcium carbonate in it. So should that be avoided?

    There is also calcium carbonate in the almond milk that I drink. Should I avoid that as well?

    Thank you!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Mary

      Apologies, that was a silly one to include on that list without explanation. It’s often used as a way to fill out or pad out multi-ingredient capsules, for instance like green powder. In tiny amounts like this it’s useless. In a specific mineral supplement like the dosages in the Tri-Salts, it’s a useful calcium source.

      I’ll take this an a couple of the other useful-but-used-as-fillers from that list until I can write a blog post about this topic in depth.

      Another of them is psyllium husks – useful in it’s own right i.e. a spoon of psyllium husks, but it’s also often used as a filler in green drinks, and at that quantity is does a great job of padding out the product but would be insignificant to your health.

      Make sense?

      • Mary Gillam Reply

        Makes sense!

        Thank you!

  28. Penny Moreton Reply

    How much spirilina and wheatgrass should be taken daily?

    • ross Reply

      Follow the instructions as per the product you’ve bought. But as per my recommendation above, once you run out of the product you have look to a brand with more of a range of ingredients like Alkamind or Organifi.

  29. Susan Elliott Reply

    I’m not home on the 5th of Dec for your workshop…will there be any other way to view this?

    • ross Reply

      If you register, you’ll be first to know if there is another session added.


  30. Sally Worner Reply

    Hello Ross,

    I’m finding all the information out there really confusing when it comes to acid. Can you just clarify why tomatoes onions and lemons are ok? And the relationship between gut biome health and acid. I’m really confused. Thank you so much. Sally

  31. Mary Reply

    Oops, you forgot to mention your mentor’s Doc Broc SuperGreens. We need to be grateful to him and to continue to support him always. One can mix Super Greens and Amazing Grass 3 greens (half and half) to make the SuperGreens more economical.

    • ross Reply

      Thanks Mary – I covered the products I believe to be the best at this moment in time, but happy for your shout out.

  32. Armands Reply

    Hello Ross, first of all thanks for an ongoing effort to educate people about health. I’ve been a customer of Energise for Life for about 10 years now and consider you to be a reliable source of information and products.
    As i am on the discovery road myself, i thought i’d share my observations and you’re welcome to comment on anything you agree or disagree.

    I’ve just read your alkaline supplement guide and while it’s in line with what i consider to be important, i do not see ph drops mentioned. I remember you being big on following Robert Young’s philosophy and two main things he proposed using – green drink and ph drops. Also in his book “PH miracle” he recommends using both in distilled water. I found an article you wrote on water ionizers ( where you mention distilled water and ph drops as being inferior to water ionizers. And at the time you were selling Chanson ionizers. Nowadays, you are promoting and selling Alkaway products and obviously have joined molecular hydrogen movement, because suddenly everybody (dr. Mercola, dr. Sircus,, etc) is quoting Tyler Lebaron. And it appears that it’s not enough to drink alkaline water, in fact it’s useless, unless there is molecular hydrogen present in the water. So based on this theory all water ionizers which do not produce molecular hydrogen are basically expensive decoration. I understand, there are new developments and discoveries and we have to change and accept them.

    I’ve spent endless hours researching whether to buy water distiller, RO system, ionizer or hydrogen infusion machine. Then i was battling between distiller and HIM. On one hand Robert Young recommends distilling water and adding green drink and ph drops. On the other hand there’s this discovery of huge benefits of molecular hydrogen in water. I would have settled on HIM, but they are expensive. I’ve also considered buying Ultrastream from you, but what put me off is lab test results. It says that after 8-12 liters have been used there is only <0.05ppm of hydrogen in the water. And Alkaway claim that there is constant presence of hydrogen throughout the life of one filter, which is around one year.

    In the end i bought Berkey filter as recommended by Chris Wark (cancer survivor who prior to Berkey filter used distilled water for 8 years) and Health ranger who tested it in his own lab and found to be the best gravity filter. Ok, it doesn't produce molecular hydrogen, but clean water is a good start. And i'm curently researching the use of hydrogen peroxide as an alternative to ph drops (suggested by R. Young) that i could add to my water.

    It's a long and slow road, but we'll get there.

    Thanks again for your hard work and any info on the subject would be appreciated.

    p.s. Have you any knowledge on use of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and baking soda both orally and as cleaning agents? If this book – ( and this book – ( are to be believed, we have two miracle substances at our disposal and not many people know about it.



    • ross Reply

      Hi Armands

      Thanks for your comment and support. First up I really want to clarify for full disclosure I do not promote or sell or recommend any Alkaway product, nor am I sold on the molecular hydrogen movement. I don’t retail any products in the water or filtration space.

      I think there is some good promise in the molecular hydrogen (MH) space, but I think it is still a long long way from being proven and I think marketers in the water industry are jumping on it far too quickly and enthusiastically as it’s the new shiny thing that they can sell instead of ionizers.

      Ionizer have been proven over and over in research and I have personally had over 2000 people purchase a Chanson Ionizer from me back when I was selling them and I got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of amazing stories back from them about the change it made to their life.

      I don’t proactively recommend pH drops these days, not because they’re BAD per se, but because people were taking that as their first step before filtration.

      You’ve done it the right way around – filtration first.

      Properly filtered, clean water is more beneficial than unfiltered water with pH drops in it.

      There is no point raising the pH of chlorinated, toxic water.

      I don’t recommend hydrogen peroxide. It could be very dangerous if the quantities are wrong – stick to a pH drops brand if you want to do this.


      • Armands Reply

        Thank you for your answer Ross. First i must apologize. In June this year i received an email from Energise For Life saying it was closing down and Avocado Ninja was being born. So, i assumed you’re a part of Avocado Ninja, but now i see that email came from Callum and he and Annalicia are Avocado Ninja. And Avocado Ninja represent Alkaway products in UK. Hence my thinking (until now) you’re promoting and selling Alkaway products. My mistake and my apologies.

        So, based upon your experience you would still reccommend water ionizer over water distiller, RO and HIM?

        Also, if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts about Robert Young facing prison time and does that affect him being the source of health information for you?

        And lastly wouldn’t you think that Robert Young would’ve researched effects of hydrogen peroxide on human body before reccommending it for usage and being safe in small doses?


        • ross Reply

          Hey Armands

          I sold my stake in Energise for Life in 2011, so not totally familiar with what they are doing now.

          I definitely definitely still recommend water ionizers over those other methods, by a mile.

          I’m was surprised at the hydrogen peroxide recommendation in the pH miracle, but remember this book was published before he had his own supplement line and really before pH drops existed. If it had been published a couple of years later then he’d have been recommending his pH drops – puripHy.

          Regarding Robert’s legal battle, I could not have more sympathy for him, but think he could have done things differently too. He was, without question, in my opinion set up. It was an investigative journalist with a track record of being anti-natural health. They created a situation and it was a sting. BUT he should have been tighter with his practice. I have every sympathy in the world for him. Look at what he has contributed for people and look at the rubbish the pharmaceutical industry gets away with year on year. They can release untested flu vaccines that actually cause illness, sickness and harm, but they get away with it.

          BUT, I should make it clear he is not ‘THE’ source of health information for me. He was influential in my early days of 2004-2006, alongside Chris Vasey and a few others. But I have my own approach, own beliefs, own protocol – much of which actually does contrast with Robert’s ideas, but I believe I get amazing results for people. The research around alkalinity, acidosis and so on has come so far in the past 8-10 years too that things have progressed beyond just what was written in the pH Miracle. Remember – this is a text on health that was written in 2003. We have learned SO MUCH about nutrition and it’s role with health since then. So much.

          So yep – while I’m deeply saddened for the situation Robert has been in for the past 4 or so years, it doesn’t affect who I am, what I teach, what I suggest or anything else related to my protocol or business in any way really. He is being targetted for malpractice – drawing blood without a medical licence – not for his beliefs about nutrition.


  33. Kathy Phillips Reply

    How would you rate Yuri Elkaim’s Super Greens powder for a green drink?

    • ross Reply

      They’re decent.

      I prefer those I recommended – but Yuri’s and pH Miracle would be next on the list of quality.


  34. Della Reply

    Hi Ross – I’ve been following a mainly alkaline diet for about 6 years now and found it very beneficial for my health. I understand the value of alkaline mineral supplements for health but I have been recently reading a lot about the importance of our gut micro biome.

    i am under the impression that healthy gut bacteria need an acid gut environment to thrive and am concerned that alkaline mineral supplements by mouth could interfere with and damage the gut micro biome.

    Could you clarify this issue for me please.

    Many thanks,

    • ross Reply

      Hey Della!

      Hope you’re going great. It’s a great question, and I get where you’re coming from – but an alkaline diet, and consuming foods rich in these alkaline minerals (the alkaline mineral supplement supplements this) actually supports the correct pH throughout the digestive system, from the acidic gut through to the alkaline pancreas and so on.

      I explain a bit more here:


      • Della Reply

        Thanks for this – yes of course, it’s just the same as any food/drink having an alkaline effect in the body. Males perfect sense !

        • ross Reply

          Yes exactly – when people try to knock the alkaline approach saying “the stomach is acid, you’ll cause problems if you get ‘too alkaline'” I suggest to them that all of the healthy foods they know of are alkaline, and all of the unhealthy ones are acidic. So to prove their theory why don’t they try eating zero vegetables or fruit for a few months and only eat sugar, wheat, chocolate, fried foods, takeaways, bread, pasta etc. and be sure to let me know how that works out for them 🙂


  35. Denise Bird-Newell Reply

    Glad that I use all these. I use Dr Young’s green powder but will try the others. The only other supplement I take is Vit D oil capsules as this was recommended for my condition. Is this required with the others though Ross?

    • ross Reply

      If you’re in the UK (or a very rainy Thailand 🙂 then I do recommend a Vit D. I super recommend really, in an ideal world, having vit D tested every 12 months or so and adjusting vit d from there – but a baseline of 1-2,000 IU per day is never a bad idea.


      • Denise Bird-Newell Reply

        Great thank you Ross. I take 2000 iu per day so supplements are good. Of course these were recommended by you a long time ago now and I retained all the good rituals. Just food slipped for a while when I was travelling with Work a lot but I have always been a healthy eater in the main. Now absolutely love the way I feel eating vegan with no wheat, gluten or sugar. Lots more energy ????

        • ross Reply

          Superb Denise 🙂

  36. Karyn Reply

    Hi Ross
    Great info!
    I’m spending a lot on my welleco Elle McPherson super elix (greens) and protein shake. Is it as good as they say or do I have expensive urine??
    Love to hear your thoughts??
    X Karyn

    • ross Reply

      Hey Karyn

      I am not a big fan at all of her product. I haven’t tried it personally so I can’t talk to the taste of it, but ingredient-wise there are a ton of things I’m not happy about:

      1) it contains a lot of fruit – totally unnecessary
      2) it contains more mushroom than I’m comfortable with. Medicinal mushroom has it’s place, but it is still acid-forming fungi so I don’t like to see a lot of it in any one product
      3) barely any of the ingredients are organic
      4) I am not a fan of FOS
      5) It contains xylitol as a sweetener. Xylitol is highly refined and not yet proven safe for human consumption. It’s a great toothpaste though.
      6) It contains a lot of fillers, that are just not needed such as psyllium husk. Husk in this quantity is practically useless, but it bulks out the product volume nicely and is cheap to manufacture.

      Personally, I’d switch.


  37. Sandi Reply

    As I attempt to change my diet…eating greens etc. I begin to feel nauseous and bloated. Andddd I drop off the wagon
    What can I do?

    • ross Reply

      Are you consuming a lot of fats when you change your diet.