Alkaline Recipe #227: The 3-Minute Detox Tea I Drink Daily

Detox Tea - Ross Bridgeford
Article by ross

Detox Tea that I Drink Daily

If you are feeling fatigued, sluggish and in need of a kick-start I recommend giving my Detox Tea a try. Your body could be crying out for this!

This detox tea is one of my favourite little hacks to get a big boost of detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and alkaline nutrients into my body. It takes minutes, literally, to make and tastes so good!

It is a very quick solution that helps support your liver, kidneys, gut, brain, hormones and more…and it uses only powdered spices and water (and a quick squeeze of lemon), so it’s really cost effective too!

Why Is the Detox Tea So Effective?

The recipe is simple to make, but it packs a punch with some of the most powerful ingredients Mother Nature has provided us with. As I always say – your body is amazing – and when you give it the tools (nutrients) it needs, it will rebuild, rebalance and thrive. The combination of your body + Mother Nature is abundantly powerful.

Here’s why you should drink the Detox Tea:

The lemon is proven to give you a quick alkaline boost. By balancing your pH you are giving support to your body throughout your entire detoxification system, particularly your liver and kidneys which both benefit hugely from pH balance rather than the state of acidosis the modern diet tends to create. An alkaline diet has been proven to help prevent cancer (study), type 2 diabetes (study), osteoporosis (study), cardiovascular disease (study) and so much more…

The turmeric & ginger are powerfully anti-inflammatory (study), proven to support your body in it’s defence against autoimmune conditions (study), immune imbalance (study), cognitive decline (study), Alzheimer’s (study), arthritis (study), most cancers (study) and cardiovascular risk (study).

In my new book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse I go into huge depth on the importance of these two super-spices. They have been researched (especially turmeric) perhaps more than any other food on Earth thanks to their incredible anti-cancer, heart-protective, pain-relieving qualities. I try to get them daily, and this tea is an awesome way to do it.

The cinnamon is a fantastic addition for it’s insulin balancing properties (study), for helping to metabolise blood glucose (study) and it’s natural antimicrobial properties (study). And it tastes delicious…

And cardamon is not only a delicious and delicate flavour, but also gastroprotective (study), lowers blood pressure (study), is antioxidant rich and immune protective (study).

And this is just scratching the surface!

how to make my detox tea

How to Make My Alkaline Detox Tea

Serves 2


500ml filtered water
1/4 tsp powdered cardamom
1/4 tsp powdered cinnamon
1/2 tsp powdered ginger
1/2 tsp powdered turmeric
1/2 lemon


  1. Start by heating the water
  2. When the water is warm, stir in the cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric, and then squeeze in the lemon. You don’t have to use all of the lemon I’ve suggested, adjust this to your preference
  3. Stir it all together, and your detox tea is ready! I love to drink it when it’s warm – and at night as I find the cardamom to be soothing and relaxing, but you can have it any time of day and any temperature. It’s delicious iced or simply room temperature too.

If you are doing a full alkaline cleanse (see my new book The Alkaline Reset Cleanse here) – it’s available to pre-order now with over $300 of extra products and courses as a bonus!) then I really recommend bookending the day with this tea – first thing in the morning, and last thing at night – as it will really help with the cleansing process.

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  1. Norelle Turner Reply

    Hi Ross I have essential oils in those ingredients could make tea with those ?

    • ross Reply

      You can, but it sounds expensive to do it that way!

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  2. Shirley Reply

    I have RA, very high inflammation. I need help. Thank you

  3. christine Reply

    Hi Ross, The past 2 years I have been making a turmeric tea similar to this, but only with fresh turmeric sliced and then have it simmer for about 30 minutes. Is there a benefit to using fresh turmeric and ginger rather than the powdered? I ask because it is much easier to find the powdered version. Thank you.