Anti-Inflammatory Cauliflower Soup: Creamy & Delicious!

Anti-Inflammatory Cauliflower Soup

This is a massive hit with my family and the members of my Alkaline Base Camp coaching group. It’s so nutritionally dense and SO satisfying, you can have it, again and again, hot or cool – it’s a hit 365 days of the year.

The goodness runs deep on this one:

It’s a good one. It’s delicious. Try it asap and let me know if you love it in the comments!

Anti-Inflammatory Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Serves: 2

anti-inflammatory cauliflower soup

2tbsp coconut oil
1 small brown onion, diced
1 medium cauliflower, cut into florets
1 leek, chopped
1cm root ginger, grated
1cm root turmeric, grated
1 tbsp hemp seeds
3 cloves garlic, crushed
800mL veggie stock
1/4 cup cashews
Organic olive oil, to serve

Optional (but tasty): sprinkle with chopped chives to serve

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Method: Anti-Inflammatory Cauliflower Soup

  1. Heat the coconut oil in a large pot over medium heat and add the onion, leek, turmeric, and ginger and gently saute for 4-5 minutes.
  2. Add the cauliflower, cashews, stock, hemp seeds, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper and bring to the boil.
  3. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes, or until cauliflower has softened. Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  4. Finally add the garlic, and then blend until thick and creamy. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and season to taste.

This is a fantastic one warm or cooled, so suits all seasons! Packed with goodness, it’s one to really savor.

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  1. Mattie Reply

    Hi Ross,
    This is Mattie, I love vegetable, and fruits and it is what I eat most of the times. It has been almost a year that I started having problems with my gut. I started researching and I have learned that some vegetables have lectin that can damage our gut. For example, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, beans.
    I have read the book of doctor Steven Gundry. The plant Paradox and it has help me. What do you think about lectins?? Do you have more recipes to help my gut??

    Thank you so much and thank you for helping a lot people!!

    God bless you!!

  2. Rusti Smith Reply

    Is there a printable form?

  3. Sandy Reply

    Absolutely delicious and simple to make.

  4. nikki hillhouse Reply

    hi Ross
    Do you need to add a stock cube as i can’t find any here in Turkey, chicken and beef stock cubes in abundance lol also the only water is bottled plastic which i know is not alkaline any advice on those please.


    • ross Reply

      You don’t need stock

  5. maaike vande Pijpekamp Reply

    Ha ha, indeed. And our Spring in the Netherlands is still so chilly and wet I have made your cauliflower soup twice in a week! It is awesome! PS replaced the leek with fennel the 1st time as i didn’t have leek at hand and it was delicious too.

    • ross Reply

      Sounds fantastic too!

  6. Anca Reply

    Hi Ross,
    I am trying to switch to a “green life-style” . I have some issues though, as I have an errosive gastritis (with acid reflux and glossitis), I cannot eat some of the alkaline foods like tomatoes or even cucumbers which triggers heart-burns. I am confused as many of the plants, although alkaline, are not good for me.
    Also my MD (on gastro) recommended me to avoid almost all of the raw vegetable&legumes and fruits and focus on stews, pasta, rice, cow milk and cooked food in general.
    AND I do not really know how to make the switch.
    I would really appreciate an advise from you.
    thank you,

    • ross Reply


      The advice you’ve received is absolutely horrible. Consuming gluten, dairy etc. will mean you’ll never get rid of the reflux.

      The foods that trigger heartburn now are not ‘bad for you’, they are just sensitive right now. Avoid them while they cause a reaction…but there are SO MANY other healthy foods you can eat.

      Keep focusing on green, salads, veggies, healthy fats etc – your body will return to balance and your digestion will heal.


  7. Anne Macdonald Reply

    Sounds good and just what I need. Thank you.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Anne

      It is super delicious 🙂

  8. Raelene Gavin Reply

    Thanks for this Ross. I actually went out for dinner last night and ordered cauliflower and pumpkin soup and it was so delicious and filling I wanted the recipe! Now I have this recipe and it sounds divine and I can’t wait to try it. I think I will do this for dinner tomorrow night! YUM.

  9. Carolyn TT Reply

    As great as this sounds, rare disease patients need the detailed nutritional information regarding fats, sugars, carbs, and proteins especially. Can this be provided?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Carolyn

      I am in the process of switching to a new recipe plugin that automatically calculates all of this. Will take a while to upload all the recipes – but watch this space!


  10. Karen Reply

    The cauliflower soup recipe sounds wonderful. Would we use raw cashews in this recipe?
    Thanks for all of the info!!!

    • ross Reply

      Hey Karen

      Yep, most decent-ish blenders will be able to blend cashews to smooth, especially when cooked a little!


  11. Liz Wright Reply

    Can substitute turmeric powder for grated turmeric and if so what are the ratios?

    • ross Reply

      Hey Liz, you definitely can – a cm of root is about a level tsp.

  12. Angie Rangel Reply

    Can you translate these to teaspoons or tablespoons? 1cm root ginger, grated
    1cm root turmeric, grated

    • ross Reply

      Yep, it’s about a level tsp of each.

  13. Rita Reply

    My chives are at their springy best- will be making this and sprinkling liberally with home grown freshness!

    • ross Reply


  14. Maaike Reply

    Thanks Ross, looking forward to trying it. Don’t forget us Europeans are going into summer!

    • ross Reply

      Yep – this soup is great warm or cool 🙂

    • ross Reply

      …and also, not meaning to brag, but our winter is about the same as a European summer 😉

      • maaike vande Pijpekamp Reply

        Ha ha, indeed. And our Spring in the Netherlands is still so chilly and wet I have made your cauliflower soup twice in a week! It is awesome! PS replaced the leek with fennel the 1st time as i didn’t have leek at hand and it was delicious too.

  15. Jo-Anne Reply

    Sounds yum, and not complicated LOL
    Thank Ross

  16. Genevieve Forde Reply

    Thanks Ross!
    Sounds very nutritious and not too difficult to make. Will try!