Alkaline Supplements: The Beginner’s Get Started Guide

Alkaline Supplements Guide
Article by ross

This is an excerpt from one of our monthly ‘Ask Ross’ Q&A Calls in the Alkaline Base Camp membership all about alkaline supplements.

Each month my members get to ask me ANYTHING about getting alkaline, healthy, making it happen, implementing it in their life, how to overcome challenges – whatever they like!

This question was around which alkaline supplements to start with for the maximum benefit with the minimum of expenditure, complexity and work required.

I focus on four key areas to start with and make suggestions of which supplements to use, brands I like and keep it as affordable and do-able as possible for you.

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  1. John Reply

    I use the following supplements :daily:
    Align probiotic
    Fish oil
    Multi Vitamin


  2. Carrie Reply

    Hi I have a low thyroid , get so tired at the moment ,recently I have had bone pain and aches in the body . I have been having green juices and used pea protein and thought it might be causing the pain as being high purine is this right .?s o stopped .
    I have just started the alkaline diet but not sure if I am doing it right as I am so exhaustedI am taking kelp I heard you talking about the algae,would this be included ? I take wheatgrass every day but still feel I am lacking in something .looking forward to hearing from you

  3. TRICIA Reply

    I tried using your email site and it does not work for me here in Hawaii. was going to sign up for the alkaline polan but I only use a debit card … how ca I try this plan at the dollar and if I like it then the 29 a month but I see no place for a debit card plz respond tricia in HAWAIIo

  4. Jerrell Lowery Reply

    Hi, I have “abnormal coagulation profile-elevated factor VIII” and currently take warfarin, and was told that its has to be taken for the rest of my life. So, any food that is high in, or has vitamin K, has to be avoided or measured for the same consumption every day or week. How can, or will your program work for me? I’m an African American male, age 65.

  5. Sue McAleenan Reply

    My sister in law was told she was dying of breast ca and skin ca. She is now trying to get her body alkaline. Any suggestions? Please help, Sue

  6. Lewis Gross DDS Reply

    alka-white mouthwash is the first oral care product designed to alkaline the mouth and whitens teeth, naturally, without bleach or fluoride. Would you like a complimentary sample?