Alkaline Recipe #19 Raw Almond Milk

Article by ross

almond milkAlmond milk is simply amazing and this is a very simple recipe but it solves many problems! I am ALWAYS being asked whether milk is OK, which type of milk is best and whether the jury has finally come to a decision on soy!

The simple answer is this – make sure your milk is as pure, unrefined and dairy free as possible!

Making your own fresh, raw, almond milk ensures your milk is healthy and alkaline and not packed full of sugars, preservatives, hormones or any other nasties!

Raw Almond Milk


1 cup almonds
3 cups water
1 vanilla bean, seeds scooped out


Soak the almonds in water overnight in an airtight container in the fridge. Drain the old water and then blend the almonds with the new water (3 cups) until it is pretty much all nice and smooth.

Now strain with a cheesecloth or other strainer and voila!

It will keep for about 3 days in the fridge. Enjoy with your alkaline muesli!

There are many, many almond milk recipes available on the internet, but the secret is to keep it simple. This recipe makes delicious almond milk and there is just no need to go any more complex than this!

You can make almond milk really easily in a masticating juicer and to show you how, here is my good buddy Adam (another Brit in Australia) making Almond Milk with a Hurom Juicer.

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  1. Scott Reply

    Very simple. Like it.
    Will give it a go this weekend.

    The almond paste left over: I assume this can be kept & consumed right? Evening adding to porridge/muesli etc etc.
    It must be similar to ground almonds… just a bit soggy.

  2. Lynne Reply

    What do you do with the vanilla bean? Do you soak it or just blend?

  3. Victoria Reply

    Just drop the whole vanilla bean in the blender and blend away!

    • Ross Reply

      Hey Victoria

      Thanks for answering! I checked out your site – I like it!

      Have a great day

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  5. Vova Reply

    What about the muesli part?

    Is muesli really alkaline? Or is it a specific type?

    Reading the ingredients on a muesli packet, there’s tons of sugar and carbohydrates in there…

    Can someone please advise me on this?…

    Many thanks.

  6. Ree Reply


    Thanks for the recipe. Can you use it for making Tea?


  7. judie frohmader Reply

    I am more intereste in various smooties each day. And Maby fish etc on a night. I find this more enjoyable, quick and healthy
    Especially when adding extras like flac seed, wheat germ. I also tske a daily multievitamin, and various supplements
    From CQ.10 to fish oil and vitamin D3
    Is there any items to add to my regimine?
    Would like feed back and I would also need to drop 50lbs.
    Thanks, Judie Frohmader


  8. Sybil Reply

    Thanks Ross for the valuable information.

    Much appreciated!

  9. dottie Reply

    Hi Ross

    Sounds good but I have diverticulosis and cannot have seeds nuts and skins. I also believe I may be Gluten intolerant. Do you have any suggestions?


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  12. Elizabeth Trim Reply

    Thank you very much for the brekkie recipe;s . I agree with you the avo power shake is yum

  13. Les James Reply

    I love your porridge recipes