COVID-19 Update: Why is NOBODY Saying This?

COVID-19 Update from Ross

Covid-19 Update from Ross:

The Biggest Scandal of COVID-19: THIS is the Most Important Thing

WHY WHY WHY is no health authority, government… dare I say it the ‘health experts’…the ‘scientists’ who are controlling our public policy response to this pandemic STILL not mentioning ANYTHING to do with nutrition?

We have HARD evidence that the state of your health is THE most critical variable in the fight against coronavirus.

All the talk from our ‘leaders’ and their ‘health experts’ is that we’re at the mercy of this pandemic. All we can do is lock ourselves inside. Stay away from each other. Wear masks. Wait for the vaccine…


94% of Hospital Admissions Had At Least One Pre-Existing Diagnosed Disease

This study from the Journal of the American Medical Association, on 5,700 hospital admissions in New York showed that 94% of all hospital admissions for COVID-19 were for people with pre-existing life-threatening disease.

Even more staggeringly – EIGHTY-EIGHT PERCENT of admissions had TWO or more pre-existing, life-threatening conditions.

Overwhelmingly, this was cardiovascular disease (74.9% of patients).

The study also showed 61% of the admissions were for obese or morbidly obese.

And this was backed up by this Public Health England report that shows that if someone has a BMI of over 40, their risk of dying from COVID-19 increases by 90%.

This study showed that in patients with metabolic associated fatty liver disease there was a four‐fold increased risk of severe COVID‐19.

This study and this study both show that chronic kidney disease are associated with severe COVID-19 outcomes, a hugely increased risk of death.

How We Eat & Live During This Pandemic is THE Most Powerful Way to Lower Risk

Of course, I am not saying if you have kidney disease you need to go out and cure it or else…nor am I saying if your BMI is 40 you need to get it to 25 immediately – bang, just like that or you’re stuffed.

What I am saying is, to beat COVID-19 the MOST POWERFUL thing we can do is focus on our own health.

The data tells us that the risk is skewed almost entirely to those who have pre-existing health conditions (and even more to those who have two conditions).

So no matter where your health is right now – NOW is the time to make progress.

Now is the time to take steps forward and be proactive about your health.

There is no down-side.

There is only an upside.

By focusing on your health…and I mean positively – focusing on what you want your health and energy to be, in your biggest, wildest dreams…by moving towards your health goals, you are simultaneously lowering your risk from COVID-19 each and every day.

Each and every day you move positively towards your dream health, you move away from COVID risk.

And as is the mantra of everything I teach, and everything I have taught over the past 16 years:

Massive results can come from doing just a handful of small things, consistently.

Most people are shocked at just how huge the results can be from just doing a small number of the right things on a daily basis.

And When It Comes to COVID-19 – These Are the Most Important Things

The Sheer Power of Vitamin D (please read this one if nothing else)

This is literally the most heartbreaking, frustrating, mind-blowing, and exciting part of all of my COVID-19 related research. This is the answer for so many people.

Having enough Vitamin D is THE biggest weapon in the fight against COVID-19 AND dozens of other metabolic diseases.

This study, published in the Nutrition and Food Science Journal, showing that of 780 COVID-19 deaths, 98.9% of patients with vitamin D deficiency died, 88% of patients with vitamin D insufficiency died…yet only 4% of patients with sufficient vitamin D died.

This study out of the Philippines found that for each standard deviation increase in serum Vitamin D – subjects were almost 20 times more likely to have mild rather than critical outcomes.

Another smaller study out of New Orleans showed that 84.6% of COVID-19 ICU hospitalizations had vitamin D deficiency, compared to 4% of patients who were not in ICU.

Just from a simple, cheap supplement. Literally.

Now I know there is always the argument of correlation vs causation, but this data is compelling, the cohorts are big enough and the relationship between vitamin D and risk levels is very, very clear.

Just think: if everyone in the world was even just at ‘sufficient’ vitamin D levels, how would the virus numbers look? We’re rushing around spending millions upon millions to find a vaccine, and who knows if it will work, when we’re overlooking this simple, simple, supporting nutrient.

I recommend everyone take between 1-3,000 IU of Vitamin D each day while this virus is with us.

This is my absolute favorite supplement for its outstanding quality and affordability – Thorne Research D3.

$15 for 6-7 months supply. Amazing.

And get out in the sun.

My hunch is that summer keeps rolling in the Northern Hemisphere we’ll see the death rate decline (note: the case rate will probably not be affected, but the severity of cases will). Having said that if everyone is cooped up indoors under lockdown…

Other supplements worth adding right now:

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium

All of these have been proven to have a very, very beneficial effect on the immune system, respiratory system, and will support the recovery from excess weight, kidney disease, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and all of the other comorbidity risk factors associated with COVID-19.

Food to Add #1: Leafy Greens

Greens are the most potently nutrient-dense foods on Earth. If you want to improve your health – you have to get at least 4-5 serves of greens per day.

Leafy greens make up the entire top 15 of the most nutrient-dense foods according to this study.

If you want to boost your immune system, lose weight, support your liver and kidneys, prevent diabetes, and more – add more greens. Leafy greens you can easily ramp up include spinach, lettuce, kale, Chinese greens…

And other greens…

Broccoli – for its sulforaphane content.

Sulforaphane is quite amazing. It is so powerfully anti-viral, anti-inflammatory (and proven to help reduce aging, reduce weight and prevent cellulite formation too, by the way). These recent studies (here and here) demonstrate sulforaphane’s capacity to reduce the effect of the influenza virus.

But it is so much more than that too – if you want to increase your health, energy, to promote new cell growth, support your body’s detoxification pathways, create healthy blood cells – sulforaphane is so so powerful.

Another great addition is cabbage, which stimulates the immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, inhibits the growth of cancerous cells, protects against tumors, helps control hormone levels, and improves blood flow. Like many leafy greens, it also gives a little hit of healthy fats and of course a good dose of chlorophyll.

Avocado will give you a huge dose of glutathione – the ‘master antioxidant’ that is SO essential to increasing your health and energy, to prevent cell death and DNA damage, to protect your liver, kidneys, thyroid, adrenals…

Get greens whenever you can. Add a side salad of greens to your normal meals, have a juice, a smoothie – just grab some whenever you can.

I will go into this in much, much more depth in my series next week, but for now, just start adding greens wherever you can!

And remember – recipes below.

See ALSO: Seven Ways to Get an Extra Serve of Greens Every Day

Food to Add #2: Turmeric & Ginger

OK, this is TWO foods. I’m cheating! But they go hand in hand and are so powerfully anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and alkaline that they’re a massive boost. If you have these two every day, you’re winning.

Inflammation, along with acidity and oxidative stress – is at the root cause of practically EVERY disease. You HAVE to get the inflammation OUT.

The gingerols in ginger and curcumin in turmeric are probably two of the most anti-inflammatory compounds known to man. They also contain powerful antioxidants too and support the body’s stress response as a bonus (and in another topic, they are also cancer-protective, really they are miraculous).

There has been SO much research conducted into these two for their benefit, it’s hard to know where to start with it. They neutralize toxicity, protect from free-radical damage, fight viruses.

Research has shown it to be effective against influenza, SARS, ebola, H1N1 – curcumin was able to inhibit the virus. (Here are a few studies)

Again, as I keep saying – not a miracle cure that is a guarantee – but the research shows us it can help.

Healthy Fats

When we are looking to improve health, lose weight, support our body’s detoxification system, our hormones and all of the endocrine system that supports them…

When we want to support our immune system, our metabolism, our liver, and kidneys…

When we want to nourish our brain, our bones, and our digestive system…

Healthy fats are ESSENTIAL.

If you want to help protect your body from COVID-19, directly AND by boosting your overall health and vitality – healthy fats are an absolute must.

Please don’t fear fat. It will not make you fat. Processed, acidic, sugary, cheap, crap foods will make your body create fat cells, and hang on to them for dear life.

Healthy fats (plant-based saturated fats, and omega 3 from any source) will help your body to remove fat, to use fat as an energy source, to speed your metabolism and heal your endocrine, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems and organs.

I recommend looking to food sources including oily fish, fish roe (if not vegan), flax, nuts and seeds, chia, leafy greens, kidney beans, avocado, and so on.

PLUS supplementing with a good, high-quality supplement.

My recommendations are:

Proper Daily Hydration (Consistently)

So simple, and therefore so overlooked. If you want optimal health you HAVE to be properly hydrated.

Forget all the detail and complexity of ‘which alkaline water machine’ or filter to buy and just get a filter for now. Any filter. A jug filter will do that sits on your countertop.

Forget bottled water. Get a jug filter. Forget ‘alkaline’ bottled water (which is a super expensive way to add a pinch of magnesium to your diet).

Just get a basic, simple filter and get drinking.

Aim for 100-120fl oz per day.

Sounds a lot. It’s not. You can build up to it. Just add an extra glass or two, a cup of extra herbal tea, and you’ll get there no problem.

This alone is one of THE most powerful (and cheap) things you can do to support your health and massively reduce your risk of COVID-19. It’s simple, easy and cheap.

NOTE: I will be going into much more depth, step-by-step, in a very actionable way on all of this very soon in my free Alkaline CORE Training series, starting VERY soon! Watch this space!

Your Plan to Get Started TODAY:

Keep it simple. Set a goal around your ideal health. Don’t focus on COVID, focus on the positivity of your improved health and energy.

Start small.

Keep it simple.

Take it one-day-at-a-time.

Take it one-step-at-a-time.

Focus on one or two suggestions above, and make them a habit, and then move onto the next.

If you have a bad day, reflect on why, reflect on how to correct it next time, and move on.

It can be as simple as:

  • Taking a vitamin D supplement
  • Taking an omega 3 supplement and getting some coconut oil
  • Drinking 100 floz of water
  • Eating a side salad with each meal, dressed in healthy fat
  • Making a turmeric tea in the morning before work
  • Getting out in the sun
  • Making a green juice or smoothie part of your routine (and you can make 2 at once and save the other serve for tomorrow – et viola I just halved your prep time)
  • Getting an extra 2-3 cups of herbal tea each day to help hydrate

One, or two, or any combination of the above would be a super easy place to start.

You can do this.

Don’t fear COVID-19. Get mad at it. And get POSITIVE about YOUR health goals.

The better you feel and look, the more energized you are and the more you do for YOU – your risk with COVID will decrease DRAMATICALLY.

I just wish every Government was saying this too.

Let’s get positive, and let’s DO THIS!


Some of My Recipes to Help You Get Started:

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Alkaline Recipe System PLUS

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  1. Allyson Bending Reply

    Hi Ross
    You’re SO right about the nutrition silence over Covid-19 – it’s a total scandal! But just imagine how too many people eating healthily would dents the profits of the pharmaceutical industry.


  2. Nick Reply

    I prefer to use cold pressed rapeseed oil as it made in the uk but dont know if it alkalising do you?

  3. Salome Reply

    Hi. I am always eager to learn from you. I try to go alkaline as much as I can. But I am experiencing kidney stones. Upon researching I found most of the high alkaline foods are high in oxalates too. Can you advise how I can manage that. Thanks

  4. Andrea Reply

    Thanks so much for the wealth of information, the positive outlook, and your continued passion in sharing what you love about our bodies, our health, and our diet. Your content always helps me!

    • ross Reply

      Thanks so much 🙂

  5. Cynthia Reply

    Thank you for all the work an passion you have to help us with your information it’s very helpful
    I don’t understand also why the health department it’s not giving information for people to prevent this illness in simple ways
    You’re awesome!!!

    • ross Reply

      “I don’t understand also why the health department it’s not giving information” – that’s a rabbit hole I could easily go down 😉

  6. Colleen Foster Reply

    Hi Ross
    Thanks for the above most of which I know but I have a question please. I have an ionizer but my son does not . If he just has a jug what about the plastic leaching into the water all the time? He is very aware of using glass over plastic but I am very concerned about him not hydrating sufficiently and I know his body is acidic .
    I trust your family is doing as well as possible in this crazy time. I have had everything I ever did taken to pieces and I am at the end of the road in extreme suffering .
    All the best Ross and thanks for all you do and did for me.

    • ross Reply

      Hey Colleen – if the plastic is BPA free it’s not a concern. He could get a glass jug too when it’s time to replace his plastic one.

      Hope you’re going well too!


  7. Jūlija Rjabinkina Reply

    Hello Ross.
    Thank you for your article.
    I have been taking vitamin d (3000 daily) vitamin c and zinc.
    A lot of fresh ginger and turmeric. I am 39 years old and I did have covid. I had it mild yet it Took me 2 months to recover.

    Now, I have been experiencing pain in my hands and legs, knees and so on. Got blood test done and my doctor said my calcium is a bit low. And could be due of big dose of vitamin D.
    She told me to cut down of vitamin d in order to balance my calcium.
    What are your thoughts on the matter??

    Kind regards and best wishes. Jules

    • ross Reply

      It’s definitely worth dropping down to 1000iu of vitamin D, and feel free to cycle a week on, a few days off, a week on etc. There is logic to support the doc’s hypothesis, although it would normally take a LOT more Vit D to cause an imbalance that quickly.

      Now you have had COVID, the research suggests you will have antibodies to it for a reasonable period of time (possibly forever, but the data isn’t old enough to know that yet), so the Vit D for COVID now isn’t as essential. However, Vit D is so important for so many other reasons, so don’t drop it altogether.

      Calcium being a ‘bit low’ is also not a huge concern. Just add in lots of green foods (try to get 4-6 serves a day). It will soon come back up.

      Glad to hear you are recovered from the virus, although the hands and leg aches is not great. Def keep up the turmeric and ginger, and look to supplement too. Make sure you have sufficient magnesium (if supplementing I recommend mag glycinate) and lots of healthy fats.


      • Julija Rjabinkina Reply

        Hi Rose. Thank you for your reply. Yes I have been drinking green juices every morning. Actually, recipes from your juice challenge. One more question if I may. After my covid ordeal I am left with health anxiety and reflux (I think). I have been taking 2 months medication for it but i am still not 100%. What would you suggest diet wise & or supplements? I am taking: ashwagandha, probiotic, H-500( magnesium citrate, potassium citrate&ascorbate, boron, silicon dioxide), vitamin c & zinc.