Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll


Chlorophyll is AMAZING. FACT!

Sometimes nature does the most obvious things to help us out.

You know how there are certain things in life that just seem so obvious you think that can’t be true! Certain consequences, like removing red wine stains by tipping white wine onto them (I still can’t believe that works!), are in fact, everywhere.

And chlorophyll gives us another one of them.

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Knowing how important the health of our red blood cells are to our wellbeing, if we’re looking for something to ensure our red blood cells are clean, healthy and plentiful, wouldn’t we look for something that gives our body exactly the tools it needs to do this? Of course we would.

And what is the most essential substance that our body uses to build and transport red blood cells? Hemoglobin.

So it makes sense that we should, somehow, give our body hemoglobin! “But how?” I hear you ask.

“Chlorophyll”, I answer.

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The Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll – why I love it!

Chlorophyll is one of my favourite nutrients. It has SO MANY health benefits it makes it a true wonder-food. However, the most marvellous and amazing benefit it gives comes from the fact that its molecular structure is almost identical to hemoglobin except for the center atom. In hemoglobin this is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium.

This means that when ingested, liquid chlorophyll can actually help to do the job of hemoglobin (hemoglobin is so vital to the health of our blood – in fact, blood is approx 75% hemoglobin). It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly.

I know this sounds a bit like the old ancient Japanese legend that eating brains makes you smarter – BUT – eating/drinking liquid chlorophyll can increase the quality AND quantity of your red blood cells.

In this 2004 study on wheatgrass the researchers found that in cases of Thalassemia Major (a genetic gene mutation that effects the production of haemoglobin – causing severe anaemia) using wheatgrass juice (of which 70% or more of the solid content is liquid chlorophyll) led to a reduction of in the requirement of red blood cell transfusion of over 25% in more than 50% of the study participants.
In other words – chlorophyll was so effective at helping build new red blood cells the patients required far less blood transfusions.

Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level. Why do I feel so sure that it’s helpful to our body? Because it’s indisputable that GREEN FOODS are incredible for our health and all green foods contain an abundance of chlorophyll!

Other Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits

So in addition to helping to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, liquid chlorophyll benefits include not only being highly alkaline, but also the following:

  • Anti-Carcinogenic: Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens found in fungus-laden foods such as nuts and grains, the toxins from cooked meats, and air-borne carcinogens (from pollution). It blocks the metabolism in the body of harmful chemicals known as procarcinogens that damage DNA. Studies published in the journals Carcinogenesis and Food and Chemical Toxicology clearly display that chlorophyll inhibits carcinogenesis – and further research showing chlorophyll as being cancer-preventative.Researchers at Oregon State University also concluded: “At…cancer rates relevant to humans, chlorophyll was strongly protective”. Great stuff.
  • Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory: containing high levels of the vitamins A, C and E, liquid chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has also been found to help reduce inflammation [Reference].This study from the Journal of Inflammation states:

    “Chlorophylls and pheophytins showed in vitro anti-oxidant activity. The study shows that chlorophyll a and its degradation products are valuable and abundantly available anti-inflammatory agents and promising for the development of phytomedicine or conventional medicine to treat inflammation and related diseases.”

    And in the Journal of Food Science, this study found that:

    “These results demonstrate that dietary chlorophyll derivatives prevalent in both fresh and processed foods and dietary supplements have antioxidant and antimutagenic activities.”

  • Chelation of Heavy Metals: chlorophyll is one of the most important chelates in nature. It’s ability to bind to and remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury makes it an extremely powerful healer. I’m about to have four mercury fillings removed, and you can bet that I will be getting PLENTY of chlorophyll into my body after the procedure!
  • Anti-Candida: recent research has also shown that chlorophyll is effective in fighting candida albicans – which does not surprise me. The alkaline approach has always shown itself to be great for candida and the alkaline diet is of course super-high in chlorophyll-rich foods!
  • Treats Bad Breath: This one is a real bonus and really works! Chlorophyll has a double-action remedy for bad breath. Firstly, as a deodoriser, it will eliminate odours in the mouth and throat, but secondly (and more importantly) it promotes a healthy digestive tract – which is the primary reason for bad breath.According to Dr Phyllis A. Balch, author of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing:

    Alfalfa supplies chlorophyll, which cleanses the bloodstream and colon, where bad breath often begins”.

    And this research from Oregon State University also sites a collection of studies showing chlorophyll to be a powerful internal deodorant.And if you need more – here is another blog post on foods for bad breath!

  • Wound Healing & Antiseptic: while liquid chlorophyll doesn’t actually have antiseptic properties of its own, it, quite remarkably, DOES have the ability to aid our body’s tissue in destroying germs. By strengthening tissue, it increases the disease resistance of cells and, at the same time, prevents the growth of bacteria! Research also suggests that chlorophyll greatly assists in wound healing and prevention of reinfection.
  • Rapid Delivery of Magnesium: chlorophyll is rich in magnesium, which is a highly alkaline mineral and so consuming chlorophyll rich foods has a highly alkalising effect on the body.Magnesium is super-important as it helps to deliver much needed oxygen to cells and tissues, bone formation, nerve and muscle function – PLUS – magnesium is critical for our cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, kidneys, liver, hormone-secreting glands, and brain all rely on magnesium for their metabolic function (source:
  • Contains vitamin K, C, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein: which are all also essential in building and repairing red blood cells and boosting our immune system.

So let’s get into…

How to Get Liquid Chlorophyll into Your Life Every Day

Getting chlorophyll into your daily diet is really quite easy – if you add an abundance of the foods from my ‘most alkaline foods‘ guide you’ll be getting there easily, every day.

It’s true – that all you need to do it:

Eat your greens…AND…drink your greens!

I know I am always going on about the importance of greens in your diet, but this is one of the main reasons why – it ensures you’re getting plenty of chlorophyll.

Here are a few sources you can use each day to ensure you’re getting your quota:

  • Green Drinks: “Green drinks” are becoming more and more popular these days. Everyone from Oprah, to Dr Oz, to Hungry for Change, to Kris Carr is talking about green drinks. A green drink is basically a fresh juice, juiced yourself, made out of green foods. Although some people call for fruit to be added, fruit that has been juices (i.e. fibre removed) is not good for you at all – it concentrates the fructose, and fructose without fibre is catastrophic for your body and your pH balance.Here is a green drink recipe for you to try! This is my staple, daily green drink that gives me SO much energy (and of course chlorophyll) on a daily basis – I love it!

    The second, more convenient but less beneficial option is to mix powdered greens. These powdered green drinks are a dense source of alkalising, chlorophyll rich greens that are easily assimilated by the body and they’re usually made up from powdered grasses (such as wheatgrass), vegetables, low sugar fruits and other alkalising goodies. I tend to do both to be honest and I see the powdered version as my safety net

  • Natures Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll: this is one of my top, top supplements – a concentrated, dense, tasteless (almost) source of liquid chlorophyll that you can add to any drink (water, juice, smoothie) to give your body a constant source of the green goodness!. It is amazing the difference it makes to your energy. Brilliant. And unlike most chlorophyll supplements it isn’t refined and highly processed (killing the goodness) or packed full of sweeteners. That’s something you really need to look out for with chlorophyll supplements – they often have sweeteners and flavourings added. They’re not needed and they really take this from being wonderfully alkaline to acid for no good reason!
  • Green Food in General: eat loads of greens! Think of great big salads and veggies – spinach, lettuce, broccoli, Asian greens, green capsicum, asparagus, peas, beans, kale etc. Any food that is green is that way because it contains chlorophyll – so eat up!

I wrote a guide on getting more green foods into your diet here.Also here is my guide to getting 7.25 Serves of Greens in 6.34 Minutes so there are no excuses!

And this is a delicious Kale & Broccoli Soup recipe from Young & Raw.

So the simple message is this: go green.

Eat, drink, ingest green foods however you can and whenever you can – you will feel the difference in your energy within 48 hours!

My personal experience suggests that going green, going alkaline and getting a mass of chlorophyll daily does absolute WONDERS for your health and energy.

You really notice the difference!

So if you want more energy, go get yourself some. It’s really that easy!

NOTE: Overcooking is particularly important to avoid when it comes to chlorophyll, but with very short steaming times, the chlorophyll content of these foods is preserved, and absorption from these foods may actually be increased. [Source:]

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  1. rob Reply

    Hi !
    Just a quick question:
    As one who has had a history with calcium-oxalate kidney stones, I try very hard to monitor the amount of oxalates in food I eat. That said, and since as I understand it, most oxalates are plant based, would liquid chlorophyll (stabilized chlorophyll from alfalfa ) be considered a high or low oxalate “food” ? Are you aware of any data on liquid chlorophyll’s oxalate content……especially given that it is/would seem to be a concentrated form of greens ?
    Thanks !

  2. Anita Reply

    Can I use Clorophyll drops in hot water

  3. Karen izykowski Reply

    My husband is on coumadin, has anemia related to bone marrow
    Is liquid chrolophil safe for him to get his hemoglobin levels up?

  4. Kate Hoff Reply

    my husband just got diagnosed with myasthenia gravis mg. I heard that chlorophyll going green can actually help this condition. Any research or knowledge on that? His doctors of course tells him not to take anything but prednisone, mastonin, and plain pharmaceutical but nothing alternative. Don’t they all? Anyhow look forward to your response.


  5. Marilyn Williams Reply

    Will drinking chlorophyll affect my high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease in any way? Will it affect my thyroid problem in any way?

  6. Elaine Reply


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    Email: healthherbalclinic(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Hadassah Dhunna Reply

    Hi, your site full of great info is of a benefit to me and many others, thank you for your time in giving all the info. I have a question, can chlorophyll help someone that i know, who has a low white blood cell count. As for me i am over weight due to pco’s, can it help someone with pco’s.

    Kind regards, Hadassah

  8. Dr Davis Mall Reply

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    Need Genuine Donors.

    Waiting for your responds…..
    Best Regards….
    Dr Davis Mall



  10. Deborah Page Reply

    How long can chlorofresh stay out of the refrigerator

  11. Nancy Van Buskirk Reply

    On my Nature Sunshine Chlorophyll ES product, supplement facts has Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin (derived from a natural plant source). Is that OK. I’ve been taking this product for years and love it.

  12. Clarence Reply

    Can liquid chlorophyll be taken with xarelto

  13. M DeMartin Reply

    There’s a great new product called Verday which is the first refreshing zero-calorie green drink. A lot of health and beauty benefits. Check it out:

  14. Stan Reply

    Does chorophyll cause high blood pressure?

  15. Leif Reply

    People need to be informed about the synthetic chlorophyll made by replacing the essential magnesium with copper. This is dangerous especially for people like me with copper toxicity.
    Look carefully at ingredients as this synthetic will only be identified on the small nutrition label “sodium copper chorophyllin” bad news! It is NOT natural. This includes the versions touted as ‘oxygen’ benefits!

    I very ill from this mistake. This info needs to be mentioned at the top of the article.

    If you are a woman on birth control or especially the Copper IUD you do not want to take this synthetic version of chlorophyll. It is toxic! Also if you are vegetarian or vegan.

    Thank you.

  16. Julian de Villalobos Reply

    Can chlorophyll powder supplements remain effective if mixed in hot beverages?

  17. Michael Reply

    How much a day should one take of Chlorophyll in liquid form?

  18. Maria Reply

    hey does it permanently stain your teeth green to drink liquid chlorophyll? I can’t find this info anywhere on internet…

    • ross Reply

      Nope – but you can always wash your mouth with a glass of water afterwards if you’re super worried.

  19. michelle Reply

    Hi, I would love to take this but no one can tell me if it will be safe to take with my other medication, I take blood pressure tables, thyroxine, Duloxine, Esomiprasel, and co-codamole anyone have any idea if its safe to take with these pills? thank you

    • patie Reply

      People…! Do your research on liquid chlorophyll..before you ask some ‘silly’ questions! I have been taking it for 1 year or longer in my water. I drink 2 litres of water with liquid chlorophyll a day…and no, i dont measure how much i pour in..i just know how much to add. i would never be without it! The health benefits are a mile long. My fav brand is NOW. I will never be without my LC and water! 🙂

  20. Tri Reply

    Thank you Rob and all commenters for the information. just began taking liquid chlorophyll and looking forward to good results. What would be supplement to add to my regimen to help with gassy intestinal tract no matter the food item?

  21. Lou Reply

    Can I take chlorophyll at night time? Because I have lemon juice in the morning, I’m worried it might affect it?

  22. Rosalind Reply

    I’ve read that during the extraction processing to obtain liquid chlorophyll, the magnesium atoms are replaced by copper and sodium atoms, so liquid chlorophyll can be regarded as a source for copper but not magnesium.

    What are your thoughts on this?


  23. smoothie recipes pumpkin Reply

    Water often is used as a base for your favourite low carb smoothie; it owns the minimum amount of carbs
    of most -infact zero. Green smoothies are a healthy raw food option in contrast to the processed food items that are filled with harmful chemicals,
    sodium and other dangerous preservatives.
    By replacing one or more meals with green smoothies everyday,
    you give your body optimum nutrition while staving the need to snack unnecessarily
    during the day.

  24. Wendy Reply

    I’ve been on Chlorophyll for about two weeks (1 tablespoon w/water) daily) and have multiple bowl movement move than normal since I started is this normal? I do have more energy which I enjoy. So, far I love it.

    • Energise Ross Reply

      Keep it up!

  25. etiket Reply

    You are so awesome! I do not believe I have read something like that before. So great to discover somebody with some genuine thoughts on this issue. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is required on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

  26. spirulina benefits Reply

    Actually no matter if someone doesn’t know then
    its up to other people that they will help, so here it occurs.

  27. Abb19809 Reply

    I take 1 Tbsp of liquid chlorophyll in an 8oz glass of water every morning and night. Each week I lose 3in off my waste. In 5wks I lost 18in. I’m full of energy that I didn’t have before….This stuff is absolutely amazing!! I buy the 16.2oz bottle of the Sunny Green brand at the Vitamin Shoppe for $11.99. It comes in Unflavored and Peppermint. I get the Unflavored one b/c it tastes like unsweet tea and I add a little Stevia to sweeten it up just a bit. I highly recommend this if you’re not already taking it.

  28. Vince Reply

    I am a dialysis patient and I take one tablespoon of Chlorophyll a day, it was recommended by my doctor. Taking it has improved my blood test results monthly. This is a plus to dialysis patients. We want to see improvement when our blood is drawn and tested and this product has helped me get the results I was looking for. I also take blood pressure medication and it does not higher my pressure, as a matter of fact, sometimes it is to low. I’m sure Doctor, will need to adjust my dosage really soon if this continues. I would highly recommend this product if you want to improve your overall health. It has been a great benefit to me.
    Many Blessings.

  29. eve Reply

    I have been taking chlorophyll for 1 year.
    I recommend it !!

  30. evelyn West Reply

    Hi Mr Ross,
    I have high blood but would like to take chlorophyll ,will you give me good brands to buy.

    • Chantheran Reply

      Alphalpha Liquid Chlorophyll from K-Link International is the best I have seen…

  31. Mary Reply

    Ross, you are soooo funny. Still, I do appreciate this site because it has given me lots of info about chlorophyll. I enjoyed reading it all. I especially enjoy reading everyone’s comments because they also are informational. The main thing to learn from all this is that we are all so individually different in our physical responses to different things. I especially had to laugh, Ross, because you fussed at someone because you felt that he/she was being judgmental and uninformed and then stated about someone that “their normal juices were crap,” without giving evidence to substantiate it. Please don’t take exception to this. I just thought it was funny and had to laugh; and mention it. Anyway, again, thanks for the site and all your hard work in making it available. Mary

  32. Reem Reply

    Does this drink make you loose weight? And is this drink from Malaysia,china?
    Please someone inform me about it.
    Thank you

    • Karen Reply

      Reem, I use chlorophyll as a supplement. It is not for weight loss but has many health benefits that come from green veggies. I buy the NOW brand from Swanson’s and use it in coffee, smoothies etc., can also be added to foods. It is made in the USA in Bloomingdale, Ill. Check it out at

    • Sue Reply

      Hi reem, I am from Malaysia. Yes we can buy it in Malaysia. Cosway has it 🙂

    • peter Reply

      yes it does when taken daily it makes bowel movements very frequent hence the weight loss

  33. Shannon Reply

    Chlorophyll is incredible. I’ve been on it for about 2 years now. I have no body odors what so ever (even after working out) and my skin glows.

    I recommend it to everyone!!!

  34. loupgarue Reply

    Old School; Did you know the chlorophyll in green grass can cure athletes feet only drawback is you have green feet and you have to wash them later. From an ancient soul . Home remedies.

  35. Edna Reply

    I started taking “Liquid Chlorophill ” Problem is mouth and teeth are green . HOw do I avoid that ? MIx with something like ?

    • Lorraine Reply

      Use a straw.

      • Edna Reply

        Perfect —- IT works been .Thanks

    • Karen Reply

      I mix mine in coffee, smoothies, etc.

  36. sarthak verma Reply

    I read about liquid chlorophyll, but I have pollen allergy, sinus due to which I have strong cold all 12 months due to which i am becoming weaker and weaker every day, my digestive has become weak I feel weaker day by day I even have strong acidity my appetite has lowered, I even feel weakness during sex , no doctor gave me a perfect solution.
    Can it help me in any way?
    please do replay I do need a solution.

    • L Reply

      Do a 10 day organic juice fast. At first you’ll feel even weaker but your energy levels will soar near the end. Read about it, I think it will help you immensely!

    • shaik Reply

      Hai sarthak verma I am Shaik from Kerala i read ur details how is it now is it solved or please mail me we can solve it by taking liquid chlorophyl and two other products please inform me

  37. sonia Reply

    Thnx so much for the informative and subjective post! My dad has Leukaemia and with the mix of soursop, blood trans,chemo, and chlorophyll…i’m sure he will get better..i pray that he does but I will start ingesting it to help myself.

    • Shannon Reply

      Try colloidal silver

  38. alice morgan Reply

    question — do i have to take it in liquid form in order to get the best and all listed benefits above. my budget is extremely small and i find tablets or capsules are cheaper than liquid. i am absolutely amazed at the benefits chlorophyll gives you. stuned is a better word. thanks much. i believe, i believe. haha

    • Bonnie Reply

      Tha liquid is $15.00 I know it sounds like a lot but it will last a couple months

      • Brenda Reply

        I picked my liquid up for $10 (Cdn) by ‘Tropic.’

        • paul Reply

          wherei s the best place to pick this up in ontario?

    • Karen Reply

      The liquid is better. Try Swanson’s. They have it in their own bran for around $6 for a pint (16 oz.) bottle. I buy the NOW triple strength from Swanson’s for just under $10 for same size bottle.

  39. John Reply

    Hi Ross, intresting debates on this article, myself I have taken wheatgrass ect… For the past 18years on and off, I personally feel energised but can I contribute this to the drink or is it that I am drinking more water, increasing hydration within my body and at the same time making healthier food choices, trying to excercise more and live a ballanced, stress free life ‘I don’t know’, I would like to think it is the green stuff that is doing me good. As a scientist and an alternative Heath care provider (a very strange combination), as majority of the time there are bias towards each other but keeps me with an open enough mind, I am trained in detoxification and fasting, but do I not prescribe
    any, as I feel it is a personal choice and should not be dictated by anyone, science tells us that the liver is all we need to be able to detox the body, but natural medicine tells us that the power of detoxification is to aid the body in a physiological rest and give the body the ability to cleanse itself. I’m not to sure as I have been trained in both and possibly may believe in both approaches.

    Getting back to my original question to you as an avid researcher in the alkaline diet and chlorophyll in general with access to Mr Young personally, I would like you to go to, mr Ben goldacre’s great but bias and possibly uneducated take on anything alternative including nutritionists in general and look up chlorophyll there and then have a look at your research and possibly have a talk with mr Young and give us some hope that chlorophyll in what ever form does what we would like it to within the human body, I do hope so.

    I have not given my real name or email as I do not want to get into tangles with anyone or cause myself any excessive headaches of notes going back and fourth, but after 20 years in primary healthcare I know less and defiantly unsure about a lot of things.

    On another note I think you are doing a great job on your site, I feel that you are a very passionate individual and that you must have helped a lot of people with their personal health issues even if the research does not stand.

    Excuse the English as I am typing unscripted and my response is properly all over the place.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let all these other so called experts who properbly have no training in any basic sciences or dealing or having the responsibility of dealing with patients daily.

    John (maybe)

    I would appreciate an honest and researched response.

  40. rebel Reply

    Everything is very open with a precise explanation of the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is useful. Thanks for sharing!

  41. Weight Control Clinic Reply

    Thanks for supplying all of us this interesting data, nicely, the Article is absolutely awesome and I also take pleasure in you for composing an excellent post for all of us, I will be will forwards the idea to any or all my buddy,utes I know they can also get the lowdown using this publish.

  42. Gypsy Spirit Reply

    Wow! I wish I’d found this site years ago, I’d like to let you know my first hand experience using this wonder food.
    I’ve been using chlorophyll on and off for nearly 30 years, I first started when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, also having type 1 diabetes I figured my baby had enough of a disadvantage, I continued using it through breastfeeding the only hiccup was his feces were green. This is also how I determine there is enough in my system and then reduce my intake.
    A chinese herbalist recently commented, chlorophyll is the reason I cruised through menopause, while most of my friends are suffering.

  43. Simon Reply

    Chlorophyll is indeed some powerful stuff. I started taking it a few years back in high doses and feel it really has changed my health for the better. I am now rarely ever sick!

  44. gt Reply

    Stupid auto spell went wild there

  45. spotty Reply

    Yea, well, it’s all good until you discover you are allergic to it in high doses and break out in a rash.

  46. Erika Reply

    Just started drinking chlorophyll about 5days ago and was wondering if its normal to have night sweats? if its the toxins leaving my body? thxs

  47. Raymond Ang Reply

    where can i buy liquid chlorophyll here in Singapore?

  48. Laporta Reply

    You said that chlorophyl can chelate heavy metal,how can you tell me the mechanism of action of chlorophyl as a chelating agent with heavy metal.

  49. norma estella Reply

    Gracias por estar ahi para contestar nuestras inquietudes. me gustaria que me informe si la clorophil engorda, me la recomendaron por mi enfermedad pero he notado que cada dia estoy mas gorda. gracias por su respuesta.

    • Dave Reply

      I have a question in regards to taking chlorophyll I was taking this product, cause I have a foul odor that comes from my pores I was told to take this product so I did it has worked I quit taking this product only cause I was told it will make you FAIL a drug test I am a truck driver and can’t get a dirty drug test can you let me know if It will make me fail the test? Thanks

  50. CYNTHIA Reply


  51. Observer Reply

    Firstly to: Ramachandra Rao… the ‘NUTJOB’ and then ‘David’ the holier than thou pseudo preacher. OK… firstly, neither of you are required to be on this man’s Blogspot! No, you are NOT!
    Secondly, I don’t know if Chlorophyll does everything this man Ross says it can. One thing is certain whatever it does have, people that have used the product, say it works! At the end of the day that is all that matters.

    Ross, there is only one point I’m able to disagree with you on; Juicing! Foods are NOT intended to be juiced… no they are not. Foods are intended to be chewed. Juicing is extremely bad for ones health… especially fruit juicing… all that SUGAR! Doesn’t matter that it is natural sugar; your body is unable to tell the difference; therefore, sugar, is sugar, is sugar!!!

    Your heart is in the right place Ross… you simply require more time in being thorough in your research.

    Wishing you all the best. All is well.

    • Kimstar Reply

      but juicing is so tasty!!!!…..nothing better than starting the day with a fresh juice, it’s like a glass of goodness……I stick in carrots, greens, celery, beetroot etc to balance out the sugar

      • Energise Ross Reply

        Nice combination!

  52. Becky Reply

    Hi, I have tried everything for body odour under my arms, I don’t sweat excessively but the smell never seems to go, even after a shower. The smell is still there no matter how much I scrub and the towel smells of it also. I have been to the doctors and he prescribed me with some anti bacterial wash wish didn’t help at all and some deodorant which didn’t help either. I have been to a dermatologist and they don’t know what it could be either, thing is it’s started to come really bad around my vagina aswel now and it’s really embarrassing, as the bathroom smells after iv been to the loo. I’m quite depressed about it now and Im worried my new boyfriend will notice it. Will chlorophyll help? Which would you recommend that I use and what dosage?

    Please help.


    • Olivier Reply

      i know I am not Becky nor a woman; however, do read my blog on detoxification as it would help you to understand what you body is going through.
      Please, do note that Epsom Salts Bath could help you detoxicate your skin from toxins creating that smell. But it seems, in your case, the problem may lie even deeper. Therefore, you should perhaps watch what you eat, and see what food gives you the worse smell, by taking out food out of your diet and re-introduce them one at the time.
      It may be that perhaps you eat too strong a dish. Perhaps, try not to spice your food with pungent spices such as cumin, cardamom, garlic…
      Perhaps, reduce the intake of fatty food, to allow your body to detoxicate itself with greater effect and start your day with a green juice (please see my blog article on juices for recipes). And alcalinise your body with lemon juice, Aloe Vera, and Chlorophyll rich food. I am definitely sure it will resolve your issues, and I understand how uncomfortable , and unhappy you may feel.
      I hope this helps.

    • Observer Reply

      Do NOT agree with Oliver Becky. It’s rubbish! Your body is the PERFECT machine to Detox on its own when you give it what it requires to naturally DETOX. Spices are not giving you strong body odor; that’s bullshit! Spices are excellent for circulation. Body odor is the combination of a toxic Spirit and diet. The Spirit can be cleansed based on your consciousness; start to be kind to people… genuinely… from your soul. The body can be cleansed based on diet. Increase green vegetables in your diet and take a product called… NOW FOODS… Liver Detoxifier Regenerator – 90 Capsules $11.99; this works! In addition, take individually A, B-Complex, C, and E Vitamins.
      A = 25,000 I.U.
      B-150… buy at CVS take 1 in A.M. and the other in early P.M.
      C = 10,000 mg. YES! 10,000 mg. If diarrhea starts… it means you need to pull back and begin to reduce to dosage to the tolerable level for your body. Vitamin C is one of the most POWER vitamins on earth… it works and does so well! Take away all the FOUL anything and everything.
      E = 400 I.U. it’s plenty!
      D3… only if you are not getting any SunLight! Take not more than 2,000 I.U.
      Finally, take an excellent quality Probiotic that has FOS and is NOT diary! PROBIOTICS are the ‘God send’.

      Within 10-days your bad odor is GONE!!! Puff!

      Diet, eat tons of green HUGE leaves in vegetables. Increase your seafood intake… quality fish like Mackerel and Sardines!

      Your Invoice is: $160.00… send via PayPal.

      All the best… my suggestions work!

    • J Reply

      Hi Becky!

      I’m no expert, but it sounds hormonal – you may want to get that checked out. I went through the same thing when I was going through puberty. Sometimes I still get stinky (definitely not as much as before) before my period. My effective immediate solution is to wash my armpits very well with a natural soap and bath brush every day. I do this about 2-3 times while showering. Then I take baking soda and make it sort of a paste with water and rub it on my armpits (it’s also really good to exfoliate the skin there). Then rinse off well. Lastly, after you finish showering, use a deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum (I use a deodorant called Salubritas which includes baking soda as well). This all really works for me. I also take chlorophyll supplements and it does seem to help before that time of the month. You should also switch to a detergent without dyes or scent if you haven’t already. Dye from your clothes can also cause odor if it touches your skin (especially black dye).

      As for down there, using a natural soap would definitely help. If you’re not already using one, this could be part of the problem.

      I agree that eating healthy will definitely help as well, but like I said, it sounds like a hormonal issue. Hope this helps!

      • SK Reply

        Admit the way you have been created by God, dont get intimidated that sweating or its odour is such a crime, Its smell is gods given scent to attract its pair. There exists a man who is fascinated by the smell and the excess amount of it. Instead of finding such a person or accepting gods given bless why u unnecessarlily go panic and try unwanted medicines soaps which are harmful to body skin.

    • Mann Reply

      Sounds like u need to get to the root cause of the problem not just treating the symptom. And please don’t go see a medical doctor that is going to give u medicine, that’s just going to cause other issues. U can do it urself or go see a holistic doctor. I am not a trained doctor. I do know two people that went through something like this a male and a female. To do it urself do the following and do take chlorophyll while doing this. 1.) Do a colon cleans for 30 to 90 days, very important to do first because the colon is like a sewer to the body. What happends when a sewer gets backed up? It starts stink and rot and cause all types of health issues. 2.) Do a liver cleans, it’s the organ that detoxify the blood and do other jobs. 3.) Do a kiney cleans. 4.) Do a heavey meatal cleans. This clean ur arteries. It’s the cure for hart problems, strokes, alzeimers, dandruff, flakey scalp, nail fungus etc. It seems like a lot but if u think about it it’s not and doing those few cleanses alone can help ur body cure itself of a lot of illnesses. There more cleanses but start with those first. Wish u the best in health.

    • tam Reply

      Answer to your question is yes ! It does help alot with body odour! so long as you dont eat junk all the time. your body must be very acid from maybe eating to much junk, and it needs to be alkalized, and cloraphyll does do thta cause I had the same problem.

    • SREEDHAR Reply

      I have suggested several people who come to seek for my advice, that odour may be caused by some bacteria of spontaneous generation. Body sweat is one of the main reasons for unbearable odours. So the best remedy is to shave the armpit and remove the hair grown and also the hair of the secret parts. This has helped several sufferers. After shaving if you are very particular that no smell should emanate from the body you can use costlier perfumes, not sprays. If you have not tried all these you can try these things and see the result. Avoid ONIONS.


    • Blahimalwaysright Reply

      The answer is yes, Becky use liquid clorophyll u will smell lovely for your new boyfriend!! This stuff is special in so many ways i love it!!! Oh & if u ever have acne or dandruff use sulfur! I love nature <3

    • Les Reply


      This might be far fetch and it is a little TMI, but do you use tampons? I went through a phase where my body odor was similar to what you mentioned. After trying for months to find the root of the problem, one doctor did a thorough examination of my inside and found a forgotten tampon that was pushed deep inside me during sex and had been there for months and possibly more than a year! I know it’s disgusting but my doctor assured me that it does happen!

    • Dee Reply

      Poor you Becky. In 1997 I became health conscience and started looking for a deodorant that was “non-toxic” but couldn’t find one; so, asked a friend which one she used and she said she didn’t use any! She just washed her armpits if she happened to start smelling. I was stunned and perhaps repulsed but despite how gross this sounded to me, I stopped using deodorant and haven’t had an odor problem all these years. However, what I was doing and still do: Use one of the best shower filters on the market; only use Nutribiotic Non-soap (grape seed extract); changed brands of shampoo and stopped using a conditioner (those flow down your body as you shower) leaving residual chemicals on your body which promote the growth of bacteria. Also, I only use “clean” laundry detergents (grape seed extract); do “not” use liquid fabric softeners. Again, the odor is potentially caused by the bacteria that grows on your clothing as well as the residual chemicals in soaps/dry cleaning products/fabric softeners, etc.) and any other chemically-ridden product you may use either externally or internally. Even the chemicals in meats, fruits and vegetables, canned goods, cereals, milk and milk by-products, etc. (pesticides/hormones, etc.). Anyway, I haven’t had body odor since 1997 and still don’t use deodorant. Perspiring is indeed one way our body detoxifies but even when I do perspire heavily, I have no odor. Detoxifying in Epsom salts (magnesium) and one cup of Borax baking soda (neutralizes the chlorine in the city water) is a good thing to do once a month, 5 days in a row before bed. Run the water as hot as tolerable adding the ingredients. Once you get in, stay for only 18 minutes and then rinse off. I sometimes I don’t break a sweat until day 2 or 3 of this regimen…go figure. Also I drink only filtered water, do not take prescription drugs, etc. This is a slow transition so don’t try to do it all at once…I would start out with changing cleansers (soaps, etc.), shower filter, purified water and organic foods, if possible.
      Good luck!

    • kristy Reply

      Hi Becky,

      I had the same problem along with many other issues. I found out I was intolerant of gluten. As soon as I took gluten out of the picture…the body odor disappeared as well as the other issues. It’s worth a shot 🙂

    • Mich Reply

      Hi Becky, I have the same problem and I believe it is genetics because my parents (my mom has it too) told me I had underarm odour since I was as young as 7! No matter how many times I wash/shower, the smell will surface when I pespire. The solution to this problem is to cut a wedge/slice of lemon and rub it under your pits, let the juice dry a little and BOOM, smell gone for the entire day. And YES chlorophyll helps too, I take one in the morning and one at night!!

  53. rizay Reply

    “I know this sounds a bit like the old ancient Japanese legend that eating brains makes you smarter – BUT – eating/drinking chlorophyll does increase the quality AND quantity of your red blood cells.”

    Just curious – was italicizing the word “does” supposed to give your statement more credibility, than the Japanese legend? References?

  54. Lucia Reply

    My mum had stroke and is currently on blood thinner. Can she take chlorophyll?

    • Niqui Reply

      If her vitamin K levels have to be low to keep her INR levels low then no. Check with her doctor.

  55. Onyebuchi A Reply

    Pls I want to know if chlorophyll syrup can completely normalise a kidney that is enlarged.according to doctor he said I have staphilicocos.can it be the reason for the enlargement of the kidney and the pain,and also are there other drugs I can take together with with Chlorophyll to take care of Staph and the kidney…Onyebuchi A from Lagos,Nigeria

  56. Liz Fistonich Reply

    If you are drinking Chlorophyll do you need to continue to take oral Magnesium? I take magnesium as I am an athlete and after breaking my leg found it helped with cramps.

  57. Susan Reply

    Hi there,
    I have been having 1 tablespoon liquid chorophyll for 3 weeks and I seem to be feeling less energetic. Is there a time frame when the toxins etc are expelled from the body, because I am usually an active up and at ’em lady but not of late.
    Any suggestions?

  58. weightloss Reply

    Did you know that the vast majority of people in this day and age have excess abdominal fat?

  59. Diane Reply

    Just decided to try liquid chlorophyll as I suffer from bad breath, but it has given me diarrhea. I took 15mls straight. Should I still take it everyday?

    • sarah Reply

      could it be the detox affect? I think that’s what detoxing does to you when you first start

    • Bonnie Reply

      Take a tablespoon in 8 oz’s of water and put half a lemon in it. you can do this once or twice a day

      • norma Reply

        I heard that is not good to mix lemon with chloropyll because it will interfer with the health benefits of the chloropyll. Take lemon at least 1/2 hour apart

  60. Michelle Reply

    Hi Ross, I have been trying to find an answer to my question everywhere. I have recently started taking Natures Way liquid chlorophyll and I am so excited to see the results! Do you know if liquid chlorophyll interacts with birth control pills? I just wanted to be sure there is no interactions or negative effects like it cancelling the other one out! I was also curious if Amazing Grass wheatgrass powder interacted with the pills too. Thank you

    Michelle Shogren

  61. Eddie Reply

    Great information. It’s obvious that some people are always looking to discredit others. We all know who that is.

  62. C. Leo Fritsche Reply

    Would appreciate receiving the Definitive Acid and Alkaline Food List as shown “FREE” on your web page ,with thanks

  63. collette Reply many opinions..the fact is we all want something thats gona make us feel better..and since taking chlorophyll i can say that for me it has definatley had the effect i was looking for. I feel healthier, more awake, more alert and more alive. For years i have suffered with a bad stomach, tiredness and a sense of weakness and had no medical help, but now my stomach is soft instead of the heavy bloated thing i usually carry around with im very happy to take it and recommend it.give it a try and if you don’t feel any benefits from it then stop taking it..its up to you and your body.

    • allan graveur Reply

      took some for the first time today, and strangely enough, after years and years of bloating, i don’t feel bloated, at the moment. will see how it goes.

      • Jenny Reply

        Alan, I read your post and I will like to know what brand of clorophyll you take and how much do you take for digestion and if you’re taking the clorophyll in the morning or after meals? Thanks

  64. cindy Reply

    I love chlorophyll. It has helped reduce bad body odor. I no longer have people coughing when they speak to me.

  65. Healthy Tips Reply

    Great site and thanks for the info

  66. DJ Reply

    Thank you Ross for the imformative website. I’ve been putting chlorophyll in my water bottle everyday for a year now, I feel great and really believe the healthy benefits.

    • Ross Reply

      Hey DJ, thats awesome mate, glad it’s working well for you!

  67. Natalie Reply

    Would this benefit me from coming off anti depressants???

  68. Ray Reply

    I mix Clorophyll with Aloe Vera Juice, 9.5 PH Balanced water, and Coconut water! That concochsian has enough vitamin B12 to fight AIDS. Cancer wouldn’t have a chance to survive in your body! You will immediatly feel a rush through your blood stream after a shot of that!

    • SpellCheckPolice Reply


    • MARK Reply

      I read your post on your mixture of clorophyll, 9.5 ph water, & cocnut water & I would like to try it. What are the portions of your mixture? Thank You

    • manuel f Reply

      how in fact can you be sure this mixture will work and how much of each do i take and how many times a day?

  69. djspace Reply

    Hi, for those looking for easy accessible chlorophyll, there are many green plants in your yard such as Burdock, dandeloin, take the root, the root of the plant, wash chop fine, and 1Tablespoon of chopped root to1/4 cup of filtered water, simmer do not boil 10 minutes on the stove, remove from stove cover and let sit for 10 minutes, drain and store in dark bottle in fridge, drink 1-2 Tablespons (up to 3x a day)
    viola- high source of chorophyll. Medical Assistant from dj

    • j Reply

      Chlorophyll is only in the green parts of the plants, as it is the chemical that gives leaves their green colouration. It takes part in photosynthesis and is not stored in roots.

  70. maureen ubagu Reply

    i want to know in details the therapeutic effect of liquid chlorophyll on diabetes

    • mike Reply

      Look up a movie called 30 days Raw a cure for diabetes. They took type 1 and 2 diabetics and fed them uncooked greens and fruits for 30 days most of them were off their medication in 4 days. And had lost all symptoms of diabetes by the end of their session. Hippocrates institute, Ann Wigmore, Gabriel Cousens, 80/10/10. Google it.

      • chaz Reply

        Please go to YouTube and type in ” Dr Robert Young PHMiracle” he has doc evidence of his institute in eliminating type 1 and type 2 diabetes with PH balance through Alkaline foods, mostly green type. Says that he shows diabetes is caused by to much acid producing foods, and a congested small intestine.


  71. hamurabai Reply

    I got stroke and after that my vission has a problem, i can see everything but i feel i my vission has problem. My Memory also effected. I got topographical lost, i confuse and cant remember the pleace. So i want to ask u, liquid clorophyll cant help in my case.

    • chaz Reply

      Please check out the following: Only if your not on blood thinners, or subject to bleeding easy.

      Systemic Enzymes:
      Serrapeptase Enzyme
      Nattokinase Enzyme
      Lumbrokinase Enzymes
      Urokinase Enzymes

  72. Tina Reply

    I have been taking liquid chlorophyll (2 tablespoons with a bottle of water and a few drops of stevia) once daily and it really helps with digestion.

  73. Ellena Reply

    If I add Liquid Chlorophyll to water and drink throughout the day, does this alkalise my water?

    • Ross Reply

      It doesn’t alkalise the water, as such – it DOES alkalise the body 🙂

  74. heartly Reply

    what is the other brand of chlorophyll that really proven? Right now, I buy SPLINA chlorophyll liquid and i think this is only the brand name that available here in Philippines. Give me another brand so i can buy another one.

    Thank you in advance and i really really appreciate your comments.
    Thanks a lot…

  75. heartly Reply

    Have a nice day to all of you!!
    just curious about chlorophyll liquid right now. I”m always been searching this supplement and the fact was, I’ve been taking this everyday- w/out lacking!.
    My question is: Is these really effective supplement? is these really proven? It’s been more than two months taking this but no positive results coming up with me. I think, on bunch of many people whose taking this is saying that – it is really effective and proven supplement. Would you please keep me posted on to take it appropriately? Would you tell me how to use it…
    Your short suggestions are very helpful with me. Try to comment me.

    • Ross Reply

      Hello Heartly,
      Please keep in mind that supplements are not replacements for nutrients. They are just there to fill in the deficiency of such nutrient because of our lifestyle and what we eat. You might not see drastic changes in you body when you take the supplement, but it does help in nourishing your inner self.

  76. Sonia Reply

    I read everything about your product and I see that you recommend eat green stuff, but the thing is that I have kidney failure and I cannot eat many of those stuffs. What you rmmend me about this?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Sonia – I recommend you speak with a nutritionally aware physician as your first port of call.

      If you start to alkalise your body you may find that as your kidney repairs you can start to re-introduce green foods.

  77. ericka Reply

    if you are in america, the easiest way to get liquid chlorophyll is to go to ANY Jamba Juice or Whole Foods Juicing section and ask for a shot of wheatgrass. They take fresh organic grass and juice it, giving you a direct shot of Chlorophyll with no middleman, no dilution. Its the freshest and best way to do it, seriously.

    • Ross Reply

      I agree – in Australia Boost (while their normal juices are crap) have fresh wheatgrass available.

      OR you can grow and juice your own 🙂

  78. Legend Victor Etukinyang,Jr. Reply

    Hey,My sincerest appreciation to you for accomplishing such a tactful job of educating humanity on this product that has blessed lives in country,so much that some companies now makes it an official drink for their stuffs while on duty.I wish u grace. warmest regards. legend victor.

  79. Gina Reply

    I’ve been cleansing using the chlorophyll plus juicing and I’ve had some very bizarre nite mares… one point I couldn’t see anything but something spinning around my eyes…is this normal when one is detoxing…..I can’t figure what else it could be…

  80. pearl Reply

    where exactly can i get liquid chlorophyll in nanjing china?

    • Jon Reply

      May be around the corner!

  81. mathias Reply

    Great job Ross!! I appreciate all ur efforts.
    Would like to know of the effects of Liquid chlorophyll on libido.
    Would taking it improve my libido?

  82. Andy Reply

    My friend’s midwife suggested his wife start taking chlorophyll in late pregnancy. Would it also benefit my wife to take it now (early pregnancy)?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Andy I wouldn’t suggest trying anything that could bring on a ‘detox’ in your body during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Just eat healthy and stay hydrated and keep your omega oil intake up 🙂

      • April Reply

        My midwife DOES for sure reccomend taking liquid chlorophyll in late pregnancy. Start with about 1 tsp/day for maybe a week then gradually go to 1 TBSP. This really helps with blood loss after the birth (to prevent tons of blood loss!)
        just be sure to BE CONSISTANT. take it every day. i have an alarm on my phone and don’t shut it off til i take it

  83. Holly Reply

    I’m a diabetes educator and of course its something you should discuss with your doctor but because chlorophyll is derived from plant product I can’t imagine it would cause any adverse side effects. As with the removal of toxins from your body you have to be ready for those toxins to leave through your skin as your body doesn’t always have the ability to filter out toxins through your kidneys, gall bladder and liver.

    • chaz Reply

      please check out dr Robert Young on youtube on ph alkalinity and diabetes, and see what ya think.

  84. yvonne Bradley Reply

    My question is I am a diabete would chlorophyll be good for me

    • chaz Reply

      please check out dr Robert Young on youtube on ph alkalinity and diabetes, and see what ya think

  85. david Reply

    Will taking liquid chorophyll make my blood pressure go up if yes what is the cause of that and why

    • amy thomas Reply

      i have been taking chlorophyll for a month i am on blood pressure medication
      and my pressure have gotten higher could this be a side effect of the chlorophyll
      need an answer.

      • amy thomas Reply

        if chlorophyll is causing my blood pressure to go up why

        • Danielle Reply

          My partner has high blood pressure and I would like him to start to take it but now reading this I would like more info please help?

  86. suzyn Reply

    Will chlorophyll help with circulation? I had some for the first time and I got extreme pain in my leg as though a rush of blood was trying to push its way in my veins. My problem is in my leg and had angioplasty to correct it – but that did not seem to work. I also have high blood pressure which is controlled by medication. Will chlorophyll push my blook pressure up – should I continue to use it?

  87. NANCY Reply



  88. Michele Reply

    You caloron get chlorophyll online from Nature Sunshine and I beleive they ship any where

  89. Kem Reply

    I am taking Liquid chlorophyll as a health drink as I know it has a strong antioxidant capicity and bind heavy metals. I would also like to ask if taking liquid chlorophyll for a longer period, will it increases blood pressure? Please advise


  90. Paulette Smellie Reply

    I started taking liquid chlorophyll at night in the morning when i use the bathroom i notice lots of green stuff mixed with mucus .what is that?

  91. Joy Reply

    I am pregnant, is it safe to take liquid chlorophil in my condition? I am worried use I have been taking it.

    • Ross Reply

      I would not recommend doing anything that could induce a ‘detox’ in your system during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Just eat smart and stay hydrated and keep your omega oil intake up 🙂

  92. nora Reply

    been using chorophyl liqiuid for a week. Does anyone ger heartburn from it. My stomach doesnt seen as bloated as usual.

  93. jane doe Reply

    I am interested in taking the liquid chloropyhll to help keep my body oder smelling and tasting sweet, I was told that by drinking this my va-jay-jay would keep a sweet smell an taste to it, is this true?

  94. MandyCane Reply

    People should be aware that liquid chlorophyll contains copper. many people are unknowingly copper toxic and this could excacerbate symptoms. Ann Louise Gittleman wrote an entire book on the subject so it is beyond me why she would recommend it without warning of the side effects for these particular people. I am not sure but I believe you can take the capsule form of chlorophyll if you have a copper imbalance because it is not binded with copper but I do have to research this further so do not take my word for it.

  95. Dorothy Sinyangwe Reply

    Can Liquid chlorophyll be taken when you are hypertensive?

  96. debbie Reply

    I first heard of Chlorophyll when my friend who had bad allergies had been going to her allergiest saying she had a body odor from all the drugs he had her on to control her allergies and he suggest that she us the Chlorophyll to help witht he body odor..After taking it for a few days she noticed she did not need to take her allergy meds and in reading we found out that Chlorophyll neutralizers the pollutions that come into your body …I started taking it and i am not on allergy meds, i suggested it to a friend who had a constant cough from allergies and he nolonger has the cough…..i am sold on this just from the allergy part of it, but with all the other benifites i think that everyone should take it…The models have been using it for years to keep from soiling the cloths that model……

  97. debbie Reply

    I first heard of Chlorophyll when my friend who had bad allergies this had been going to her alergiest saying she had a body order from all the drugs he had her on to control her allergies and he suggest that she us the Chlorophyll to help witht he body odor..After taking it for a few days she noticed she did not need to take her allergy meds and in reading we found out that Chlorophyll nuetralizers the pollutions that come into your body …Well I have been taking it and i am not on allergy meds, i suggested it to a friend who had a constant cough from allergies and he nolonger has the cough…..i am sold on this just from the allergy part of it, but with all the other benifites i think that everyone should take it…The models have been using it for years to keep from soiling the cloths that model……

    • Jessi Reply

      I too noticed a difference in my sinuses being much clearer!! I was trying liquid chlorophyll for my skin (happy with those benefits), but have also noticed a huge decrease in body odor (both underarm and breath) my mouth feels much cleaner all day and I don’t get nearly the morning breath I used to.

      I drink a little LC in water morning and night.

  98. Paulette Smellie Reply

    i have been diagnose with anemia can chlorophyll help me?

    • Cheli Garza Reply

      I had the same thing… Low hemoglobin level, until I did a candida cleanse. I went from a 7 to a 14 in less than 3 mo months after the cleanse… I bough high carvacrol oregano oil, made a 0 size capsule and took it twice daily, ate a garlic in each meal, and changed to coconut oil… It works wonders!! I was always low in energy, and with bad digestion.. I took this for a month, and problem solved!!! P.s use clorophyll for bad body odor from the garlic 😉 hope this helps!!

      • Eddie Reply

        Hi Cheli,
        How did you know you had candida? did you get tested? How much oregano oil were you taking daily? For the coconut oil, did you use it to cook with or how did you use it? Any comments are appreciated.

  99. cupcake Reply

    hi, just wondering if the liquid Chlorophyll is safe to take while nursing?..and can it help me lose some of the baby weight i’m still trying to get rid of??

  100. Amy Reply

    Hi, I read the article in my magazine FIRST about drinking chlorophyl and it shrinking your belly. I have been drinking chlorophyl twice daily for 10 days so far, and I found that drinking it in ice cold water makes it go down a bit easier and my stomache has gotten smaller. However I was wondering if starting to drink this could it cause a rash since my system isn’t use to it?

  101. J.Chandrasekaran Reply

    My wife STAFF NURSE IN GH SHE ONLY recomnds the liquid CHLOROPHYLL to me because myself very animic ,&tired I drink this liquid Chlorophyll regularly i am always energytic.

  102. J.Chandrasekaran Reply

    I am 54 Years old last three years i used liquid chlorophyll (k-link)it will helps me very energytic my body colour is incresing.This will clean up my blood and move debri from our systems. Wounderfull stuff for little cost my mobile no 9443216481 contact me any time

  103. tlife35 Reply

    Health food stores sell it a big bottle for around $5 or $6 dollars. This is the liquid or (blood) from plants. If you water your plants onces a week with this stuff- watch how green and healthy they turn. This will clean up our blood and move debri from our systems. Wonderful stuff, for little cost

    • Ross Reply

      Be careful not to buy one that contains artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives – a LOT of the cheaper ones do.

  104. sushma Reply

    i want to know where can we get chlorophyll liquid in delhi icant find the answer

    • shaik Reply

      Did u got chlorophyil in delhi if not please reply me i will sen d the detail where u can get it

  105. sushma Reply

    i want to know where can we get chlorophyll liquid in delhi

  106. jendazzler Reply

    If you are nervous about taking liquid chlorophyll, look up the side effects online. Also, you can start off with smaller dosages, say one teaspoon mixed with water daily. You can find liquid chloropyll at GNC, Vitamine Shoppe, Whole Foods, any natural health store and I have even seen it in CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.

  107. In Pain Reply

    Thanks to Grant’s Comment above last week I took 2 Tablespoons am and pm (on the 3rd day of adding it to my diet and really liking it) and after about 24 hours my body had a serious and almost violent reaction. It felt like all my internal organs were pumping and I spent about 2 1/2 hours running to the restroom after telling all my coworkers how amazing this stuff is. They thought it was pretty funny and were saying I was going to grow branches and have green pigmentation to my skin soon…. lovely bunch of people.

    Anyways, the bottle did say a smaller recommendation per day and to decrease dosage if you have issues so I can only blame myself. I bought the alfalfa liquid chlorophyll @ GNC that is sold as an “internal deodorant.” The bottle didnt mention the rest of the array of health benefits nor did the person there know of any but so far, besides that incident, I really like it. It has made my metabolism go up and my skin have that certain glow that comes when I do detoxes/body cleanses. Apparently this is one of the few antioxidants so powerful it can even remove mercury residue from your body, so this may be especially good if you eat a lot of fish nowadays.

  108. cathy anglinglover Reply

    I want to take liquid chlorophyll, but im not sure of the side effects. I have very bad allergies and when i try new things sometime they bother my allergy. Where can one buy liquid chlorophyll. It really sound like a good supplement

  109. Marjone Reply

    I was having major stomach issues with eatting because everytime I ate …didn’t matter if the meal was supper healthy or a greasy cheeseburger. I was sick to my stomach. Went to the doctor and the put me on a list a meds that made me feel even worse. One day my friend saw me suffering and asked whats wrong. After telling her my night mare story….. she turned me onto Liquid Chlorophyll. I started with taking a shot of it every morning and every night for two weeks but then I met an amazing healistic doc and he told me to put 2 table spoon into my 1 liter of Smart Water and drink that all day long. So I am hooked!!!! I drink all my water with Chlorophyll in it now. My stomach doesnt hurt anymore and I feel like I have lots of energy!!! And the bonus is that my skin has never looked so amazing!!! GOD BLESS LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL!!!!!!!

  110. Ross Reply

    Hi Barbara

    You’d have to tell me what your liquid chlorophyll cleanse involves.


  111. Barbara Stuck Reply

    Hello, I am about to start the liquid chlorophyll cleanse but have some concerns. I have done alot of research on the subject and everything I have read is very good, however, I did read the two comments about two different ladies blood pressures going up, do I need to be concerned about those comments. I tend to worry about what I put into my system because you never know what reactions you may have. Sitting next to me on my desk is a glass of water with the liquid chlorophyll and I will drink it but I will worry about it. Please reasure me that it is safe. Looking forward to your response!

  112. nitin Reply

    can taking 1 table spoon of liquid clhorophll twic daily in water help me lose my belly fat

    • chaz Reply

      please check out dr Robert Young on youtube on ph alkalinity and diabetes, and weight loss see what ya think

  113. JJ Reply

    I read, in a magazine, that eating chlorophyll (which I’m sure is spelled wrong) can help a person lose belly fat. Supposedly it acts like a mild laxative and helps the liver to burn fat better. It also, again accoring to the article, provides magnesium which has been known to help regulate blood sugar. The reccomendation is to take 1tsp twice daily, in 8 oz of water. However, if stools become too soft the article reccomends cutting back to 1/2 tsp twice daily.

    This article was found in H”First” magazine for women. Ann Louise Gittleman (PHD), wrote theh article….The issue number is 1012 and the date on the magazine is 3/22/10

  114. new user Reply

    i just started taking clorophyll drink from Cosway, 1 tbsp a day in the morning before meal. i think generally it’s good for me, as it kept me energetic and awake for most of the day at the office. however, i noticed that i’m always hungry because i go to the toilet many times a day after taking clorophyll. but i guess its the cleansing effect. i’m only worried about the constant hunger, the urge to eat after every 2-3 hours post-meal. i’m 23 years old, btw.

  115. Dianne Peach Reply

    Are there any side effects to taking liquid chlorophyll and could you take it every second day and get the same benefits

  116. joy Reply

    can taking 1 table spoon of liquid clhorophll twic daily in water help me lose my belly fat

  117. LUCILE S. FRAZIER Reply


  118. LUCILE S. FRAZIER Reply


  119. Virginia Reply

    Is clorophyll safe for kids (5 year olds) who have a large stomach, gas problems along with being overweight?

  120. grant Reply

    I’m sensitive (intuitive?) to what different foods do. I noticed Liquid Chlorophyll had a very soothing sensation in my throat and funny, actually gave me an inner sense of calm. I also noticed that my breathing improved. i’ve been taking about 2 tablespoons a.m. and p.m. and would take alot more because my body seems to think it’s like candy. but I’ve decided to take it slowly. I consider myself very healthy and eat wheat grass juice regularly in addition to the gamut of super foods like garlic and tumeric herb. Chlorophyll doesn’t get the attention it deserves and in my opinion, the healthier you are the more your body can thrive on it. not sure why I landed here today, but be well and love alot.

  121. Tina Reply


    I had a double mastectomy due to stage 0 breast cancer. I am now drinking 1 tbsp of “vital greens” as well as 1 tbsp of chlorophyll every morning before meals. I take a drug called “tamoxifen” since the breast cancer was estrogren receptive positive. Can someone tell me if the chlorophyll has any type of estrogen in it? and is it safe for me to take?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.



  122. Buttercup Reply

    I am 56 years of age. I am taking a product called Natural Calm (a magnesium supplement) about 2-3 teaspoons in a glass of water every night. I also just started taking World Organic Liquid Chlorophyll 50 mg., 1 tablespoon in a glass of water every morning. In the article “The Benefit of Liquid Chlorophyll” it was mentioned that “Chlorophyll is a rapid dilivery of magnesium.” If this is the case, does this mean I am getting magnesium twice a day. Is it possible to get too much magnesium from these two products?

  123. cletus Reply

    I am getting the chlorophyll drugs today.I want to see how it could help me reduce bad breath,body odour and replenish my system as stated above.

  124. mayavi Reply

    I have buyed the chlorophyill while i am in india.please tell me in qatar where can i get this product. & Is there any product for helping the proper growth of Mousetach.

  125. cynthia Reply

    A friend recommend chlorophyll pills for my 14 yr old son who has bad acne. Is it ok to give a 14 yr old and will it really help?

    • barbara Reply

      Stop doubting and take action to assist your child with a humiliating condition of acne. Children are cruel to their peer with acne. You’ve listened, now act on this good information given to you. Support you childs personal esteem.

  126. eat for your health Reply

    Thank you for the information. This is useful But I believe that, in almost all cases where you want to improve your heath, eating natural food is preferable to supplements. You also have to be carfeul that in drinking large amounts of any utrient, even one as generally beneficial as chlorophyll, that you monitor its interactions with other drugs you may be taking siuch a blood pressure medications or statins.

  127. sherry williams Reply

    I started taking chlorophyll and I my blood pressue seem like it went up. then I had a second menstral period for december this month. The next day my head feels better but I am having a menstral still.
    Please let me know what could be happening.

  128. Liz Reply

    Can you take liquid chlorophyll with naturally high iron, and 8 weeks pregnant.

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Liz I wouldn’t suggest trying anything that could bring on a ‘detox’ in your body during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Just eat healthy and stay hydrated and keep your omega oil intake up 🙂

  129. jay Reply

    just wondering if there are side effects of drinking chlorophyll?

  130. Dolores Sieg Reply

    Wow. My grandson started to have an asthma attach and my daughter gave him Chlorophyll 100 mg and he snapped right out of it and went to the tv to watch a Christmas show. Wow! I am impressed
    I am a retired RN and I had never heard of it. They do drink the kangen water (see my web site) to help Alkalize their bodies. I too drink the water and eat a high alkaline diet. I drink the water and that water changed my life. I got out of a wheel chair in January. I had polio when I was 2 years old. Praise the L__d.

  131. john Reply

    Intersting as a vegan i have been growing juiceing an drinking my own liquid chlorophyll for many decades sourced from tree lucerne you will note a legume the mineral and vitamin content is a given but it also has as significant amount of readily assimulated protein . I do mix it with somthing else as well to facilate digestion can you guess ?? it has never done me any harm only good .I would highly recomend it . I can run like the wind and swim like a fish .john.

  132. Leanne Reply

    Is it safe to take liquid chlorophyll supplements during pregnancy?

    • patrice Reply

      I see a herbalist and she has had me on liquid Chlorophyll thru 2 pregnancies. Both babies are extremely healthy. I use Natures Sunshine.

  133. Patti Reply

    I googled trying to find an answer as to why my blood pressure rasied very high when I started to take liquid chlorophyhll. Your site came up. I have read through some of the blog but was not clear as to where the qustioned was answered by you. I am taking Nature’s Way Chlorofresh liquid chlorophyhll natural flavor. Taking it twice a day, 1 Tsp mixed in 8oz. of water. I am taking medication to control my blood pressure, which has increased due to an large amount of weight gain over the years. I have since discontinue the use of the chlorophyll. I monitor my bloodpressure regluarly. So I did notice the change right away and I started to feel bad.

  134. ivs Reply

    where exactly here in philippines can i buy liquid chlorophyll?

  135. ivs Reply

    where can i buy liquid chlorophyll here in philippines?

  136. frouvas Reply


    I have been reading all of this and I am completly confused. I recently heard that taking chlorophyl with my water would help clear toxins from my body. It may also promote some weight loss. Is this true? Please no medical terms, I am just someone looking for some straight forward answer.


  137. steve Reply

    Yeah, OK, I had a few typos above. Ramachandra will probably write a novel about that. lol

  138. steve Reply

    Wow Lynn. Well said!
    And Ross, rock on! I am a strong believer in drinkiing chlorophyll. It works for me. I am 60 years old and this stuff has changed my life and I feel fantastic! I looked up the “health benefits of chlorophyll” becuause I wanted to know more about the stuff and why I was feeling better and better since I began drinking it daily about 8 months ago. I came across your blog here and as Lynn said, it may not be for everyone, but for me it has made an amazing difference in my health which has given me a new lease on life. I don’t believe in miracle cures but with my health history this is the closest thing to it. More people should try it.
    Keep up the good work Ross. Some of us DO appreciate it. =)

    PS: Yes, I read the Ramachandra response but then it got a little too “blah, blah, blah” for me so I skipded ahead. Who can be bothered with people like that? Can you imagine being cornered by him/her at a party? Ugh! People like that just like to hear themselves talk.

  139. Casanova Reply

    I have just started taking chlorophyll (today) because I was told it would help with my degestive system. My question is: how long do I have to take it before i start seeing any beneficial results?

  140. Gorgel met groen Reply

    How can a person be so dishonest to his very own nature and body? The only thing I know that shows a bit of similarity to chlorophyll are the heme-groups in hemoglobin. But even that needs a big leap of faith on the part of the reader. It’s just simply and plainly wrong. w-r-o-n-g.

  141. Habo Reply

    All I can say is wow! I went to this site just to see what people had to say about the uses of Chlorophyll. A co-worker suggested I try it for healthier living and wasn’t prepared for the great debate. Now I’m more confused than ever about the possible benefits of using Chlorophyll.

  142. Aaron Reply

    Roger, your wife needs to flood her body with greens and PH balanced water every single day if she is to cure herself. PH balanced meaning 7.4 to 7.5. Fiji water has this PH as does Jana water. You either have to get a juicer, or go to that health food store three times a day to make sure she gets her greens in liquid form. Do not use wheat grass juice from trays because they have mold in them and can actually cause further health issues. Buy it from a company like this I purchase mine from there and it is amazing! She needs to remove ALL and I mean ALL refined sugar from her diet. Sugar is poison! Also, you need to stock up on liquid chlorophyll. You can get it at the Vitamin Shoppe. Add it to her water everyday. Another component she needs to be taking is MSM. It is a form of sulfur. One last thing. Have her refrain from using cellphones at this time. Ask her to use the speaker phone on her cellphone instead. I am sending you healing energy and positive vibrations.

    All the best!

  143. David Reply

    Ramachandra Rao thanks for opening thought to thinking, where a condition has sought to win.

  144. Cyn Reply

    I purchased Chlorophyll for the great benefits it offers and decided to do some research. Lo and behold, I reach this site filled with combative responses from an angry individual by the name of Ramachandra, who appears to have no life. I can’t believe someone one place such immense effort and time to disprove the postings of this blog. Ramachandra, I am not psychic, but I predict this site is not meant for you. Maybe you should explore websites that post what you believe in instead of harassing someone that has used their spare time to share some facts about his health interests.

    Many Blessings to All… and extra blessings for Ramachandra who needs peace in his/her life.

  145. nybiochemist Reply

    I TOO AM A BIO-CHEMISTRY MAJOR. KUDOS TO YOU Ramachandra Rao. it helps to be an informed participant. we have but one body. Ross its wonderful that you can summerize in your laymans terms for the people who dont have the time or energy to study or research it. but the disputed miracle claims should be added as a postscript of possible effects.

    • Ross Reply

      Not sure there are any miracle claims being made here. But thanks for your contribution too. Have a great day.


  146. Lynn Reply

    First of all, thank you for the information, your time, effort and passion. I believe that you are providing a great service here in cyberspace. Secondly, remember there are “thinkers” and “doers” in this world. Thinkers often talk about quotes, books, stats, philosophy, yadda yadda (etc.) and are very “educated” on theory and subject matters. Doers live it, breathe it, eat it , drink it, walk it and don’t just talk it. Whereas, I am the first one to have my nose in a book, I am ultimately a “doer;” forget theories, I have used myself as a human guinea pig and am living proof of ALL of my ‘words.’

    For 15 years of my life, I listened to and followed all of my doctors religiously; I took all of their meds, all of their advice, trusted their every word and was constantly getting sicker every year. I had a plethora of chronic health problems including severe asthma, hay fever, food allergies, bronchitis, arthritis, eczema, sinusitus and a compromised liver, due to all of their drugs. As I aged, I was getting worse and not better. Every year I would develop resistance to my meds and they would be swapped out for the latest drugs on the market within a 2 year period. The bottom line was, I was hospitalized 2ce in the same week for asthma attacks that I thought were going to take me out of here and almost died in childbirth from a severe pre-eclamptic syndrome called HELLP. I was despondent, depressed and in my early 20’s. I thought that I was destined for an early demise UNTIL I turned to “alternatives.” There was no 1 miracle cure in my transition HOWEVER, I can sure as heck tell anyone reading this post that chlorophyll and green foods were a SIGNIFICANT part of my transition into optimal health. I take a supplement both liquid, powdered, juice real greens (dandelion, kale, etc,) with normal consumption including raw vegetables, salads, etc. In other words, I get my chlorophyll every/any way possible! Yes, I include practices of alkaline diet, herbs, homeopathy, juicing, restricted diet, chemical free products as much as possible; but this was a 15 year journey. I “used” to be that scientific, fact, “doctor” worshiping walking medicine cabinet and I am NO LONGER THAT GIRL ANYMORE. I have lived the life of NO pharma drugs for 15 yrs; I have had a successful 2nd pregnancy with NO pre-eclampsia thanks to in part, what Kimra and Ann’s friend did taking a green, chlorophyll rich drink as a supplement weekly to keep blood levels measured; I have had no bouts with ANY of the aforementioned chronic illnesses any longer (beyond arthritis that is aggravated by extreme exercise at times). And just for measure, so I can ‘banter’ with the ‘thinkers,’ I went to get formal study and education on the subject matter of natural healing. I respect opinions of all and have ‘bantered’ with the best, but I am living proof of MY experiences and value those the most. And Rao or NOBODY can take the validity of experience away from me or anyone else with their “theories” of facts! That is not to say that what works for me works for everybody….with that said, I do advise anyone reading these posts not to “knock” ANY of this unless YOU have actually tried it. Do the “formal” research, no doubt; but ALSO decide what you may “do” and try it before dismissal. I am also not dismissing doctors or their work as invalid; I am only stressing that at a point, you must question and take control of your health as it is also your individual responsibility to empower yourself and do what is best for your prosperity and best survival. We depend on doctors too often, without taking personal responsibility ourselves. If I was still following the flock and being a sheep instead of taking some personal action and responsibility, I am convinced that I would be extremely sick or possibly not here to even discuss…. Godspeed

    Keep up the good work, Ross.

    • Kim Goodwin Reply

      I think very well said thinkers and doers. Try it and it works for you than do it.. if you disagree than don’t. Easy enough. Thank you for Ross

  147. Willam Cooper Reply

    I just came across this from google. I like to say, great work Ross I really appreciate what you have wrote. It will help alot of people, Im sure of it. Thank you.

    William Cooper

  148. Michelle Reply

    Wow! This was so great to read thank you Ramachandra. Food for thought and agreement that everybody is responsible for what they do or dont take on board themselves. Ramachandra, dont think I have ever read anything so well articulated and well informed. Thanks a million for your words. If you ever do set up a website I would love to know the address!

  149. lyn Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I just started looking into liquid chlorophyll and came across your blog. I would like to say to Ramachandra that while it is a shame that his daughter did not benefit from alternative treatments , perhaps it was the placebo effect in reverse? With the wrong attitude natural therapy doesnt have a chance don’t you think?
    I myself have suffered from Severe Rheumatoid arthritis with secondary fibromyalgia which is now under control only as a result of many different therapies. I used chinese herbs, naturopathy and nutritional supplements ,mainly esssential fatty acids. I also use a product called Xooma at the moment to alkalinise my body and while I still have flareups the disease is not the constant source of distress it was . . I have learnt that you have to find what works for you, and I look forward to trying the chlorophyll after reading your blog Ross. I have seen it dry up huge abcesses on a patient suffering from alcohol poisoning. So I hope it will help with the fatigue of fibromyalgia which I still have as a residual symptom sometimes. I hope Ramachandra reads this and realises that blogs like this are for those people who want to take control of their health and at the end of the day it is their choice to try a product and see if it works for them.
    Keep up the good work ross


    • Ross Reply

      Thanks Lyn

      I really appreciate your comments.

      Have an outstanding day

  150. Dan Reply

    Hi Ross,

    I am on blood pressure medication and aspirin therapy but would
    like to be able to use chlorophyll to detox etc. Am I taking a risk by
    combining the two?

  151. Ann Reply

    I just want to say that I enjoyed both articles and it has made me study more but I have witnessed first hand the healing of several people with the use of wheatgrass. One friend was healed fibroid tumors of the uterus by large amounts of wheatgrass and wheatgrass implants, one good friend, healed of stage 4 breast cancer, another of liver disease. Of course they also drastically changed their diets and did a lot of other juicing and eliminating sugar, meat, dairy and grains from their diets. I don’t believe there is just one thing that is going to cure a serious disease, I think it is a combination of several different things but green juicing plays a big part in it. It is a life style, not just merely sipping a couple ounces of juice aday. I also have a good friend that was able to keep her blood up during pregnancy by drinking liquid chlorophyll. I personally have cleared up a gum infection with wheatgrass juice swished around in my mouth a couple times a day and doing a wheatgrass poultice on my gum for a couple days. I don’t care about the lack of scientific evidence, I have seen first hand that it works. There couldn’t be much more powerful truth than witnessing it first hand. Thank you Ross for the blog. I appreciate the hours of study and the preparation that goes into it.

  152. Richard Reply

    I have customers that discontinued taking liquid chlorophyll because it raised their blood pressure. Can people with high blood pressure take liquid chlorophyll?

    • Ross Reply

      Hi Richard

      How are your customers sure that it is the chlorophyll that has caused this? I would also ask which brand they are using as some brands are very cheap and do not use very good production methods and fill with artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

      Let me know and I can look into it for you…


  153. Angela Reply

    After reading all the information about chlorophyll, I am concerned if this will affect all of the meds that I am on. I am currently on coumadin and as you know, you have to be careful of too much vitamin K. Can you give me some insight on people who take coumadin.

  154. Dina Allen Reply

    First time here and I did enjoy the post but I like you did sense some thing more going on then a simple difference of opinion from Ramachandra…But here is my offering on this and orher kinds of post…When anyone is looking to prove something is good or not so, that is the information they will look for find and share, and not be receptive to what they are not looking for.

    I also know “a man/woma convinced against his/her will is a man/women unconvinced still?

    And I like you Ross, beleive I daily offer help, but at the end of each day I except the fact the I and one who only offers information and what one does with it must be left up to them, because all things are done based on your own personal beleif system…Keep offering good information especially to those of us that have had personal experience with natural helpers…as alway for the health of “His” people…Minister Dina

  155. Al Reply

    Holy hell Ramachandra Rao! If I hath ever seen through words alone the cries for help it twas her.


    Thanks Ross for your efforts sharing and caring to help people help themselves.

  156. Kimra Reply

    I know for 100% fact that liquid chlorophyll HAS raised my hemoglobin and platelet levels. I am pregnant now and at 30 weeks my midwife said that if I didn’t raise my hemoglobin and platelet levels that I would be considered “high-risk” and that I wouldn’t be able to go to visits with her anymore and I would have to find and OBGYN…apparently, if your hemoglobin and platelets are low than you are at risk to hemorrhage in labor which is something I didn’t think about until she told me the results of my blood test. I was not considered anemic but my hemoglobin was 11.2 and I needed it to be at least 11.5 to deliver my baby at the birth center. Anyway, I looked on the internet for help to raise my blood levels. I knew that eating a lot of spinach and kale and other dark greens would help but I needed something that would work faster. I only have a few weeks until my due date and the levels needed to be up before I went into labor. I read that a midwife had a patient who had a hemoglobin of an 8 (which is really low) and after 3 weeks of taking chlorophyll raised the level to a 10 (which is significantly better). I thought I’d give it a shot. I didn’t take high doses of the liquid chlorophyll, just drank a few teaspoons mixed with hot water 2 times a day like it said to do on the bottle. I did this for 2 weeks and when I got my blood tested again my hemoglobin had raised to 11.8 and my platelet level increased by SEVERAL points. I didn’t change my diet at all. It has been 5 weeks since I started drinking it and I feel great. My skin is even looking a lot better (the pregnancy hormones had been making me breakout a lot). I am the only women I know who is 35 weeks pregnant and feels AWESOME!!! I know it is because of the chlorophyll. I don’t need anyone to PROVE to me the benefits of chlorophyll. I know what has happened to my body since I began drinking it. I have seen it’s benefits in action. I can’t wait until I get my blood tested again to see how much it has increased.I am going to continue drinking liquid chlorophyll while I am breastfeeding (mainly because the chlorophyll has great vitamins that my baby needs) and probably for the rest of my life.

  157. Ross Reply

    Hey Tim

    Thanks for your comments – I really appreciate your feedback.

    I think the only negative thing about writing a blog like this is that it puts you up for criticism. I do actually spend an awful lot of time writing this blog to try and help people (indeed I am typing this up on a Sunday afternoon) and it is such a shame when people tell me that a) what I am writing is wrong (what I write is always my own opinion) and b) I am lying to profit from people. Ramachandra did both of these pretty much without any proof to back it up. It is easy to discredit other people’s opinions and I think he/she was pretty lazy in the way they did it.

    In fact, it is especially frustrating when people post comments to tell me what I am saying is untrue (or a lie) but then don’t actually post evidence to suggest that.

    And further to your point I did actually respond to his claims with information obtained from research and experience 😉 – I think this is the only way you can respond properly to be honest!

    Either way, I think Ramachadra got their points across and like I said in my final comment I actually do appreciate the time and effort they put into that.

    Anyway. Thanks again, I hope to see you around the blog and forum more in the future!

    Have a great day mate

  158. Tim Reply

    I stumbled on this blog while looking into the health benefits of juicing wheatgrass and I have really enjoyed it. Ross, Ramachandra Rao doesn’t sound angry to me at all. Lisa, why put a negative label on him (CEO of a drug company)? Read what he has written. He is simply a guy who has questioned some of the claims made here…and done a good job of it, I might add! If you don’t agree with what he says don’t just slap a negative label on him in an attempt to discredit him. Respond to his claims with information obtained from research and, yes sometimes, experience.

    I’m enjoying what I’m reading here. Thanks, Ross, for your efforts and to all the rest for your contributions.

  159. Ross Reply

    Hi Ramachandra

    To be honest, I’m sure you’re heart is in the right place and I do appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the blog.


    • Nabil Reply

      Mr/miss Ramachandra…. let s ne honest one cant je normal with such long sentences to express oneself…. exept if already way way to full of oneself…this being Said your post really sémème to me like automatic idiotic most opinionated dull ,Boeing litany i rarely have the chAnce to read in useful blogs like thèse….i really wish people see the waste of Braincells u Mayer represent….careless regards 🙂

  160. T.P.Nedungadi Reply

    it was quite interesting and informative to read Sr. Ross`s article and findings on the benefits of chlorophyll on health. while we all agree that green leafy vegetables are really a source of the nutrients needed to build up good haemogloobin, it is not always available in all places to have it on a regular basis to include it in our daily diet.
    it is true that we cant say that it alone can cure diseases like eneamia , cancer or some deadly disease. that is what i feel. anywau its worth trying as my haemoglobin is as low as nine and i feel tired , rather exhaused since the last couple of months. no amount of dexorenge nor raricap tabs are able to increase and improve my condition. i am above 80 + and am on many medications such as prassopress xl5, imdur 30 clopigrel and several vitamis for a few years. can i take this drink safely. pl advise.

  161. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    I would like to say a few words to the readers of this blog about me to avoid inferences they may arrive at, which cannot be attributed to me (either positive or negative) just because of my posts and the info it contains.

    1. I am not a dogmatist. I am open to receive and respect the personal experiences either they are pro or against my views.

    2. I am a believer in the fact that “”All scientific knowledge is provisional. Everything that science “knows,” even the most mundane facts and long-established theories, is subject to reexamination as new information comes in.” as said in Scientific American editorial, in its December 2002 issue.

    3. I am not a believer in absolutism. I accept things and make necessary changes in my views and opinions whenever and wherever they need or when things prompt me to do by the grace of their virtues and benefits.

    4. I recognize the fact that science promotes a belief pattern. I attribute this belief pattern to science (it is my view) because it seems that it is the best way yet developed to establish such belief patterns.

    5. I have no reservations to agree to the fact that science has no final and ultimate truth.

    6. I accept the fact that science puts a premium on keeping an open mind driving it towards change as new understandings come in. This premium is to seek behaviors which benefit society as a whole and the individuals also.

    7. I also believe in the fact that science makes claims. For the claims made by science, it must offer explanations.

    The other day when I happened to read A Summary of Gordon Clark’s Book, “A Philosophy of Science and Belief in God” by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, some of his words seemed to me worth quoting though I have some reservations to the last sentence as well as the concept of the book. Gordan says “Whenever one asks “why” to a “how” they are asking about significance. Science must be able to offer significance to its claims if it is to be trusted at all. This is where scientific philosophy must take over. Science must have a philosophy of life. If it does not, then it cannot furnish anyone with any real information about anything at all. A statement of fact is not an explanation. It is the very thing that needs to be explained. In this way, science explains nothing at all”

    8. In fact I myself experienced the pain of healing problems. My daughter who got severe rheumatoid arthritis at an early age was exposed to such therapies for 6 months that showed no or apparently no results. The disease worsened over time and finally it was cured or apparently cured by the intervention of some reputed doctors. The recurrence is still going on. I don’t either attribute this failure to the miraculous therapies or the marginal success to the modern medications. I know that this is a dreaded disease which does not yield easily. It is the nature of the disease.

    9. I don’t need undeniable evidence to believe certain things. In fact I myself accepted the initial reporting of successes. I brought out certain concrete studies that showed the positive factors associated with healing prosperities of chlorophyll. I only asked not to go too far until it is at least proved to be more effective. I reiterate this now as I have done this in my previous postings.
    10. “But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
    Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces
    That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”
    – George Gordon Byron
    I know this well. I also know that “words are loaded pistols” as said by Jean Paul Sartre.
    I ever never mean to insult Mr. Ross or anybody else. I have clearly mentioned this in my previous postings. I still stick on to my saying “If at all my comments are not well constructed, I apologize for my comments”.


    Finally I quote

    Brothers and Sisters,
    Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.
    In all circumstances give thanks,
    But not quench the spirit,
    Don’t despise prophetic utterances.
    Test everything; retain what is good.
    Refrain from every kind of evil.

    ………IThes 5:16-24

    • Appalled Reply

      My suggestion to you is stop wasting our good oxygenated air by breathing your carbon monoxide on this blog!
      If you don’t like what it stands for stay off it !

  162. Lisa Reply

    I went on google to find out how chlorophyll was extracted from the alfalfa plant and stumbled across this blog. I was impressed by the simplicity in which Ross outlined the benefits of chlorophyll. I am a firm believer in the benefits of chlorophyll, not because of the scientific evidence and lengthy studies but because I have personally witnessed the MIRACULOUS nature of this substance that has been given to us by God’s creation not “business”. My daughter had major respiratory complications as a toddler and was fed steroids and breathing treatments by doctors during her multiple stays at the hospital. It wasn’t until my mother began making a drink for her- chlorophyll, honey, water and lemons- did I witness the change in her condition. This was the only change I made in her diet besides stopping all medications. I understand people like Ramachandr Rao, who won’t believe anything until there is undeniable evidence, but in the meantime, I hope that all who took the time to read this detailed dispute of the validity of chlorophyll, PLEASE TRY IT YOURSELF!!! It sounds as if Ramachandr Rao, is a CEO of a drug company that wants to discredit the fact that GREEN HEALS! I know that millions of dollars have not been allocated to scientist to do studies of hundreds of people, but I can attest to the fact that I personally have heard the testimonies of literally hundreds of people who have instantly been energized, detoxified, and healed by taking chlorophyll regularly.
    Ramachandr Rao- I do appreciate the extensive information, it has allowed me to extend my research.
    Ross- keep up your good works of passing on good information. It is up to each of us to go beyond what one person writes to determine what is right for ourselves!

  163. Ross Reply

    Hi Ramchandr

    I have to manually approve the comments on the blog and as maintaining this blog is not my actual job I cannot do this within one second of you posting.

    Thanks for taking so much time out of your day to insult me and the work I put into helping people though, I really appreciate it.


  164. vanessa Reply

    thank you! & well said. loved the refreshing article.

  165. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    Dear Mr. Ross,
    What has happened to my latest reply which I have posted today in response to your reply on 03.10.09 ?
    Where has my reply of 292 lines containing 6157 words gone?
    In the morning it has appeared on the site and by evening it has gone?
    Do you have any fears of its ‘valid points’?
    Do you love to conceal the facts in the name of moderation?
    If you are a lover of freedom of thought, publish it without any editing?
    Don’t swallow my ink and remain as a large blank spot on a blotting paper as said by Augustus Willum Hare. I hope you don’t.

    “Here’s to you and here’s to me,
    And I hope we neve disagree,
    But, if that should ever be,
    To hell with you, here’s to ME.”

    Ramachandr Rao.

  166. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    (since the site is not taking in the long list web addresses I will post them soon as and when the issue is resolved)

    Happiness: We rarely feel it.
    I would buy it, beg it, steal it,
    Pay in coins of dripping blood
    For this one transcendent good.
    ….Amy Lowell
    Trying to have a good day.
    Ramachandra Rao.

  167. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    Final PART

    25. For reader of this blog.
    Please go through the following links for proofs, works, scientific abstracts and other supportive evidence for more detailed study. They are clear and plain language and self explanatory.
    ………links will be shown next.

  168. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    PART-3 (…….continuation of part-2)
    Mr. Ross finally I have some questions to ask you:
    1. Why have you not given the research citations on chlorophyll as you claimed it to be the miracle maker?
    2. Can you give any concrete evidence to support your claim that chlorophyll is an absolute substitute for hemoglobin?
    3. Can you show that chlorophyll and hemoglobin are absolutely identical except the central iron and magnesium?
    4. Do you have any evidence to show that “……. ingested, chlorophyll actually helps to do the job of hemoglobin “?
    5. How can you show that “It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly”?
    6. From where have you got the ‘fact’ that “Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level”? Do you have any research evidence of chlorophyll working at molecular level and cellular level as you claimed?
    7. What evidence do you have at your disposal to show that chlorophyll “help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems”?
    8. How can you say that “Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body.”?
    9. Do you have direct scientific evidence to show that “Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs”? Don’t cite the researches done on vegetables and fruits.
    10. How can you conclude that “It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones for elimination”?
    11. Do you have any evidence to show that because chlorophyll is “ highly alkaline, also gives the body the following benefits”? (Like anti carcinogenic etc) Don’t cite research again on vegetables and their anti carcinogenic nature or study with 22 and 30 rats as done by Simonich and others.
    12. Can you surely confirm that chlorophyll is free from aflatoxin B1? Since the studies by Simonich and others (though their sample size is very minimum-just 22 rats and 30 rats in two situations) say that chlorophyll with reference to aflatoxin B1 can be anti carcinogenic then what about the origin of aflatoxins? Where do you get them from? Are you sure that chlorophyll itself is free from aflatoxins? Are the vegetables, agricultural practices, geographical differences, and food and forage issues not involved in the propagation of aflatoxin B1? Are you sure that ‘the green’ and the chlorophyll products you suggest that there is no risk of aflatoxins? Does this research on aflatoxin B1 establishes chlorophyll’s ‘anti carcinogenic’ effect for all cancer forms and can it be an evidence in support of your claim that “Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens”?

    13. Though their second study says that dietary Chlorophyll can reduce tumor genesis in any whole animal model, and that it is, species-independent mechanism, how can you determine that it is clinically approvable?

    14. Have you not noticed that the second study in continuation of their first study by the same authors do not anywhere in their study say how many rain bow trout were fed with DBP and how many trout were fed with chlorophyll, though they say that they had included 140 rain bow trout in their study? Does this not indicate the weaker part of the probe?

    15. Don’t such medically important findings need clinically corroborative evidence?
    Why haven’t such an important finding been suggested for clinical findings in humans?
    Doesn’t this show that we need to have more research and statistical analysis and clinical research?
    16. Do you agree to the fact that “small sample size reminded us of the adage that all statistically significant results might not be clinically significant”? as said by R.K. Marwaha, Deepak Bansal while talking about their study on thalassemics, consuming wheat grass juice.

    17. What about your other claims like antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing, rapid Mg delivery natures etc? Why haven’t you included the evidence to show their scientific validity?

    18. Is it scientific to say that if certain item contains certain things that are needed for the body, can they be suggested to be taken for consumption right away?

    19. How can you say that Mg in chlorophyll helps to “deliver much needed oxygen to cells and tissues.”? Do you have evidence to show that Mg in chlorophyll delivers oxygen to cells and tissues?

    20. Because Chlorophyll is reported to have the antioxidants like superoxide dismutase the cancer cells are killed? Do the proponents of chlorophyll have any evidence?

    21. Because it is reported to have Cytochrome oxidase, how can anyone claim that
    cancerous degeneration of a cell is stopped due to its presence as claimed by these proponents?
    22. What do you mean by repairing “red blood cells’, “boosting immune system”?
    23. While the Research has shown that plant-based eating has fantastic benefits for health including protection from heart disease, less obesity, lower blood pressure along with reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other lifestyle diseases why haven’t you suggested the eating of plant based eating habits instead of ‘go green’ and ‘chlorophyll’ which do not have valid research. The only available research is one by Simonich and others who have said nothing about your claims except for cancer (that too was limited to aflatoxin-B – They themselves are saying that it was first time that this kind of research was done.
    24. When research shows that eating different types of fruits and vegetables have health benefits because of phytochemicals and that they can be grouped into five colour groups according to the phytochemicals they contain – Green, yellow/orange, red, blue/purple and white/brown, how can you suggest that only chlorophyll or green vegetable only do the same. Research clearly shows that there are many different phytochemicals that work together to protect your health how can you eliminate them all and propagate only one? What is the secret behind it?
    (…..continued as last part)

    • Kelly C. Reply


  169. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    PART-2 ( ….continuation of part-1)
    15. What do I know?
    I know (by the grace of works done by socially conscious friends, people, bloggers, scientists, columnists and others and by the grace of my education and social conciousness)
    a) that chlorophyll (C55H70MgN406) is a fairly unstable compound and in bright sunlight slowly decomposes. Hence plants continually have to synthesize chlorophyll maintain their levels. As chlorophyll requires warmth and sunlight to be produced, in summer plants are in a constant cycle of producing it to replenish that which has decomposed.
    b) that Carotene is contained in the chloroplasts of many plants. When carotene and chlorophyll occur in the same leaf, together they remove red, blue-green, and blue wavelengths of light that falls on the leaf. The light reflected by the leaf appears green. Carotene functions as an accessory absorber: the energy of the light absorbed by carotene is transferred to chlorophyll, which uses the energy in photosynthesis. Carotene is a much more stable compound than chlorophyll, persisting in leaves even when chlorophyll has disappeared. When chlorophyll disappears from a leaf, the remaining carotene causes the leaf to appear yellow. When they occur in the same leaf, together they remove red, blue-green, and blue wavelengths of light that falls on the leaf. The light reflected by the leaf appears green. Carotene functions as an accessory absorber:
    c) that Mr. Willstätter was the man behind the investigations into the chemistry of chlorophyll for which he was awarded Ph.d in chemistry in 1915.
    d) that the problem of Mg and the so called similarity of hemoglobin and chlorophyll were investigated by him. Chlorophyll may be similar in structure to hemoglobin, but that does not mean anything. The best blood purifier we have is our liver, followed closely by our lungs and kidneys. We don’t need to purify our blood with chlorophyll because the human organs are much more capable of this task.
    e) that wheat grass which has more chlorophyll than any other plant and that powder, pills and juice are a multi-million dollar industry in U.S.A. shelling out hard earned money.
    f) that chlorophyll theory owes its existence to, a Boston-area Lithuanian named Anne Wigmore (1909-1994) who believed a diet of wheatgrass cured the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar of insanity. I also know that she was sued twice by the Massachusetts attorney general for misrepresenting the health benefits of wheatgrass. The first time in 1982 she was sued for saying that wheatgrass could replace insulin for diabetics. The second time in 1988 she was sued for saying that her “enzyme soup” could cure AIDS.
    g) that apart from bestowing the benefits of dietary fiber it passes out of the body unchanged and unabsorbed. Even in the animals that can digest chlorophyll — cows, for example, there is no evidence it prevents cancer in them. Of course, wheatgrass has some plus points — low in calories and sodium, and some iron, but you’d get far more nutrients for your money in the fresh fruit aisle. Wigmore even claimed that wheatgrass that is thought to be high in chlorophyll could cure diabetes and make child immunization unnecessary. She backed away from many of her health claims after multiple prosecutions in Massachusetts, but quacks continue to rehash her original harebrained claims and sell chlorophyll rich wheatgrass as a herbal cure.
    h) that telling people that one specific diet is the best diet for everyone on this planet is dangerous.
    i) that chlorophyll grass is a low-quality food and so you cannot call it ‘wonder food’ until and unless we have concrete evidence to show its super food qualities. watch the cows eating all the day. Its low quality might be one of the reasons for this kind of eating habit. It seems unlikely one small 2oz shot would make much difference, even if we could absorb its nutrients.
    j) that to date, no full pledged double-blind study has ever shown that chlorophyll or wheatgrass to prevent cancer in humans.
    a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial was conducted by Ben-Arye E, Goldin E, Wengrower D, Stamper A, Kohn R, Berry E. Wheat grass juice rich in chlorophyll in the treatment of active distal ulcerative colitis and found to be effective in the treatment as reported by Scand J Gastroenterol. 2002;37:444-449. but I also know that the analyzed data only included a small sample size of 19 individuals. I don’t think this fact does not discredit their research, but it must be considered as a weakness.
    k) that the gut of the cow, contains unique bacteria that are necessary to break down the cellulose to smaller molecules, and it acts as a fermentation vat for the grass-digestion process. It is a lengthy fermentation process to produce cellulase enzymes that break down the cellulose. According to The New Scientist, this fermentation process is slow to prolong contact with the microbes so that they have enough time to do their job. So it is unlikely that humans can get any benefit from wheatgrass, even cows don’t get an immediate benefit – it takes days fermenting. Claims of an “instant high” or that its nutrients are “assimilated into the blood in about 20 minutes”, clearly seem to be false.
    l) that observing Jamba Juice’s wheatgrass nutrition data tells us that 7% daily values (%DV) of Vitamin C; 10% iron; zero percent of everything else. Zero! It would then be better to eat an yellow orange.
    m) that enzymes are meant to metabolize the food in cattle. They do not help in human digestion. Chlorophyll enzymes do not help us digest green grass or anything else. They have different molecules though they are called enzymes.
    n) that special microbes are found in the cattle guts which break down the cellulose in grass. We do not have these enzymes, and so we can’t digest grass, whether it is juiced or not.
    o) that the digestion process, even in ruminants, is very slow. This means that human digestion would not be slow enough to digest chlorophyll (even if human guts have the necessary microbes, which they don’t), and if it is that slow (and have the microbes), chlorophyll would still not be absorbed into the body “instantly” as is claimed.
    p) that because it cannot be digested, chlorophyll cannot possibly be an energizer, and cannot build our blood or clean. The human body can’t digest anything that has planty cell walls. We get some iron, and fiber out of it, but very little vitamins and sugars.
    q) that Irvine Analytical Laboratories is said to have found 7 minerals, 16 vitamins, 13 minerals and 18 amino acids in the chlorophyll rich wheat grass supplied to it by a wheat grass marketing company. It is a private pharmaceutical institute that tests the ingredients of the product we give it. It does not give the analysis of what happens to these 54 nutrients inside the body if at all they exist.
    r) that in response to the claim that chlorophyll is a blood purifier, nutritionist Andrew Weil says “while chlorophyll plays a vital role in the life of green plants, it has no role that I know of in human nutrition.” (Eating Well for Optimum Health, p.7)
    s) that Mario G. Ferruzzi, Mark L. Failla, and Steven J. Schwartz of Ohio University who did the First work on Carotenoids and Chlorophyll derivatives and their digestion process in 2001 themselves in the opening lines of their research remarked “ Although numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of chlorophyll derivatives, information regarding the digestion, absorption, and metabolism of these phytochemicals is quite limited.” Remember they are talking about not the chlorophyll but the chlorophyll derivatives. This clearly shows that chlorophyll doesn’t survive the digestion process. However, it does produce several derivatives which appear to have health benefits none of which have anything to do with helping the blood carry oxygen, purification of blood or instant energy etc.
    t) that though chlorophyll rich green vegetable are reported to aid in calcium assimilation through the stimulation of calcitonin, vitamin D, Boron and the rich fibers, it is not to be considered as all in one remedy.
    u) that Marwaha’s studies the on the use of chlorophyll rich wheat grass juice to reduce transfusion requirements in patients with thalassemia major though seem to be appreciated by Caraciolo J. Fernandes of the Texas Children Hospital, the study didn’t have a control group. (The control appears to be the same patients but in the “pre- wheat grass] juice” period and post wheat grass periods.) Fernandes himself commented as follows “wheat grass juice and other nutritional therapies may be considered as adjuvant to drug therapy. Using nutritional therapy to augment a patient’s antioxidant defenses in an effort to decrease morbidity and mortality has similarly been advocated in other more dreaded diseases such as cancer”. Note the point “adjuvant to drug therapy”.
    v) that people cannot digest grass. We can digest nutrients like carbohydrates in vegetables and fruits. But grass has cellulose. A cellulose molecule, compared with the carbohydrates that we can digest, has an additional bond that our digestive systems can’t break. That’s why we can’t digest grass.
    w) that reading William T. Jarvis, PhD’s article on wheat grass tells you that “The fact that grass-eating animals are not spared from cancer, despite their large intake of fresh chlorophyll, seems to have been lost on Wigmore. In fact, chlorophyll cannot “detoxify the body” since it is not absorbed. [Bidlack WR, Meskin MS, “Nutritional quackery: selling health misinformation,” Calif Pharmacist 1989;36:(8):34]
    x) that it also says “Although it is conceivable that enzymes present in rectally-administered wheatgrass juice could have chemical activity, there is no evidence that this is beneficial. In fact, when challenged legally, Wigmore backed away from healing claims stating that she merely had an “educational program” to teach people how to “cleanse” their bodies and make vegetable juices (she also offered for sale a variety of juicers and other “health” paraphernalia).” [Knox RA. “Group ordered to halt claims of disease cures,” The Boston Globe, 5/15/82, p.13C]
    y) that Doug Gibson who is a columnist for Cincy Chic and president of Sensible Fitness Personal Training Center in Blue Ash, Ohio writes “In the ’90s I used to sell a natural product called Kava Kava, (Piper methysticum – Piper Latin for “pepper”) which was supposed to aid insomnia and anxiety. It was 100 percent natural, so it must be safe right? Wrong. Kava Kava was linked with liver disease, and since 2002 the FDA has posted warnings about its use. Natural products easily can be harmful or have adverse effects alone or when used with other compounds.”
    z) that some vegetable contain an anti-nutrients. In such a case Do they not affect the health? Take for example soy beans contain anti-nutrients called “phytates” or “phytic acid” but at a much higher level than any other legume. This compound binds minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and copper, blocking the body’s assimilation of these necessary minerals. Malabsorption causes deficiency that creates a host of other health problems.

    A) that there is an interesting incident cited by Mike A. E. Hegi, Senior Skin Cosmetic Formulation Chemist, The Skin Society. in the 1960’s some giant company came up with the Idea to use the waste material from the login industry (Small branch, twigs and leaves) and extract the chlorophyll out of it. So they built a big extracting plant on the Canada US border and started the extraction process. When they extracted millions of tons of chlorophyll and did some researches they found out that chlorophyll is very useful for plants to photosynthesize the sunlight but has no other redeemable values. But by that time hundred of million of Dollars where invested in the process that was to be recovered in one way or another. So they hired a marketing company and pretty soon every body was chewing gum with chlorophyll wearing shoe sole with chlorophyll smoking cigarette with chlorophyll and the list goes on. Very soon the stock pile of chlorophyll was sold out, the extracting plant was reconverted and chlorophyll disappeared fro our life just like magic.
    B) that when you read the work ‘Natural Chlorophyll but Not Chlorophyllin Prevents Heme-Induced Cytotoxic and Hyperproliferative Effects in Rat Colon1,2’ of de Vogel and others published in the Nutritional journal 10 2005 you will be confused to know what is the curing factor besides lacking clinical follow up. In such a case you cannot just base on chlorophyllin or chlorophyll and colon cancer.
    I cannot go on giving this information. I think this is sufficient. But it seems that I have worked more on chlorophyll than Mr. Ross.
    (……….continued as part-3)

  170. Ramachandra Rao Reply


    Dear Mr. Ross,

    “Be careful of the words you say,
    Keep them short and sweet.
    You never know, from day to day,
    Which ones you’ll have to eat.”
    – Anonymous

    After having read the reply given by Mr. Ross, I have recalled a funny but a seriously eye opening incident that happened to Charles Babbage when his first computer was shown to the House members. One House Members asked him “If you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?” By citing this quote I want to clarify you that I don’t like to put wrong figures to get right answers. That’s ‘my’ nature.

    In ‘Guess at truth by two brothers’ Augustus William Hares remind me of your words and your blog. It reads “Some minds are made of blotting-paper. You can write nothing on them distinctly. They swallow the ink and you find a large spot”. I don’t like to remain as a blank spot. Hence I am responding to your reply. If you have no blotting-papers listen to me carefully.

    You have included the words ‘angry’, ‘aggressive’ ‘shame’, ‘stupid’, ‘cowardly’ etc in your reply to my comments. You have also said that my comments are ‘negative’ and that you have invited ‘constructive comments’. You have said that ‘you don’t expect’ my response.

    It all shows that you don’t like comments that are not supplemental and supportive to you or the ways you have shown or the products you have suggested. Your way of attacking on the opinions expressed by readers reminds me of the two famous sayings of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. One of him says “Brute animals have the vowel sounds: Man can utter only consonants.” I don’t think you need no explanation to understand this. The other says “Talk of the devil and the horns appear.” I have never talked of the devil but it seems that the horns have appeared.

    If any one goes through the two comments made by each of us previously one can easily know who is aggressive and attacking. Instead of using such objectionable and derogatory language, you should have simply suggested additional references in support of your claims.

    Coming to the points made by you in your reply here is my answer.

    1. By Nature’s Grace I am sound. I have a sound mind in a sound body. I am not aggressive. You have rightly guessed that I have valid points. Yes. I have valid evidence. I will show it soon.

    2. I have read your article carefully. I have done the home work before making my comments. You should have warned the readers of your blog not to comment negatively on your posts in the beginning itself. Do this now and avoid negative comments. You have also suggested that I should not make negative comments on ‘anyone else’s blog’. Thanks for your suggestion. This way of avoiding the right to question or the right to know is not new. It has been there ever since the Genesis.

    3. I have never said anything negatively about the ‘go green concept’. I have not commented anything negatively on “Consuming a good quantity of fresh, mostly raw, chlorophyll-rich (green) vegetables is important for optimal health” Has anybody noticed that I have gone against eating green vegetables or green drinks in my comments?

    4. My point is that we should not go beyond a stage where we trust them to be the ‘miracle makers’. I have only objected to your claims such as chlorophyll makes….. ‘Wonders’ ‘Chlorophyll is miraculous’, ‘the most marvelous and amazing benefit’, ‘fantastic’, ‘absolute wonders for your health and energy.’, ‘So it makes sense that we should, somehow, give our body hemoglobin! “But how?” I hear you ask. “Chlorophyll”, I answer.’……etc, etc. What do all these words tell us? They implant a concept that chlorophyll is a wonderful and all in one remedy. My comments are only to highlight the point that chlorophyll cannot be that all wonderful because no where in the scientific world, the relationship of chlorophyll and human health has been ever proved to show your claims, not even in your citations. They only show us the marginal effects of vegetables on the diseases and in two cases they only cite the marginal reduction of carcinogen aflatoxin B1 in rats and in another case it statistically showed a marginal result in reducing the blood transfusion time intervals ignoring the clinically important credibility.
    5. I am quoting the words of Professor Mark L. Wahlqvist (Professor of Medicine at Monash University and current Chairperson of the Australian Nutrition Foundation Inc.) and David R. Briggs (a food scientist and Associate Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition at Deakin University) on science and its nature “What distinguishes science from other systems of knowledge is the predictability of a particular outcome when a practice or event is repeated. Ideas are the starting point, but they are not enough. Observations must be repeatable. Explanations must be consistent, no matter how tested. The establishment of a scientific fact depends on well-designed, extensive and rigorous testing. Ideas and explanations must be able to stand up to full evaluation by other scientists.”
    6. I believe in the word of Alexander Eliot who in his book “In the Global Myths” says that scientific myths are Credos, rather than hypothesis carefully tested for fit with empirical evidence. Lord Kelvin saying that ‘heavier than air flight is impossible’ was a belief not a tested principle. And most of modern cosmology fits into the same credo pattern, where superstring theory is a mathematical model created through speculation not to account for experimental data.”

    7. I believe that “The availability to the body of a particular nutrient (iron in this case) is affected by more than just the amount of that nutrient in a food or even the whole meal. For example, phytate found with dietary fiber, phytase (an enzyme from yeast), or tannin from tea affects the bioavailability of iron from our diet (the extent to which the iron in food can be utilized by the body). The food components that have no nutritive value must also be considered because they may react chemically with some nutrients, or have physiological effects. For example, phyto-oestrogens in some plants (substances with female sex hormone like properties) could modify the menstrual cycle and menstrual blood and iron loss in some women who ate these plants in sufficient quantity. It must be remembered that foods are chemically complex mixtures, and not simply sources of particular combinations of nutrients.” Professor Mark L. Wahlqvist and David R. Briggs.
    8. Keeping in view the above explanation of science and research I have some ‘Valid
    points’ as follows.

    In your reply, the citations made by you are not new. They are well known. By citing well known research about vegetables you cleverly concealed your claims of chlorophyll such as the….. “wonderful effects”, “chlorophyll actually helps to do the job of hemoglobin”, “It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing almost instantly”, “Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level and is known to help cleanse the body, fight infection, help heal wounds, and promote the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems. Chlorophyll consumption increases the number of red blood cells and, therefore, increase oxygen utilization by the body. Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. It also breaks down calcium oxalate stones for elimination, which are created by the body for the purpose of neutralizing and disposing of excess acid”……. etc. It would have been more reliable if you have cited the studies related to the above mentioned claims. I have no doubt about the beneficial effects of vegetables. I have only expressed my doubts about the miraculous effects of chlorophyll. You should have given the research evidence about the relationship between hemoglobin and chlorophyll, its capacity to rebuild and replenish red blood cells, boosting energy effects, instant effects, cleansing nature, infection healing properties, wound healing nature, improving nature of the health status of circulatory, digestive immune and detoxification natures.

    9. I have not ignored the carcinogenetic effects of vegetables, but I have only opposed your ingenious way of linking the vegetables and fruits (they are not even green vegs) and their effect on cancer curing, to that of chlorophyll. You have purposefully hidden this fact. No where in the studies mentioned by you, there is one word about the effect of chlorophyll on carcinogens. It’s just a clever manipulation of scientific facts in support of your claims just as I have mentioned in beginning of this reply about Babbage’s incident.

    10. I have said “their business”. This doesn’t mean you are doing the business. I have never meant this. It is your right to include advertisements. None should oppose it. The word “their” has been used only to indicate the different products or claims made by a number of companies which none should believe. You yourself might have seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of advertisements whose beneficial effects are doubtful. Here I am not just talking about ‘chlorophyll’. Just by adding evidence they are shelling out people a lot of their hard earned money. I have seen people selling a 200g pack of Wheat Grass Powder for Rs. 200 which would actually have costed them nothing more than just Rs. 20. After having seen such exploitation I have used the term ‘business’. You are in no way concerned with this word. I have not meant it also.

    11. I don’t want to know who you are or what you are doing. Work more hard and help others in matters of health. You need not tell us about how many hours, days, months, or years you have spent on health matters as long as your aim is finding ways of improving the health of one and all. I appreciate it. I have said nothing about you or your hard work. Remember Mark Twain’s words that “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” I have only expressed my opinions on the claims that you have mentioned in the post. Your claims do not have credibility if you mention the number of hours, days, months and years.

    12. I have only questioned the doubtful claims. Should everyone who makes comments on your blog show the alternative ways? Is it a Himalayan blunder to make comments that are not acceptable to you? You have said that I have even without giving my opinion
    criticized you. What all I have expressed in my previous post is itself my opinion. It is self explanatory. I have shown what health conscious people should do. If at all I want to show the ways in detail, I would do it on my own blog. It’s just a comments column and I cannot go on with word and phrases such as ‘wonderful. ‘Marvelous’, ‘unbelievable things’ (that can’t be true), ‘exactly… tools’, ‘miraculous’, ‘amazing benefit’, ‘fantastic’, and so on and so forth. However I am thankful for your suggestion. I too will work hours, days, months and years and do the needful research and start a blog, but remember I will not ask anyone to make only ‘constructive comments’, as you have said.

    13. I appreciate your “love to hear viewpoints that are well constructed” I can understand the meaning of “well constructed”. If at all my comments are not well constructed, I apologize for my comments, but be kind enough to have the heart to receive comments that are not tasteful to you.

    14. I understand from your citations
    a) that the research is related to vegetables and fruits and not to chlorophyll. I have said nothing against the intake of vegetables or fruits. You have a banner heading on the blog as “Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll, and also you have repeatedly said the miraculous effects of chlorophyll. Do you mean to say that vegetables and fruits are synonymous with chlorophyll? If you want to corroborate your chlorophyll claims you should have cited the authenticated research related to chlorophyll and its positive effects only. You have used the term chlorophyll 29 times in your post and you have not used the word vegetables anywhere in your post. You just mentioned the name of a few green vegs. Do your research citations mention anything about green? Do they say that taking chlorophyll or green vegetables reduce the risk of all types of cancer? Why haven’t you cited references related to your specific claims instead of showing the links that are confined to one of your claims? Of the hundreds of references given at the end of each of the abstract is there one reference that talks about chlorophyll? Why have you skipped this part and ingeniously moved to vegetable research?
    b) that the works on the anti carcinogenic effect done by Ben-Arye E and others, Mario G. Ferruzzi and others, Marwaha, and de Vogel and others, Simonich and others show some weaknesses in their studies such as small samples sizes, lack of clinical corroboration, limited size of variants, statistical and clinical insignificance in some cases, weak predictability nature and weak empirical evidence etc. In such a case we have to wait until we get clear cut, concrete evidence in terms strict scientific, statistical and clinical research as follow ups of the above mentioned works.
    c) that though there are contradicting evidences on the positive effects of antioxidants, vitamins, and the nature of research itself, we cannot take all research for granted. Studies such as “Multivitamins fail to protect women from cancers and heart disease: Study”,” John’s wort won’t help hyperactive kids” “research on Antioxidants and meta-analyses controversy on it’s doubtful positive effect”, etc raise many doubts. Look for example the work “no benefit in low-fat in reducing the risk of certain cancers and heart disease for 25,000 women in a medical trial, Dr. Brian Martinson survey regarding the scientifically questionable behaviors in carrying out research like falsifying data, plagiarism or ignoring major aspects of rules for conducting studies, assigning authorship credit inappropriately or withholding details of methodology or results in papers or proposals or changing the design, methodology or results of a study in response to pressure from a funding source etc. (relevant sources and abstracts are given at the end of this reply).
    (…continued on the next post as 2nd part as site is not taking the whole lot at once.)

  171. Ross Reply

    Hi Ramachandra

    Thanks for your comment. You sound very angry and of an aggressive state of mind, which is a shame because behind that you probably have some valid points.

    The first point I take exception to is that you have suggested that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the points I make in my post are true.

    This is simply wrong.

    You should do a little research yourself (or take the time to read the article properly) before you make such negative comments on mine or anyone elses blog.

    The main point of this post is:

    Consuming a good quantity of fresh, mostly raw, chlorophyll-rich (green) vegetables is important for optimal health.

    Here are just a handful of research articles (from extremely trusted and well ranked scientific journals). It took me less than 5 minutes to find these and there are thousands and thousands more:

    – Epidemiologic evidence of the protective effect of fruit and vegetables on cancer risk – International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon
    Fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease Journal of Public Health Nutrition
    Association between fruit and vegetable consumption and oral cancer American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    Frequency of fruit and vegetable consumption and coronary heart disease in France and Northern Ireland British Journal of Nutrition

    The only other ‘claim’ I made was that chlorophyll is anti-carcinogenic. In the article itself I referenced this point with studies from the journals Carcinogenesis and Food and Chemical Toxicology. You obviously ignored this.

    As for the other ‘claims’ I made, well, I can find research studies to back these if you really need this, but I think it is pretty known that chlorophyll and high-chlorophyll foods are antiseptic, anti inflammatory, contain magnesium, vitamin c, k, folic acid, iron, calcium, protein and are great antioxidants (as are all other vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables).

    The final point I take exception to (probably the most) is this:

    ‘Take a note of this my dear people. After all Health is your concern. Business is their concern.’

    Part of me does not even want to give this comment any thought and time (it does not deserve it) – but I am particularly riled by it.

    Only in the past 2-3 months have I included ANY advertising on my blog. Yes, thats right. 8-12 weeks. If you took even a minute to understand who I am, what my website is about or what I have contributed you would realise how stupid your comment makes you look. I have HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of hours writing, researching and working on this blog – for FREE. For 3 years I have dedicated hours and hours and hours of my life to try and help others improve their health. And you know what? Now that I am including advertising – it is only for my OWN site – for products that I truly believe in. Products that I have used and that have worked for me and many others.

    Further – I NEVER, EVER tell people they HAVE to use products or supplements and I ALWAYS give people the ways they can achieve results without supplementation – to use natural foods and drinks to help get to their health goals. Even in this post I have given those options too.

    I think you have sounded off without reason, and without giving me the courtesy of spending more than one minute on my site. And do you know what the most disgusting this is about your comments? It is that you are cowardly. You criticise without even giving your own opinion as to what people should do – you simply criticise what I have said.

    I would really appreciate your response, but I don’t expect it.

    Thanks to everyone else for your constructive comments though (yes, even Roger). I don’t profess to know everything and so I love to hear viewpoints that are well constructed – I am always open to learning.

    Have a great day

    • Michelle Reply

      Dear Ross,
      I think what you are doing is great! This website has offered me a lot of help because I have a bottle of liquid chlorophyll (sp) and have not yet taken any because I was afraid. I am 24 years old and trying to shed some weight, about 10 pounds or so. I have been eating a lot of kale and greens and beets and trying to go natural and healthy as well as doing yoga. My mom has been haing stomache problems, requiring her to go for scopes and procedures, and she started taking liquid chlorophyll about 2 weeks ago and likes it very much. She is the one who gave me the bottle. I liked your reply to Ramachnadra and I think they are being very negative and it clashes with everything we believe about being healthy and having good energy. I think that he/she needs to re-evaluate their comments and try it for themselves and like you said, do the research themselves instead of throwing out negative and accusitory comments. I believe this works and it’s a personal thing between you and your own body. There is proof that it works! Keep up the good work and don’t let silly people like this get you down! Stay well 🙂


  172. Ramachandra Rao Reply

    There has been no scientific evidence as yet to show that your claims are true. Mere listing out things that a particular item can cure many diseases, or that it can improve the health is not sufficient. People have seen many such healing plans, improvement techniques, diet plans etc over the last 200 years. ‘Faith healing’ or a ‘placibo effect’ has been reported to have been playing the miracle. “Oil pulling”, “Water therapy”, “Aroma therapy”, “yoga”, Pyramid therapy”, “Wheat grass therapy”, “breath conrtol techniques”, “curing illness by maintaining silence”, “Urine therapy”, “Green vegetable therapy” etc have shown to be of little or no use. As far as nutrients are concerned they may have their own effect on the health status. This doesn’t mean that they can do wonders. Look at ‘David’s’ post on 03.05.09 and try to understand things in the right way. Don’t make business out of such illogical, unproven, scientifically unsupported things. The health conscious people must make a note that in the long run they may reach a point where no remedy can do anything. I have seen many people who have done irrepairable damage to their health after following such therapies. They neglected their health leaving it in the hands of the ‘FAITH’ and finally lost their lives. All these people reported ‘improvements’ initially. Take a note of this my dear people. Afterall Health is your concern. Business is their concern.

  173. David Reply

    There is no similarity whatsoever with blood and chlorophyll. First of all on the outset Blood carries oxygen to cells from the lungs of vertebrate animals and Oxygen is used to extract energy and store in as a useable source of chemical energy (ATP) via the Krebs cycle (which plants use as well but, has NOTHING to do with chlorophyll).

    Cholorphyll on the other hand is a pigment used to capture light energy by plants and this energy is used in photosynthesis to creae sugars which are then hydrolized to provide the plants with energy to grow.

    Stucturally, blood and even haemoglobin compared to that of chlorophyll aren’t even close to to being similar. Haemoglobin is a quaternary structured protein (many proteins folded over one another) where as chorophyll is a Nitrogenous and highly complex organic molecule. They are not even closely similar in structure, other than the fact that they both of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. come on people. The research this is based off of is 100 years old.

  174. Pamir | Reiki Help Blog Reply

    Thanks for your contribution to the 177th Carnival of Healing. There are some great comments accumulating on the original post & you may want to take a gander. 🙂

  175. Liara Covert Reply

    When a person has a fish tank, and the algae grows along the inside of the glass, that person can begin to imagine the taste of that green stuff in a healthy milkshake. Its curious how green slime has traditionally been a turn-off to people because of cultural conditioning. The tables are turning yet again. As you say, health conscious individuals are becomeing more creative with drinks than ever-before.

  176. Robbi Reply

    This message is for Roger Squirrell regarding your wife. I’ve been doing much research because I have metastatic lung cancer. I’m also seeing a local alternative doctor. Poly-MVA would be great for your wife. It’s very effective for brain cancer patients. I’m going to start taking it because so many people have done so well even lung cancer patients, but it’s suppose to be best for brain cancer patients. You can also sign up for the study so you can receive this product at a discount. Please check out these three websites.

  177. Hugh Reply

    Roger, please investigate the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. Thousands of people go there with ‘incurable’ cancer and proceed to get well. It was started 55 years ago by an amazing woman called Ann Wigmore who cured her own cancer with a wheat grass driven regime. I have been there myself and had amazing results.

  178. cempaka Reply

    hei i used the chlorophyll and spirulina together for almost a year and it works wonders for me. i had a break out skin, and easily tend to headache.
    at first 2 months drink chlorophyll and spirulina my acne become more and more and also my headache become worse, but i still continue drinking the stuff because my doctor said is part from the healing. so if you have acne it will become more worse for 2 till 3 months, it all come out and after it clean out your bacteria. after 4 months i see the different in my skin also no more headache. i’ve been using it for a year now and i feel great.

  179. Mr. Robert Reply

    Thanks for the info.

  180. robert Reply

    This is a very good information. Thank you…

  181. Roger Squirrell Reply

    I understand the benefits of chlorophyll, but essential compounds from plants have been removed by modern day production – that’s where Salvestrols play an important part in our daily diet – my wife has a brain tumour and I am looking at alternative therapies – she can not undergo anymore chemo, so any advice would indeed be appreciated.
    Best Regards………….Roger

    • Enza Reply

      Hi Roger

      Look for a doctor that utilises nutritional medicine to heal the body.


      • ijah Reply

        that is always the best way